STAC 7/3/20

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STAC 7/3/20 - - - Yorkshire - James Jenkinson v Elizabeth Dalton, William Chewe, John Sproxton, alias Sprowston, Leonard Chewe, John Skinner see STAC Jenkinson

Transcribed by Helen Good

To our soveraigne Ladie the Quenes most Excellent Majestie

In most humble wise Complayninge sheweth unto your Majestie your your faithfull and obedient Subjecte James Jenkinson of Kiltom on the Wold in your Majestes Countie of Yorke That whereas heretofore Viz in Easter or Hillarie Terme above as your Subject remembreth, which was in the xxxth yere of your Majestes reigne one Elizabeth Dalton of Killom aforesaid widdowe did by bill in your Majestes Benche at Westminster, Commence suite against your said Subiect, in one Accion of Trespass uppon the Case alleadginge therby that whereas shee the said Elizabeth was of good fame and name, and was so acompted Reputed knowen and taken amongest all your Majesties Leige people, Untill that your said subjecte seekinge her to discreditte and slaunder did the eight Daye of Julie which was in the xxixth yere of your Majestes reigne at Killom aforesaid sclaunderously speake againste her the said Elizabethe Dalton widdowe theis sclaunderous wordes naminge or meaninge the said Elizabeth viz Than your said Subjecte James Jenkinson said unto John Sproxton, I have caused the greate theefe to be brought to the Litle theef the said Sproxten asking the same James Jenkinson whome he ment was the great theef And so that /\ your said subject/\ the said James Jenkinson saide Elizabeth Dalton that notorious Shopbreaker and her Cumpanie which have robbed my shoppe and taken awaie to the value of Fourtie poundes worthe of goodes. As by the said Bill theruppon made remayning of [Renrde] in her Majestes saide Benche, where at large appeareth. as the said Elizabeth Dalton then alledged unto which said declaracion, your saide Subject by [blank] Brighouse gent his Attorney lawfullie aucthorised, did pleade not guiltie And as yssue beinge ioyned therevppon a writte of Nisi prius was sued forth by the said Elizabeth for the trial of the said yssue; within the Cittie of Yorke where the said wordes were laid in the said bill to be spoken before John Clynch and Frauncis Rhodes your Majestes Justices of Assise and Nisi prius for the said Cittie of Yorke at the Sommer Assises holden within the said Cittie in August 1588 /\ which issue being ready to go to trial /\ on or about the xixth daie of August which was in the said xxxth yere of your Majestes reigne in the guilde Hall or common Hall within the said Cittie And the Jurie beinge then readdie sworne for the triall of the saide yssue metween the said Elizabeth Dalton widdow plaintiff and your said subject then defendant, the said Elizabeth Dalton Widowe did then and there produce William Chewe John Sproxton alias Sprowston Leonarde Chewe and John Skinner, as witnesses to prove the allegacion in the said Bill mencioned, which said Willian Chew Leonarde Chew and John Skinner beinge severallie sworne uppon the hollye Evangelist to testifye the truth as concerninge the premisses did amongest other thinges by the subbornacion and procurement of the said Elizabeth severallie falsley and corruptlie willingly and wittingly /\ then and there /\ depose and sweare before the said Justices, that they harde your saide Subject beinge then Defendante the viijth daye of Julie in the said Bill mencioned affirme and saye That the said Elizabeth Dalton widowe was a notrious theef, and a shopbreaker and that she had broken his shopp and stolen fourtie poundes worthe of goods In which their severall deposicions then and there made the said William Chewe Leonarde Chew and John Skinnner and everie of them severallie have by the subbornacion and procurement of the said Elizabeth Committed most wilfull & corrupt purjurie. For that in truth your said Subject did not at the tyme by them deposed, nor at anye other tyme speake the said wordes as the said William Chewe Leonerd Chewe, and John Skinner then and there most falsely deposed / And the said John Sproxton alias Sprowston being ther and there likewise sworne before the said Justices, did amongest other thinges corruptlie falselie willingly and wittinglie depose and sweare by the ike subbornacion and procurement of the said Elizabeth theis wordes followinge or the lyke in effect viz That the said John Sproxton the said viijth day of Julye in the said xxixth yere of your Majestes reigne did at Killom aforesaide heare your said Subject this defendant affirme and saye that your said Subject had caused the litle thief to be brought to the great theef, and that then he, the said Sproxton asked your said Subject whom he ment was the great theefe, to whiche /\ your sayd subject /\ the said Jenkinson Aunswered That he meant the said Elizabeth Dalton that notorious Shopbreaker, and her Cumpanie who had robbed his Shoppe and taken awaie Fourtie poundes worth of goodes. In which his said deposicion the said John Sprowston alias Sproxton hath willfully and wittingly by the ubbornacion and procurement of the said Elizabeth Dalton, and the said William Chewe or anie of them, Committed most wilfull and Corrupt perjurie / For in verie truth your said Subject was not at Killom aforesaid the said viijth daye of Julie, in the said xxixth yere [see note] of your Majestes raigne, nor of a long time [. . . ] before and after as he shalbe well able to prove Neyther did he at anie other time at Killan aforesaid or in any other place utter or speake anie such wordes as the said William Chewe, Leonarde Chewe John Skinner and John Sprowston alias Sproxton or anie of them hath most falselie and uniustlye deposed, nor any other wordes tendinge to the Sclaunder of the said Elizabeth Dalton / By reason of which said false and untrewe deposycione the said Jurie did finde your said Subject guiltye of speakinge of speakinge of the said Sclaunderous wordes in the said bill conteyned. And did give unto the same then Complainant xxli for her damages besides costs and charges of suite. Whiche said severall perjuryes and subbornacion of perjuries the said are not only to the perilous example of all othe such like lewde and evill disposed persons, and an encouragement to committe the like offences yf due punishment bie not herin speedely had and provided, but are to the high displeasure of almighty god and are contrary to divers your Majestes good and wholesome Lawes made and provided against wilfull perjurie and subbornacion of perjurie / In tender consideracion wherof maye yt please your Majesty to graunt unto your saide Subiect your Majestes most gratyous writte of Subpenor to be directed to the said defendantes and every of them Commaunding them and everie of them, therby at a certen daye and under a certen paine therin to be Lymitted presently tappeare before your Majestes most honorable Councell in your Majestes highe Court of Sterre Chamber then and there to aunswere the premisses And further to abyde such punishment for their said severall offences as to your said most honorable Councell of your said highe Courte of Sterre Chamber shall seme meete and Convenient And your saide Subject shall (as he ys moste bounden) dayly praye to god for your highnes in healthe and most royall Estate long to Reigne over us

[Was originally written xxixth and corrected to xxxth . The thirtierth year of Queen Elizabeth ran from 17th November 1587 to 17th November 1588.]