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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1851 C78/, no. []
1851 14 Jan The Reverend Thomas Maxwell Hunt; Thomas Pycroft; William Hodson; and Elizabeth Hunt v. Hannah Maria Spindler Bohn when she come into the jurisdiction; John Stephen Spindler Hopwood; and Thomas William Spindler Hopwood C78/2142, no. 4 [2]
1851 30 Jan Thomas Tomlinson v. Thomas Troughton; Richard Riley; Mary Ann Haydock; Ellen Haydock; and Edward Haydock C78/2141, no. 1 [3]
1851 11 Feb John Owen and John Mathew Gutch v Sarah Homan; Francis green; John Homan; Benjamin Johnson; and Richard Valpy C78/2136, no. 3 [4]
1851 12 Feb Sarah Thornhill spinster v. Jeremiah Manning C78/2136, no. 1 [5]
1851 27 Feb William Morgan the elder; James Morgan the elder; John Morgan; James Morgan the younger; William Morgan the younger an infant; Harry Morgan an infant; Harriet Morgan an infant; and Francis Morgan the younger an infant by the said James Morgan the younger their brother; James Francis Morgan; Louisa Grace Morgan; Francis Henry Morgan; Augustus Granville Morgan; Frederick George Morgan; and Julia Margaret Morgan; Edward William Morgan an infant; Arthur Middlemore Morgan an infant; Seymour Horace Morgan an infant; and Mary Harriet Morgan an infant by the the said James Francis Morgan their next friend v. Thomas Morgan; Francis Morgan the elder; Sir George Buckett; Frances Sarah Gyles; Henry James Gyles; and Sir William Ranbain (?) C78/2138, no. 13 [6]
1851 6 March Henry Cobb Cornwall and Louisa Jefoy Ward the wife of Thomas Ward one of the defendants by the said Henry Cobb Cornwall her father v. Richard Davies; the said Thomas Ward; and John Curry C78/2142, no. 12 [7]
1851 11 March Stopford Thomas Jones In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 concerning the Direct Birmingham Oxford Reading and Brighton Railway Company C78/2142, no. 5 [8]
1851 17 March Sir Thomas Woolaston White baronet v. Granville Harcourt Vernon; the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England; John Cruso; and Sir Henry Fitz Herbert baronet AND Granville Harcourt Vernon v. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England; John Cruso; Sir Thomas Woollaston White baronet; and Sir Henry Fitz Herbert baronet C78/2138, no. 12 [9]
1851 17 March George William Bacon v. Emily Cosby widow; Margaret Mary Cosby; Charlotte Emily Cosby; Robert Ashworth; Godolphin Cosby; George James Sulivan; Robert Sulivan; The Reverend William Cosby; George Augustus Palmer Sulivan; and The Right Honorable Frederick lord Ashtown C78/2142, no. 6 [10]
1851 22 March Johnb Robert Hargrave an infant by his mother Mary Hargrave widow v. William Joscellyne Hargrave; Isaac Wrentmore; John Symonds; and William Smith vacated by order of 12 July 1851 C78/2138, no. 17 [11]
1851 22 March John Robert Hargrave an infant of about 6 years by his mother Mary Hargrave widow v. William Josceline Hargrave; Isaac Wrentmore; John Symonds; and William Smith C78/2141, no. 8 [12]
1851 24 March The Honorable Alfred Hervey commonly called Lord Alfred Hervey In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Act of 1948 in regard to The Brighton Lewes and Tonbridge Wells Direct Railway Company C78/2142, no. 7 [13]
1851 27 March George Worsfold & Mary Sophia his wife; Charles Meredith & Ann his wife; and Thomas Lewis Dale v. In the matter of The Westminster Improvement Act of 1845 and of The Lands Clauses Consolidation Act of 1845 C78/2142, no. 8 [14]
1851  ? 15 Richard Henry Christian Hutchins v. James Hutchins; George Hutchins; Plumer Verrall; William North; and Thomas Jacomb Lancaster (called Thomas Lancaster) C79/341, no. [15]
1851 1 April Valentine Chaplin; Henry Empson; and Anne Blake the wife of William Blake by the said Valenine Chaplin her next friend v. John Howell; Martha Edmonds; William Downes; Jane Hawkes; Henry Hawkes the younger; Emma Hawkes; Susan Hawkes; Henry Hawkes & Elizabeth his wife; and William Blake C78/2142, no. 9 [16]
1851 16 April John Myers and James Cazenove v. Richard Watson; Henry Watson; William Wingfield; Peter Bellinger Brodie; and The Earl of Devon C78/2141, no. 2 [17]
1851 17 April John Thomas Savery v. Timothy Surr and Servington Savery C78/2137, no. 4 [18]
1851 26 April William Vernon; Richard Crawecroft & Ann his wife; John Farrand & Sarah his wife; David Vernon; Richard Vernon; and George Vernon v. Henry Nethersole; William Fox; and William Tonson C78/2140, no. 3 [19]
1851 28 April Edward Glae; Charles Adams Bush; William Saunders; Joel Baber; and William Hockey In the matter of the Beloved Wilkes's Charity under the statute 52 George III, c 101 for summary remedies in cases of abuses of trusts created for charitable purposes C78/2141, no. 3 [20]
1851 2 May Robert Ashton sole surviving executor of John Ashton v. Henry lord Langdale; The Right Honorable Charles Shaw Lefevre; The Right Honorable Sir Charles Wood baronet; The Right Honorable Sir Frederick Pollock knight; William Russell William R Robinson; James Morris; Joseph Ashton; William Tinker & Mary his wife; Samuel Ashton; Thomas Ashton; David Harrison & Mary his wife; John Leech & Jane his wife; and harriet Ashton; and Sir John Jervis Her Majesty's Attorney General C78/2142, no. 10 [21]
1851 5 May William Hickman v. Henry Bacon Hickman C78/2142, no. 11 [22]
1851 6 May William, earl of Mornington v. William Edward C78/2141, no. 4 [23]
1851 6 May 14 George Stonhouse Griffith; Arthus Caesar; Anne Griffith; and Ernest Boulanger & Mary Ann Webb his wife v. Richard Edward Van Heythuysen; Michael Marshall; David Price; John Marshall; Eliza Craddock; Elizabeth Catherine Griffith; and Charles Culley C79/341, no. 12 [24]
1851 7 May William Selby Hele and George Frere v. Nicholas lord Bexley; Sir George Bowyer baronet when he come within the jurisdiction; Alexander Donovan; William Henry Rowe; Thomas Huntingford clerk; Edward Willes (called Wills); William Parrott Carter; Henry Bourchier Wrey clerk; Dame Henrietta Bowyer; George Bowyer; Charles Sawyer & Henrietta his wife; Henry Bowyer clerk; Eliza bowyer; Andrew Snape; Douglas Edward bridger; Wilson Lomer; George Gauntlett; John Knight; Mary Bridger; Emily Wightman; William Henry Grey (called Henry Grey); Kitty Martin; Charles King; Joseph Bernard; John Thomas Groves & Emma his wife; Charles Pugh; Elizabeth Caroline Harris; Charles Tawney Hester; Sophia Bowles; John Samuel Bowles; William Woodhall; and James Worley vacated by order of 1852 C78/2144, no. 18 [25]
1851 12 May John Davies (since deceased); John Bowen; and Jane Davies (since deceased) v. David Evans C78/2142, no. 13 [26]
1851 13 May Walter Gilchrist Whicker v. Joseph Hume; Charles Holland; John MacGregor (called McGregor); John Bowring; Robert Verity; Mary Ann Borthwick Gilchrist widow (called Mary Ann Gilchrist); James Prowse Whicker; Mary Allse Gale; Edwin Newman; Thomas Lyon; and Her Majesty's Attorney General C78/2124, no. 14 [27]
1851 11 June The Reverend William Thornton clerk v. Robert Harper; William Spencer Dove; Henry John Hall the younger; and William Massey C78/2140, no. 1 [28]
1851 12 June Sarah Christina Palmer by Clotworthy Dobbin Devitt her next friend v. Terence Evans & Eliza Evans his wife; Bartholomew French; & Margaret Josephene French his wife C78/2138, no. 14 [29]
1851 14 June Her Majesty's Attorney General Sir John Romilly knight at the relation of William Lionel Lampet informant v. Arthur Foster & Lionella Elizabeth Mary his wife C78/2142, no. 15 [30]
1851 24 June Samuel Harries; Thomas Usefitt; Robert Wrightson; Thomas Harris; and Edward Cooper Procedure under the Joint Stock Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 concerning the Wolverhampton Chester and Birkenhead Junction Railway Company C78/2138, no. 15 [31]
1851 24 June Henry Norwood Frye; Thomas Henney; and William Charles King v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the City of Gloucester; Francis Close; Francis Duncan Gilby; William Spencer Phillips; The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Tewksbury; John Ridout; Harvey Richard Smith; John Castle; William Read King; and Her Majesty's Attorney General C78/2141, no. 9 [32]
1851 3 July Stopford Thomas Jones In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Direct Birmingham Oxford Reading and Brighton Railway Company C78/2143, no. 1 [33]
1851 3 July Stopford Thomas Jones In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Direct Birmingham Oxford Reading and Brighton Railway Company C78/2143, no. 2 [34]
1851 7 July The Right Honorable Henry Hobhouse v. Charles Thomas Holcombe and John Phillips Beavan C78/2143, no. 3 [35]
1851 8 July John Thomas Betts; James Betts; and David Betts v. William Betts C78/2141, no. 7 [36]
1851 10 July The Reverend Richard Davies clerk v. Charles Cracroft & Dorothy his wife; Charles Watkins Cracroft; Robert Cracroft; Thomas Williams; Lawrence Crump; John Williams; John Edmund Francis; and Jeffreys Wilkins C78/2143, no. 4 [37]
1851 14 July Charles Frederick Moore v. Vaughan Prance; John Farthing; Sophia Moore; Merelina Moore; Edward Charles Coles & Ellen his wife C78/2140, no. 5 [38]
1851 19 July William Anthony; John Anthony; William Cole & Mary Ann his wife; Joseph Anthony; and Nathaniel Anthony the younger v. Thomas Simmons and William Richard Berryman C78/2143, no. 5 [39]
1851 19 July George Mann In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 relating to the Chepstow Forest of Dean and Gloucester Junction Railway Company C78/2143, no. 6 [40]
1851 23 July Henry Seymour and George Crawford Heath v. George John Warren Baron Vernon (called George Charles Venables Vernon Baron Vernon); George Douglas; Trevor Bernard Barcourt; Louis Bernard Harcourt; Louis Emmanuel Harcourt; George Simon Harcourt; John Simon Chandos Harcourt; Armand Charles Henri de la Croix count de Castries & Mary Augusta his wife; Edmond Charles Auguste de la Croix de Castries; Elizabeth Georgiana Harriet Harcourt; Sarah Mary Sophia Harcourt; Elizabeth Mary Caroline Harcourt; and Alice Anne Caroline Harcourt; and George Samuel Collyer C78/2143, no. 7 [41]
1851 25 July Attorney General at the relation of James Miles informant v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of South Molton, Devon; Hugh Moire Passmore; Humphrey John Norris Bawden; John Gilberd Pearse; Joshua Bowden; James Pearse; and John White C78/2155, no. 19 [42]
1851 7 Aug James Barber In the matter of the Joint Stock Company Winding Up Act of 1848 and the London and Manchester Independent Railway Company (Remington Line) C78/2141, no. 6 [43]
1851 8 Aug Daniel Nowland & Maria his wife v. Thomas Walsh sen; Francis McEvoy; and John Taylor C78/2144, no. 15 [44]
1851 8 Aug Robert Newton v. Samuel Blackman Lamb C78/2144, no. 16 [45]
1851 5 Nov 15 Gilbert East Gilbert East v. Samuel Twyford; Gilbert Augustus; Gilbert East; Henry Hugh O'Donel Clayton; and Charles Edward Ferdinand Clayton C79/341, no. 14 []
1851 6 Nov William Hutchison v. Francois Teychenne and Charles Le Goux C78/2143, no. 8 [46]
1851 8 Nov Attorney General at the relation of George Griffith; George Turton; William ___; Thomas Lloyd; James Tudor; Samuel ___; John Shammous; and Joseph Wright v. Henry Pepys lord Bishop of Worcester; Joseph Phelimott chancellor of the bishop of Worcester; The Reverend Thomas Legh Claughton; John Sutton Barber; William Butler Best; William Boycot; Thomas Bradley; Henry Chellingworth; John Chellingworth; henry Crane; John Crane; George Hooman; John Lea; Joseph Harcourt; William Nicholls; Abraham Turner; Benjamin Higgins Woodward; Henry Woodward; The Reverend William Cockin; The Reverend Edward Brisee; and William Sawtres C78/2157, no. 1 [47]
1851 11 Nov Henry Leslie Grove v. Frederick Martyn Maguire Young C78/2143, no. 9 [48]
1851 13 Nov James Clark and Julius Henry Thompson In the matter of the Joint Stock Campanys Winding Up Act of 1848 and 1849 relating to the Independent Assurance Company C78/2143, no. 10 [49]
1851 18 Nov The Reverend William Sergison clerk v. Charles Francis Adey; Warden Sergison; and Warden Sergison the younger C78/2144, no. 1 [50]
1851 22 Nov 15 Isaac Aldebert v. George Sams; William Collisson; Sarah Elizabeth Aldebert; Mary Katherine Aldebert; and Edward Isaac Jorab Aldebert C79/341, no. 15 [51]
1851 1 Dec John Blacket; Joseph Headland; and William Bell v. James Lamb; Dorothy Lamb; George Lamb; Eliza Eve Butler the wife of Charles Butler; Francis Napoleon Lamb; and others named C78/2157, no. 20 [52]
1851 2 Dec Thomas Hewitt v. John Loosemore; Henry Lake Hirtzel; John Beedell; George Pye; John Were; Mary Were; John Ware; Thomas Ware; Mary Ware; and Elizabeth Ware C78/2152, no. 21 [53]
1851 3 Dec Christopher Sanderson v. George Trollope; George Francis Trollope; Robert Leonard Trollope; and George Lawrence C78/2144, no. 2 [54]
1851 5 Dec Frederick George William Fearon & Isabel Harriet Anne his wife v. Thomas Henry William Desbrisny; Alfred Howard; Isabel Henrietta Browne; William Scott Carter & Amelia his wife; Edward Sabine; Charles james Whatman; Hiemms Ingle & Anna Maria his wife; Roger Kynaston the younger; John Osborne Smetham; Harriet Browne; Juliana Browne; James Power & Caroline his wife; Frederick Henry Hastings Glosoe; Robert Gutty; and Edith Charlotte Fearon C78/2144, no. 3 [55]
1851 17 Dec Richard Barker v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Liverpool C78/2144, no. 4 [56]
1851 22 Dec Jonas Wilkinson v. Thomas Fowkes C78/2144, no. 14 [57]
1851 C78/, no. []