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Course UniversityCourse
GeophysicsAcadia UniversityExploration and Environmental Geophysics
Arizona State UniversityAdvanced Field Geophysics
California State @ Long BeachGeophysics
California State @ SacrementoPhysics and Chemistry of the Earth
Colorado School MinesIntroduction to Exploration Geophysics
The Inverse Problem
CornellGeophysics and Geotectonics
Reflection Seismology
Reflection Seismology
Environmental Geophysics
Georgia TechPhysics of the Earth's Interior
Environmental Geophysical Field Methods
Modern Physics
Lancaster UElectrical Prospecting
Geophysical Oceanography
Seismic Data Processing
Seismic Prospecting
LSUReflection Seismology
GeophysicsMITReflection Seismology
NorthwesternBody of the Earth
Physics of the Earth
Penn StateGeology of Oil and Gas
RiceData Processing Lab
RPIApplied Geophysics
StanfordReflection Seismology
SUNY BinghamptonApplied Geophysics
SUNY Stony Brook Geophysics
Geophysical Principles Demonstrations
U AlbertaGeophysics
U AizonaSeismology
U ArkansasGeophysics
GeophysicsU British ColumbiaApplied Geophysics
Geophysics - Inverse Methods
Geophysics - Linear Inverse Theory
Geophysical Survey Design
Geophysical Techniques
U California DavisExploration Geophysics of the Solid Earth
Geophysics and Seismology
Practical Earthquake Seismology
U C Santa Barbara Geophysics
U C Santa Cruz Global Seismicity
U Illinois Geophysical Field Methods
U MinnesotaGeophysics - Solid Earth
U Nevada, Reno Earthquakes and Earth Structure
Environmental Exploration Geophysics
Geophysical Applications
Geophysical Series and Filtering
Seismic Imaging
U Oklahoma Geomechanics
Gravity and Magnetics
Seismology for Independent Studies
U South Carolina Geophysics - Exercises
U Texas El Paso Geophysics
University of Toledo Sequence Stratigraphy
Introduction to Geophysics
Geophysical Field Methods
Numerical Methods in Geophysics
U UtahExploration Seismology
Linear Systems and Signals Analysis
Earthquake Seismology
Global Seismology
Tectonophysics and Elastic Waves
U WashingtonEarthquakes Seismic Hazzards in Puget Sound

Updated : June 1, 1999

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