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Sample Course Syllabi for Feminist Philosophy

If you have an existing syllabus on-line, send me the URL and I'll set up a link here! My name should not be the only one here!

Feminist Philosophy, Cynthia Freeland, University of Houston, 2004

Feminist Social Thought, Mecke Nagel, SUNY Cortland

Feminist Theory Seminar  Ann Ferguson, U.Mass/Amherst (downloads as MS word file)

Issues in Feminist Research Seminar Ann Ferguson, U.Mass/Amherst (downloads as MS word file)

Women Philosophers of the Seventeenth Century Ann Ferguson and Eileen O'Neill, U.Mass/Amherst (downloads as MS word file)

Philosophy of Woman/Gender and Sexuality Ann Ferguson, U.Mass/Amherst (downloads as MS word file)

Philosophy and Feminism Kathryn Norlock, Philosophy and Religious Studies, St. Mary's College of Maryland(downloads as MS word file)

Watch for updates here.

An alternative that is rather clunky but might be useful is to search the SWIP-L archives via the website interface. Simply type in "syllabus" and many entries will come up which you can then scan at your leisure. Note that to access the archives you need to submit your e-mail address and password; if you've forgotten it the system will easily take you through a quick replacement process. (Happens to all of us!)

Syllabi for Courses with Related Materials


May 21, 2007

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