Casey Dué Hackney

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Casey Dué Hackney

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

University of Houston

Houston, TX 77204-3784

CURRENT POSITION: Professor and Director of Classical Studies, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, University of Houston; Executive Editor, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, D.C.

SPECIAL INTERESTS: (1) Homeric poetry (2) Greek oral traditions (3) Greek tragedy (4) textual criticism


    Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1996-2001

    - M.A. in Classical Philology 1998; Ph.D. in Classical Philology 2001

    American School for Classical Studies, Athens, Summer Session 1998

    Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 1992-1996

    - B.A. in Latin and Greek, magna cum laude with departmental honors and Phi Beta Kappa 1996


Casey’s curriculum vitae


  1. -Classics 3381: From Homer to Hollywood

  2. -Classics 3345: Myth and Performance in Greek Tragedy

  3. -Classics 3366: Greek Art and Archaeology In Search of the Trojan War

  4. -Classics 3307: Greek and Roman Myths of Heroes

  5. -Classics 4370: Comparative Epic (Fall 2014)

  6. -Classics 3308: Myths and Cult of the Greek Gods

  7. -Classics 2366: Who Owns Antiquity?

  8. -Classics 4305: Fifth-Century Athens

Current Projects

The Homer Multitext