CP 152, 153

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CP Volume 152 Folio 153

HMC Volume 1 Page 225 Number 716

Haynes Page 316 Number 316

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

24 May 1560 The Duke of Norfolk to Secretary Cecill

From the Original.

I HAUE receauyd thys Mornyng Letters from the Campe; sume dyrected unto me, and the rest unto you, sauyng one Letter unto the Quene's Majestye, wy alltogether I send yow herewith, with a Letter in Cypher that came out of Lythe. Ther ys lytle schewyd in my Lord Greye's Letter of the State off Things there; yeat, for becaws I dide wryte unto you the 22d off thys Monthe, that ther was hard the 21st a great Schot att Lythe, I wyll tell you that dyscowrs: The Frenche ysuyd owt att ther Postern next unto the Churche, to the Number off four or five hundered Mene, and made toward Wauhan's Fort: No Mane of Ware cane juge what shuld be ther Intent. The Ordynance off the one Fort and the other yssuyng, they betwyn them bothe, dyvyded them twys or thrys: Ower Men went unto them and scryrnyschyd one Hower and more, and returned but with two slayne and two hurte. Yt ys thowgt that ther was dyuers Frenche hurte, besydes twelve or fourteen slayne in the Fyld: They saye nowe that Martygues ys hurt in the Thye. Ther hathe gone so manye dyuers Bruts off hys hurtyng, that I beliue non. I haue sent Mr. Wynter for to understand the State of Inskythe, as well as for the Dyscharging of Newcastle Schyps and Hull: When hys Answer shall aryue heare, I wyll send yt unto you. Thus longuyng tyll I heare Answere off my Letters sent unto my Lords off the Cownsell, I bide you most hartelye farewell. From Barwyke the 24th off Maye, 1560. Yours allwayes most beholdyng,

Tho. Norffolk.

To myn assured lovinge Frende Sir William Cecill Knight, principall Secretarye to the Quene's Majestie.