University of Houston Department of Economics

Empirical Microeconomics Seminar Series



Spring 2023

Tues 2/21 @ 4pm

Evan Rose (University of Chicago)

"The Impact of Incarceration on Employment and Earnings"

Tues 3/7 @ *4:45pm*


Jessica Pan (National University of Singapore)

"Automation and Gender: Implications for Occupational Segregation and the Gender Skill Gap" [click here for abstract]

Tues 3/28 @ 4pm

Gautam Gowrisankaran (Columbia University)

"Policy Uncertainty in the Market for Coal Electricity: The Case of Air Toxics Standards"

Tues 4/11 @ 4pm

Robert Miller (Carnegie Mellon University)

"Modeling Job Search and Matching with Panel Data on Vacancies and Applications"

Tues 4/18 @ 4pm


Timothy Moore (Purdue University)

"Importing the Opioid Crisis? Trade and Fentanyl Smuggling"

Tues 4/25 @ 4pm


John Londregan (Princeton University)

"The Rhetorical Response to Electoral Defeat at Chile's First Constituent Convention" [click here for abstract]

Hosted by Hobby, part of Political Economy Speaker Series co-hosted by Center for Public Policy (Hobby School) and Department of Economics (CLASS)

*Mon* 5/1 @ 4pm

in Science 101

Christian Moser (Columbia University)

"The Gender Wage Gap: Micro Sources and Macro Consequences"

*Joint with Macro Seminar*

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