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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1715 C78/, no. []
1715 C78/, no. []
1715 11 Jan 1 William Collingwood, gent, an infant, by Conley Windham, gent v. Richard Dalton the elder, esq & Anne his wife, executors of Anne Hargrave, widow; Braithwaite Ottway, esq; and Richard Dalton the younger, an infant, by said Richard Dalton, his father and guardian C78/1176, no. 4 [2]
1715? John Giffard; Roger Giffard; Henry Giffard v. Mary Giffard C78/198, no. [3]
1715 (bill) Hilary 1 Benjamin Needler and Culverwell Needler infants by Sherrard Pickering v. Edward Gilbourne gentleman C79/77, no. [4]
1715 (bill) Hilary Term 1 John Trigg of Glindon [Glyndon in Plumstead], Essex, yeoman v. John Whalley, & Jane his wife; Margaret Mede; Dame Elizabeth Ward; Edward Ward; Phillip Papillion; Sir John Phillipps; and George Townsend C78/1790, no. 4 [5]
1715 12 Jan 1 Stephen Newton; Josiah Perks; and John Hopkins v Edward Hare Debts of Thomas Kemsey of Birmingham, woodmonger. Purchase of timber from Yardley, Worcs and Aston, Sutton Coldfield and Wishaw, Warks. C78/1379, no. 3 [6]
1715 19 Jan 1 Marmaduke Alington of Lincolns Inn, Middx; and William Alington of the same place v. John Boteler; Philip Boteler an infant; William Ettricke; and Grey Neville and Elizabeth his wife C78/1466, no. 5 [7]
1715 25 Jan 1 William Pyke, & Barbara his wife, sole daughter, heir, and administratrix of George Heatchcote, eldest son and heir of George Heathcote, who was eldest son and heir of George Heatchcote (all deceased) v. Gilbert Heathcote, younger brother of said George Heathcote, the complainant Barbara's late father and Frances his wife; Robert Offley, executor of Cornelius Clark, esq; and Stephen Offley son of said Robert Offley; and Robert Watts C78/1584, no. 3 [8]
1715 26 Jan 1 William lord Craven son and heir of Sir William Craven of Benham knight who was son and heir of Thomas Craven of Appletree [Appletreewick in Craven], Yorks, esq v. Dame Mary Craven widow relict and sole executrix of Sir William Craven late of Winwick knight; Dame Mary Francklyn widow; Sir Anthony Craven baronet; John, Robert, and Charles Craven esqs; Thomas, earl of Coventry; William Robinson; William Herbert commonly called marquis of Powis; Godfrey and Gilbert Clerks esqs; Thoms Kinnersley esq; William Becher esq; Thomas Hanbury esq; William Hamsharr; Walter Brett; John Bradford; Nathaniel Webb; Michael Martin jr; and Thomas Martin C79/58, no. [9]
1715 28 Jan 1 John Foord of Amerveyn, Monagham, Ireland, gentleman; Henry Ellery of Altinesh, Meath, Ireland, gentleman & Anne his wife; Anthony Duck of Rill, Cavan, Ireland, gentleman & Jane his wife; John Piers of Mullnenoghth, Fermanagh, Ireland, gentleman & Rebecca his wife; and Isaac Thompson of Dublin & Deborah his wife v. Jane Foord; Charles Lanoe; and Dorothy Morrall widow C79/80, no. [10]
1715 3 Feb 1 Thomas Illes of Sellick, Herefs v. Thomas Beddoes; Thomas Hatch; and Alice Taylor, widow C78/1136, no. 1 [11]
1715 5 Feb 1 Joseph Mercer v John Taylor and Mary his wife; John Barnes; Robert Mercer; Hugh Orleton and Edward Pursfield Defts mortgage of property in Neufield and Hooe in Sussex and also in the Middle Burrough in Battell [Battle] to satisfy his debts to the complt. C78/1375, no. 6 [12]
1715 5 Feb 1 Susan Fawkner, widow, daughter and only child of Maurice Waite and relict of Edward Fawkner, esq, who was son and heir of Edward Fawkner, esq v. William Fancourt esq, & Dorothy his wife; Mathew Wythe, & Susanna his wife; Sarah Merriman; Mary Bowyer who afterwards intermarried with William Standish, clerk; William Kent; and Dorothy Fawkner the widow and relict of said Edward Fawkner the father C78/1796, no. 8 [13]
1715 7 Feb 1 Charles Parker on behalf of himself and of the inhabitants of the manor of Langdyke and the liberty of the hundred of Nassaburgh & soke of the Borough of Saint Peter als Peterborough, Northants & of the commoners of the Great Fen called Borough Great Fen v William Lord Fitz Williams commonly called Lord Fitz Williams Baron of Liffarr in the Kingdon of Ireland, Robert Miller, Elizabeth Vrry afterwards called Elizabeth Woodward, Hack Magams, little John Miller, William Exton, David Wanty, Joseph Bull and Mathew Turnell Accounts for income received from enclosed portions of the common of pasture on Great Borough Fen C78/1311, no. 2 [14]
1715 7 Feb 1 Humphry Dene and Elizabeth his wife administratrix with will annexed of Benjamin Buller decd who was administrator of Mary his late wife, formerly Mary Bogan, and also administrator of Peter Bound junior decd v. Fenwick Bee; Elizabeth Bogan, widow; John Full; Charles Taylor; John Legassicke, clerk; and William Bogan Will of Peter Bound late of Uphemston [Uphempston in Totnes], Devon. Leasehold tenement called Oldhill alias Odlehill, Denbury, Devon. C78/1457, no. 1 [15]
1715 7 Feb 1 William Gooch;John Otwell, & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Page, & Frances his wife; Thomas Parker, & Anne his wife; and Mary Gooch, spinster v. Thomas Hamond C78/1617, no. 6 [16]
1715 8 Feb 1 Thomas Cartwright esq v. Robert Fullwood; William Chapple; and Thomas Ball esqs C78/1900, no. 2 [17]
1715 8 Feb 1 Dorothy Vavasor v. Abraham Gest and Mary his wife Mortgage by the deft of Colston in the parish of Buckfastleigh, Devon. C78/1457, no. 5 [18]
1715 9 Feb 1 Sir Edward Northey knight Attorney General at the relation of the dean and chapter of the cathedral church of Christ, Oxford, at the foundation of King Henry VIII v. Theophilus Bohey C79/5, no. [19]
1715 9 Feb 1 William Horton of London, tobacconist v. Langly Hill; and Thomas Griffin C78/1132, no. 3 [20]
1715 10 Feb 2 Edward Forbes; and Robert Kerby, gent v. Sir Charles Dancomb, knight; Richard Jencks; William Humby; James Coles; John Thorneton; and John Bampton; and others C78/1770, no. 12 [21]
1715 11 Feb 1 Elizabeth Evans, widow v. John Taylor; Gyles Riddle; and Richard Holden, gents C78/1786, no. 3 [22]
1715 14 Feb 1 Edmund Jackson v. Nicholas Fisher C79/140, no. [23]
1715 18 Feb 1 Phillip Williams of Great Badmington, Gloucs v. Nathaniel Rudge and Margaret his wife; Joseph Laughton; Thomas Bridges; Joseph Bate; and Thomas Coster Mortgage by deft Rudge of messuages and land in Newnham, Gloucs. C78/1454, no. 3 [24]
1715 18 Feb 1 Nathaniel Page v. Edward Blacknoe; George Basill; and John Dunsdale C78/1805, no. 2 [25]
1715 18 Feb 1 Robert Darwent of Rotherham, Yorks v. Gamaliel Webb; Dorothy Briscoe; and John Briscoe C78/1465, no. 6 [26]
1715 19 Feb 1 Sir John Brownlow baronet then an infnat by Thomas Freake esq v. Dame Anna Margaretta Mason; Henry Brett; John Freke; William Brownlow; Anne Brownlow; John Smith; Roger Pemberton; Thomas Ludwell; John Check; John Hunt; Nicholas Carew; Richard Calthrop; John Deane; and Dane Henrietta Brownlow C78/2059, no. 5 [27]
1715 19 Feb 1 John Blackhall of London, woolen draper v. John Vaus of London, merchant, since deceased; Nathaniel Billing; and Richard Boughton, merchants; and Sarah Herring, widow C78/1560, no. 3 [28]
1715 21 Feb 1 Arthur, earl of Torrington v. Sarah Owen the widow and relict of Richard Owen esq C78/1906, no. 3 [29]
1715 22 Feb 1 Charles Cox, citizen and brewer of London v. Elizabeth Townsend, widow & executrix of Jonathan Townsend decd; Richard Chancey of London, linnen draper; and John Kroger of London, brewer C78/1478, no. 7 [30]
1715 23 Feb 1 Sir Henry Atkins baronet and Rebecca Maria Atkins the only son and heir and the only daughter of Sir Henry Atkins late of Market Bosworth, Leics baronet deceased and the great grandchildren of Sir Richard Atkins baronet and Dame Rebecca both infants, Sir Henry Atkins being ca 10 years old and Rebecca Maria Atkins ca 6 years old by Anne Southerne and Elizabeth Turk? their great aunts v. the Honorable Doctor Henry Bridges; Dame Rebecca Maria Atkins; Francis Munday the edler; Francis Munday the younger; Henry Tate; John Atkins; Amable Atkins; Edward Fryer; Robert Only; and William Prior C79/56, no. [31]
1715 25 Feb 1 Mary Snare spinster v John Snare Will of Mary Thorne widow, legacies including a charge on lands called Oldfeilds and Dolemeads in the parish of Widcome, Somerset. Deft is complt's father. C78/1368, no. 5 [32]
1715 25 Feb 1 Sarah Davenport widow; Hannah Kent spinster; and Mary Kent; Lydia Kent; and Lyford Kent infants by the said Sarah Davenport v. Clement Kent esq; Lydia Dod widow; and John Dalby esq C79/109, no. [33]
1715 25 Feb 1 Margaret Deedes spinster v. Edward Reading & Judith his wife C78/1895, no. 2 [34]
1715 25 Feb 1 Thomas Allason of London, executor of Thomas Fisher late of London, merchant; and John Fisher of Low Layton, Essex, only child and administrator of John Fisher late of London also decd, which said John Fisher the father and Thomas were the only executors of John Wilson late of Stratford Laughton, Essex decd v. Mary Marshall, spinster cousin & heir of John Marshall decd, vizt only daughter and heir of Richard Marshall who was the brother of the said John Marshall; and Robert Stamper Mortgage by John Marshall the younger to John Wilson of 4 messuages on Princess Street and Drury Lane. C78/1454, no. 2 [35]
1715 26 Feb 1 Edward Brereton and Elizabeth his wife then late the widow and relict of William Lewis Amwyll decd; Elizabeth Amwyll, spinster; John Caregg and Jane his wife; and Bridgett Caregg, Catherine Caregg and Jane Caregg, infants by John Caregg their father; Bridgett Mostyn, spinster; [blank] Turner; Robert Hancock; Thomas Ellis; William Williams; Francis Dandridge; Richard Evans; Rice Parry; Jane Pugh; Ann Pugh; and Margaret Parry and Jane Parry, infants by Richard Modini v. Griffith Williams and Dame Catherine his wife; Elizabeth Amwyll; Edward Robert Lloyd; William Pugh; John Lloyd; John Vaughan; Love Parry; John Owen, Arthur Owen, Lewis Owen and William Owen, infants by Dame Margaret Owen AND also between the aforesaid Sir Griffith Williams and Dame Catherine his wife v. Edward Brereton and Elizabeth his wife; William Pugh; John Lloyd; John Vaughan; Love Parry; John Caregg; Edward Amwyll; Robert Lloyd; Elizabeth Amwyll, spinster; John Owen, Arthur Owen, Lewis Owen and William Owen, infants by the said Dame Margaret Owen their guardian; John Richardson; John Cherrington; John Griffith; Todorick Lloyd; and William Morgan Refs previous decree of 27 June 1704. Trusts in the will and codicils of William Lewis Amwyll. C78/1464, no. 3 [36]
1715 26 Feb 1 Tetha Catharina Jacobsen, widow and Theodore Balthasar Jacobsen their son an infant, by said Tetha Catharina Jacobsen his mother; and Balthasar Mentzer, gent v. Jacob Jacobsen; and Theodore Jocobsen his brother; EdellEngell Verporten; Doctor Balthasar Mentzer; and John Ezdras Edzard C78/1583, no. 3 [37]
1715 1 March 1 Conon Aske gent, James Yarbrough, John Richmond, William Pickard, and Edward Grey v. George Benson gent Mortgages on tenements in Deighton in the parish of Escrick, Yorks. C78/1301, no. 1 [38]
1715 1 March 1 Thomas Statham v. James Balls, & Anne his wife, executrix of Jeremy Hardy C78/1643, no. 2 [39]
1715 2 March 1 Carter, esq v. Thomas Heneage esq and others named but mostly illegible C79/16, no. [40]
1715 4 March 1 David Parry; Itchell Jones; John Wynne; Thomas Gittons and Hugh Jones creditors of Anne Pindar decd late mother of Sir Paul Pindar decd v Paul Williams an infant by Ambrose Thelwall; John Roberts and Richard Jones his guardians; and also the said Ambrose Thelwall; John Roberts and Richard Jones Debts of the said Anne Pindar. C78/1375, no. 5 [41]
1715 4 March 1 Lawrence, then earl of Rochester since deceased; Sir James Gray baronet two of the executors of Frances Teresa Stuart late duchess dowager of Richmond and Lenox v. Lawrence Fiennes esq now the lord viscount Say and Seale and Cecill Fiennes alias the lady Cecill Langley widow C78/2053, no. 5 [42]
1715 4 March 1 Adam Bagshaw, gen v. John Statham, an attorney at law C78/1792, no. 9 [43]
1715 4 March 1 Thomas Medlycott esq v. Jane ______; Joseph Weller jr; Margaret Wood; Hannah Weller; Hester Weller; Mary Weller; Elizabeth Weller; Stephen Stringer; Anthony Avery; Joseph Store; John Lade; John Fuller; and James Medlycott C78/2053, no. 7 [44]
1715 4 March 1 Sir Robert Bedingfield of London; Samuel Awberry, coach maker; Jacob Franklin, vintner; William Pate, woollen draper; Adam White; William Sprag, taylor; Thomas Bird; Thomas Green; Thomas Clayton, brewer; Charles Betty; William Arnold, linen draper; John Potts, oyleman; Thomas Dannce, innholder; John Copland, butcher; William Scot; William Nash; James Buffar; Stephen Demay; Thomas Cramer; creditors of John, late Lord Jeffreys decd v. Thomas, Lord Viscount Windsor in the Kingdon of Ireland and the Lady Charlotte his wife, Baroness of Ross & Parr and Kendall Fitzhugh Marmion & St Quintin in the Kingdom of England; William Herbert, commonly called the Lord Viscount Montgomery; Sir John Trevor, Master of the Rolls; Joseph Gasling; and others (not named) Refs previous decree of 11 November 1712. C78/1432, no. 4 [45]
1715 4 March 1 John Benthall v. Sarah Marshall C78/1786, no. 2 [46]
1715 9 March 1 Attorney General Sir Edward Porthey knight by the relation of Jonathan Appleyard and others (sic) v. Anne Plomer widow and executrix of Thomas Plomer and Martin Pinkard since deceased C79/124, no. [47]
1715 10 March 1 John Mackpheadris of the City of London merchant and Mary his wife v Thomas Savage, Sir James Dolliffe and John White Legacies to be paid from the will of Richard Savage the complt Mary's late father. C78/1339, no. 3 [48]
1715 11 March 1 Francis Walmesley esq an infant by Thomas Clifton v. George Downes; Edward Downes; and William Downes C78/1896, no. 5 [49]
1715 11 March 1 Thomas Richards v. Dorothy Richards Deft is the complts sister. Revivor. Previous bill exhibited 20 October 1706 against Dorothy Richards, widow (the complts mother), Dorothy Richards (the present deft), Moses Westerne and Elizabeth his wife and others. Will of complts father Richard Richards decd. Tenement called Whitcombe in Tiverton, Devon, and another in Cadbury Wood, Cadbury. C78/1457, no. 3 [50]
1715 11 March 1 Anne Allyson; and Thomas Allyson, an infant; Robert Allyson, an infant; William Allyson, an infant; Francis Allyson, an infant; and Sarah Allyson, an infant v. John Brown, & Susan his wife; John Peck, esq C78/1637, no. 2 [51]
1715 11 March 1 Francis Walmesley esq, an infant, by Thomas Clifton v. George Downes; Edward Downes; and William Downes C78/1634, no. 12 [52]
1715 11 March 1 Peter Floyer, esq, eldest son and heir of Sir Peter Floyer, knight, late alderman and one of the sheriffs of London; John Arnold & Elizabeth his wife; Andrew Hopegood & Sarah his wife; Mary Floyer, spinster; and also Charles, Anne, and Letitia Floyer, infants, by said Andrew Hopegood, which said Charles Floyer, Elizabeth Arnold, Sarah Hopegood, Mary, Anne, Rebecca, and Letitia Floyer were also children of said Sir Peter Floyer v. Dame Sarah Floyer, widow and executrix of said Sir Peter Floyer C78/1176, no. 3 [53]
1715 12 March 1 Benjamin Bacon since deceased; Lawrence Frampton; Thomas Smith; John Parsons; William Blewin; and several other creditors of William Hammond late of Scarthingwell, Yorks, esq, deceaed as well on behalf of themselves as all other creditors of William Hamond who contribute to the suit; and George Middleton gentleman; Doctor Charles Johnson of Pontefract; Anthony Pratt; and Elizabeth Benford (?) widow legatees of said William Hammond v. Frances Hammond widow relict and executrix of William Hammond; Katherina Maria Hammond; and Frances Hammond infants and daughters of the said William Hammond deceased; Jervas Hammond gentleman brother of the said William Hammond deceased; Reginald Graham esq now by Sir Reginald Graham baronet; Charles Mate jr, clerk & Elizabeth his wife; Charles Mate sr, clerk; John Blower clerk; Samuel Terrick, clerk; Marmaduke Fothergill, clerk; John Wilkinson, esq; and Joseph Blake, gentleman administrator with the will attached C79/125, no. [54]
1715 19 March 1 John, lord viscount Grandison, Ireland v. Charles Villiers; William Villiers; Richard Hamson, esqs; Elizabeth Villiers, spinster; and Edward Rumbold & Anne his wife C78/1135, no. 3 [55]
1715 6 April 1 Thomas Byde v George Townesend, William Peer Williams, George Draper, John Sale, Dugall Campbell, William Toovey and Sarah his wife edxecutrix of John Pangborne, John Horton, Thomas Parsons, John Laforce, Judith Portington, John Bell, Catherine Whitton, Mary Mathews, Margaret Dupee, William Prosser, Nicholas Bernardo, John Hyde, Mary Nowell, John Parrat, James Holland, Sarah Doughty, Elizabeth Villiers, Charles Villiers, Barbara Laforce, George Bowland and Katherine his wife Sir Thomas Byde the complts late grandfather decd. Marriage settlement of Skinner Byde and Mary Villiers. Manor of Bengeo, Herts. C78/1331, no. 4 [56]
1715 20 April 1 George Mawer; John Weldale; Richard Cooke; William Fletcher; Henry Chapman; Daniel Thrist; Nathaniel Smith; Thmas Crouch; Edward Cox; and Henry Powell for themselves and all other creditors of James Illingworth, butcher, who would contribute to the suit v. Christopher Greenwood, executor of said James Illingworth; henry Moyses & Anne his wife; Elizabeth Illingworth, an infant; Jane Thursby, widow; Richard Valence; and Robert Baker C78/1119, no. 1 [57]
1715 26 April 1 James Chase, & Elizabeth his wife v. Henry Box; Ralph Box; William Fawkner, & Mary his wife C78/1723, no. 5 [58]
1715 27 April 1 Thomas Daeth executor of Thomas Daeth of London, merchant, his late father decd v. William Richardson and Lydia his wife; Thomas Lockington, then Treasurer of Christ's Hospital, London; The Mayor Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, then Governors of the Hospitals of Edward King of England the Sixth of Christ Bridewell and St Thomas the Apostle; and the United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies Money due to the complts late father for the sale of coral. C78/1411, no. 1 [59]
1715 30 April 1 Sarah Lee of London spinster daughter and administratrix of Henry Lee late of London jeweler v. Charles Everard; Duncan Dee & Mary his wife; Robert Lourt & Anne his wife C79/52, no. [60]
1715 30 April 1 Ann Kendall, spinster, sister and administratrix of Christian Kendall and Sarah Kendall, spinsters decd v. Thomas Pawlinge administrator of Robert Pawling his late father decd Mortgage by Robert Pawling of farm and tenement in Hedington, Oxon held by lease from president and scholars of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford C78/1462, no. 2 [61]
1715 4 May 1 Humphrey Bellamy and Andrew Hopegood executors of Edward Bellamy who was son, heir, and administrator of Adam Bellamy v. John Niccholls and Edward Webb AND said Thomis Morris & Isabella his wife; John Howson & Elizabeth his wife; and William Swale v. Humphrey Bellamy; Andrew Hopewood; John Niccols; Edward Webb; Henry Lodge; George Pennington; William Pennington the younger; George Walker; Richard Sympson; and William Pennington the elder C78/1906, no. 14 [62]
1715 5 May 1 John Bromfield, gent, & Margaret his wife; Thomas Roe, & Elizabeth his wife, which said Margaret and Elizabeth were the daughters of Arthur Willaston, esq v. William Willaston, brother of said complainants Margaret and Elizabeth AND v. The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of Christs Hospital in London; Richard Sheppard; Stephen Ashton; Francis Hutchinson; Robert Bampton; Peter Hemett; William Burnett; Giles smith; Mary Smith; Tudor Smith; Jane Smith; and Elizabeth Smith, childfren of Giles Smith and Barbara his wife, both deceased; John Price; Richard Lewis and his wife; and Richard Richard Lewis; James Lewis; John Lewis; Robert Lewis; and Martha Lewis, sons and daughter of said Richard Lewis and his wife; and others (sic) C78/1564, no. 1 [63]
1715 10 May 1 Nehemiah Brandeth of Houghton Regis, Beds; Thomas White of London; and Ann Kersteman, widow of William Kersteman late of London decd, and thentofore widow of John Warner, citizen & apothecary of London decd v. James Kersteman; Peter Kersteman; William Henry Cornelison and Elizabeth his wife; Mary Webster, widow; Benjamin Henshaw; Walter Cock; Peter Delaport; and Sarah Webster Marriage settlement of William Kersteman and the complt Ann. Manor of Poplar, Middx, and also messuages in Camberwell and Stepney. C78/1432, no. 5 [64]
1715 11 May 1 John Watts and Winifred his wife which said Winifred is one of the daughters of John Attwood senr by Sarah his wife; and Hannah Attwood another daughter of the said John Attwood senr v Edward Attwood; John Attwood; Edward Townsend; and John Hopkins Sum of money placed in trust by Dorothy Vernon the plts mother's aunt. Great Alne, Warks. C78/1382, no. 8 [65]
1715 12 May 6 Arthur Heron, clerk, & Philadelphia his wife, executor and residuary legatees of Judith Elford, spinster v. Jonathan Elford; and Benjamin Hymucis, esqs, who with the complainants Arthur Heron are the executors of Richard Elford, father of said Judith Elford; and Richard Elford cousin German and heir in law of the said Judith Elford C78/1767, no. 12 [66]
1715 12 May 1 James White v. Grace Were, widow (since decd) and John Cotton Were Mortgage by Francis Were of Dunsmore, Little Dunsmore and Rowdens in the parish of Silferton, Devon. C78/1457, no. 6 [67]
1715 14 May 1 William Sowray Lingen and Joseph Sowray Lingen sons of William Lingen by Sarah his wife who was sister of Richard Sowray late Doctor in Phisick decd, John Sowray Lingen and Paul Sowray Lingen two other sons of William Lingen infants by William Lingen their father, and Richard Sowray, John Sowray and Joseph Sowray sons of Joseph Sowray late Clerk decd brother to Richard Sowray decd infants by Katherine Sowray their mother v Abigail Sowray, William Blackett, Henry Darbey, Thomas Stillington, Cornelius Cayley & Richard Denton Will of Richard Sowray decd and marriage settlement at his marriage with the deft Abigail Sowray. Several messuages in the City of York, including Clifford's Tower. C78/1315, no. 5 [68]
1715 21 May 1 Thomas Champneys v. Joyce Champneys senr, widow; and Joyce Champneys junior her daughter C78/1483, no. 4 [69]
1715 27 May 1 Arthur Bush; and Thomas Bush, clerk, son and heir of Elizabeth Bush decd late wife of the said Arthur Bush who was one of the three sisters of Thomas Gape jun and one of the three daughters of Thomas Gape sen decd the said Thomas Bush being not only administrator of the said Elizabeth his mother in trust for the said Arthur Bush but also administrator of the said Thomas Gape the elder unadministered by Anne his widow and Thomas his son v. Thomas Hayward and Mary his wife; and Frances Eston the said Mary and Frances being the two other daughters of Thomas Gape the elder and the two other sisters of the said Thomas Gape junior C78/1474, no. 6 [70]
1715 30 May 1 Juliana, Countess of Burlington and Richard, Earl of Burlington an infant v Sir Abstrupus Danby; Samuel Harper; Christopher Watson; Sarah Briggs widow; and Lancelot Myers Refs previous decree of 26 November 12 Anne C78/1404, no. 5 [71]
1715 30 May 1 Roger Weekes, of Littleham, Devon, yeoman now deceased; Roger Gould of the same place, yeoman; Henry Heyman of Exmouth, mariner; Roger Gould, jr of Heyes in Budleigh, yeoman; Robert Heyward of Exmouth, butcher; Thomas Webber of Littleham, yeoman; Roger Wannell of Exmouth, yeoman; Nicholas Burt of Littleham, yeoman; and John Warrey of the same place, yeoman, on their own behalf and for other parishioners and others paying tithes and other duties in respect thereof within the vicarage of Littleham and Exmouth, Devon v. Thomas Warrey, clerk C78/1770, no. 8 [72]
1715 31 May 1 John Sherman of London, merchant v. Tristram Whitter, jr C78/1775, no. 5 [73]
1715 31 May 1 Mary Cockram an infant by William Rayner, clerke, which said Mary was the only daughter and heir of George Cockram decd by Dorothy his late wife who was one of the daughters of Samuel Foote decd, and also executrix and residuary legatee of the said George Cockram v. Robert Burridge; Samuel Burridge; Sarah Cruwys, widow; Samuel Cruwys; Mary Newte, widow; and William Glynn Estate of Samuel Foote decd, intestate, in Devon and Somerset. Rights of his five daughters by two wives C78/1457, no. 7 [74]
1715 1 June 1 Sir Alexander Small & Mary his wife only daughter of Peter Wing gentleman v. Mary Wing widow; Peter King the son; Richard Wing; John Wing; Robert Sayer; and Peter Sayer C79/31, no. [75]
1715 3 June 1 Robert Jenkinson of Walcott, Oxon, executor of Sir Robert Jenkinson of Walcott aforesaid decd v. Thomas Jordan Refs previous decree of 4 Nov 12 Anne. C78/1443, no. 14 [76]
1715 3 June 1 Elianor Hobson, widow, relict, and sole executrix of Richard Hobson, esq; Robert Dowker; and Nicholas Medd v. William Gere, gent Trust settlement by William Gere grandfather of the deft, of lands in Great Broughton [near Stokesley], Yorks. C78/1767, no. 13 [77]
1715 3 June 1 William Cockman, esq; Peter Attesley; and about 100 others (sic), all of the City of Norwich, creditors by simple contract of Thomas Powell, esq of London for themselves and others his creditors in equal degree v. Mary Powell, widow, executrix of Thomas Powell C78/1637, no. 1 [78]
1715 22 June 1 Edward Northey (Attorney General) for William Stanley v Timothy Gregory (executor of late Bp of St Asaph). Charitable legacy, issuing from lands in Barrow upon Soar, Leics, and house in Parker St, Westminster C78/1090, no. 1 [79]
1715 28 June 1 Daniel Marklove of Cromhall, Gloucs; John Marklove of the City of Bristol; and Mary Marklove, spinster v. Robert Allen; Robert Marklove; and Anne Marklove Estate of Daniel Marklove decd, intestate (the complts father), and his marriage settlement with Anne Allen his second wife, the complts mother Jane having been his first wife. C78/1454, no. 1 [80]
1715 29 June 1 Ward Smith; Marmaduke Dickenson; and John Jordan, executors of John Ward v. John Peachy C78/1545, no. 6 [81]
1715 2 July 1 Sir Nathaniel Curzon, baronet v. Jophn Kent, sr; Nicholas Fenn; and Sir Stephen Fox, surviving executors and devisees for the payment of the debts of Richard Kent, esq; Henry Cherry; and Willilam Pointz, trustees of the mortgaged premisses in question for the said Richard Kent; and John Kent, jr, residuary legatee of said Richard Kent C78/1586, no. 2 [82]
1715 4 July 1 William Bachilder, gent; and Dame Rebecca Edwards, widow and executrix of Sir James Edwards, baronet v. Margaret Holmes, widow and administratrix of John Holmes C78/1643, no. 4 [83]
1715 5 July 1 Penelope Bass spinster administratrix of James Bass an infant, son of William Bass clerk by Elizabeth his wife also deceased v. Sir james Gray baronet C78/1900, no. 3 [84]
1715 7 July 1 Sir Edward Blackett v. Sir John Delavall and William Blackett Marriage settlement of Ralph Delavall, son of Sir Ralph Delavall late of Seaton Delaval, Northumberland decd, and Diana Booth, daughter of George, late Lord Delamere decd. Manors of Seaton Delaval & Hartley, and the port or haven there, and the manors of Halton [?Harton, Tyne and Wear], Black Callerton als Calverton, all in Northumberland. C78/1434, no. 5 [85]
1715 11 July 1 George Wall the younger v. Arthur Mascall; Thomas Twisleton; John Stow; Robert Watson; George Wall; William Wall; John Bayly & Elizabeth his wife; John Wall; and Jane Wall C78/2059, no. 3 [86]
1715 11 July 1 Anne Hanmer, only daughter of William Hanmer of Worthin, Salop & Jane his wife v. William Hanmer, clerk & Jane his wife; William Hanmer; Katherine Nicholls, widow C78/1185, no. 4 [87]
1715 14 July 1 William Bromley esq; John Smith; John Walker; John Sandys esqs; and John Sankes gentleman executors of Sir Roger Cave baronet; and John Cheshire esq serjeant at law v. Charles, duke of Shrewsbury; Roger, earl of Oxford; and earl Mortimer trustees and executors of Richard late earl Rivers and of the surplus of his real estate for John now earl Rivers and the said John, earl Rivers; and James Barry ear of Barrymore of Ireland; and Elizabeth, countess of Barrymore his wife who was only daughter and heir of the said Richard late lord Rivers C79/196, no. [88]
1715 14 July 1 Dame Judith Forster, widow and executrix of Sir Humphry Forster, baronet v. William, lord Stawell, & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Henry Kelsey, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1770, no. 9 [89]
1715 14 July 5 Sir Robert Kemp of Ubbeston, Suff, baronet v. Thomas Kerridge of Shelley, esq C78/1536, no. 5 [90]
1715 15 July 1 Sarah Hamilton wife of William Hamilton by Thomas Warren of London merchant v. said William Hamilton; Phillipp Kistell; and Nathan Long C78/1908, no. 13 [91]
1715 19 July 1 Richard Grinfield v Nicholas Church Estate of Nicholas Greenaway decd. Conveyance of lease of a messuage in the Baylyward in the parish of St Peters, Marlborough, Wilts C78/1329, no. 4 [92]
1715 19 July 1 Catherine Cartwright; Dorothy Cartwright and Anne Cartwright infants by Francis Brydges v George Cartwright an infant by his guardian Catherine Cartwright widow and executrix of George Cartwright decd; Frances Cartwright an infant by her guardian; and William Cartwright Will of George Cartwright decd. Manor of Ossington and other manors and lands in Notts and Herefs C78/1382, no. 9 [93]
1715 19 July 2 George, earl of Orkney v. Thomas Dade & Bridget his wife administrator of Charles Asherton esq; Elizabeth Dade; Thomas Dade; and Charles Dade infants; Elias Turner; Edward Turner; William Barnet & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Barnet an infant; Mary Asherton then the wife of William Colthred gentleman; Abigale Asherton then wife of Nicholas Aubrey gentleman; Sir Dennis Hampson baront; John Corbet & Elizabeth his wife formerly Elizabeth Hampson; Israel Fielding; Thomas Lewis; Peter Bolton; Elizabeth Turner widow; and Elizabeth Caplin widow C78/2054, no. 2 [94]
1715 19 July 1 Robert Petre v. Robert Perryman, esq; Charles, earl of Carlisle; Peter Walters, esq; and Edward Gibbons, esq C78/1547, no. 5 [95]
1715 19 July 1 George Baylie v. Nicholas Saunders C78/1527, no. 5 [96]
1715 20 July 1 Richard Ellis, esq; Anne Cheek, widow and administratrix of Edward Cheek of Pyrgo, Essex, esq; Edward Cheek, son and heir of said Edward Cheek, an infant, by said Anne Cheek his mother; and Zachariah merrill, clerk v. Richard Minshall of Bourton, Bucks, esq; Richard Minshall of the Inner Temple, London, esq; Nathaniel Piggott, esq; Thomas Meeks; Samuel Richmond; William Hasker; William Bading; Richard Wiseman; William Woolhead; Lawrence Bishop; and several others (sic) C78/1681, no. 2 [97]
1715 22 July 1 Dame Elizabeth Aucher widow of Sir Anthony Aucher decd v Sir Hewitt Aucher and John Corbett, Doctor of Laws Will of Sir Anthony Aucher C78/1388, no. 1 [98]
1715 22 July 1 Sir Charles Kemeys of Kevenmably, Glam, baronet; Jane Kemeys; and Mary Kemeys, son and daughters of Sir Charles Kemeys late of Kevenmably, baronet, & Dame Mary his wife both deceased, and all infants, by John Morgan v. The Right Honorable Thomas, lord Wharton; Goodwyn Wharton, esq; Robert Price, esq; Mary Kemeys; Anne Kemeys; Thomas Morgan, esq; Edward Cooke, esq; and Thomas Edwards, esq C78/1691, no. 2 [99]
1715 25 July 1 Francis Smales clerk v. Thomas Jackson clerk & Charlotte his wife; Hans Sloane doctor in phisick; and Thomas Isted esq C79/58, no. [100]
1715 25 July 1 Robert Burbage & Sarah his wife v. John Browne clerk C79/26, no. [101]
1715 25 July 1 Charles Bertie esq v. Charles Bertie jur; William Monson esq; and Anthony Thompson gentleman C78/2052, no. 1 [102]
1715 25 July 1 Ann Master, widow, only surviving heir of Thomas Nower, gent v. Matthew Rutton, & Sarah his wife; Sir Nicholas Toke, knight; George Simcott; and others (sic) C78/1637, no. 5 [103]
1715 25 July 1 Sir Edward Gold & Dame Frances his wife executrix of Elizabeth Saint John decd; Lucy St John, spinster; Isabella Glenn; Jonathan Hooker and Blanch his wife v. James Bush; Sir William Scawen; Abraham Bush; William Sherrard and Sir Nathaniel Nappier Will & marriage agreement of Elizabeth Nappier, wife of Gerard Napier, formerly Elizabeth Lucy C78/1463, no. 8 [104]
1715 25 July 1 Henry, earl of Stafford; and William Stafford, esq, eldest son and heir of the Honorable John Stafford, esq, only brother of said earl of Stafford v. Nevill Ridley; Benjamin Muchall; and Benjamin Pyne C78/1185, no. 3 [105]
1715 26 July 1 Charles Chambers, jr, & Jane his wife v. William Mantle; Thomas Upwood, Edmund Sparkes, & Anne his wife; and Robert Cremer, & Jane his wife lately Jane Wardale C78/1723, no. 7 [106]
1715 27 July 1 Edward Searle, gent v. Richard Wilshaw C78/1665, no. 3 [107]
1715 28 July 1 Peter Davis of Lincolns Inn, esq; Arthur Mattock of Wells, Som, gentleman and Susanna Blisse of Wells widow v. William Coward esq son and also executor of William Coward esq lat serjeant at law; The Honorable Thomas Radcliffe esq surviving executor of Dame Elizabeth Slingsby; and Samuel Chetham esq nephew and heir of Henry Chetham esq late serjeant at law C79/132, no. [108]
1715 2 Aug 2 Mary Payne v Samuel Payne and Robert Deane and also Samuel Payne and Robert Deane v Mary Payne and Rawlins Payne Esate of John Payne. C78/1341, no. 2 [109]
1715 3 Aug 2 Humphry Wilkinson the elder; Edward Wilkinson; Humphrey Wilkinson the younger; and William Burnett gentleman v. Jacob le Pla C79/33, no. [110]
1715 3 Aug 2 Thomas Lucas of Hadsor, Worcs, yeoman v. John Lucas, yeoman C78/1665, no. 2 [111]
1715 8 Aug 2 Robert Hill, gent, administrator of Robert Hill, his uncle v. Letitia Truelock, widow and administratrix of William Truelock; William Truelock, an infant, son and heir of said William Truelock; and Richard Darnelly, doctor in physick C78/1506, no. 6 [112]
1715 9 Aug 2 John Brand v Francis Fountleroy widow, John Fountleroy, Simon Abry, Thomas Fountleroy, Elizabeth Coe widow, Thomas Coe, Thomas Payne, Charles Coe and Edward Solmes Sale of manor of Culver in Boreham, Essex C78/1308, no. 6 [113]
1715 9 Aug 2 John Dewey, esq v. John Alleyne, esq; and others (sic) C78/1667, no. 2 [114]
1715 9 Aug 2 Godfrey Lee v. Bridget Elwes, widow and executrix of Jeremy Elwes decd; Thomas Antrobus; and several other persons (not named) C78/1482, no. 3 [115]
1715 10 Aug 2 Rebeccah Jones, widow v. Simon Mason Loan from complt to deft, secured by the surrender of 7 copyhold tenements in Church Lane in White Chappell, within the manor of Stebunheath als Stepney, Middx. C78/1437, no. 8 [116]
1715 13 Aug 2 Thomas Stevens of Gynge in West Hendred, Berks, yeoman, & Mary his wife, who was one of the daughters of Francis and Mary Piggott of West Challow, Berks, which said Mary was administratrix of said Mary Piggott her late mother v. Francis Piggott; John Piggott; John Holmes, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1532, no. 12 [117]
1715 (bill) Michaelmas Term 1 William Fawdery of London, goldsmith v. Mary Widdowes, widow C78/1934, no. 5 [118]
1715 13 Oct 2 Sarah Dingley, widow and administratrix of Thomas Dingley her late husband decd v. Magdalen Rosse; Anne Rosse; Richard Curtis; and Jane Love C78/1490, no. 3 [119]
1715 15 Oct 2 Thomas Ogle v. John Lisle; Robert Manners; Edward Manners; Edward Adams; John Atkins & his wife; William Shaftoe; Jane Dodd; Catherine Graham; Mary Graham; and John White Refs decree of 19 Nov 1 Geo. C78/1488, no. 2 [120]
1715 26 Oct 2 Theophilus, earl of Huntingdon, an infant, by John Gery, doctor of laws v. John Alleyne, esq, & Esther his wife; and Samuel Alleyne, son and heir apparent of said John and Esther, an infant C78/1665, no. 1 [121]
1715 27 Oct 2 George Edwards senr, George Edwards and Withers Edwards infants v Mary Adams widow, William Lavender and Judith his wife, Edward Couchman and Elizabeth his wife, John Basden, Mary Basden and Hellena Basden infants by Edward Basden their father, John Izard, Thomas Ward and John Crouch Estates of William Withers and Sarah Withers the complts grandparents. C78/1347, no. 4 [122]
1715 27 Oct 2 Dame Esther Hooke, widow and relict of Sir Helen Hooke, baronet v. Thomas Grove, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Grove, jr, their son; William Hamond, esq, & Mary his wife; John Hamond their son; William Dyer, esq, & Anne his wife; and William Dyer, jr their son; AND said Thomas Grove, & his wife; Thomas Grove jr; William Hamond, & his wife; John Hamond; William Dyer, & his wife; and William Dyer, jr v. Hester Hooke C78/1547, no. 3 [123]
1715 27 Oct 2 William Buckle, esq, & Diana his wife; Robert Palmer, & Elizabeth his wife; Charles Mount, & Roballa his wife; and Mary Milman, spinster, which said Diana, Elizabeth, Roballa, and Mary were the nieces and coheiresses at law of Sir William Milman, knight v. Dame Elizabeth Milman, widow; John Jacob; Robert Jacomb; and Anthony Cracherode C78/1524, no. 3 [124]
1715 31 Oct 2 Robert Calcraft of the City of London and Sarah his wife; Wilfred Brown of Gainsborough, Lincs, apothecary and Hannah his wife; and John Lobsey of the City of Lincoln, currier and Margaret his wife which said Sarah, Hannah and Margaret were the daughters & only children of Hannah Mapletoft decd, late wife of John Mapletoft of the City of Lincoln, by John Scrimpshaw late of the City of Lincoln her first husband decd; Richard Calcraft son of the said Robert Calcraft and Sarah his wife, an infant; Hannah Brown, Sarah & Margaret Brown children of the said Wilfred Brown & Hannah his wife, infants; Henry Rand son of the said Margaret Lobsey by Henry Rands of the City of Lincoln, her first husband decd v. John Mapletoft; Thomas Nicholson; Francis Harvey Incomplete, the date is taken from the finding aid. Will of Hannah Mapletoft, formerly Hannah Jackson, widow & executrix of John Jackson of the City of Lincoln decd, her second husband C78/1433, no. 4 [125]
1715 7 Nov 2 Sir Richard Onslow baronet; Edward Hubbald gentleman; John Lee; Joseph Lee; Richard Lee; Thomas Lee; James Stringer; Henry Wallis; John Floid; Richard Hayman an infant and son and heir of John Hayman by Francis Farley; and William Roberts esq v. John Burnaby; Thomas Turner esq & Dame Mary his wife; Gabriel Neeve gentleman; Nicholas Couch & Elizabeth his wife; Stoughton Whitfield gentleman; Charles Ventris esq; John Ventris; Henrietta Ventris; Charles Ventris; and Frances Ventris; Margaret Massingbird; William Brockman esq; Thomas Drake; and Shem Bridges esq C78/2053, no. 6 [126]
1715 10 Nov 2 William Brock of London, mariner v. John Winter; John Calliford, esq; John Eyres; Maurice Kellett, esq; Francis Atterbury, esq; John Oneby, gent; James Mead, gent; Edward Clive, gent; Thomas Clarke; Benjamin Warren; John Taylor; George Braxton; Charles Bull, gent, & Mary his wife C78/1767, no. 14 [127]
1715 10 Nov 2 Hunt Wither of Alresford, Hants v. Richard Peers and, following amendment, Edmund Collin; Henry Foster; Benjamin Gardiner and Sarah his wife C78/1484, no. 10 [128]
1715 12 Nov 2 John Prowse of Kingston juxta Yeovil, Somerset and James Prowse his son, an infant; and Amos Prowse of South Potherton, Somerset and Amos Prowse his son, an infant v. William Franceis and Phillippa his wife and James Franceis their son, an infant; and William Pratt Will of James Prowse late of Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset decd, and condition that the legatee James Franceis second son of William Franceis of Combslory, Somerset should take the name of James Prowse. Manor of Wellington, and property in Staple Grove, Buckland & Sanford Arundell, Somerset C78/1457, no. 8 [129]
1715 15 Nov 2 Thomas Lowry, sr; and Thomas Lowry, jr v. James Haddock, gen C78/1792, no. 7 [130]
1715 16 Nov 2 John Seal, nephew and heir at law of John Seal of London, merchant, an infant of about 10 years by Elizabeth Seal alias Pipon his mother and also guardian v. John Seal, the executor of Thomas Seal his brother; and German Seal; and others (sic) C78/1806, no. 6 [131]
1715 18 Nov 2 William Harding and John Harding, executors of Elizabeth Harding, widow v. John Wigson; William Batt; Richard Edmonds an infant; Thomas Hayward; William Hayward; Francis Neale; and Arthur Crabb C78/1775, no. 6 [132]
1715 19 Nov 2 Sir Gilbert Dolben v. Thomas Wentworth; Joseph Maccarness and others (not named) Mortgage by deft Maccarness of meadow ground at Finedon als Thingdon, Northants and rights to fish in the adjoining stretch of Finedon Brook. C78/1463, no. 7 [133]
1715 22 Nov 2 John Cornforth and Margaret his wife one of the daughters of William Gere decd v William Gere, William Ward, William Peirson and William Sherwood and others (not named) Complt Margaret's inheritance from her father. Lands in Great Broughton [near Stokesley], Yorks C78/1319, no. 3 [134]
1715 23 Nov 2 Evan John and Gladis Merrick v John William; William John; Catherine William widow; Robert Powell; Stephen Howard and others (not named) Attempts to seize two hundred sheep to satisfy a judgement for debt at the Great Sessions of Glamorgan against William David C78/1382, no. 4 [135]
1715 30 Nov 2 Mary Malim of Rotherham, Yorks, widow and administratrix of John Malim of Rotherham, apothecary, her late husband v. William Downes C78/1584, no. 5 [136]
1715 4 Dec 2 Thomas Theed, esq, & Hester his wife, one of the daughters of Harris Smith, esq v. Richard Smith, esq, only son of said Harris Smith & Penelope his wife; and Richard Smith; Henry Smith; Frances Smith; and Penelope Smith their children; John Tollar; and Barnard Turney, esq; and Charles Gibs, gent C78/1790, no. 10 [137]
1715 5 Dec 2 Kelly Webb; Henry Webb; Sarah Webb; and William Webb infants sons and daughters of William Webb the elder of Chichester, Sussex, bookseller by Johanna his wife one of the daughters of Henry Kelly late of the parish of Petworth, Sussex esq by the said William Webb the elder their father and guardian and also the said William Webb & Johanna his wife v. Sarah Kelly widow, relict, and executrix of the said Henry Kelly, George Stamper & Jane his wife one other of the daughters of the said Henry Kelly; and Thomas Stafford surviving husband of Alice another daughter of the said Henry Kelly; and Kelly Stafford; Sarah Stafford; Alice Stafford; Anne Stafford; and Jane Stafford their children C79/114, no. [138]
1715 6 Dec 2 Reginald Marriott, esq; Thomas Woodcock, esq; William Clayton, esq; and Ricahrd Graham, esq, executors of Thomas Boucher, esq v. John Mead, gent; Nicholas Wentworth; and others C78/1806, no. 8 [139]
1715 8 Dec 2 John Mounsier and John Goose v. John Aldrich and Mary his wife; Samuel Hartly; and Samuel Wade and John Wade infants by Margaret Wade their mother C78/1494, no. 2 [140]
1715 9 Dec 2 Robert Hawthorne v Richard Deller Settlement on marriage of Richard Deller and Mary Mathews, both now decd. House and land called Bedler in Bray, Berks. C78/1382, no. 6 [141]
1715 12 Dec 2 John Mason v. John Lidgold; Henry Mason, wharfinger; Henry Mason the complts brother; & Francis Mason (Incomplete, date supplied from finding aid). C78/1475, no. 2 [142]
1715 13 Dec 2 Christopher Stafford widow v Edward Radford and Jane his wife; John Bell; George Phillips Refs previous decree of 17 Dec 1713. C78/1383, no. 6 [143]
1715 17 Dec 2 Anne Wase an infant by William Cotterell her grandfather v John Whitfield and Charles Daw trustees of Budd Wase decd; Thomas Maddocks and John Meale executors of John Wase; Charles Smith executor of Sarah Wase widow decd and Benjamin Hayne and Anne his wife Will of Budd Wase. Lands and tenements in Datchett, Bucks. C78/1382, no. 7 [144]
1715 17 Dec 2 Thomas Edward the elder of Bristol, esq; Henry Fane; and Joseph Edward, both of Bristol, gent v. William Bull; Edward Bull; and George Tryme, gent C78/1696, no. 1 [145]
1715 19 Dec 2 Thomas Heath gentleman son and executor of William Heath; William Force; and Susanna Neale creditors of Rachel Margetts and of Robert Margetts her son deceased on behalf of themselves and other creditors of the said Rachel and Robert Margetts v. Sir Randolph Knipe knight; Thomas Wood; Cornelius Purnell; John Purnell; and Charles Browne & Rachell his wife; John Wingfield & Anne his wife; Rebecca Marriner; Charles Bassett & Mary his wife C79/136, no. [146]
1715 20 Dec 2 Sir Edward Northey knight Attorney General at the relation of William, lord North and Gray; John Lloyd clerk; Nunphas State; William Collins; Henry Tarling; John Street; and James Mills inhabitants of the parish of Epping, Essex v. Henry Gray alias Nevill esq C78/1906, no. 11 [147]
1715 20 Dec 2 Sir Halswell Tynte baronet; John Tynte; and Charles Tynte esqs younger brothers of said Sir Halswell Tynte by Dame Tyne widow their mother and guardian and others v. Thomas Bourne esq and MarthaStocker an infant C78/1893, no. 14 [148]