Code Red Assist Network - University of Houston
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Code Red Assist Network

Code Red Assist (CRA) Liaisons are UH faculty and staff members who have successfully completed the 8-hour Code Red Assist Training. Members of this network are able to assist students, faculty and staff who have been impacted by sexual violence. They can assist with:

  • Listening/ Emotional Support
  • Resource Referrals

Please note that as Responsible Employees, these individuals are required to report disclosures of sexual violence. However, they can help connect students, faculty and staff to valuable resources, including confidential resources. CRA Liaisons have a placard on their office doors/spaces.

Code Red Assist Liaisons

Abby Corcoran College of Architecture and Design
Adalia Espinosa University Career Services
Adam Noble Theatre & Dance
Aisha Calderon Dean of Students Office
Alejandra Aviles SMART Cougars
Allison Keithly Bauer College of Business - Undergraduate Business Programs
Amanda Brown Engineering Technology
Amber Mollhagen Graduate College of Social Work
Amber Patrick CLASS/University Advancement
Amy Fitzjarrald Student Housing & Residential Life
Ana Malagon Health & Human Performance
Andrea Mitchen Dean of Students
Anneliese Bustillo UH Wellness
Arnitia Walker Graduate College of Social Work
Asha Thomas Bauer College of Business
Ashlie Contos College of Engineering
Bobbie Sue Schindler Philosophy Department
Cara Shokler University Eye Institute
Carrie Cooper  Student Housing & Residential Life
Carrie Miller  Cullen Performance Hall 
Cassandra Butcher Student Housing & Residence Life
Cecilia Pittman Accountancy & Taxation
Chatwara Duran English Department
Cindy Crews Graduate College of Social Work
Dawn wolf-taylor College of Technology
Deborah Hernández Computer Science
Donah Justice  University Career Services
Donna Amtsberg Graduate College of Social Work 
Douglas Eck Dean of Students Office
Dr. Devan Ford-McCartney Women & Gender Resource Center
Dr. Pamelyn Shefman DSAES
Dr. Vanessa Tilney Student Health Center
Edward Manouelian Accountancy & Taxation
Emily Miller Psychological Health & Learning Sciences - College of Education
Erica Casillas Accountancy & Taxation
Fallon Jones Engineering Technology
Glissette Santana Center for Student Media
Jacqueline Walker Burkes Business Services Department
Jamie Gonzales LGBTQ Resource Center
Januari Leo Graduate College of Social Work
Jennifer Dunn Engineering
Jessica Wheeler Health and Human Performance
Joseph Secrest  Campus Recreation 
Kailey Posterick Learning Abroad
Kamran Riaz Dean of Students
Kandace Kendall  Student Housing & Residential Life
Katie Dempsey College of Education
Kelsey Lagus Women & Gender Resource Center
Kenya Williams University Health Center
Khandra Moss College of Architecture and Design
Kimberly Davis  Media Relations - University Social Media
Kristen Guiseppi UH Law Center
Lacy Iakovakis Dean of Student Office
Laura Kirkland Dean of Student Office
Laura Lee College of Education/Undergraduate Studies
Lecita Lacey University Health Center
Leona Davis Center for Student Media
Lin Crowson Student Housing & Residence Life
Lorraine Schroeder LGBTQ Resource Center
Lupe Alicia Civil & Environmental Engineering
Lyle Tate College of Optometry
Marilyn Groves Masters in Counseling
Markenna Pharr UHPD
Maura Pereira De Leon Center for ADVANCING Faculty Success
Melissa Mares College of Optometry 
Melissa Melendez Dean of Students Office
Micol Rosen Graduate College of Social Work
Molly Niemczyk  Accountancy and Taxation 
Monica Sanchez Engineering 
Morgan Meeks Undergraduate Student Success
Myra Conley Dean of Students
Nathan Smith Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences 
Nikki Coleman College of Education
Nouhad Rizk Computer Science
Paola Arboleda Hispanic Studies Program
Rachael Lee Mathematics 
Rachel Helbing University Libraries 
Rosezelia Jackson Biology 
Ryan Black Center for Industrial Partners
Rylie Jefferson LGBTQ/WGRC
Sara Diaz  Undergraduate Academic Affairs 
Sergeant Dina Padovan UHPD
Sergeant Rick Gammon UHPD
Shelley Gonzales Graduate College of Social Work
Stella Grigorian Sociology 
Stephanie Gallo UH Law Center
Stephanie Hignojos Student Housing & Residence Life
Susan Prisco Kimbrough  Student Housing & Residential Life
Susan Schroeder Human Development & Consumer Sciences
Susie Gronseth Curriculum and Instruction
Sydney Mullings Women & Gender Resource Center
Tajuanda Montreuil  Urban Experience Program
Tashemia Jones Communication Disorders
Tierra Walters Bauer College of Business
Tiffany Bitting  University Career Services
Tiffany Woods Accountancy & Taxation
Whitney Johnson Bauer - UBP
Yvette Elder Computer Science
Yvonne Hernandez Accounting Program