Introduction to Cognitive Science

Phil 3395 Sec# 05957 Instructor: Jim Garson

Phone: x33208 or x33010


This course explores a central remaining intellectual frontier: to understand how human intelligence arises from our brains, our bodies, and our culture. It brings together research from neurology, psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, robotics and philosophy to try to explain human abilities in perception, language, thought, emotion and action. The course is open to students in any major who are interested in understanding human cognition. We will address questions such as these:

There are no prerequisites.
There will be two quizzes plus either a final or a major project. The project may be a paper, a website or a computer program that illustrates some feature of cognitive functioning.

Class Material

¬…       Course Syllabus and Notes

¬…       Notes on Dreyfus' Class Presentation

¬…       Dreyfus Lecture: Why Symbolic AI Failed

¬…       Dreyfus Lecture: Intelligence Without Representation