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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1714 C78/, no. []
1714 Hilary (bill) 13 Henry Herbert of Lantillio Gresseny, Monm, esq administrator of Elizabeth Herbert his late wife, one of the daughters of Nicholas Jones, late of Bergaveny, gent, by Alice his wife and also one of the granddaughers of William Jones late of Bergaveny, esq v. Sir James Morgan, baronet; and Dame Alice his wife; William Jones, esq; Richard Jones; Deborah Morgan, widow; Charles Hopton, gent; Richard Hopton, esq; John Delahay, esq C78/1812, no. 1 [2]
1714 13 Jan 12 Luke Ogle, an infant, by said Luke his father v. John Murgatroyd; Robert Wood; Henry Runnington; John Wheatley; and others (sic) C78/1617, no. 8 [3]
1714 14 Jan 12 Anne Cranmer, spinster; Paul Joddrell senior and Paul Joddrell junior on behalf of themselves and such other persons as were named in a schedule to an Indenture hereafter mentioned as should come in and contribute to the charge of this suite v. Charles Wood and John Hamond Debts of Sir Cesar Wood als Cranmer the complt Ann's late father. Property in Suffolk C78/1462, no. 4 [4]
1714 16 Jan 12 Grace Bennett the wife of William Bennett of London by Sarah Dent, widow v. The said William Bennett her said husband; John Barnardiston; and John Cartlich Marriage settlement of complt, daughter of John Barnardiston of London and Grace his wife, vintner, and deft. C78/1440, no. 15 [5]
1714 20 Jan 12 [not specified] Refs previous decree of 17 January 1672 [1673] that messuages and lands in Garlick Hith in the City of London should be charged with the payment of £20 per ann to the school at Dorston, £4 per ann to the poor of the parishes of Dorston & Michaelchurch Eskly [Michaelchurch Escley, Heref], £10 per ann to marriage of poor maids and £4 per ann for preaching 8 sermons in Michaelchurch Eskly pursuant to the will of Meredith Madey C78/1385, no. 18 [6]
1714 20 Jan 12 William Bromley, esq, then speaker of the House of Commons and Privy Councillor; John Smith; John Walker; John Sandys, esqs; and John Banks, gent, executors of Sir Roger Cave of Stanfort, Northt, baronet; and John Cheshire, esq, serjeant at law v. Charles, duke of Shrewsbury; Robert, earl of Oxford; and Earl Mortimer; John, earl Rivers; and james Barry, earl of Barrymore, Ireland, & Elizabeth, countess of Barrymore his wife C78/1762, no. 14 [7]
1714 25 Jan 12 James Workman Gardiner, administrator of Edmond Parsons who was the only son of Edmund Parsons decd v. Jane/Joane Parsons, widow & administratrix of the said Edmund Parsons the father, and Margaret Parsons only daughter of the said Edmund Parsons decd Estate of Edmund Parsons the father, including mortgaged property in Wansworth & Battersea, Surrey C78/1405, no. 1 [8]
1714 25 Jan 12 Anthony Meeke, esq v. The Governor and Company of the Bank of England; Richard Dalton & Anne his wife; Braithwaite Ottway; and William Collingwood C78/1136, no. 2 [9]
1714 26 Jan 12 James Duncalfe and Sarah his wife v John Bird Complt James made a voyage to the East Indies and has not returned, continuing to live in the East Indies. Defts actions in managing the finances for the complt Sarah, keeper of a coffee and victualling house, including the purchase and sale of a house in Tower Street, St Giles, Middx. C78/1385, no. 17 [10]
1714 26 Jan 12 Nathaniel Stephens & Joan his wife daughter of Henry Paul & Alice his wife which Alice was sister of Thomas Baker deceased; John Bragg; Mathew Bragg sons of Thomas Bragg & Katherine his wife, which Katherine was one other of the sisters of said Thomas Baker and William Browney & Anne his wife, which Anne was the only child of Robert Bragg & Katherine his wife v. Elizabeth Smith executrix of Alice Baker C78/1897, no. 14 [11]
1714 28 Jan 12 Joseph Worsbie (?) v. William Aislabie gentleman C79/156, no. [12]
1714 28 Jan 12 William Watts, clerke, Batchelor of Divinity and Archdeacon of the Diocese of Landaffe v Honor Watkins; John Watkins; Samuel Watkins; Joshuah Parry; Gregory Parry; Silvanns Beavan and Gabriell Powell Mortgage of messuages and lands in Hay, Hay Clifford and Ensopp [?Brinsop, Heref] in Brecon & Herefs by John Watkins of Penyworled in the parish of Lamgon [Llanigon], Brecon. C78/1385, no. 12 [13]
1714 29 Jan 12 William Chambers v. Martha Sale widow and Daniel Love C78/1897, no. 7 [14]
1714 1 Feb 12 James Vale of Glemham Magna, Suffolk, blacksmith v. Robert Eade; and John Mulliner C78/1484, no. 13 [15]
1714 5 Feb 12 Henry Lanyon gentleman; Thomas Wills & Mary his wife; and Henry Davyes & Jane his wife v. John Williams C78/2054, no. 8 [16]
1714 6 Feb 12 Jonas Shish of the parish of St Mary Rotherith, Surrey, shipwright v. Mary Booth executrix of Thomas Humphreys decd; John Bewes; John Freame; William Tirrey; Mathew Kirwood; Richard Tilden; Phillip Sheppard; Robert Ball; David Lee; Thomas White; John Gardner; Sir William Humphreys; William Sheppard & Mary his wife; Daniel Sellman; and Francis Porter C78/1481, no. 1 [17]
1714 10 Feb 12 Robert Fenwick of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, merchant v. George Bulman; Robert Bulman; William Bowman; George Hanken; Sir George Thorold, baronet; Francis Gyles, esq; and Joseph Jackson Robert Bulman, master & part owner of ship Thorowgood of Newcastle, burden 180 ton, took a loan of 1500 guilders in Amsterdam from Abraham van Rykevorsett using the ship as security, to be repaid with 12% interest on completion of a return journey to Newcastle. The debt was assigned to Robert Shaftoe of Newcastle, merchant, who then assigned it to the complt. Robert Bulman also sold 3/8 & 1/16 parts of the ship to the complt. Subsequently the ship was taken in execution of a judgement at Queens Bench, and sold by the sheriff to the deft Jackson. It was then arrested in the Court of Admiralty for payment of another oustanding debt (Bottomree Bill) to Lawrence Untorm. Complt claiming his debt should have been settled first, and also that his share of the ship should not have been sold for the debts of Bulman. C78/1504, no. 5 [18]
1714 12 Feb 12 William Clerke, gent, infant, one of the younger children of Sir William Clerke, baronet, & Dame Katherine his wife v. said Dame Katharine Clerke, widow; Sir John Clerke, baronet, eldest son of said Sir William Clerke; Katherine Clerke; Elizabeth Clerke; and Mary Clerke, daughters of said Sir William Clerke; George Woodroffe, esq; Henry Hooke, esq; and John Walker, esq C78/1664, no. 3 [19]
1714 13 Feb 12 Mary Soame, an infant, by William Freeman, esq; Sir Peter Soame, baronet, an infant; Bartholomew Soame, second son of Bartholomew Soame of London, woollen draper; Richard Soame the father; and Barnham Soame, eldest son of Stephen Soame, merchant v. Robert, earl of Oxford and earl Mortimer, & the Lady Sarah, countess of Oxford and countess of Mortimer, his wife; Sir Roger Jennyns, knight, & the Lady Elizabwth his wife; Penelope Stone; Mary Sands; Sir Robert Dashwood, knight and baronet; and Richard Dashwood; James Jarrett; Thomas Rowney; Edward Buckleuy; John Bourne; and Edward Noell, esq C78/1723, no. 3 [20]
1714 15 Feb 12 Baynbrigg Buckeridge of St Giles, Middx, esq v. Mary Buckeridge, an infant, daughter of said Baynbrigg Buckeridge; and Thomas Gibson; and John Jacob of London, gent C78/1666, no. 2 [21]
1714 16 Feb 12 John Hesketh of Aldermanbury, London & Eleanor his wife eldest daughter of John Scutt late of Petworth, Sussex, gentleman v. John Tanner; Benjamin Burch; and Richard Scutt C79/136, no. [22]
1714 16 Feb 12 Hester Loveridge, the widow and relict and also the executrix of William Loveridge and also administratrix with the will annexed of Richard Loveridge, who was brother of the said William Loveridge v. Thomas Smith; and Allen Cliffe; and John Selwin, esq C78/1105, no. 7 [23]
1714 19 Feb 12 John Cutts & Martha his wife v. John Wright; Robert Blundell, esq; and Robert Wright C78/1185, no. 2 [24]
1714 20 Feb 12 John Wallis, esq; Sir John Blencow, knight, JCP; Sir Richard Newman, baronet; John Blencow, esq; Sir Robert Raymond, knight, Sollicitor General; and Elizabeth Dodd, spinster v. John Blencow, gent; John Gibbs; and Beversham Filmor, esq C78/1617, no. 2 [25]
1714 20 Feb 12 Sir James Montague, knight, Sollicitor General, at the relation of Other, earl of Plymouth, patron of the vicarage of Tardibrigg, Worcs and Warw; and Thomas Bell, clerk, vicar of said parish, for ythe said vicar and his successors vicars of Tardibrigg v. Sir Thomas Cooks Winford, baronet; John Harris, gent; Thomas Low, esq; William Wight, clerk; and William Thomas, clerk C78/1526, no. 8 [26]
1714 24 Feb 12 Giles Grismond of Middleton on the Hill, Herefs, gent v. Charles Baldwin, esq, then late high sheriff of Herefordshire; and William Badham, gent, his then deputy sheriff C78/1107, no. 3 [27]
1714 25 Feb 12 Richard Palmer v. Sarah Morgan widow; James Heane; and William Rea C79/152, no. [28]
1714 26 Feb 12 Thomas Saunders v. James Wheeler; John Wheeler, & Margaret his wife C78/1694, no. 2 [29]
1714 26 Feb 12 Sir John Smyth, baronet; Clayton Milborne, esq; Edward Freeman, esq, surviving trustees of Thomas Chester, esq v. Phillip Cecill, esq C78/1105, no. 5 [30]
1714 27 Feb 12 John Eagle; and Daniel Francklyn v. Joseph Bishopp; and John Andrews Outstanding accounts of the complts while churchwardens of St Bartholomew the Little in London. C78/1449, no. 4 [31]
1714 1 March 12 Henry Fish Palmer the youngest son of Humfrey Fish the younger of Ickwell in the parish of Norrill, Beds, esq, an infant by the said Henry Fish the younger his father v. Anne Palmer widow; Robert Brabant doctor in divinity & Mary his wife; Martha Palmer spinster; and Elizabeth Johnson widow C79/58, no. [32]
1714 3 March 12 Anne Gibbon widow and administratrix of John Gibbon then late of the parish of Eglwysilan, Glamorgan v Bishop, Archdeacon and Chapter of Llandaffe; Thomas Lewis and Jennett Gibbon widow Trust settlement of a lease of rectory and parsonage of Eglwysilan als Ecclesia Ilan with the chapels of Lanvabon and St Martins in the County of Glamorgan. In trust for Blanch Gibbon mother of the said John Gibbon, and for the complt Anne on her marriage to John Gibbon. C78/1377, no. 4 [33]
1714 3 March 12 Egbert Edens of Rotterdam; and Abraham Edens of Amsterdam, Holland, merchants and copartners of Dirick Briminck of Haerlem, Holland, merchant; Jacobus Devos of Haerlem, merchant, for himself and as executor to the widow of John Vanderipp; Weendurt Vansaner of Haerlem, merchant; Adrian Wallert of Courtray, Flanders, merchant; John VanvellenHoven, jr, of Amsterdam, merchant; Coran Cazole, widow of Nicholas Kopps; William Kops of Haerlem, merchants and partners; Henry Willinck of Haerlem, merchant; John Hugaert; and Cornelius Hugaert of Haerlem, merchants and partners; Dirick Castelyn; and Michael Vandalen of Haerlem, merchants and partners; Jacob Franse of Vries of Haerlem, merchant; John Vinkenra of Haerlem, merchant; John Keetling; and Peter Keetling of Haerlem, merchants and partners; Peter Vandershulst of Haerlem, merchants; David Bernard; and William Bernard of Haerlem, merchants and partner; Abraham Varhaming; and Jacob Leems, merchants and partners; John Wallaert of Courtray, merchants; Casper van Carnapsew of Elbersell in Germany, merchant; and William van Vredenburgh of Haerlem, merchant v. Margery Inses, widow and executrix of Michael Inses of London, merchant AND also v. Joseph Sawbridge; Robert Brooks; Edmund Watkinson; Isaac de Costar Aldarmiger; Zacharias Gibson; Basil Lamb; Daniel Vandewall; Samuel Turner; Thomas Wolfe; Thomas Preston; Nicholas Skinner; Thomas Ryley; John Payne; Francis Roberts; Nicholas Bigsby; Samuel Harris; John Seawell; Henry Symonds; Jeremiah Shadwell; Leonard gibbons; William Elliott; Henry Lovell; Thomas Trammell; John Skinner; John Day; Samuel Needham; Benjamin Ashurst; and John Crook C78/1694, no. 1 [34]
1714 4 March 12 Francis Herbart of Oakely Parke, Salop, esq; and Adaliza Herbert an infant of the age of 15, daughter of George Herbert of Bromfield, gent by said Francis Herbert her uncle v. Charles Burrard; and John Baldwyn, gent C78/1782, no. 13 [35]
1714 6 March 12 Arthur Lacy esq son and executor of Sarah Lacy widow and relict of William Lacy sr esq v. Thomas Rich esq & Sarah his wife son and heir of William Lacy jr esq; Susan Lacy the widow of said William Lacy jr; and Richard Rose C78/1901, no. 6 [36]
1714 12 13 Arthur Lacy esq v. Thomas Rich esq & Sarah his wife; AND Thomas Rich & Sarah his wife v. Arthur Lacy and John White C78/1900 no. 1 [37]
1714 9 March 13 Thomas Coulson esq v. Richard Woolaston esq; Robert Peters gentleman; and John Meres gentleman C78/1901, no. 7 [38]
1714 9 March 13 Samuel Cope, citizen and haberdasher of London, executor of Joseph Cope his late brother; and George Harrison of the Inner Temple, London, gent v. Samuel Thompson, citizen and barber surgeon of London, & Hannah his wife; and Hills Thompson, son and heir apparent of said Smauel and Hannah Thompson C78/1797, no. 2 [39]
1714 9 March 13 Sir John Ingleby executor of Dame Margaret Ingleby his mother decd; Anne Arden widow of John Arden decd; Mark Shaftoe and Margaret his wife; Mary Ingleby, spinster, executrix of Catherine Ingleby spinster decd (which said Ann, Margaret and Mary together with the said Catherine Ingleby were the daughters of the said Dame Margaret Ingleby) v. John Savile; Robert Suell executor of Thomas Vyner who was executor of Sir Robert Vyner; Mary Sherrard and John Fryer executors of Dame Mary Bolton; Arrabella Greenhill who was executrix of Mary Greenhill who was executrix of John Greenhill; Sir John Trevor, Master of the Rolls Refs previous decree of 25 Feb 1712 [1713]. C78/1444, no. 19 [40]
1714 11 March 13 Elizabeth Corbusier, an infant, by Mathew Agos v. Samson Salt; Phillip Corbusier; and Jane Nott, widow C78/1617, no. 7 [41]
1714 16 March 13 Stephen Bacon, esq v. William Tipple; and Edward Evate (?) C78/1642, no. 6 [42]
1714 17 March 13 Robert Honywood esq v. George Delillers, executor of Ellen Delillers who was executrix of George Inice; and Robert Lyddell C78/1792, no. 5 [43]
1714 18 March 13 George, earl of Warrinton v. John Worrall the elder; John Worrall the younger; Samuell Worrall; William Worrall; John Worthington; William Hastlehurst; George Heatchcott, William Shaw; John Cash; Margaret Downes widow; Richard Upton; John Mottershead; Henry Chapman; William Fumey; Robert Harrison; and Thomas Cash C79/160, no. [44]
1714 18 March 13 Sir Edward Northy knight Attorney General; Isaac Tetllie; Henry Shelly; Jacob Davison; John Johnson; and John Pocklington creditors of Ellen Fisher on the behalf of themselves and the rest of the creditors of said Ellen Fisher; Chomley Dering an infant by John Cotton gentleman; Thomas Blincoe & Susanna his wife legatees of the said Mrs Fisher on behalf of themselves and the rest of the legatees v. Robert Clerke esq; Joseph Cranmer esq; John Payne clerk; Thomas King gentleman; Edward Deering baronet; William Deering; Jane Tyron widow; and William Broadnay esq C78/2054, no. 3 [45]
1714 18 March 13 John Knapp gentleman eldest and and heir and executor of John Knapp his father v. Robert Saunders C78/2053, no. [46]
1714 18 March 13 Frances Cartwright, widow v. John Bernard, clerk C78/1119, no. 3 [47]
1714 3 April 13 Elizabeth Scott, widow, since deceased, a lunatic, by Sarah Baker, widow, since deceased, her sister and committee and guardian of her person and estate v. John Alleyne, esq, since deceased, & Esther his wife C78/1535, no. 1 [48]
1714 12 April 13 Thomas Baylie v. John Milledge, & Hannah his wife; Richard Hall, an infant; Richard Sneade; Charles Jones; Thomas Collowhill; John Heale; Paul Moon; Benjamin Coote; Peter Younge; John Pope; John Cowling; and John Tailor C78/1665, no. 5 [49]
1714 15 April 13 Joanna Cutts, sister and executrix of John then late Lord Cutts v. John Merrill, esq C78/1666, no. 4 [50]
1714 15 April 13 Thomas Wilmer v. William West C78/1466, no. 3 [51]
1714 19 April 13 Bridget Ayrey of Southwark, Surrey, widow and relict of James Airey of London merchant v. Samuel Rose; Edward Woodcock; William Clarkson; Israel Newby & Elizabeth his wife C79/31, no. [52]
1714 20 April 13 Richard Lamplugh; William Gilpin esqs; Dorothy the wife of Christopher Dalston esq; and Christopher Walston an infant only son of the said Christopher and Dorothy by the said Dorothy v. the said Christopher Dalston the father C78/2046, no. 3 [53]
1714 24 April 13 Elizabeth Hervey of Chilton, Bucks widow and Edward Hervey an infant son and heir of Edward Hervey then late of Chilton esq by the said Elizabeth Hervey his mother v. Henry Husey son and heir of William Husey esq C79/112, no. [54]
1714 26 April 13 Mary Nicholson of London widow relict and sole executrix of John Nicholson late of Woodford, Essex, esq v. Richard Masters rector of the parish of Woodford; Abell Slaney; Susannah Onslow; Samuel Bourne; John Ward; Christopher Hill; Ralph Ingleton; Charles Rix; Martin Butt; William Huddibull; Charles Neales; Richard Hoy; Brice Norton; Peter Godfrey; John Lardiner; Leonard Browne; Samuel Whethered; William Carter; William Tompson; Robert Hills; John Harlin; George Fox; John Wood; Samuel Newell; Phillip Traherne; Robert Martin; John Sherman; Edward Archer; Charles Tough; Thomas Taylor; Richard Thorowgood; Peregrine Bertie; David Cougnard; Robert Chester; William East; Samuel Church; Richard Rogers; John Dodd; William Sell; Richard Gillman; Peter Eaton; Isaac Fox; Mary Crawley; Randolph Tracy; Anne Bowcher widow; William Huddleston; Thomas Jackson; Edward Saunderson, Bridget Carter widow; ____ Wallis; John Dodd; William Shirley; John Robjohn; Susannah Robjohn widow; Abell Francklin; Benjamin Eustace; Charles Newman; Samuel Groome; Thomas Laxton; Mary Bodycoate; Anne Pyke; William Pate; John Bird; John Brewett; John Hill; Peter Splitt; Richard Dawson the then present church warden of the said parish; ____ Goodyear; Benjamin Robertson; John Radley; ____ Glascock; William Reve; Joseph Henshaw; John Morris; Dorothy Pitts; Edward Pitts; Edward Elderton; Edward Green; Mr ___ Chamberlin; John Tompkins; John Ingleton; John Hodgkings; Peter Cardy; ____ Underwood; John Mershall; John Ward; Sir Richard Child; William Wright; George Palmer; Thomas Tilbery; John Tilbery; Elizabeth Smith widow; Thomas Hawkins; James Hawkins; ______ Ward widow; Henry Hatch; and Mary Buck widow. C79/104, no. [55]
1714 26 April 13 George Knight of St Margarets, Westminster, Middx, cousin and next heir also sole executor of George Knight, formerly of Hampton in Arden, Warw, late of Coventry, Warw v. Elizabeth Knight, widow and relict of said George Knight; Cave King, widow; and Edward Willes C78/1694, no. 5 [56]
1714 27 April 13 Samuel Mathews, administrator of Tristram Squire, jr, in trust for Tristram Squire, an infant; and the said Tristram Squire, the infant, by said Samuel Mathews his grandfather v. John Squire C78/1165, no. 2 [57]
1714 4 May 13 Richard Barker of Fullwoods Rents in the parish of St Andrews Holborne, Middx, victualler, and Sarah his wife who was the daughter and heir of Martha Perkins and also sometime the wife and afterwards the widow of George Cole decd v. Elizabeth Allam, widow, and Jane and Arrabella Allam, spinsters, executrixes of Thomas Allam decd; Sir Charles Englefeild; Sir Bennett Hoskins; Dame Jane Hoskins; John Keys; and Edward Pryer C78/1489, no. 4 [58]
1714 7 May 13 Elizabeth Bentell, spinster v. Charles Tilden; Charles Blake; Richard Pepper; Bernard Turner and Joseph England Estate of Anne Bird, complts late grandmother. Manor of Brakehall alias Bleakehall, Routh [?Rawreth], Essex. C78/1405, no. 3 [59]
1714 8 May 13 James Grove serjeant at law, Charles Grove, Henry Grove, Susan Rachell James Elizabeth and Jane Grove children of Henry Grove late of Wilton, Worcs decd v Robert Hill Henry Brabourne late citizen and fishmonger of London decd. Entitlement to messuages etc in Eltham, Kent including the Castle Tavern and messuage in Ware, Herts. C78/1339, no. 4 [60]
1714 9 May 1 Edward Harvey; Joseph Ayloffe; and Shem Brydges, esqs; and Edward Dixon v. Thomas Stanley, & Katherine his wife; Alexander Parker; Margaret Parker, widow; and William Broome C78/1764, no. 4 [61]
1714 11 May 13 Mary Read; Anne Read; Love Read; and Susanna Read, infants, by Sir William Banstre, knight, BEx v. Dame Love Read, widow; Robert Dashwood, esq, & Dorothea his wife; William Bucknall esq; and Thomas Edwards, esq C78/1694, no. 3 [62]
1714 13 May 4 George Phillips, one of the executors and residuary legatees of William Phillips his late father v. Sarah Phillips, widow, the other executrix of said William Phillips; and Daniel Foucault C78/1806, no. 4 [63]
1714 13 May 13 Margaret Deedes, spinster v. Edward Reading, & Judith his wife C78/1617, no. 5 [64]
1714 29 May 13 George Booth esq & the lady Lucy Booth his wife v. The Right Honorable George, earl of Warrington C79/5, no. [65]
1714 31 May 13 Samuel Lillie of London, merchant v. Thomas Bletsoe; Stephen Mason; Robert Hackshaw; Robert Foster; Giles Dyer; William Clarke; Samuel Phillips; Othmell Haggett; and Conrade Adams C78/1664, no. 2 [66]
1714 June 13 Elizabeth Eaton widow v. Sir Richard Allin alias Anguish baronet; Henry lord Paget; Henry Huish baronet C78/1906, no. 16 [67]
1714 3 June 13 Robert Jenny, esq, administrator of Deborah his late wife and also sole executor and devisee of Alathea Brame, spinster, which said Deborah and Alathea were two of the children of John Brame, sr, esq by Deborah his wife, who was sole daughter and heir of Thomas Jacob, esq v. Jane Brame, widow of John Brame, jr; Elizabeth Brame; and Jane Brame, infants and daughters and coheirs of said John Brame, jr; Deborah Brame, widow of said John Brame sr; Henry Damant, gent, administrator of said John Brame jr; Sir Edward Duke; Sir John Holland, baronet; John Bence; William Sandcroft, esq; and Thomas Neale C78/1532, no. 11 [68]
1714 5 June 13 William Walbank, grandson and heir of William Walbank, gent v. Abraham Hilton, gen; Robert Walbank; Mathew Smales; Robert Cust; James Close; James Walbank; Thomas Walbank; and Elizabeth Walbank C78/1507, no. 2 [69]
1714 7 Jun 13 Sir Edward Northy Attorney General at the relation of John Rotherham, Lawrence Tristram, Henry Kingsley, Heylock Kingsley, William Lucas, Simon Lucas, John Draper, Richard Finch v Sir Ralph Radcliffe, Edward Radcliffe and James Lawrence junior Trusts for the maintenance of a schoolmaster for the free school in Hitchin, Herts C78/1308, no. 4 [70]
1714 13 June 13 George Trenchard; Henry Trenchard; John Trenchard; and William Trenchard, esqs, sons of Sir John Trenchard, knight, all infants by John Speke, esq, their uncle their guardian v. Anthony Henley; Richard Southby; and Henry Trenchard, esqs, executors of Thomas Trenchard, esq; Elizabeth Trenchard, widow and relict of said Thomas Trenchard; and Mary Trenchard, daughter and heir of said Thomas Trenchard C78/1819, no. 8 [71]
1714 18 June 13 George Deane esq & Elizabeth his wife and Mary Dyke spinster which said Elizabeth and Mary were the surviving daughters of Thomas Dyke late of Jews in the parish of Wideliscombe, Som, gentleman, by Sidwell his wife also deceased who was one of the daughters of Elizabeth Blackford of Dunstar C78/1860, no. 7 [72]
1714 22 June 13 sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General of Queen Anne v. Samuel Neale, esq; and Frederick Slare, doctor of phisick C78/1695, no. 4 [73]
1714 23 June 13 Hoby Compton an infant by John Fleetwood esq v. Sir Thomas Hoby baronet; John Willis; Sir Dewey Buckley knight; Maurice Buckland; Henry Warre; Henry Hooke; and henry Compton, Elizabeth Compton; Catharine Compton; and Anne Compton C78/1935, no. 8 [74]
1714 23 June 13 Richard Cheney of the Inner Temple, London, esq on the behalf of himself and other creditors of Alexander Hawkins the elder of Chalgrove, Oxon, gentleman from whom the said Richard Cheney was intrusted v. the Honorable Thomas Meredith esq & Mary his wife; William Paul; James Porter; Alexander Hawkins; Richard Blackall; Richard Sayer; John Fuller; William Painter; Richard Hutchins; John Kent; William Davenport C79/112, no. [75]
1714 23 June 13 Sir Francis Child, knight, adlerman of London, since deceased v. William Gulston, esq; The Right Honorable Sir John Holt then Lord Chief Justice of Queen's Bench, since deceased; Sir James Mountague, knight; William Longeville, esq; Reginald Marriott, esq; Mathew Howard, since deceased; and John Warner C78/1806, no. 5 [76]
1714 23 June 13 Edward Colston of London, merchant v. John Meredith the younger C78/1664, no. 1 [77]
1714 24 June 2 Thomas Beckett; Sarah Beckett; and Elizabeth Beckett, infants, by John Dawling v. Mathias Walraven, & Mary his wife; Mary Walraven; and Sarah Walraven, the children of said Mathias Walraven & Mercy his wife; Ranulph Manning; Richard Glover; William Clements C78/1544, no. 2 [78]
1714 25 Jun 13 Mary Green, Elizabeth Green & Sarah Green spinsters v Christopher Green Doctor in Physick Legacies due from the will of Margaret Royston decd, grandmother of the complt's mother Mary Green decd, late wife of Richard Green decd C78/1368, no. 4 [79]
1714 28 June 13 Richard Fountaine gentleman; Charles Hyett; and Benjamin Hyett v. Amy Harcourt widow and executrix of Godfrey Harcourt and Lewis Harcourt son of the said Godfrey Harcourt C79/58, no. [80]
1714 28 June 13 Calthropp Long of Whaddon, Wilts, esq v. Edward Bull; John Bull; George Bull; Betty Bull; Anne Bull; John Lansdowne; Thomas Carewe; Cornelius Lyde; and George Tryme C78/1694, no. 6 [81]
1714 28 June 13 Mary Barry the wife of Colonel James Barry by Thomas Paxton v. Micchah Perry and Richard Perry his son, executors of Colonel Daniel Parke decd and others (not named) C78/1489, no. 3 [82]
1714 30 June 13 Robert Jenkinson of Walcott, Oxon, executor of Sir Robert Jenkenson of Walcott aforesaid decd v. Thomas Jordan Mortgage by the deft of wood ground or furze called Eusham Heath or Eusham Woods in the parish of Eusham (Eynsham], Oxon C78/1443, no. 13 [83]
1714 30 June 13 John Essington of London, gent v. Benjamin Fripp, sr; Benjaming Fripp, jr; William Stocker, & his wife; Edward Fripp, jr; Joannah Fripp; Elizabeth Fripp; Anne Fripp; Sarah Fripp; Dorothy Fripp; Jonathan Hancock; Richard Ponting; Edward Randall; John Combes; Thomas Combes; John Tilley; William Greenland; Thomas Hawley; Nathaniel Bussell; Phillipp Bussell; John Harding C78/1694, no. 4 [84]
1714 6 July 13 Thomas Taylor & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of John Leman esq v. Robert Naunton esq and William Leman gentleman & Elizabeth his wife C78/1906, no. 11 [85]
1714 7 July 13 George Saffin, & Dame Anne his wife, relict of Sir John Heron, baronet; and Henrietta Maria Heron, her daughter, by said Sir John Heron, an infant, by said George Saffin and Dame Anne her mother; and Robert Rotherford; Edward Mackdonell; William Dodd; William Armstrong; Richard Gibson; John Charleton; Gaven Mardraugh alias Murder; William Potts; Thomas Hutchenson; George Grey; Alice Strangehen; John Yeldert; and Thomas Mayer, the then tenants of the premises in question v. Robert Allgood, esq; Elizabeth Heron; Sir John Key; Sir Richard Graham, baronets; Thomas Carnaby, esq; Sir Charles Hara, baronet; Joseph Embree, esq; ___ the executor or executors or administrator or administrators of John Shaftoe, clerk; John Armstrong; Ralph Errington; Ruport Billingsley, esq; William Davison; Henry Rawlins; Suretis Swinburne; Thomas Davison; Sir John Swinburne, baronet; John Allgood; William Loraine; Charnock Heron; Sir Harry Heron, baronet, son and heir of Sir Charles Heron; Dorothy Heron; Mary Heron; Elizabeth Davison; John Smith, & Katherine his wife; Henrietta Maria Fenwick; ___, the executor or executors or administrator or administrators of Robert Fenwick; ___, the executor or executors or administrator or administrators of Roger Fenwick; Edward Charleton; Thomas Allgood, esq; George Allgood; Roger Wilson; Cuthbert Heron son of Dame Elizabeth Heron; Mathew White; and Mark Browell Marriage settlement of Cuthbert Heron, son of Sir Cuthbert Heron, and Elizabeth Mollory, of May 1675. Manor of Symondburne[Simonburn]; lands etc in Winwick; messuages etc of Burnehouse, Slaterfield, Gosten, Rabsheugh, Morkley & Teckett; manor of Shittlington, Snabdaugh & Chirdon; messuages etc of Roughside, Chutburne, Chaglasnop & Doghill; manors etc called Doggbogg, Espenill, Whitehill, Bogglesgare, the two out Quarter Money Rees, Hindrigg with Cragg, Sheilehope, Sharpeley Hall, Barnes Hall Hill & Watson's Farm; tythes of corn & grain called the Peck Tythes als Headon Tythe, Newbrough Tythe & Birkey Tythe, the old rent of Newbrough; Manors etc called Chipchase Mill, the Two Stodders, the Mill Field, Snatches, Townboot Field, Cobless, Stobbshort More, Burnemouth, Woodwickhole, East Bank, Rouchester, Peirsgate, Wakeshaugh, Comogan, Carnabys Field, Armstrongs Farm, Jane Elliotts Close, West Bank, Broad Meadow, Blackhill, Elliotts Close, Standing Stone Field, Parkpitt House & Collery; all within the parishes of Symondburne, Warden, Newbrough, Birkley[Birtley] & Chollerton als Collerton in Northumberland. C78/1513, no. 3 [86]
1714 7 July 13 Katherine Dixon; and Jane Dixon, infants, by William Dixon their father v. Thomas Dixon C78/1119, no. 4 [87]
1714 12 July 13 John Bradshaw; Richard Roe; Thomas Broxum & Joyce his wife; John Street & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Dorcas; Thomas Thebberdine & Grace his wife; and Brace Dorcas v. Sir John Astley, baronet; Richard Astley; and Mary Bradshaw C78/1103, no. 1 [88]
1714 14 July 13 William Cane doctor in divinity v. John Fullam esq C79/76, no. [89]
1714 14 July 13 Morris Russell and Mary Russell infants by Thomas Salishbury v Richard Goulston; Nathan Hickman; William Edwards; Roger Griffith; Solomon Russell; Sarah Castle; William Finch; John Morse; John Wishaw and Morris Goulston Will of Sir William Goulston. Legacy due to Mary Goulston als Russell the complts late mother, one of the said Sir William's daughters. C78/1377, no. 5 [90]
1714 14 July 13 William Mackernesse & Eliz his wife; Francis Rufford & Mary his wife v Henry Ferne; Robert Butler; Peter Walters; Dianah Twitty, Barbarah Twitty and Cisley Twitty infants ; and Margaret Wright widow Will of Charles Twitty decd. Plts wives are the onlt two daughters of George Twitty. C78/1385, no. 16 [91]
1714 14 July 13 Christgift Stafford widow v. Edward Radford & Jane his wife; John Bell; and George Phipps esq C79/5, no. [92]
1714 14 July 13 William Amey the younger v. John Snelling C78/1634, no. 4 [93]
1714 14 July 13 Margaret Rowse, widow v. William Colepeper and others (not named) Mortgages of a messuage in Hollingbourne, Kent. C78/1462, no. 1 [94]
1714 19 July 13 Abigail Prowse widow, Jane Conncell widow, George Wickham, Clerke, Thomas Tucker, John Wells, Clerke and Joane Bayly widow executors of Zachary Bayly her late husband decd v George Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, Edward Cooke, Anne Prowse widow, Anne Prowse and Elizabeth Prowse her daughters, Richard Fonnds, Maurice Berkley, Claver Morris Doctor of Phisick, Peter Davis, Richard Prater and Thomas Prowse Marriage settlement, complt Abigail and John Prowse decd. Rent charges from the manors of Barkley, Stender Weeke, Roddon, Fullbrooke, Fair Oake, Flintford and Froom Selwood, Somerset. C78/1314, no. 1 [95]
1714 20 July 13 George Bayly and Winifred his wife late the widow of Charlton Stone decd, eldest son of John Stone the elder decd; Frances Stone, widow of the said John Stone the elder; and Frances Everard, spinster, creditors by specialty of the said Charlton Stone; and Mary Bayly daughter of the said George Bayly and one of the legatees named in the will of the said Charlton Stone for and on behalf of themselves and all other creditors and legatees of the said Charlton Stone v. John Stone; Richard Stone; and Adolphus Meetkirke Marriage settlement on the marriage of Carlton (sic) Stone and the complt Winifred. Manor of Brightwell and Chalkford als Chalford and lands in Baldwyn, Brightwell and Parkes als Brightwell Parkes, all in Oxon. C78/1441, no. 4 [96]
1714 21 July 13 Anthony Deane; John Bence; Alexander Bence and Christian his wife; John Bence, Alexander Bence and Mary Bence infants by the said Alexander Bence their father v. Lucy How, widow C78/1494, no. 3 [97]
1714 24 July 13 Ambrose Gregory v Anthony Chapman, Thomas Withers, Robert Perrott, Thomas Ryder, John Mathew, Edward [?..?], Daniel Hooton, Thomas Smith and William Attebury Lease of messuage and cottage held in trust for the parish of Newport Pagnell, Bucks. C78/1335, no. 3 [98]
1714 Michaelmas Term 1 John Southby of Appleton, Berks [now Oxon], gent v. Sir John Doyly, baronet; and Robert Clement C78/1730, no. 8 [99]
1714 13 Oct 1 John Breedon of Croton, Northants; and Mary Breedon, Hester Breedon and Elizabeth Breedon his daughters, infants v. John Breedon the son of Thomas Breedon of Pangbourne, Berks, infant; Anthony Blagrave; George Blagrave; William Gore; John Gore; John Smith; and Henry Deane Will of John Breedon late of Pangborne, of whom complt is nephew & heir. Manor of Pangbourne C78/1445, no. 10 [100]
1714 27 Oct 1 Charles Manning v. Sir Bibye Lake; William Hales; Sir Cesar Child; Sir Jonathan Andrews; Thomas Gibson; Elihu Yale; Roger Braddyll; Samuel Jones; and others (not named) Victualling Office Bills deposited as security with Sir Stephen Evans & the deft Hales, partners and goldsmiths, and subsequently subscribed to the South Sea Company in the name of the deft Lake C78/1430, no. 2 [101]
1714 30 Oct 1 William, lord Craven, an infant, by Sir Fulwar Skipworth, baronet, his guardian v. Elizabeth Craven, spinster; ___ Baver; ____ Keck; Thomas Trollope, esq; John Craven, esq; Anthony Craven, baronet; William Hodgson, & his wife; the Honorable Fulwar Craven; and Robert Craven, infants C78/1792, no. 10 [102]
1714 4 Nov 1 Wolstan Paston, gent, & Barbara his wife v. Francis Ellison C78/1775, no. 4 [103]
1714 4 Nov 1 Stephen Robins v. William Cornish the younger and Jane his wife; William Cornish the elder and Jane his wife; Thomas Cornish; and James Cornish Mortgage by William Cornish the younger of messuages known by the name of Trevorrick als Trevarrack in the parish of St Issey, Cornwall together with quarries of blue slate, 2 salt water grist mills and a lime kiln. C78/1461, no. 2 [104]
1714 8 Nov 1 Thomas, earl of Thannet Island v. Thomas Balston, esq C78/1792, no. 3 [105]
1714 9 Nov 1 Ralph Sheldon, esq v. Thomas Gibbs, esq; and Sir Henry Parker, baronet C78/1775, no. 7 [106]
1714 12 Nov 1 Elizabeth Watts, widow and executrix of Thomas Watts, citizen and merchant taylor of London v. John Creswell C78/1565, no. 5 [107]
1714 17 Nov 1 Benjamin Spier, gent; and Bridget Spier, widow v. William Edwards; Richard Freeman; Elizabeth Corpson; and William Taylor, & Martha his wife C78/1786, no. 1 [108]
1714 18 Nov 1 Nicholas Haskell, administrator of Sarah Hoare alias Haskell, his late wife, formerly the relict and one of the executors of Christopher Hoare, citizen of London; William Hoare; Mary Hoare; Sarah Hoare, children of said Christopher, infants and the surviving orphans of said Christopher Hoare by said Nicholas Haskell their guardian v. Richard Sheppard; and Thomas Johnson C78/1723, no. 6 [109]
1714 19 Nov 1 Thomas Ogle v. John Lisle; Robert Manners; Edward Manners; Edward Adams; John Atkins and his wife; William Shaftoe; Jane Dodd; Catherine Graham; Mary Graham; and John White Complt is son and heir of Katherine eldest of the 3 daughters of Edward Lisle of Acton, Northumberland, who in turn was son of John Lisle. Settlement on marriage of Edward Lisle (the grandfather of the complt) and Mary the daughter of Sir Matthew Forster of Etherston, Northumberland. Moiety of the manor of Acton and Old Felton. C78/1410, no. 12 [110]
1714 22 Nov 1 Hugh Bethell esq, & Sarah his wife; and Mary Williamson, executor and executrix of William Dickenson of Watton, Yorks, esq v. Leonard Robinson; Charles robinson; John Blum; and John Robinson C78/1507, no. 7 [111]
1714 1 Dec 1 Richard Heath and Cassandra his wife v. Walter Wolseley Paston; Paul Smith; William Deeds Bezaliell; Mary Wolseley, widow; John Fitzherbert; and Thomas Alsopp, clerk Mortgage of Bentalee Farm in the parish of Abbots Bromley, Staffs by Edward Paston decd, son in law of the deft Mary Wolseley. C78/1422, no. 1 [112]
1714 6 Dec 1 Alice Harris widow; Henry Harris; John Harris, Richard Harris and Robert Harris 3 younger sons of the said Alice Harris by Francis Harris her late husband decd v Francis Harris and William Norcliffe Henry Harris decd, late father of the complt Henry Harris and of the said Francis the complt Alice's late husband. Settlement on marriage of Francis Harris and Alice Stone. Property in Long Combe, Oxon; rectory and church of Stretley alias Streteley [Streatley], Beds; Great Missenden and Wendover, Bucks C78/1399, no. 2 [113]
1714 9 Dec 1 Mary Payne of the City of London widow of John Payne late citizen and cordwainer of London decd v Samuel Payne and Robert Deane Estate of John Payne. Messuages etc in Welling nr Little Marlow, Bucks, in the City of London and in Middx. C78/1341, no. 1 [114]
1714 13 Dec 1 Humphrey Bellamy and Andrew Hopegood executors of Edward Bellamy who was son heir and administrator of Adam Bellamy v. Thomas Morris; John Niccolls; and Edward Webb AND Thomas Morris & Isabella his wife; John Howson & Elizabeth his wife; and William Swayle v. Humphry Bellamy; Andrew Hopegood; John Niccolls; and Edward Webb; and Henry Lodge; George Pennington; William Pennington the younger; George Walker; Richard Sympson; and William Pennington the elder C78/1899, no. 1 [115]
1714 13 Dec 1 Robert Lord, gen; and William Wallis, esq v. Sir Stephen Fox; and Sir Christopher Wren, knight; and others (sic) C78/1617, no. 9 [116]
1714 17 Dec 1 Verney Lloyd and Anne his wife v Edward Jones and Thomas Reeve executors of William Cave late Cannon of his Majesty's free chapel of St George at Windsor decd, Thomas Gery and Anne Hitchcock spinster Will of Doctor William Cave. Annuity due to the complt Anne, formerly Anne Gery, grandaughter of the testator. C78/1329, no. 3 [117]
1714 17 Dec 1 Abel Wilkinson of London, linendraper v. Francis Mascall of Durham, gent; Charles Waite, gent; and Richard Bellasis of Lincolns Inn, esq Sale of lands & coal mines called Plessey & Blyth Undertaking, in the parish of Stannington, Northumberland. Concealed deed. C78/1666, no. 3 [118]
1714 21 Dec 1 John Cunningham of Tavistock, Devon, gentleman and William Newall of Tavistock mercer on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Edmund Fowell late of Latchley, Cornwall esq deceased; Catherine Fowell of Calstock, Cornwall, widow and relict, the said Edmund Fowell, Henry Fowell, John Fowell, William Fowell deceased all infants by said Catherine Fowell their mother v. Edmund Fowell; Daniel Phillipps; Joan Phillipps; and Martha Stephens C79/77, no. [119]