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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1862 C78/, no. []
1862 11 Jan Emily Mary Hunt the wife of Richard Hunt by George Westrup her next friend and the said George Westrup and Robert John Westrup v. Richard Hunt C78/2184, no. 7 [2]
1862 11 Jan Sarah Roche v. Jabez Roche C78/2185, no. 11 [3]
1862 13 Jan Peter Rolt v. The Attorney General C78/2184, no. 8 [4]
1862 20 Jan Donald McLarty the elder v. C78/2185, no. 2 [5]
1862 22 Jan Samuel Lancaster v. Sir Humphrey de Trafford baronet C78/2185, no. 3 [6]
1862 24 Jan Charlotte Luard widow; Jane Gainham Luard spinster; Mary Ann Garnham Luard spinster; and Helen Garnham Luard spinster v. Jacob Howell Pattison; Edward Luard Wollaston; Abraham Charles Reeve; Frederick William Newman; William Garnham Luard; Frederick John Ross; Lawrence John Bawtree the younger; James Inglis; George Henry Darby; Lawrence Lancelot; Llewellyn Haslope; Thomas Garnham Luard; Howell Pattison; Lewis Blood; William Mordeford Bramston; John Trant Barmston; Frederick Luard Wollaston; Edward Newman Reeve; William henry Luard Pattisson; Joseph Howell Blood; Guy Bryan the younger; Percival Wilmot Bryan; and Bixby Luard C78/2184, no. 19 [7]
1862 31 Jan James Henry Mollett v. William Frederick Collins and Samuel Boulade and Joachim Espelon C78/2185, no. 8 [8]
1862 10 Feb Samuel Tildesley v. Frederick Scipio Clarkson C78/2184, no. 17 [9]
1862 11 Feb The Leather Cloth Company Limited v. John Bussey and George Pratt C78/2185, no. 9 [10]
1862 11 Feb Nicholas Heald; Stephen Symonds; and Nathaniel Shelmerdine; and The Lancashire Insurance Company v. Samuel Hay C78/2185, no. 12 [11]
1862 13 Feb The River Fergus Navigation and Embankment Company v. Charles Staunton Cahill; Robert Bishop; Francis Duffield; Alfred Pott; Anthony Peck; and William Bardwell C78/2184, no. 14 [12]
1862 22 Feb John Crossley; Joseph Crossley; and Francis Crossley v. Henry Secks Dixon C78/2184, no. 18 [13]
1862 25 Feb John Tilleard and John Labouchere C78/2185, no. 4 [14]
1862 26 Feb The London and North Western Railway Company v. William Ackroyd; Thomas Ackroyd; George Ackroyd; and the Right Honorable William Walter, earl of Dartmouth C78/2185, no. 5 [15]
1862 27 Feb George Hildeyard Tennyson D'Eyncourt v. John Sherwin Gregroy; Sir Glynne Earle Welby Gregory baronet; William Earle Welby Gregory; Henry Glynne Earle Welby Gregory; Walter Hugh Earle Welby Gregory; and Edward Montagu Earle Welby Gregory; and Philip James Earle Welby Gregory; Hugh Richard Earle Welby Gregory; and Alfred Cholmeley Earle Welby Gregory infants C78/2194, no. 8 [16]
1862 18 March The Reverend Charles Barter Sweet v. The Reverend Robert Fitzgerald Meredith clerk C78/2185, no. 13 [17]
1862 22 March The Reverend Thomas Hornby; The Reverend Lewis Frederick Thomas; The Reverend William Clementson; and the Reverend James Hassell v. The Burial Board for the extra parochial place of Toxteth Park, Surrey C78/2185, no. 14 [18]
1862 22 March George Whitehead; and Lachlan Hector; Gilbert Maclean & Mary his wife by the said George Whitehead her next friend; and Charlotte Whitehead spinster v. Henry Valentine Lynes; John Napper Tylee; John Evans; John Goodman Maxwell; Joseph Edwards; Richard Mansell & Mary Charlotte his wife; William West Simpson; William Bell; and Patrick Johnson AND Stidolph v. Dickinson C78/2206, no. 1 [19]
1862 15 April The Reverend Rowley Hill Gleck v. Elizabeth Pottsfen (in the bill Elizabeth Ratley otherwise Potts) C78/2184, no. 20 [20]
1862 15 April Benjamin Jones v. Michael Pike C78/2185, no. 15 [21]
1862 16 April Stephen Stubbing on behalf of himself and all creditors of Robert Fisher late of Great Wilbraham, Cambs, who contribute to the suit v. Eliza Fisher C78/2185, no. 6 [22]
1862 26 April Sarah Moxey (the wife of John Moxey) by John Densem her next friend; the said John Densem; Richard Westcott; and the said John Moxey v. James Bigwood C78/2187, no. 9 [23]
1862 3 May Thomas Washer Gibbs; Mary Bryant Gibbs spinster; Ann Gibbs spinster; and Richard Drewett Robsart & Florence Elizabeth his wife v. Edward Daniel and Alfred Cox C78/2185, no. 10 [24]
1862 8 May Joseph Munby v. Sarah Wood Davison spinster; Hannah Sophia Bowman Davison widow; and Mary Louisa Thomas an infant C78/2191, no. 3 [25]
1862 12 May Attorney General at the relation of the Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild M.P. and the said Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild v. The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Mercers in the City of London and Henry Eugene Barnes; William Harrington; the Reverend Charlton Lane; The Reverend Markland Barnard; John Shuttleworth; Nathaniel Newnham; Charles Frederick Johnson; and Thomas Watney C78/2185, no. 21 [26]
1862 13 May John Fox v. Alfred Charlton and George Charlton son of the said Alfred Charlton an infant; John Hall & Mary Ann his wife; and Georgriana Hall an infant; and George Charlton the elder AND Hall v. Fox W Charlton deceased C78/2185, no. 22 [27]
1862 27 May Charles Edward Lewis v. Greenwood Poole & Marianne Eleanora Charlotte his wife C78/2185, no. 7 [28]
1862 29 May Giles Meek v. William Bayliss C78/2185, no. 16 [29]
1862 29 May Humphrey Willyams v. William Henry Bullmore; Charles Percy Richards & Mary his wife; and Caroline Ann Bullmore C78/2186, no. 2 [30]
1862 30 May Thomas Rose Anlajo and Henry Anlajo v. George Wallace and Alexander John Wallace C78/2234, no. 1 [31]
1862 3 June In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Acts 1856, 1857 and the Joint Stock Companies Act 1858 in relation to the Risen Coal and Iron Company C78/2185, no. 17 [32]
1862 3 June Juliana Corbett the wife of William Corbett a pauper and suing without a next friend v. Alfred John Acraman; Thomas White; and William Corbett C78/2186, no. 8 [33]
1862 3 June William Walters and William collier v. Joseph Collier and William Collier jr C78/2186, no. 9 [34]
1862 6 June William John Elliott v. Richard Bryant; William Pugh; Elizabeth Stone otherwise Elizabeth Knight; Norrish Elliott; Mary Ann Stone; and Emily Stone C78/2186, no. 10 [35]
1862 11 June James Lillie v. Charles Richard Banastre Legh C78/2185, no. 18 [36]
1862 13 June Thomas Selby v. The Colne Valley and Halstead Railway Company C78/2186, no. 3 [37]
1862 16 June Mary Dodd spinster v. Robert Brown; John Haliburton King; Robert Crawford; Michael Dodd & Mary Louisa his wife; and John Clayton C78/2186, no. 17 [38]
1862 28 June Elizabeth Harte Francks (the wife of the defendant Sr Thomas Harte Franks); Elizabeth Brewis; Samuel Richard Brewis; Rebecca Isabella Brewis; George William Brewis; and Percy Robert Brewis infants by Thomas Hornby Birley their next friend v. Ashton Marler Heath; Richard Dugdale Kay; and Sir Thomas Harte Franks C78/2186, no. 11 [39]
1862 3 July Peter Henry Berthon and William Tooke v. John Robert Chidley C78/2185, no. 19 [40]
1862 4 July John Bowling v. Mary Day and John Day C78/2186, no. 4 [41]
1862 4 July The English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bank v. The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company; The European and Australian Royal Mail Company (Limited); and Richard Thompson Reep C78/,2186 no. 5 [42]
1862 4 July Thomas Sharp & Elizabeth Ann his wife v. Robert Valentine Leach; Nathaniel Bakewell Randle; Thomas William Willett & Mary Sloper his wife; Elizabeth Box Leach; Amelia Leach; Fanny Leach; Roset Leach; Edith Leach; Annette Wright Leach; and Evelin Willett Leach C78/2186, no. 22 [43]
1862 9 July Sarah Barfield v. Sir Francis Desanges knight; William Francis Low; and William Henry Green C78/2186, no. 12 [44]
1862 12 July William Harper Turner on behalf of himself and all other persons parties of the third part of an indenture dated 11 June 1861 who contribute to the expenses of the suit v. Archibald Turner Joseph Allen and William Henry Williams C78/2192, no. 8 [45]
1862 14 July Ann Wade wife of Charles Henry Wade by Walter James Baseley her next friend v. William Russell; Margaret Broughton; Jonathan Worter; Charles Henry Wade; Charles Albany Wade; Emily Ann Wade; Thomas Wade; Frederick Wade; and Henry Augustus Wade; and Sarah Sophia Wade; Eliza Jane Wade; Caroline Wade; Frances Wade; and Edward Lewis Wade infants by the said Charles Albany Wade their guardian and Samuel Paull; James Pensford; Gilbert Foster; William Carr Foster; James Webber; Joseph Vernon; Thomas Benson; Francis Wigg; and George Wigg C78/2186, no. 6 [46]
1862 15 July John Davies; Thomas Davies; and William Williams C78/2190, no. 2 [47]
1862 17 July Helen Augusta Tootal and Florence Green Tootal infants by Oliver William Tootal their next friend v. Jonathan Dickinson; Richard Hargrave; Henry Stocks Smith; George Nicholas Tootal; and Herbert Tootal C78/2186, no. 18 [48]
1862 18 July The Honorable William Richard Arthus Pole Tylney London Wellesley called Lord viscount Wellesley then the Right Honorable William Richard Arthur earl of Mornington v. The Right Honorable William earl of Mornington since deceased; the Right Honorable Helena countess of Mornington formerly his wife but then his widow; The Honorable Richard Edward Howard and Edward Harnage esq; and William John Richardson executor of the said William earl of Mornington C78/2191, no. 4 [49]
1862 21 July John Bunn v. John Bunn the younger C78/2186, no. 19 [50]
1862 21 July Mary Dodd v. Robert Brown; John Haliburton King; Robert Crawford; Michael Dodd & Mary Louis his wife; and John Clayton C78/2186, no. 20 [51]
1862 22 July Edward Birkbeck; Charles Jenkin Coles; and William strange v. John Paget C78/2186, no. 7 [52]
1862 23 July William John Sands & Augusta Sophia Sands his wife; Warren Hastings Sands; Frances Wemyss Sands; Horatio William Lindesay Sands; James Wemyss Sands; and Harriet Lindesay Sands infants by the said William John Sands their next friend v. John Soden; William McAdam (since deceased); The Reverend Herny Bethune Sands; John Ord Mackenzie; Francis Charteris Wemyss; Griffith Jenkins; Charles Marshall Griffith; and Thomas Reynolds Griffith & Julia Griffith his wife C78/2186, no. 13 [53]
1862 25 July John Henry Waterfall v. Lewis Williams; Robert Jones; John Gray Waterfall; and William Halse Gatty Jones & Ann his wife C78/2186, no. 14 [54]
1862 25 Jan Alfred Williams Bingley v. Mary Marshall C78/2187, no. 10 [55]
1862 26 July Francis Sloane Stanley an infant by the Reverend George Sloan Stanley his father v. William Felix Sloane Stanley; Henry Charles Sloane Stanley; Blanche Sloane Stanley; Florence Laura Sloane Stanley; Grace Sloane Stanley; Rose Laura Sloane Stanley; Evelyn Sloane Stanley; Frederick Drummond; Thomas Best; and Vivian Arthur Webber C78/2186, no. 15 [56]
1862 31 July Thomas Atkinson Dixon; John Cook Giles; and George Kinneal v. John Spittle C78/2186, no. 23 [57]
1862 4 Nov Charles Hanslip v. William Manning Kitton; Richard Caparn; and Edward George Aylif C78/2187, no. 1 [58]
1862 6 Nov Frank Clark Hills v. The Liverpool United Gas Light Company C78/2187, no. 2 [59]
1862 18 Nov John Watts v. John Brennan Case from the High Court of Chancery in Ireland C78/2186, no. 16 [60]
1862 18 Nov Ellis Duncombe Gosling an infant by The Reverend Edward Duncombe his next friend v. Robert Gosling; Thomas George Gosling; Robert Gosling the younger; Charlotte Gosling spinster; Langham Christie & Margaret Elizabeth his wife; Sir Charles Cunliffe Smith baronet; The Reverend Laurence George Capel Cure & Augusta Elizabeth his wife; Gaspard le Marchant Tupper & Mary Charlotte his wife; and Robert Capel Cure C78/2196, no. 2 [61]
1862 24 Nov Richard Thornton v. The Conservators of the River Thames C78/2187, no. 3 [62]
1862 24 Nov The City of London Brewery Company (Limited); Edmond Sexten; Pery Calvert; and William Henry Calvert C78/2187, no. 4 [63]
1862 24 Nov The Master, Wardens; and Commonalty of Freemen of the Art of Mystery of Clothworkers of the City of London v. The Conservators of the River Thames C78/2187, no. 5 [64]
1862 24 Nov The Attorney General at the relation of the Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Fishmongers of the City of London and of Thomas William Kough and Herny Montray Jones the younger v. The Conservators of the River Thames C78/2187, no. 6 [65]
1862 24 Nov Mary Hepworth widow v. John Hill; Robert Atkinson; James Horatio Simpson; John Crossley; John Frank Atkinson & Mary Elizabeth his wife; Fortescue Wells (since deceased) & Anna his wife; Thomas Hepworth Hall; Fanny Anne Wells spinster; and Oswald Cornish Arthur & Elizabeth Fortescue Mary his wife C78/2187, no. 13 [66]
1862 26 Nov James Parker v. George Watkins; Thomas Henry Taunton; The Reverend John Hatter Eaton clerk; Anne Eaton; Theophilus William Taunton an infant; Sarah Emily Eaton; Edward George Hitchings an infant; Rosa Anne Eaton; Reginald Eaton out of the jurisdiction, an infant; Samuel Sturgis C78/2188, no. 1 [67]
1862 5 Dec John Loyd Vaughan Watkins v. Arthur Frederick & Sophia Emily his wife; Charles Wood & Susanna mary his wife; Christopher Arthur Harris & Louisa Eleornora his wife; George Thomas Lowth & Emma Caroline his wife (since deceased); The Reverend Hugh Bold clerk; Charles Frederick George Septimus; Frederick Gordon Gallie Macdonald; John Lloyd; Thomas Evans Prestwood; Lucas Henry Robert Digby; Richard Baker WIngfield Baker; William Fuller Maitland; Edwin Elmer Durrant; Henry Hanniforth Patteson; John Francis Partridge; Philip Wright; Charles Mortlock; William Rippingall; The Reverend Walter John Partridge clerk; The Reverend John Taddy clerk C78/2187, no. 16 [68]
1862 11 Dec Lawrence Lawrence In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 and the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Amendment Act 1857 in relation to Public Life Assurance Company C78/2187, no. 15 [69]
1862 11 Dec Lawrence Lawrence In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 and of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Amendment Act 1857 in relation to The Public Life Assurance Company C78/2187, no. 17 [70]
1862 16 Dec Charles John Mare v. Joseph George Churchward and John Rolt C78/2187, no. 14 [71]
1862 16 Dec Richard Parker v. Frank Clarke Hills and Henry Hills C78/2187, no. 18 [72]
1862 17 Dec Henry Harms and William List v. Joseph Parsons C78/2187, no. 19 [73]
1862 19 Dec Elizabeth Laver the wife of the defendant Henry Laver by William Taylor Copeland her next friend v. Emma Fielder and John Henry Fielder C78/2187, no. 11 [74]
1862 C78/, no. []