Sexual Assault Awareness Month - University of Houston
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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Did you know that 11.2% of college students in the United States experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence or incapacitation (AAU Campus Climate Survey, 2015)? College students are not immune to this issue.

Each April, UH Wellness coordinates the campus-wide observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month with various campus partners. Through a variety of mediums, including workshops, trainings, movie screenings, panels and art projects – we seek to bring light to issue of campus sexual assault by engaging our community in ways to step up and prevent all acts of violence. Past collaborative partners have included the Women and Gender Resource Center, Equal Opportunity Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, LGBTQ Resource Center, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Student Housing and Residence Life, and Veteran’s Services.

For a complete overview of campus and off-campus resources, along with information about stayind education and getting involved, please visit the University of Houston's Sexual Violence Prevention and Education webpage.

2020 Events TBA

Spring 2019 Events

  • MAR

    The Hook Up

    5pm, Student Center South Theater

    Join SHRL for a presentation of “The Hook Up,” an interactive discussion that pulls back the covers on hooking up, clarifying when it’s actually sexual violence and how bystanders can intervene.

  • MAR

    Let’s Get SexED with Ignacio Rivera

    6:30pm, Student Center South Theater

    Join the LGBTQ Resource Center for an interactive workshop that includes navigating the complex spoken and unspoken language of desire, consent, and safety and how our identities like race, gender, and class affect this dialogue.

  • APR

    UH Goes Teal

    11am-1pm Student Center Plaza

    This program serves as the kick-off each April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The event includes a resource fair, information and resources on sexual assault and support at UH, interactive activities, prizes, food and more. *During the month of April, participants are encouraged to wear Teal. Teal Ribbons are available at the WGRC beginning on April 1st.

  • APR

    Consent Karaoke

    12pm-1pm Student Center, Third Ward Room

    Join UH Wellness to play Consent Karaoke, an interactive game that listens to how we hear about consent in songs. Do our favorite musicians do a good job of being unassuming? Active? Unambiguous? We’ll put them to the test to see if they follow the UH System Sexual Misconduct Policy.

  • APR

    Invisible Wounds: Legacies of Survival and Resilience

    10am-3pm, Student Center South Ballroom

    Join the Center for Diversity and Inclusion for their one day diversity conference “Invisible Wounds.” This program will explore a range of social issues and movements as they relate to inter-generational, personal, and societal trauma and legacies of overcoming. RSVP at

  • OCT

    DVAM Coffee Hour

    4-5pm, Cougar Place Lobby (in collaboration with SHRL)

    As a part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, UH Wellness has partnered with Student Housing & Residential Life on a series of Coffee Hours. These events will teach students about healthy relationships, the warning signs of domestic violence, and how to support a friend in need.

  • APR

    Coffee and Consent

    4pm-5pm, Cougar Village 1

    Join SHRL and UH Wellness for free coffee and a casual conversation about consent.

  • APR

    DOs and Donuts

    11am-1pm, Student Center Food Court Tables

    Come grab a free donut and learn about the DO and DO NOTs of healthy relationships.

  • APR

    Food for Thought: Healthy Relationships

    12-1pm, Student Service Center 1, Room 302G

    Join CAPS for a conversation on developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

  • APR

    Code Red Assist Training: Staff & Faculty Only

    9am-4:30pm, Student Center South Downtown Room

  • APR

    Safer Sex Panel

    7pm, Cougar Place

    Join SHRL and UH Wellness for a panel discussion of safer sex. This event is inclusive and will discuss sex from a variety of perspectives.

  • APR

    Coffee and Consent

    4pm-5pm, Moody Towers

    Join SHRL and UH Wellness for free coffee and a casual conversation about consent.

  • APR

    The Healing Gallery

    11am-3pm, Student Center South Downtown Room

    During SAAM (April), the WGRC hosts the annual Healing Gallery. The gallery includes art, performances, and exhibits related to sexual violence and survivor empowerment. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit art and participate in the exhibits, and all are welcome to attend the gallery. Following the gallery, there is a reception and opportunity to meet some of the artists and WGRC staff. For information on submissions for the gallery, please email Ashley Griffin at

  • APR

    What I Was Wearing

    Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Rotunda

    Equal Opportunity Services has partnered with the Fort Bend Women’s Center to bring “What I Was Wearing” to campus. This powerful exhibit displays the clothing women wore the night of their assault with brief stories on their healing journey.

  • APR

    Coffee and Consent

    4pm-5pm, Cougar Village 2

    Join SHRL and UH Wellness for free coffee and a casual conversation about consent.

  • APR

    Denim Day

    Wear denim to show support for survivors of sexual violence.

  • APR

    Cupcake Talks Series: Bystander Intervention & Response

    11:30am-1:00pm, Student Center South, Heights Room

    Join UH Veteran Services, UH Wellness, EOS, and UHPD for a panel on how to prevent sexual assault and how to support survivors every day.