CP 138, 18b

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CP Vol 138 f.18

HMC Vol 1 p 178 No 612

Haynes Page 238 Number 218

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740 8 Feb 1559 From my Lord his Grace to Mr. Secretarye

From the D. of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

REMEMBRING my Promisse made to the Quene's Majestie, to the the whiche I made you prevye, good Mr. Secretarie, as concerninge the reformynge the Inordynaunce of Captains in robbinge here Highnes, I thought myself in Conscience and Dewtye not discharged, till I had eyther redressed the Faulte, or if I could not doo that, (which indeede yet Tyme serveth not for) yet at the lest shewe whiche way in myn Opynion, hereafter it may be amended. For the four thousand Footemen nowe last com with the dymy Launces, if there be any greate Faulte, I am contented to aunswer it, as longe as they remain in my Charge; but for the two thousand at Barwicke I take no Chardge: And yet I do not thinke the Captain muche to blame, for I thinke hym rather deceaved than otherwise; for he being a very wise Mann, out of Doubt for his own Dischardgs sake, whatsoever might fall, wold (as I suppose) wishe, that the Captains had rather more, then lesse. But to be plain with you, I thinke ther is not on Captain of Barwicke, or, if ther be any, very fewe, but that doth rather serve for gaine, then for any good Will of Service: And what good Service is like to ensewe of such Myndes? I cann judge, nothing but polling and pilling of the Quene's Majestie's Treasure. I thinke the Quene's Hyghnes were better to allowe twenty deed Paies, or more, to a hundrethe, then to be annswered as she is nowe. I cannot perceive how thes Extremytes may be presently amended, for it is no tyme, till this Journey be past, to fynd Faulte. But I assure you, if I may understand yt to be the Quene's Highnes Pleasure, I shall either reduce them, to thinke yt suffycyent to lyve upon the Quene's Majesty's Wages, without thes Inordynaunces, or else I shall sett other in their Places that woll. Thus hoping that the Quene's Majesty woll for thes Matters, thinke no lacke in me, till opportunytie for the redressing of them, I bydd you most, &c.

Tho. Norffolk.