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B Bill of Complaint Dr Demurrer A Answer Rn Replication Rr Rejoinder C Commission I Interrogatories D Deposition

Hobland, Peter and John

  • STAC 5/H50/3 - B A Dr - 33 Eliz - Peter Hobland, John Hobland v Hugh Woodcock, Edward Price et al
  • STAC 5/H3/31 - A - 33 Eliz - Peter Hobland, John Hoblande v Stephen Odyerne et al
  • STAC 5/H9/20 - I D - 32 Eliz - Peter Hobland, John Hobland v Griffin Price
  • STAC 5/H53/32 - I D - 33 Eliz - Peter Hobland, John Hobland v Griffin Price, Hugh Woodcock, et al

Bevan Case Index

  • Hobland v Woodcock - STAC 5/H50/3, STAC 5/H3/31, STAC 5/H9/20, STAC 5/H53/32

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/H53/32 - Interrogatories to be ministered on behalf of Peter Hobland & John Hobland complts against Griffin Price, Hughe Woodcocke & others defts, include: Was a draft of an indenture of demise to have been made of the said dye house & goods from the said Hugh Woodcocke to the said Peter Hobland. Was there a disagreement as to whether the indenture should include a general warranty or a special warranty. Deposition 27 Aug Anno 33 Eliz: Godfrey Reyner of St Michael in Cornehill, London scrivenor