STAC 5/S81/26r

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Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 41v.

Misdemeanor in the mayor of a town punished for disobeying a process for the arresting of himself and for setting the bailiff in the stocks for arresting within his liberty. Sanders, plaintiff; Haynes et al, defendants: Haynes being mayor of borough of Arundel and the under bailiff of the liberties of the same town giving notice unto him that he had warrant process upon process directed to the sheriff to arrest him the said Haynes he contemptuously resisted the same process, saying he cared not for 20 such process and would not obey the same and one Rods having executed a process upon a warrant from the sheriff within the same town being bailiff of the same liberties the said Haynes with others riotously set the same Rods in the stock for the same saying that he had thereby infringed their liberties, for which fined £40, Fleet.

Michaelmas 27 Elizabeth