CP 152, 46

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CP Volume 152 Folio 46

HMC Volume 1 Page 176 Number 610

Haynes Page 236 Number 216

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740 5 Feb 1559 To Mr. Secretary

From a Minute of Sir Tho. Challoner.

IT may lyke you, Sir, to understand that this Forenoone, by the Regent's apoyntment, I and Sir Thomas Greshame, repayring to the Court, had Audience, and presented to her the Quene's Majestie's Lettres, each of us respectively; which when she had redde, perceiving therby the Quene's Pleaser touching my Revocacion, and his Substitucion as her Majestie's Agent, &c. After I had, aswell touchinge my self, as touching the sayd Sir Thomas Gresham, used to her certayne Wourds of Office and Complement, as me seemed meetist to the Purpose, and he also the like; we bothe, I assure you, had such good Wourds of Answer, and with suche good Countenance from her, as we rested therewith well satisfied, Theffect whereof I am sure the sayd Sir Thomas Gresham will further for his Parte enlarge unto you: And I at my Returne will, Viva Voce, further expresse unto her Majestie, to whom the Regent requested me to make her herty and duest Comendacions, &c..

The Lettre for the Horses I have not yet presented, nor will not, in case myn owne Passport otherwise shall serve, wiche to morrow videbimus.

I understande, that three or four of my last wrytten Lettres to you, have through countray Wether been stayed at Dunckerk, wherof I am sory.

The Spanishe Bands ar secretly hence solicited by the French.

The Admyrall Chastillon (as I lerne) is at this present at Calais with twelve Ensignes; and by the latter of this Monythe they shall be thirty Ensignes; not so much ment for Scotlande, as for discent somwhere in Ingland. Take hede to the Yle of Wight. The Frenche also will ioyne to theis former, eight Compaynies of their Gend' armerie, and oon thousand Swartrutters.

I understande they have made an Offer to the Duck of Savoye to restore owt of Hand bothe Turyne and those other Pieces in Pyemont yet kept by them, apon a Composition for a rounde Summe of Money; wiche Mony, wythe as mych besides as they can make, they will employ against us: Confider this well, for it is likely to be trewe. The last Italian Avises touchinge the Conspiracie against the Duke of Florence, detected with other Matters, I sende you herewithe.

It is hoped certaynely that the Pope will out of Hand have a generall Councile (yea, though it be in the Myddes of Germaigny) and to be peresonally at it: Thinke what Moment this is of, and how it maye touche us.

Themperor hathe received great Demonstracion of Amytie at the Pope's Hands. I wrote unto you in a Lettre ultimo preteriti divers Avises from out of Italye, of Importaunce, I trust by this Time ye have receaved them.

Themperor's Puissance, and the Kinge Catholicke's (as all Men here accompte) ar lyke to be much avaunced by meanes of this Pope. I wold wishe, and trust it is consydred what their straighter Amytie doth imparte, whiche maye be unto us a Pyllow in utramque aurem dormire.

I trust shortly to see you. Therefore, where Sir Thomas Gresham maketh suche haste awaye (as I cannot blame hym) for the Quenis Majeste's Affaires (being a Jewell for Truste, Witte, and dilligent Endevor) I must needs finishe this scribled Lettre.

POSTSCRIPT. Here hath bene horrible Tempest of late, I pray God we susteigne no Damage therby. Theis two Nights last passed were over-terrible, wiche troubled us both here.