STAC 5/D3/25

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STAC 5/D3/25 - B A Rn Rr - 19 Eliz - Bristol - Richard Dane v Philip Langley, Clement Barrons, Richard Cole, Thomas Callahill, John Morgan, William Adams, Davie Barnes, Nicholas Dygen see STAC Dane

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

In most humble wise complaining showeth unto your excellent Majesty your true humble and obedient subject Richard Dane of the City of Bristowe merchant That whereas one Gyles Dane father to your said subject was in his lifetime by good and sufficient conveyance and assurance in writing lawfully possessed of and in one message or tenement with the appurtenances situate and being in the parish of St Nicholas within the said City of Bristowe And so being thereof possessed continued the possession thereof and took the issues and profits of the same to his own use by the space of divers years. And the said Giles Dane so being of the said message and premises possessed by his deed sufficient in the law did convey and grant the said messuage and the premises with the appurtenances unto your said subject for and during diverse years yet continuing by force whereof your said subject into the said messuage and premises entered and was thereof lawfully possessed and took the issues and profits thereof coming and growing to his own use by the space of fourteen years last past or thereabouts. And where your said subject and one Phillipp Langley and others be owners of a ship called the Lion of Bristowe and be thereof possessed And they being so possessed there was an agreement had made and concluded between your said subject and the said Philip Langley and others owners of the said ship and one Oracio Pallavicyno That the said ship should by them or their means be brought to Lygorn in Italy And from thence should bring for [him] unto Hampton in your realm of England the same ship loaded with alum. After which conclusion thus had it was concluded between your majesty and the said Horacio Pallavycyno that certain marble should be brought in the said ship from Lygorne aforesaid for your majesties use unto Hampton aforesaid. Whereupon this said Oracio writ to your said subject signifying thereby unto him that he had given his consent to the transporting of the said marble but that he could not have the same transported without the consent of the owners of the said ship And therefore willed your subject to travail with them for the same Upon the receipt of which he your said subject according to his duty travaiied with the said Phillippe Langley and others that had authority to deal therefore all which persons, the said Phillippe Langley excepted, did assent and agree thereunto but the said Phillippe did disassent by which occasion the said marble was not brought and thereupon the Right Honourable your majesty’s Lord High Treasurer of England examined your said subject of the cause of the not bringing of the said marble. And your said subject according to the truth disclosed unto him the cause of the stay thereof wherewith that said Phillippe Langley conceived a deep and [. . ] malice against your said subject and thereupon threatened him that he would remove him fourth of his dwelling house in Bristow aforesaid. And to that end to execute his said conceived malice your said subject being in the quiet and peaceable possession of the said messuarge and premises and having in the same divers goods and chattels of a great value about the 15th day of September now last past this said Phillippe Langley and one Clement Barron of the said City of Bristowe soap maker Richard Cole of the same City mercer Thomas Callahyll John A’Morgan William A’James Davy Barnes and Nycholas Dydgen of the same City by the means and procurements of the said Phillippe Langley being riotously and forcibly assembled together with divers others lewd and evil disposed persons to the number of 40 to your said subject as yet unknown armed and arrayed in riotous and forcible manner with divers and sundry kinds of weapons invasive and defensive repaired and came to the said messuage and tenaments and there being assembled in very forcible riotous and disordered manner did in such forcible and riotous manner brake up the [?daes] of the same house and riotously and forcibly break and entered into the same upon the quiet goods and chattels as your said subject had then remaining within the same which were of a great value and the same forcibly throwed out of the said house into the streets and wilfully spoiled a great part thereof But also did very evil entreat your said subject being in the quiet possession of the premisses and laid violent hands upon your said subject and him by force carried from the said house to to a prison in the said City called Newgate And there kept your said subject prisoner by the space of divers days together to the great loss hindrance and discredit of your said subject And after that they had detained and kept your said subject in prison and evil entreated him at their pleasure in manner and form as is above declared they caused your said subject to enter into bond by obligation in the sum of twenty pounds that he should personally appear before your highness Justices of Assize in the said City at the next Assize there to be holden And from thence not to depart until such time as he should have answered unto all such matters as then should be objected and laid against him, At which Assizes your said subject according to the said bond appeared being brought in by his sureties and the said evil disposed persons could not nor did object any matter or thing against your said subject But used the indirect practices aforesaid to the only end and intent to vex and molest your said subject without any other just cause or occasion by him to them ministered not having any regard of your majesty’s laws before their eyes. All which extreme forcible and riotous dealings are not only against your majesty’s laws and statutes in that case provided and to the evil example of others evil disposed persons to commit the like if severe punishment be not herein provided with speed to the great loss hindrance and impoverishment of your said subject. In consideration whereof may it please your majesty the premises duly considered to grant unto your said subject your gracious several writs of Subpoena to the said Phillippe Langley, Clement Barrons, Richard Cole. Thomas Callahill, John A’Morgan, William A’James. Davy Barnes, and Nicholas Dydgen to be directed commanding them and every of them by virtue thereof. At a certain day and under a certain pain therein to be contained to be and presently to appear before your highness honourable council in your highness Court of Starr Chamber then and there to make answer to the premises And further to stand to and abide such order and direction therein as by your highness said council shall seem convenient And your said subject according to his bounden duty shall pray for the preservation of your majesty long and prosperously to reign over us.