Economics 8346 
Dynamic Macroeconomics II
Spring 2014



Syllabus (updated 1/28/14, it is still tentative, we probably won’t get to all the topics)


Extra class Monday February 10. Mike presents a paper.


Monday February 17, Carolina presents a paper


Wednesday February 19, Pavlo and Sophia present a paper or two (with focus on the first one)


NOTE: Extra class Monday February 24. Edson presents a paper


Wednesday February 26, Celine presents a paper


Monday March 3, Taylor presents a paper or two (with focus on the first one)


Wednesday March 5, Subash presents a paper


Monday March 17, Bocong presents a paper


No classes on March 31st and April 2nd.

The course will cover various topics, mainly on the intersection of economics and finance.

How to write: Cochrane’s writing tips


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The Role of Intermediary Goods/Production Chains:

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