CP 152, 47

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CP Volume 152 Folio 47

HMC Volume 1 Page 179 Number 613

Haynes Page 239 Number 219

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740
 From the Original.

IT my like your Lordships to understand, that arrivinge here the 9th of this present at Night, findinge no shippinge in thiese Ports mete for the transportinge our Horses in suche sorte, as by your Lordships Lettres it was appoynted, we have bin inforsed to sende awaye the more Parte of our sayd Horses to our greate Discommoditye, consideringe the Want we shall fynde in Spain by all Menes Reporte. And for our owne Transportation, we fynde no one Shipp above sixty Tonnes, and those neyther furnished with Ordiannce, Victuall, nor other Munition, as is requisitt for this Voyage. The Vice Admyralls also, to whome Ordre was given for this Dispache, are utterlye unfurnished of Money to provyde any of the Things aforesaide, which but for Money can not here be had. Besides this, wheare they fynde Ordinaunce, thowners of the same will not departe thewith, withowt Assurance of restoring the same, or the Value therof. For help wherof we have travayled with the Customers of Exceter and this Towne; and also the Collectors of the Subsidye, to disburse suche Somes of Money, as shalbe nedfull for this Furniture, promisinge them to be Meanes to your Lordshipps, that they may have by your Orders Privye Seales for their Discharge, at the yeldinge of their Accompte; which we most ernistlye beseche your Lordships to procure; for they, not having presentlie of the Quene's, have bin forside to borow the same of other Marchants, we know not how. This we writ, to the end your Lordships might bothe understande no want in us of Expedicion making in our Charge; and also, that ye maye, by this disfurniture of us, perceave what may be done in like Casis of Service hereafter, without better Order and Provision of Money before hand. The Wynde as yet hathe not served for us to imbarke, whereby we have the more Tyme to provide suche Necessaires as we want, and must nedes have taried for; wherin, the Vice Admiralls have and doo travile verie paynfullye, so that when God shall send Wynde and Wether, I trust, we shalbe in redines and mynde to use the Expedicion possible. Thus we humblie take our leave, and committ your Lordshipps to the Tuition of Almightie God. From Plimmowthe the 11th of February, 1559.

Your good Lordshipps to commande,

Anthony Mountague, Tho. Chamberlayn.