Phil. 3383/Freeland/Spring 1996

Aristotle's Biology: Recommended Readings

See also pages 335-7 in the Bibliography of the Cambridge Companion to Aristotle, edited by Jonathan Barnes (Cambridge University Press, 1995).

General Books

Allan Gotthelf and James Lennox, editors, Philosophical Issues in Aristotle's Biology (Cambridge, 1987).

Allan Gotthelf, editor, Aristotle on Nature and Living Things (Pittsburgh,

Pierre Pellegrin, Aristotle's Classification of Animals (California, 1986).

On Aristotle as a Biologist

W. d'A. Thompson, On Aristotle as a Biologist (Oxford, 1912)


John Cooper, "Hypothetical Necessity and Natural Teleology," in Gotthelf and Lennox.

Cynthia Freeland, "Aristotle on Bodies, Matter, and Potentiality," in Gotthelf and Lennox.

Montgomery Furth, "Aristotle's Biological Universe: An Overview," in Gotthelf and Lennox.

G.E.R. Lloyd, "Aristotle's Zoology and His Metaphysics," in Biologie, Logique, et Metaphysique chez Aristotle, edited by Daniel Devereux and Pierre Pellegrin (Paris, 1987).

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    March 25, 1996