Texas Seminar on the Core Curriculum

Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities

and held at the University of Houston in the summers of 1993, 1994, and 1995

Jack Meacham, Cynthia Freeland, John Ettling, Shirley Ezell

The photograph above shows the project directors of the Texas Seminar on the Core Curriculum, UH Professors John Ettling and Cynthia Freeland, and Associate Vice Provost Shirley Ezell, along with the NEH evaluator and consultant, Professor Jack Meacham of SUNY Buffalo, on the final day of the Seminar, 1995.

For more information about the NEH's funding activities in Texas, consult their pages at this location, or this one.

The Networking Team from 1995

  • Raj Chekuri, Laredo Community College

  • Lybeth Hodges, Texas Woman's University

  • Cheryl Johnson, NHMCCD Montgomery College

  • Marianne Mologne, NHMCC North Harris College

  • Will Morris, Midland College

  • Cheryl Peters, Houston Community College System, Central College

  • Mary Ridgway, UT- Arlington

  • Harriet Schwartz, Collin County Community College

  • Marilyn Spencer, TAMU - Corpus Christi

  • Donnetta Suchon, Lee College, Baytown

  • Cheng Trig, Houston Community College, Southeast College

  • Jim VanHess, Temple Junior College

  • Pam Vaughn, Laredo Community College

  • Texas Coordinating Board

    March 3, 1996

    Selected Proceedings (Warning: 800K document; may take some time to download.)

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