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Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness for students is identifying the major or exploring opportunities to gain experience or additional knowledge for the desire career they eventually will be in or are in now to enjoy and feel good about it.

Tips to help Cougars with Occupational Wellness

  1. Have satisfaction with your career/profession
    Be satisfied with the career/ profession you choose. If you are able to enjoy the path that is consistent with your own values, interests, and beliefs you are an occupational well individual. If you have questions about your career you can visit the University Career Services. They help with many things such as: formulation and implementation career plans, resuming building, mock interviews and workshops.

  2. Choose the major you like
    Determine the course of education that best fits your personality and that you may enjoy. Visit University Career Services in Student services building 1 on the first floor to take assessments to figure out careers that you mostly likely will enjoy.

  3. Continuing education
    Always be willing and open-minded to learn about new subjects Look into obtaining different certifications for your potential career/ profession that will improve your resume.

    Seek higher education such as bachelors, master, and doctoral degrees.

  4. Participate in workplace safety
    Follow all of the rules and guidelines of your workplace to ensure safety. If you don’t know the safety procedures ask someone who has been there longer then you have, ask your supervisor, or you can look up safety guidelines in a handbook that was given to you possibly on the first day of working there.