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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1778 C79/, no. []
1778 24 Jan 18 Henry Peach esq nephew and heir at law of Robert Cheshire esq v. James Phillips; Francis Phillips; and Thomas Manlox re. will 31 Dec 1763 of Robert Cheshire; property at Croppatop [?Cropper Top farm, par. Sutton on the Hill] and elsewhere in Derbs; bequests to James Phillips; + loan of April 1764 from James Phillips £1,550, secured on property at Croppatop. C79/225, no. [2]
1778 2 March 18 Dame Etheldred Cust widow and relict of Sir John Cust baronet and sister and heir at law of Elizabeth Vernon who was wife of Henry Vernon esq since also deceased v. the said Henry Vernon; John Manners esq; and William Welby esq re. rights of the sisters Ethelred Cust and Elizabeth Vernon to the properties of their father Thomas Payne in Hough-on-the-Hill, Normanton, Careby, Awnby [Aunby], Little Bytham, Gelston, Brandon, Hougham, Carlton Scroop, Caythorpe, Castle Bytham, Creton [Creeton], Edenham and Wytham [Witham], Lincs. C79/235, no. [3]
1778 29 July 18 John Gartside esq v. James Isherwood and Thomas Smedley re. marriage agreement 28/29 Dec 1764, James Moss and Appollina Bayley; manor of Little Bolton, Lancs. settled upon husband for life, remainder to trustees for ninety-nine years, to empower the wife to receive £300 a year by way of jointure, remainder to such uses as Moss should appoint, remainder to Moss in fee. C79/245, no. [4]
1778 2 Nov 19 Charles, earl of Elgin and Kincardine and Martha, countess of Elgin and Kincardine late Martha Whyt the only child and heir at law and also residuary devisee and legatee of Thomas Whyt of London merchant her late father v. Allan Auld; William Fryce; John Tracey & Catherine his wife; and Benjamin Green & Sarah his wife; (later added:) Sir John Gordon and James Reid & Frances his wife re. loan 4/5 Mar 1736 £1,600, by Richard Lindsay of Lime Street from George Fryer of Carpenters Hall, London, secured on messuage and lands etc. called Dully or Dully Farm in pars. Tonge and Bapchild [near Sittingbourne] or Rodmersham. Kent. C79/221, no. [5]
1778 18 Nov 19 Mary Lewis spinster v. John Hapsom re.loan £250 Nov 1774 by John Hapsom of Isleworth, Middx, gardener from Mary Lewis, secured on field and house and premises, alleged to be free of encumbrances. C79/145, no. [6]
1778 19 Dec 19 Charles Ednott peruke maker and Thomas Prior & Mary his wife late Mary Ednott spinster v. Elizabeth Waller re. will 10 July 1771, of Charles Waller of par. St Mary Magdalan, Bermondsey, Kent, bequests to sister Jane Ednott during her life, and afterwards to be divided C79/207, no. 1 [7]
1778 C79/, no. []