STAC 5/A52/12r

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Case Book BL Harley 2143 f.11

Attorn’ R plt Uttinge, Feckmann one of the Baliffes of the Cittie of Leichfeild & divers others Convicted for a Rebellious Ryott Comitted in the night time in pulling open an inclosure and Causeing the Belman of the Cittie to gather the Deftes together with his bell & making proclamation to them to repaire to the place: for this imprisonment dureing the Queenes pleasure & Feckman the baliff to bee sett in the stockes 500 Markes fyne & the rest lesse. Mr Atturney to bringe a Quo warranto to informe against all the Justices of peace within foure miles of the Cittie & the rest of the Cheifest of the Cittie for not suppressing the same.

Mich. 23 et 24 Eliz