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I hope you are doing well. We are fine here in Texas, although the state itself is doing poorly.

The IT techs have now been able to get back on campus, and have now updated the Mediawiki software to version 31. They still have to add the page access counter (at the bottom center of the page) and, I think, the "cite" extension. But I have looked at the major sectors, have logged in and saved material. Everything seems to work.

The domain name is different now, and they are going to be doing a redirect so that all the links using the old domain will be redirected to the new. You can access the new domain address yourself directly immediately at . I would actually advise you to look at your material. The material added from their first attempt to upgrade the software until now will have to be added again, as I alerted you before. I hope you have the backups.

But check your material to see if the software is working correctly for you and let me know rapidly if you find something not working. I will no longer have access to this page on the old server, so I will not be able to contact you until you start adding material again. You may well want to email me your email address at so that I can contact you if necessary.


The update to the WAALT will probably take place tomorrow. Be sure that you have backed up your material, because they are pretty sure additions from late March on will be lost.


Regarding Cornforth v Boyes, C78, 1727, wondering if you have any information which pins this down as Thornton in the West Riding? There is another Thornton, in the North Riding, and given the names involved, I’m wondering whether that may also be an option? Dk


Is the entry for 1700: 1025/3 an inadvertent copy of previous? Appears to contradict the names in the party field?


Don't worry about editing contributions as long as you are are clear that the change is warranted. Wiki pages are meant to be edited. rcp