TNA SP12/1, 10, 1

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TNA SP 12/1, No 10, I f.19

[Transcribed by Helen Good]


November 19

Horses Remayninge in the Stable and pastures as foloweth viz


Great Stone horses vij

Great geldinges ij

Geldinges xvij

Sadle moyles ij

Litter moyles ij xxxti

[C]anterbury [Southw]arke and [Oxf]foorde

Flaunders mares iij

Englishe mares iiij

Colltes v whereof ij are two yeares olld and a halfe thother iij one yeare olld and a halfe And iij of them are Stone colltes thother ij mares

Steele Sadles - vij whereof one olld

A velvet harnes for my Lordes graces geldinge

A velvet harnes for his litle moyles

A velvet harnes for his graces negge

Nicolo [.]oncon

[f.19v.] [Label]

Horses &c of the Cardinalles