STAC 5/C14/20

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STAC 5/C14/20 - B - - Lincolnshire - Edward Lord Clinton & Say v Henry Gentleman, William Wright et al.

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Quenes moste excellente majestie

In moste humble wise Shewith and Complainithe unto youre moste excellent majesty youre faithfull Suppliant Edwarde Fynes knight Lorde Clynton and Say and High admirall of Inglande, That whereas youre saide Suppliante ys lawfullie Seised in his demeane as of fee, of and in the Mannor of Crowle with thappurtenances in the Ile of Axholme in your Highnes Countie of Lyncolne And also of and in a certayne peace of waste Grounde within the saide lordshippe a mannor called Akim Carre and the doles within whiche mannor youre saide Suppliante and thos whos estate he haith therin, tyme owte memorie of man hathe had one free Chace and haithe alway presarved and kepte the Coverte in the saide Carre called Akam Carre and the Doles beynge the moste parte but Redes for the preservacion of the deare in the said Chace withowte distracion or Cutting downe of anye of the Tenantes or Inhabitantes ther abowtes beynge the onlie refuge Succoure and Coverte that the saide deare had in the saide Chase. So it is most gracious and Soveraigne ladie that one Henrye Gentleman William Wright William Wlliott Henrye Johnson Richard Adam Symonde Barmbye and certayne others Riotous and evill disposed persons haithe of laite that is to say abowte the laste daye of Julye laste paste in Riotous manner and Sorte And in Unlawfull manner & Sorte arrayed with longe staves and other unlawfull weponis did unlawfullye enter into the said parcells of Grounde called Akam Carre and the saide Doles And then and ther haithe cutte downe the Redes within the same And the same with like force conveyed and carryed owte of the saide Carre & Doiles, contrary to the Aunciente Custome of the saide mannor of Crowle to the great Incoragement and evill example of all other evill doiers, if Condigne punishemente be by youre majestie be not herin provided in that behalf. In consideracion wherof may it please youre majestie the premisses considered to Graunte youre Highnes moste gracious writtes of Subpenayes to be directed to the saide Henrye Gentleman, William Wright, William Gilliott, Henrye Johnson, Richard Adam and Symond Burmbye Commaundynge them and every of them by the same personallie to appeare before youre highnes in your highnes most gracious Courte of Starre Chambre at suche day and undre suche payne As therin by youre highnes shalbe lymited and appoynted Then and Ther to Annsweare to the saide premisses And further to stande and abide to all suche Ordre and direcion As by youre Highnes shalbe taken in that behalf, And youre saide Suppliante shall daylie pray to god for the preservacion of your majestie most Roiall estate in healthe and honor longe to endure.