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Court of Star Chamber:

Marten Fenwicke v Robt Melborne

Transcript: Dave King


[Interr]ogatorres to be ministrred on the [part] & behalfe of Robt Melborne gent [de]fendt ageinst Marten Fenwicke complainant

Imprimus whether do youe knowe the p[ar]ties ... this sute or no

It[e]m whether werre youe at the assises holden at Newcastle in somer was twelve moneth or no (if youe werre) whether did youe heare the said defendt depose & sweare ther concerning cert[e]n Landes lieing in Boroden & est Heddon or no

It[e]m whether did youe then heare the said defendt then and there depose that he knewe not ye co[n]trary but that George Fenwicke was taken & reputed owner & Lord of ye said Landes & receyved rent of Borodon or no and what els deposyd he to your knowledge

It[e]m whether do youe knowe yt there was at ye said assises one dede of feffement shewed forth unto this defendt & his knowledge demanded of ye same or no if there werre did not ye said defendt then answerre yt he knewe nothing thereof or what els answerd he thereto.

Deposition of Henry Haggerston: xxij febr ............ R Eliz xviij o

.......................................... p[ar]te Robert Milborne [?gen of deff ministrat?]

Henry Haggerston of Haggerstone in the county of Northumb[er]land gent aged xxx yeres sworne &c

To the first he saith he doth knowe the plt and deffts in this sute

To the seconde and thirde he saith that he was at thassises holden at Newcastell in Som[er] last was twelve moneth and that he dyd ther here Robt Milborne Martyn Fenwicke ....... and declare upon his othe that being askyd by the Justices of assyse whether he knewe George whether George Fenwicke had any landes in Borowedon and est haddon or not said that he knewe that the same George had certen landes in bothe those Townes and that he was reputyd and taken to be owner of them or suche like wordes the same Milborne then declaryng further that he knewe the aforenamyd George recyed rents for the lands he had in Borowden and that other wise he harde not the aforenamyd Milborne depose as .... remebring the matter ...... in tharticle

To the iiij he saith he doth further Re.... that ther was a dede of feoffment [?shewyd?] furthe on the said assises to the aforenamyd Milborne and yt upon the ...... ..... ..... he the said Milborne was askyd whether he knewe the same or noe and that ......... depo[nent] harde the said Milborne answer that he knewe nothing therof .... whether ............. good or not or suche like wordes in effecte

by me Henry Haggerston