CP 138, 19

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Cecil Papers Vol 138 f.19

HMC Vol 1 p 177 No 611

Haynes Page 237 Number 217

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

From the D. of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

8 Feb 1559 From my Lord his Grace, and the rest of the Counsaile here, to Mr. Secretarie

YOU shall receive herewith such Lettres as arrived here from Sir James Crossts, and Mr. Winter, whiche one of the Captains of the Quene's Majestie's Navie, called Southacke, brought hither, who hath declared unto us, that here Majestie's seid Navie, to the Nomber of thirteen Men of Warr, do remeyne in the Frythe; where they ride in quyett and peceable Manner, and be in good State, thankes be to Godd, saving that they feare to have sum lacke of Victuall; for the Furnyture whereof Mr. Winter desireth aide and relief of Mony, for the which order shalbe taken to satisfye his Desire. Nowe you shall perceive by the seid Lettres, that the Frenche are retorned to Edinborghe; and therfore we look every Daie to hier, that Sum of the Nobylytie of Scotland shall repayre to conferr with us uppon the intended Exploit to Leighe, for the Expulsion of the French: Whereof it may please you to have Consederation ther, and to advertise us of the Quene's Majestie's Pleasure, howe we shall procede with them; beinge very desirous to understand the Quen's Majestie's certain Resolution in the same, with such spede, as the Importaunce of the Matter dothe requyre. On Sunday laste, arrived here the Lord Graye, and Sir George Howard on the next Daie after; uppon whose Arrivall we have devised togither and considered howe the seid Exployte may be best achieved: Wherin albeyt we cannot certainly resolve, till we shall conferr with sum of the Lords of Scotland in that Parte, (by whom we may be better instructed in many Things then we cann nowe determyne) yet in the meane Season we have thought good to send you herewith a Proportion of suche Ordynaunce and Munytion, as ther is thought necessarie and meete, with the leste that may be for a Battrye. And uppon the Debate thereof we finde a greate Diffycultie of the Cariage of the same by Land at this Tyme of the Yere, as well by Reason of the deepe and soule Wayes betwen Barwicke and Leighe, as also for that suche a Nomber of Carriages and draught Horses, as the same doth requyre, cannot be had in Tyme; and therefore we suppose that of Necessytie the same must be transported by Sea; and the Nomber of Footmen also, appointed for this Journey, to be sett on Land, as nyer unto Leighe, as may be convenyentyle; and in that Caase our Horsemen to entre by Land, assown as we shall have intelligence of the landing of our Footmen. Of this our Devise we have thoght meet to advertise you, to thintent that, uppon Consideracion of the same, it may please you to advertise us of the Quene's Majestie's Pleasure, and of your Opynyons there, whiche we shall ensew according to our Dewties.

POSTSCRIPT. We received thes Lettres from Tho. Randall, alias Barnabie, by the which it shall appear unto you, what Lords and others of Scotland shall repayre to conferr with us: to whom we appointed the Daie of Conference and Meeting to be at Barwick the 25th Daie of this present, for that they cann cum no sooner, as by the seid Randal's Lettre ye shall perceive; praying you that in the meane Season, we may be advertised of the Quene's Majestie's Pleasure, and certein Resolution howe we shall procede with them, as is aforesaid; and also which of the Pledg; we shall receive at their Hands; thinking in our Opynyons, that bring the hoole Nomber of twelve, wold be more chardge and trouble then needeth; and of the six which we thinke most meet ye shall perceive the Names here underyten. What Chardge the Quene's Majestie nowe susteyneth here, and howe fast the Treasurer sent hither woll consume without any Frute of Service, we doubt not you can well consider there: For we feare that without a more Supply the same woll not extenede to the Accomplisshment of the intended Journey. And yet we do as muche as we cann to avoide all superfluous Chardges, having already taken order for the Stay of all the Light Horsemen, appoynted out of Yorkeshire, till the 25th Daie of this present.

The Names of the Pledges.

1. The Duke's second Sonne.

2. The Erle of Argile's Father's Brother's Sonne.

3. The Lord James's Brother Uteryne, Robert Douglas.

4. The Erle of Glencarne's Soon, James Cunyngham.

5. The Lord Ruthen's Soon, Archebold Ruthen.

6. The Erle of Montithe's Sonn, George Graham.

Tho. Norffolk, W. Gray, R. Sadleyr, G. Howard, F. Leek.