BL MSS Cotton Caligula b. ix. 111

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BL MSS Cotton Caligula b. ix. 111

Wright Vol 1, 19 Page 42

Transcribed and notes by Thomas Wright, ‘Queen Elizabeth and her times,’ London, 1838

Lord Clinton to the Earl of Sussex Farnham, Aug. 8 1560

My good Lord, I do moste hartely thank you for the fayer goshawk which your Lordship sent me by your botlar. I wold I had some mete present to send your Lordship that myght do you pleasure in your parts. I wyll send your Lordship a copyll of spanyells, for your botlar tells me your Lordship wold have some sent you by your frends here.

The newes here are no other then such as your Lordship had lately from me, saving that all things is discharged in Scotland, and my Lord of Norfolk's grace is sent for by the Queue's Majestie to come to the courte, where he is loked for to be within six dayes. The French that were the commissioners in Scotland ar retourned into France, and have ben at the courte in ther way; that is to say, Monsieur de Zaudant, Monsieur la Brosse, the Byshop of Amyans, and the Byshop of Valans. Ther went by see, Monsieur Martigens (1) and Monsieur d'Oysell, who were landyd at Galleys by ships of this realme by the Queue's Majestie's appoyntment, but at their own chardges, and thre thousand fyve hundred soldyeres in ther company. At their landing they made the English captens and other gret chere, and gave chaynes to som and to som cowpps of sylver and gilt, with gret show of good-wyll. Bot I trust them never the better, for whensoever they may fynd advantage, they wyll not lose it, and therefore the Quene's Majestie wyll so provyde as theyr presences shal be well inough prevented.

I am advertised that live French ships of Dyepe and Newhavyn, ladyn with wyne and sak and other swete wynes, are gon to make sale therof in Irland, which wynes were the provisions for the see made for the French kyng's ships ; and now upon this peace, they sell them. If ther meyning in Ireland be bot to sell their wynes without other devys or practys, then is no matter of ther going, as I take. If ther be other meynyng, 1 am sure your Lordship wyll understand it well. As I shall here anything out of France, I will advertise your Lordship. Thus with my most harty commendations to your Lordship and my good Lady of Sussex, I beseech God send you both long lyff in moche honor. From the courte at Farnham, the 8th of August, 1560.

Your Lordship's assured to command,


(1) Count Martiques, " of the house of Luxembourg," commander of a party of French soldiers who came to Scotland in Jan. 1559-60.