Donna W. Stokes


Associate Dean

Undergraduate Affairs

and Student Success, NSM

 Department of Physics
University of Houston
Houston TX 77204-1550
Tel: (713)743-3588
Fax: (713)743-3589

Scientific Research

Dr. Stokes’ scientific research focuses on understanding the structural and optical properties of semiconductor materials for the development of novel detectors and lasers for infrared applications.  She utilizes research tools such as FTIR spectroscopy and X-Ray diffraction to understand the relationship of the nanostructure of materials to its optical response. 


Educational Research

Dr. Stokes is involved in educational research which focusses on preparation of Science and Math teachers for secondary education and on physics education research focusing improving student success in physics courses.   Her approach utilizes inquiry based teaching and learning strategies for promotion of success in learning communities.  She is currently an American Physical Society (APS) PhysTEC Fellow.







Spring 2023


Phys 3309 Classical Mechanics

1:00 – 2:30  pm MW

Science Building Room 201



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