TNA SP 12/11, 16

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TNA SP 12/11, 16

Transcribed by Helen Good


Right honourable, the painfull care ye have to further christes true religion, & your accustomed goodness towardes the ministeres of the same, dothe bolden me to trouble your weightie affaires, making petition partly in a common cau[se] partly in matter pertaining to my selfe. The face [of the] churche in theis parties is so blemished with ignorancie [& of] licentious Living thorow want of godlie instruction & t[rue] correction, that if ther be not summe spedie remedie fownde to instruct the consciences with knowlege in the true feare of god, & correct the Lives of thies libertines (I maye well so terme them) with severe discipline, thei shall falle to barbarous atheisme voyde of all religion ether one or other, & become a newe babylon in confusion of L[icen] tious Life, for besides robberies, theftes, murdres with so[ . . .] like, whiche I trust, & soche doo feare, shalbe redressed by the honourable wisedom of the duke his grace in exequuting Justice (whose continuaunce in thies parties a litle [time] will worke moche honour to the quenes highnes, & great benefite to the countrie) ther is soche continuaunce in super stitious behavour contrarie to the ordre taken for religion soche contempt & neglecting of godes service at the times & places appointed, & soche unclenes thorow fleshlie Life, yea soche horrible incestes as hathe not bene herd of emong the hethen. I write this to your honour of certaine knowlege & not without griefe of minde. I Beseche you therfor to be a meanes to the quenes majestie that this part of the realme maye have some workmen thrust forthe to Labour & watche over it to the planting of knowlege & vertue, & the upwrootting of ignorancie and vice. The occasion presentlie offered dothe in parte


further my sute. for three prabendaries of the cathedral churche of duresme, Robert Dalton, Nicolas merley, & John cutting dothe refuse the othe, & I think Antony Salvine will doo the same, in whos rowmes if ther maye be placed thorow your good meanes men lerned & well affected, the cathedral churche shall have no losse & the countrie shall receave great gaine. If your wisedom doth know apte men to occupie the rowmes whiche wolde dwell in the countrie & take paines in teaching I wolde wishe them placed. If not, I think Mr Ebden, Mr Carvile, & Mr Horton, whom my Lord of London doth well know, to be apte men & wolde doo moche good here. Concerning my private cause, my humble petition to your honour is that it wolde please you wher ther is a controversie depending befor the commissio= ners betwixt me, Thomas Watson Late busshop of Lincolne & the recusantes above named for my goodes & bookes taken unjustlie from me, to move the commissioners & espciallie thos of the common Lawe, as Mr Jarrot hir highnes attorney, Mr chamley recorder of London, & sergeant southcott, that the matter myght be heard & have a spedie end according to equitie & good concience, whether it falle out with me or against me. It is brought to an issue & the witnesses on my part deposed, so that ther remaineth nothing to be done further saving at their Leisure to geve sentence. The duke his grace, I suppose, who thought it not good I sholde com upp my selfe about this busines, hathe written to you of thies matters. The almightie god for his christes sake preserve you in prosperous healthe with encreace of all godlye wisedom Amen. from duresme 18 febr 1559

your honoures most bounden in christe

Robert Horn


To the right honourable Sir William Cicell knight Secretarie to the quenes highnes.

xxviijth february 1559 Mr Horne to my Mr