STAC 5/P4/9

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STAC 5/P4/9 - B - Trin 39 Eliz - Lincolnshire - Simon Pattricke v Walter Scrupham, John Petche, Faythe Bradley, Cicely Archer see STAC Patrick

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

Most humbly complaining showeth unto your highness your highness faithful obedient subjects Simon Pattricke of Caster [Caistor] in the County of Lincoln gentlemen, that whereas your Highness said subject was and yet is lawful leasee in his desmene as of fee of and in five selions or leas of lands in Caster aforesaid abutting and stinting upon a pond or pool of water challenged by one Walter Scupham of Caster aforesaid gentlemen.

Now so it is if it please your majesty that the said Walter Scupham intending and practising the utter disinheriting of your Highness said subject of the premises Did at Caster aforesaid the fourteenth day of April in the 38th year of your Highness reign Assemble and gather together William Tayler milner John Petche labourer, Faythe Bradley, Phillippe Dracottes labourer, Margarett Tayler, Ciceley Archer and drivers other riotous persons and disturbers of your highness peace as yet unknown to your Highness said subject to the number of twelve persons or more And the said John Petche, Faythe Bradley, Ciceley Archer with two or three other of the persons aforesaid whose names are yet unknown to your Highness said subject Did the day and year and at the place aforesaid by the persuasion procurement and setting on of the said Walter Scapham, Array and furnish themselves with the bills pikestaves axes and divers other weapons as well offensive as defensive, and being so arrayed and furnished Did the said fourteenth day of April in the year the aforesaid by the like procurement and setting on of the said Walter Scupham repair and come to the said five selions or leas of lands and there in very riotous manner with force and arms did enter into the said five selions or leas of lands and did then and there assault and grievously beat one John Brothericke alias Johnson and one William Robinson your subjects servants who were cutting down and snathing of divers willows and willow heads which did grow upon the said five selions or leas of lands which are the lawful inheritance of your said subject, And this said John Petche, Faythe Bradley, Ciceley Archer with the two or three other persons whose names are yet unknown proceeding in such their riotous and outrageous courses did with force and arms Carry and lead away the most and greatest parts of the said willows that were growing upon the said five selions or leas of lands and were cut down by your said subjects servants as aforesaid And further your said subjects servants had been in great danger to have been slain by the foresaid riotous persons If one John Barker one of the Constables of Caster aforesaid had not come and sought by all means to stay them in such their violent and riotous actions For the said John Petche did then and there threaten and offer to cleave the face of the said Robinson with an axe and sent for his bow and arrows affirming that he would shoot at to your subjects servants although they were upon your subjects ground so that the said John Barker albeit he was Constable and did by virtue of his office his best endeavour to the uttermost of his power to stay and resist the said riotous persons, yet it was it long before he could get them to depart and remove their force, At which said riot, rout, misdemeanours, assaults and batteries, although this said Walter Scupham was not present in the place where the same were done and committed, yet was he always very near the place where and when they were committed and done, and was as is aforesaid the principal contriver persuader and setter on of the same.

In tender consideration whereof and for as much as the riots offences and misdemeanours aforesaid were [ . . . . ] and in open breach thereof, and against the laws and statutes of your highness realm made and established for the peaceable and quiet government of your highness subjects and for repressing of all such riots routs and disorders and for that such offences may prove dangerous for example sake to others of like evil disposition if the same should escape unpunished and uncorrected may it therefore please your said excellent majesty the premises considered to grant unto your said subject your highness most gracious writ of Subpoena to be directed to the said Walter Scupham, John Petche, Faythe Bradeley, Ciceley Archer commanding them thereby at a certain day and under a certain pain therein to be limited, personally to appear before your highness and your majesty’s most honourable Privy Council in your highness court of Star Chamber then and there upon their corporal oaths to answer the premisses and further to abide such further order and direction therein as to your most excellent majesty and your highness said Council shall seem to stand with justice and equity, And your subject shall according to his bounden duty daily pray for your highness most prosperous and happy reign long to continue.