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Key: B Bill of Complaint Dr Demurrer A Answer Rn Replication Rr Rejoinder C Commission I Interrogatories D Deposition

Dunche, Edmund

  • STAC 5/D38/51 - D - 25 Eliz - Edmund Dunche v William Cranford

Dunche, William

  • STAC 5/D3/15 - B A Rr - Hil 24 Eliz - Berkshire - William Dunche v Andrew Windsor, John Latton, William Thorrold, Robert Boult, Jefferay Coxheade, Henry Reynolds, William Boseley, John Reynolds Sr, John Thorold, John Reynolds Jr, Richard Steare
  • STAC 5/D38/35 - I - 24 Eliz - Berkshire - William Dunche v Andrew Windsor et al
  • STAC 5/D14/39 - C I D - 26 Eliz - Berkshire - William Dunche v Andrew Windsor et al
  • STAC 5/D24/29 - I D - 24 Eliz - Berkshire - William Dunch v Andrew Windsor et al
  • STAC 5/D10/6 - I D - 24 Eliz - Berkshire - William Duncke v John Latton et al
  • STAC 5/D29/28 - I D - 25 Eliz - William Dunche v John Reynolds, Henry Reynoldes, William Bosley
  • STAC 5/D13/29 - I D - 24 Eliz - William Dunche v Geffrey Coxhed et al
  • STAC 5/D37/38 - I D - 25 Eliz - William Dunch v John Reynolds Jr, Richard Sleere et al
  • STAC 5/D25/12 - B A C - 26 Eliz - William Dunck v Alyce Thorolde, Elizabeth Buckle, Joane Reynolds, Dorothy Reynolds et al
  • STAC 5/D14/11 - C I D - 29 Eliz - William Dunch v The Tenants & Inhabitants of West Hagbourne in County Berks

Bevan Case Index

  • Dunch v Cranford - STAC 5/D38/51
  • Dunch v Tenants of West Hagbourne - STAC 5/D25/12, STAC 5/D10/6, STAC 5/D13/29, STAC 5/D14/11, STAC 5/D29/28, STAC 5/D37/38
  • Dunch v Windsor - STAC 5/D3/15, STAC 5/D14/39, STAC 5/D24/29, STAC 5/D38/35

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/D14/39 - Interrs refer to pannage in a wood in the manor of West Hagborne called West Hagborne Downe. County not stated, but deponents are from Cholsey, Steventon, Chively, Didcot, East Hagborne & other places in Berks.(dk)
  • STAC 5/D3/15 - Bill (part missing) 7 answers and one Rejoinder
  • Biography in “The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1558-1603,” ed. P.W. Hasler, 1981.
    • DUNCH, Edmund (c.1551-1623), of Little Wittenham, Berks.
    • DUNCH, William (c.1508-97), of Little Wittenham, Berks.