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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1706 C78/, no. []
1706 2 Jan 4 John Heather & Elizabeth his wife; William Berard; and John Bernard v. William Westbrook Mortgage of the manor of Westbrook, Hants to Elizabeth Bernard, widow, now decd, whose children & executors are the complts Elizabeth Heather, William Bernard & John Bernard C78/1444, no. 2 [2]
1706 10 Jan Robert Styles gentleman & Isabella his wife v. William Blick; Henry Keene & Susanna his wife; and others (sic) C79/54, no. [3]
1706 10 Jan 4 John Moore v. Richard Hole C78/1246, no. 10 [4]
1706 10 Jan 4 William Smith & Mary his wife v. John Smith & Catherine his wife; and Elizabeth Geers, widow C78/1246, no. 8 [5]
1706 28 Jan 4 Edward Baugh, gent v. Gilbert Jones; and Samuel Woollaston C78/1644, no. 3 [6]
1706 5 Feb 4 John Green, gent v. John Sansome, esq, & Anne his wife C78/1653, no. 1 [7]
1706 9 Feb 4 Felix Feast of London, brewer and George Jackson of the same, haberdasher v. Edward Sweetaple; Philip Bickley; and John Bundon C78/2043, no. 1 [8]
1706 9 Feb 4 Sir Willoughby Hickman, baronet v. John Buttall, gent C78/1615, no. 2 [9]
1706 13 Feb 4 Susannah Browne; Margaret Browne; and Anna Browne, executors of Henry Dawson, gent v. Sarah Dawson, widow and relict of said Henry Dawson; and Robert Welham C78/1633, no. 8 [10]
1706 16 Feb 4 Sir Richard Cocks, baronet; John Agge; Thomas Woodward & Anne his wife; Mary Best, widow; Nicholas Best; Anthony Bern; John Baldwin; Giles Taylor; Elizabeth Munford; Francis Herring & Christian his wife; William Roberts; John Veale; James Tarren; and John Tarren v. Edward, bishop of Gloucester; John Andrews; Alice Timins; Charles Russell; Richard Tysoe; William Veale; and Charles Cocks, clerk C78/1094, no. 1 [11]
1706 19 Feb 4 William Oldys, doctor of laws v. Richard Middlemore, esq; Richard Sleeford, & Elianor his wife; and others (sic) C78/1633, no. 7 [12]
1706 20 Feb 4 Henry Proctor an infant son and heir of Henry Procter by Frances Procter his mother v. Thomas Ledgingham jr; Samuell Southwood; and Nicholas Southwood C79/186, no. [13]
1706 21 Feb 4 Francis Yateman; Francis Loder; Thomas Yorke; and Jasper Knight v. Thomas Bush; Robert Sayes; and John Kerby C78/1997, no. 1 [14]
1706 23 Feb 4 Robert Jacobb the younger of Braydon, Wilts, gentleman an infant by Frances Jacobb spinster his sister v. Frances Jacobb administratrix of Thomas Jacobb as of Rachell Jacobb deceased (father and mother of said Robert Jacobb and Frances Jacobb) v. Frances Skilling, widow; Roger Peadly & Zenobiah his wife; Thomas Parkhurst; and Edward Nott; and others (sic) C78/1933, no. 2 [15]
1706 25 Feb 4 The Governors of the Hospital and Library of Manchester founded by Humphrey Chetham, esq v. Samuel Chetham, esq, son and heir of James Chetham who was son and heir of George Chetham C78/1772, no. 4 [16]
1706 4 March 4 Ann Alston; Clare Alston; Margaret Alston; Martha Alston; and Rebecca Maria Alston, daughters of Edward Alston, esq, and infants, by Temple Needham; Mary Alston, widow of said Edward Alston; and the said Temple Needham administrator with the will annexed of Elizabeth Alston one other of the daughters of said Edward Alston v. Sir Joseph Alston, baronet; Dame Elizabeth Alston, widow; Mary Alston, widow, relect and administratrix of Isaack Alson; Benjamin Robinson; William Ara; and John Snell C78/1606, no. 3 [17]
1706 7 March 4 Thomas Lloyd an infant by James Lloyd; Lloyd Harris, Mary Harris & Anne Harris infants by Thomas Harris their father v. John Greenly; and John Evans Will of James Lloyd decd, the complts (the infants) late grandfather. C78/1413, no. 1 [18]
1706 7 March 4 Henry Saint John of Bucklebury, Berks and Frances his wife; Elizabeth Winchcombe, spinster; and Robert Parker of Shellingford, Berks and Mary his wife, the said Frances, Elizabeth & Mary being the three daughters of Sir Henry Winchcombe late of Bucklebury decd, by his first wife v. Thomas, Earl of Berkshire; The Lady Frances Winchcombe; Dame Elizabeth Winchcombe; Henrietta Winchcombe; John Archer; Thomas Dolman; Edward Hungerford; John Dalby; Joseph Cowslade; Richard Lyford; Martha Winchcombe; and Frances Norwood Jointure of Sir Henry Winchcombe's first wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Rolle, daughter of Sir Francis Rolle. C78/1419, no. 2 [19]
1706 7 March 4 Patience Shotteswell, yeoman; and Obediah Shotteswell, son and heir of said Richard Shotteswell v. John Francis, & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Jacock alias Jeaques, & Janes his wife; and William Townesend C78/1785, no. 3 [20]
1706 17 March 5 Anne Wheatley widow relict and executrix of William Wheatley late of Sutton Coldfield, Warw v. Elizabeth Wheatley C78/2043, no. 10 [21]
1706 2 April 5 James Mayne, son and heir and executor of James Mayne of Totnes, Devon, apothecary v. Robert Mudge, sr; and Robert Mudge, jr C78/1247, no. 2 [22]
1706 2 April 5 Arthur Chichester, esq; and Edward Dodderidge, gent v. John French & Anne his wife C78/1247, no. 3 [23]
1706 6 April 5 Sarah Sherman of London, widow v. Benjamin Grave, citizen and silk thrower of London; Thomas Petty; and Robert Bundy; and John Turvin of London, esq C78/1582, no. 2 [24]
1706 13 April 5 Walter Hungerford, eldest surviving son and heir apparent of Sir George Hungerford v. The said Sir George Hungerford; Frances Keate, widow; and Mathew Smith Will of Robert Hungerford, the complts late uncle decd. Estate in Berks, and in Calne & Avon, Wilts. C78/1420, no. 1 [25]
1706 13 April 5 Henrietta Charlotte, lady Colchester, widow, grantee and committee of the Paine Hester Marsham, widow, a lunatic and administratrix of Sir John Marsham the younger, baronet; and the said Dame Hester Marsham v. Dame Margaret Marsham, widow; Ferdinando Pankhurst; Sir Robert Marsham, baronet; Thomas Pasmore, & Elizabeth his wife; and Robert Jeff C78/1717, no. 8 [26]
1706 15 April 5 Hester Hanham widow lately called Hester Day and Anne Day spinster v. Joseph Francklin & Elizabeth his wife lately called Elizabeth Prowse widow C79/135, no. [27]
1706 15 April 5 Sir Charles Orby, baronet; Thomas Orby, esq & the Lady Charlott his wife; James, duke of Hamilton, Scotland & Elizabeth, duchess of Hamilton his wife; Elizabeth Orby, spinster, an infant, by said Thomas Orby his father; William Elrington, esq; John Elrington; Gerrard Elrington; and Robert Elrington, infants, by said William Elrington their father; Elizabeth Ashton, spinster; and Henrietta Moyle alias Gerard, an infant, by said Thomas Orby v. Charles, lord Mohun; Sir John Hobart, baronet, son and heir of Sir Henry Hobart, knight and baronet; John Brent, gent, administrator of Francis Charlton, esq; and others (sic) C78/1093, no. 1 [28]
1706 16 April 5 Thomas Curtis, administrator of Alice Curtis alias Freeman alias Wakeman alias Cope his late wife v. Edward Dobins, & Margery his wife, lately Margery Simonds, widow C78/1644, no. 1 [29]
1706 16 April 5 William Durdant v. Samuel Locker; William Brookhoose; Samuel Heachcott; Nathaniel Prime; and John Reynolds C78/1578, no. 3 [30]
1706 16 April 5 Phillipp Hole v. Elizabeth Opie, widow C78/1533, no. 2 [31]
1706 16 April 5 Thomas Redgrave, gent, administrator of Peter Warren of London, apothecary v. Edward Harle C78/1532, no. 5 [32]
1706 16 April 5 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Gill; Thomas Hall; George Bayley; and Matthew Enock v. John Parkhurst; John Gill; Thomas Woodhull; and William Holbech C78/1493, no. 12 [33]
1706 18 April 5 Elizabeth Countess of Sandwich, wife of Edward Earl of Sandwich, by Francis Hawley (Francis Lord Hawley of the Kingdom of Ireland) her guardian v Edward Earl of Sandwich, Edward Mountague (Lord Hinchinbrook), Sydney Wortley als Mountague the elder & his four sons Edward Wortley als Mountague, Sydney Wortley als Mountague junr, James Wortley als Mountague, John Wortley als Monntague and also v Charles Mountague, John Mountague Doctor in Divinity, James Mountague, Sir John Eyles, Francis Eyles, John Jacob, Richard How, Anthony Bowyer, Francis Page, Anthony Hamond, Anthony Twyman, Thomas Raylton, Henry Hart, John Hunt, Francis Lovesey, [blank] Hyde, Margaret Jumper spinster, John Weaver and William Dowse Complts jointure, and also annuity of £400. C78/1304, no. 1 [34]
1706 18 April 5 Henry Jones, Marmaduke Lloyd and Mary his wife, William Price and Elizabeth his wife, Richard Stepney and Anne his wife, John Jones, James Jones barber surgeon and Bridgett Jones spinster v Elizabeth Jones widow (now the wife of Walter Lloyd), James Jones junr an infant, John Jones, James Jones senr, John Vaughan and [blank] his wife and William Lewis Will of James Jones decd. Property in Llanbadarn Fawr, Llanilar, Llanychaearn, Llanbadarn y Creuddyn and Aberystwyth, Co. Cardigan. C78/1329, no. 8 [35]
1706 18 April 5 Lumley Salisbury, singlewoman v. John Thomas; David Anwyll; Owen Owens, son and heir of William Owens; Edward Wynn, & Dorothy his wife formerly the widow of said William Owen C78/1621, no. 4 [36]
1706 19 April 5 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Henry Saunders, William Shaw and Lawrence Loday and at the relation of The Mayor and Approved men of the Town of Guildford, Surrey v John Wight senior, Anthony Hutchins, John Wilkins, Sir Richard Onslow, Denzill Onslow, Thomas Onslow, Daniell Collwell, Robert Austen, Thomas Molineux, John Wight junr, Leonard Child, Peter Quennell & William Goodyer junr Manor of Poyle, Surrey. Control of charitable trust created by Henry Smith for the benefit of the poor of Guildford. C78/1304, no. 2 [37]
1706 20 April 5 Daniel Colwall, esq, administrator with the will annexed of John Colwall, esq, and also administrator of Lucy Colwall, late wife of said John Colwall with her will annexed v. Mary Bonython, widow, administratrix of Charles Bonython, late Serjeant at Law; William Longueville; Richard Spour; ___ Allen; William Wild; The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of London, Governors of the House of the Poor commonly called St Bartholomews Hospital near West Smithfield,London, of the Foundation of King Henry VIII; and the Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the possessions, revenues, and goods of the Hospitals of Edward VI of Christ Bridewell and St Thomas the Apostle C78/1153, no. 3 [38]
1706 20 April 5 Richard Hill v. Thomas Wiggett, gent C78/1153, no. 4 [39]
1706 20 April 5 Elizabeth Parry, widow and relict of Phillipp Parry, esq v. James Pritchard; John Pritchard; marshall Brydges, esq; and John Vaughan, esq C78/1246, no. 1 [40]
1706 22 April 5 Robert Lee esq an infant by Sir William Glegg v. Magdalen Lee; Nathaniel Lee; Richard Ward; Thomas Aldersey; Richard Leigh; John Kenrik; Elizabeth Lee; Frances Lee; and Thomas Lee C78/1902, no. 6 [41]
1706 24 April 5 Susanna Clare relict and adminstratrix of Francis Clare and Joseph Clare sons of the said Francis and Susan Clare infants by the Susan their mother v. John Wordell & Penelope his wife; David Middleton; and Henry Clare C79/175, no. [42]
1706 25 April 5 John Harriman of London, gunmaker, & Martha his wife v. Phillipp Pearce of Easton in Gorden alias St Georges, Som, pilot; and Richard Morgan of the same place, esq C78/1580, no. 7 [43]
1706 26 April 5 Nathaniel Hartley, executor of Samuel Hasbert v. John Hartley; Samuel Hasbert the younger; Elizabeth Hasbert; Sarah Hasbert; and Peter Hasbert the elder C78/1621, no. 6 [44]
1706 29 April 5 Barbara Molineux, widow v. Richard Kemble; and William Sherwin C78/1580, no. 8 [45]
1706 29 April 5 Christopher Lowe; Henry Lowe; and Katherine Lowe, infants, by Richard Lowe, gent, their uncle v. Frances Lowe, widow and relict of John Lowe, esq; Francis Lowe, eldest son and heir of said John Lowe; Thomas Bird, esq, executor of William Bird, esq, his late father, who was surviving executor of said John Lowe; and Sir Bryan Stapylton, baronet C78/1247, no. 1 [46]
1706 30 April 5 Henry Symes and Christopher Symes infants by Henry Symes their uncle and guardian v. John Vernon C79/186, no. [47]
1706 30 April 5 Sir John Mainwaring, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Whitley, esq & Dame Mary his wife C78/1998, no. 2 [48]
1706 30 April 5 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Jonathan Appleyard; Francis Strutt and Joseph Gaywood, and the said Appleyard, Strutt and Gaywood v. Anne Plomer, widow; and Martin Pinkard Charitable bequest in the will of Thomas Plomer late citizen and weaver of London. C78/1443, no. 9 [49]
1706 1 May 5 Elizabeth Fox widow v John Turner, John Turner clerk & Mary his wife, John Paine an infant, Thomas Tourney, John Clarke, Thomas Young and Peter Webster Mortgage of 36 acres of land in Romney Marsh by Richard Paine senr late of Sellendge [Sellindge], Kent. C78/1367, no. 1 [50]
1706 1 May 5 Leonard Compere, gent v. Edward Brougham, esq C78/1717, no. 5 [51]
1706 4 May 5 William Hunt and Anne his wife v John Hanger executor of John Hanger decd who was executor of Edward Hanger decd Will of Edward Hanger late of Abbotts Ripton, Hunts C78/1354, no. 2 [52]
1706 6 May 5 John Noyes, gent v. Thomas Hughes, gent C78/1515, no. 2 [53]
1706 9 May 5 John Elderfield, & Anne his wife; and Margaret Elderfield, daughter of said John Elderfield, & Anne his wife, an infant by said John Elderfield, her father v. Mary Barnaby; Margaret Brotherton; Gabriel Barnaby; George Buckley; and Nicholas Starkey C78/1621, no. 2 [54]
1706 10 May 5 Edward Bloxam; Dorothy Bloxam; Rebecca Bloxam; Hannah Attwood; John Attwood; and Winifred Attwood all infants by Robert Yates and Edward Townsend v. Robert Bloxam gentleman; William Vernon gentleman; and Elizabeth Bloxam spinster. C79/40, no. [55]
1706 10 May 5 Eleanor Dey of Southerey, Norf, widow v. William Sadde, & Martha his wife, relict and executrix of John Smith; Henry Smith, son and heir of said John Smith; and George Modd, clerk C78/1719, no. 7 [56]
1706 21 May 5 Robert Buck of London, mariner v. The Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies; Sir Thomas Rawlinson; Sir Henry Johnson; Sir Benjamin Bathurst; Sir Thomas Davall; Sir John Lethelleer; Sir Samuel Dashwood; Sir Owen Buckingham; Richard Child executor of Sir Josia Child decd; William Sedgwick executor of William Sedgwick his late father decd; William Desboverie & Isaac Desboverie executors of Sir Edward Desboverie decd; James Ward executor of Sir James Ward & also executor of Mr Samuel Biscopp decd; Frederick Herne executor of Sir Joseph Herne decd; Sarah Boon, widow, executrix of Mr Thomas Boon decd; Thomas Sheppard and Elizabeth his wife, which said Elizabeth was administratrix of Mr John Cooke decd; William Ashby; Justice Otgch; Thomas Coulson; John Nichoson; John Farrington; William Hewer executor of Robert Blackburne; William Johnson; Isaac Hawkins; and William Carent executor of Dame Alice Row his late wife decd who was executrix of Captain James Cooke decd; part owners of the ship Royal James & Mary and others (not named) Refs previous decree of 7 Dec 4 Anne. Payments to seamen and officers of the ship Royal James & Mary, as a consequence of a sentence in the Admiralty Court. C78/1440, no. 7 [57]
1706 24 May 5 Nathaniel Herne of London, esq v. Cadwallader Wynne; Robert Pugh; Mary Roberts; Robert Hookes; Own Roberts; John Wynne; Robert Wynne & Margaret his wife; and Joseph Thompson C78/1036, no. 1 [58]
1706 25 May 5 George Wilford gentleman son and heir of Edward Wilford gentleman v. Samuel Awberry administrator of Edmund Awberry his late father C79/40, no. [59]
1706 27 May 5 Richard Day and John Young v. Darrell Short and Mary his wife Will of William Weston late of Mayfield, Sussex, mercer, father of the deft Mary C78/1413, no. 2 [60]
1706 28 May 5 William Lloyd citizen and cooper of London & Priscilla his wife late relict and executrix of Richard Monke v. William Buckland C78/1933, no. 4 [61]
1706 31 May 5 Stephen Northleigh, esq; Elizabeth Northleigh; Susann Northleigh; Lettice Northleigh; Anne Northleigh; and Mary Northleigh, all infants, and children of Henry Northleigh of Peamore, Devon, esq, by Giles Yard, gent v. Edward Yard, esq, the younger & Susan his wife; John Fownes; and Gilbert Yard, esqs C78/1153, no. 5 [62]
1706 1 June 5 John Tweed of Halstead, Essex, gentleman v. Joseph Phillips gentleman; Joseph Wilkin; Mary Phillips; and Margaret Phillips infants by said Joseph Wilkin their guardian C78/1902, no. 9 [63]
1706 4 June 5 Mary Sparhawke, an infant, by John Sparhawke, gent v. John Osborne; Bridget Smith; and John Browne C78/1533, no. 1 [64]
1706 4 June 5 David Arskin, esq, lord Cardrosse and earl of Buchan, Scotland & Frances his wife, daughter of Henry Fairfax, esq & Anna his wife; and the ladies Katherine Anna Arskin and Frances Arskin their two daughters and only issue, infants, by said complainants the earl and countess v. Thomas Browne; Richard Nevill; Richard Aldworth; Paul Jodrell; Thomas Barker; Edward Browne; John Duckett; William Dobyns; Robert Baylis; Edward Tenison; Major George Littleton & Elizabeth his wife C78/1041, no. 2 [65]
1706 5 June 5 Mary Bathurst widow v. John Hockley C78/1902, no. 7 [66]
1706 6 June 5 Christopher Pitt; and others (sic), creditors of Charles, late duke of Richmond and Lenox v. Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, knight, since deceased; John Boys, esq; and others, the executors of Sir Joseph Williamon, knight C78/1549, no. 1 [67]
1706 7 June 5 The Provost and Scholars of Queens College, University of Oxford v. John Boyse; Thomas Addison; Joseph Hornsby; and Richard Webb C78/1551, no. 3 [68]
1706 11 June 5 John Hooke brother and heir of Richard Hooke decd v. John Caryll; Ann Taylor, widow; William Elcox and Mary his wife; Richard Hooke and Elizabeth his wife; John Mountfort and Margaret his wife and Samuel Mountfort their son an infant C78/1485, no. 13 [69]
1706 11 June 5 Thomas Welham, gent, administrator of Malachy Thurston of Exeter, doctor of phisick v. John Bobbett & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Cogan; Samuel Hall & Mary his wife; and Thomazine Francklyn, widow C78/1244, no. 1 [70]
1706 12 June 5 Nathaniel Sheppard; William Allen; Hannah Cole, widow; Nathaniel Jesson; and John Pettit, creditors of Thomas Singleton, deceased for themselves and for for all other creditors of said Thomas Singleton v. Mathew Disney, clerk; Joseph Singleton, & Bethia his wife; Bethia Singleton; and Elizabeth Singleton, an infant, by said Joseph Singleton her father and guardian C78/1633, no. 10 [71]
1706 13 June 5 Robert Ward, gent, since deceased & Margaret then his wife now Margaret Ward, widow and thentofore called Margaret Holt and also Elizabeth Holt, spinster, an infant of about 13 years, by Thomas Gardiner, phisician, they the said Margaret and Elizabeth being sole and natural daughters of William Holt, gent v. Morgan Randyll; and Robert Mathell, esqs, executors of William Holt; John Field & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Burnell; and Paul Beech & Frances his wife; John Emps & Jane his wife; Edward Holt; John Holt; William Holt; and Henry Holt C78/1143, no. 2 [72]
1706 14 June 5 Edward, earl of Jersey, & Barbara, countess of Jersey his wife v. William Villiers, commonly called the Lord Villiers, son and heir of the complainants; and Judith, lady Villiers his wife; Sir Thomas Felton, baronet; and Anthony Meek, esq C78/1780, no. 17 [73]
1706 14 June 5 Robert Hope, & Mary his wife; Humphrey Pegt, & Prudence his wife; Thomas Shilton, & Katherine his wife; Dorothea Bate; Ann Bate; Phillippa Bate; Sebastian Jasson; Robert Row, & Prudence his wife v. Anthony Burnaby, esq C78/1582, no. 3 [74]
1706 14 June 5 Edward, earl of Jersey & Barbara, countess of Jersey his wife v. William Villiers, commonly called Lord Villiers & Judith his wife; Sir Thomas Felton, baronet; and Anthony Mocke, esq C78/1246, no. 9 [75]
1706 15 June 5 Charles Mason esq v. Joyce Betton widow; John Thomas & Rebecca his wife; Edward Price & Julian his wife; John Jones & Pricilla his wife; Joseph Bright & Susanna his wife; and Charles Hanmer C78/2044, no. 2 [76]
1706 15 June 5 John Osbaldiston, gent v. Giles Diston; and Abraham Bully, gent C78/1246, no. 7 [77]
1706 15 June 5 Japhett Crooke; and Thomas Browne v. Henry Awdley, esq; and Francis Canning C78/1532, no. 8 [78]
1706 17 June 5 Mary Jennings, widow v. Anne Phripp, widow; Joseph Phripp; and Matthew Phripp, infants, by their said mother and guardian C78/1644, no. [79]
1706 17 June 5 Dame Mary Penyston, widow v. John Whitfeild; Richard Whitfeild; ?Danvers? Hodges; Richard Freeman; Elizabeth Kerry; John Kerry; George Kerry; James Astrey; Francis Astrey; Penyston Astrey; Thomas Greenwood; and Cornelia Philaristra Maria his wife; and Popeia Penyston C78/1485, no. 12 [80]
1706 18 June 5 James Smith, esq v. John Barrow; and others (sic) C78/1621, no. 5 [81]
1706 19 June 5 John Lloyd and Catherine his wife which said Catherine was the late widow of John Hanmer of Pentrepant, Shrops v Frances Eyton; Rees Hanmer; Robert Rees; and John Tomley Mortgage by the said John Hanmer of messuage called Place Issa with barns, stables, outhouses, orchard and gardens with the woodground and hopyard, and land called Cae Yeythen Llewelyn Cae Stanney Werglod Cae Tynry Wladd Cae Wellm in the hundred of Oswestry township of Pocklington and parish of Sallatin [Selattyn and Gobowen], Shrops. C78/1373, no. 1 [82]
1706 19 June 5 Charles Mason; and Roger Millart v. Thomas Mason, sr; Thomas Mason, jr, & Elizabeth his wife; and Richard Dodwell C78/1772, no. 12 [83]
1706 19 June 5 William Lawley, son and heir of William Lawley, gent; and Katherine Lawley, relict and administratrix of said William Lawley v. Francis Woodrock, son of Francis Woodrock deceased; Francis Woodrock, son of William Woodrock, deceased; Thomas Woodrock; John Woodrock; John Ethersey; and William Gibbs C78/1633, no. 12 [84]
1706 19 June 5 Samuel Sills of Bulcote, Notts, yeoman, administrator of Ann his late wife, who was the daughter and only child of Ann Pickard late wife of Stephen Pickard, by said Stephen her late husband v. William Francks of Thorpe Arnold, Leics, gent, & Dorothy his wife; Ann Gretton, widow and sole executrix of Thomas Gretton of Nottingham, beer brewer; and William Noone of Nottingham, gent C78/1582, no. 7 [85]
1706 20 June 5 Catharine Longford, widow and relict of Richard Longford esq; Elizabeth Longford and Catherine Longford daughters and coheirs of said Richard Longford infants by said Catherine Longford their mother v. Mary Longford, widow; George Longford; Thomas Wynne & Anne his wife; Penelope Lloyd; Edward Lloyd esq; and Jonathan Bruen esq & his wife C78/2010, no. 9 [86]
1706 20 Jun 5 Richard Perkins of West Drayton, Middx v. Sir Felix Wild; Thomas Argall and Anne his wife; Edmund Godwin; William Godwin and Jane his wife one of the daughters of the said Thomas Argall and Mary Argall another of the said Thomas Argall's daughters infants by William Godwin; and Francis Bradford Mortgage by Thomas Argall of the manor of Snoreham Hall [in Latchingdon par.], Essex C78/1429, no. 7 [87]
1706 21 June 5 Sir Edward Northy, knight, Attorney General on behalf of the poor tradesmen and their children of the burough and parish of Buckingham, Bucks v. Sir Richard Temple, knight, and baronet; William Chaplin, gent; and the bailiff and burgesses of the said burough of Buckingham C78/1785, no. 4 [88]
1706 21 June 5 Mary Salusbury the wife of Charles Salusbury by John Sayer v. The said Charles Salusbury; Kendrick Edisbury; and James Craggs C78/1485, no. 10 [89]
1706 22 June 5 Humphry South v. Sir Oliver Ayshcombe & the lady Elizabeth his wife; John Seawood & Martha his wife; and Simon Folkes C78/2010, no. 10 [90]
1706 24 June 5 John Wallis, esq v. John Arnold & Elizabeth his wife; and Nathaniel Arnold & Anne his wife C78/1997, no. 2 [91]
1706 24 June 5 John Page, esq v. John Davy; Gresham Page, & Judith his wife; Phillip Ashly; and Valentine Pell; and others (sic) C78/1621, no. 1 [92]
1706 24 June 5 Abraham Dennis of Inwardly, Devon, gent; Grace Dennis of Great Torrington, Devon, widow; Johan Skinner of the same, widow; Daniel Skinner; and Jane Skinner, children of said Johan Skinner, both infants, by said Johan Skinner, their mother v. Luke Blackmore & Wylmott his wife. C78/1155, no. 5 [93]
1706 25 June 5 Christopher Lethbridge gentleman v. Thomas Berrie esq C79/142, no. [94]
1706 25 June 5 John Astry, esq v. Dame Elizabeth Astry, widow C78/2008, no. 1 [95]
1706 28 June 5 Sarah Lacy only daughter and heir of William Lacy esq an infant by Susan Lacy widow her mother v. Thomas Wells & Joan his wife and others (sic) C78/1902, no. 10 [96]
1706 29 June Dorothy Eastchurch the widow and administratrix of James Eastchurch, gent, her late husband v. John Eastchurch, gent C78/1234, no. 2 [97]
1706 1 July 5 Sir John Collins, knight v. Walter Bogan, & Elizabeth his wife; Rose Mallack; William Hosegood; Gilbert Slee; John Black alias Blackford; John Weymouth; Margaret Lea; George Burton; and others (sic) C78/1621, no. 3 [98]
1706 5 July 5 David Eyton, esq v. John Eyton, & Jane his wife; and Anne Eyton C78/1549, no. 2 [99]
1706 6 July 5 John Cottle executor of Marke Cottle his late father decd v Esme Clarke & Elizabeth his wife, Anne Cottle, Henry Young and Anne his wife, Henry Young, Anna Young and Amphillis Young son & daughters of the said Henry Young and Anne his wife, James Clark and Charity his wife, William Clark and Esme Clarke sons of the said James Clarke and Charity his wife, Susanna Cottle, Alice Cottle and Marke Cottle son and daughters of the said Complt, The Overseers of the poor of the Precinct of the Savoy, John Jones and Vrama his wife, Susanna Newton widow mother of the said Vrama and Samuel Lowndes Will of Marke Cottle the Complts father. Debts of John Jones junior of Lyons Inn, Middx. C78/1351, no. 5 [100]
1706 6 July 5 John Harding and William Harding infants by John Holin v. Roger Harding C78/2045, no. 11 [101]
1706 6 July 5 William Gatley v. Francis Qarrill; Ralph Twoyearold; John Faithful; William Gatley; and Elizabeth Gatley infants by their guardian; Katherine Giff; William Moody & Mary his wife; and Oliver Marton C78/1902, no. 8 [102]
1706 6 July 5 Elizabeth Burrough of London, widow, one of the daughters and coheirs of Charles Burrough her late father v. Susan Gibson; Barnaby Gibson; and Richard Jaques C78/1532, no. 9 [103]
1706 6 July 5 Richard Blyth of Kinsmaton, Middx, sole executor of Henry Hawkes of Westminster, gent v. Sir Robert Clayton, knight; Diana Palgrave, widow; Sir Augustine Palgrave, baronet; and John Grundy, gent C78/1031, no. 3 [104]
1706 6 July 5 Thomas Butcher; John Ward; John Ellis; and robert Hall, creditors of Thomas Churcher, gent for themselves and other creditors of Thomas Churcher; and also Jane Churcher; Richard Churcher; Martha Churcher; Margaret Churcher; and Harry Churcher, younger children and legatees of said Thomas Churcher, by George Naldrett, for themselves and other legatees of said Thomas Churcher v. Thomas Churcher, elder son and heir of said Thomas Churcher his late father; and Mary Churcher, widow and relict of said Thomas Churcher; and John Churcher, another of the children and also administrator with the will annexed of said Thomas Churcher & Jane his wife; and also Nicholas Best; Henry Cowper; and John Everett, trustees appointed in the will of Thomas Churcher; AND v. Thomas Neppiker; and George Mills; Grace Butler; John Apsley; John Riches; William Fashion; Edward Shelley; John Steyning alias Cowper & Joan his wife; Edward Chelsham; and Francis Greenfield C78/1139, no. 4 [105]
1706 6 July 5 William Bower, gent; John Barker, gent; John Baker, gent; William Coverdale; and Anne Hobson, widow, administratrix of Richard Hobson, for themselves and all other creditors of Ralph Egerton, esq, of Allerston, Yorks v. Humphrey Lloyd, esq; and Robert Warburton, gent, surviving trustees by the will of Ralph Egerton for payment of his debts; Elizabeth St Quintine, widow and executrix of Sir William St Quintine her husband, who was a creditor by judgment to said Ralph Egerton; Elizabeth Egerton, widow of Thomas Egerton, esq; John Billing & Diana his wife; Thomas Beech & Barbara his wife; and Parthenia Egerton, which said Diana, Barbara, and Parthenia were the daughters of said Thomas Egerton and legatees by the will of said Ralph Egerton; Sir George Warburton, baronet, heir at law, and also creditor of said Ralph Egerton; William Osbaldeston, esq; Sir Richard Osbaldeston, knight; Thomas Farside, gent; and Edward Hutchinson the son, mortgagees of the estate of said Ralph Egerton; John, earl of Bridgewater, son and heir of John, earl of Bridgewater, his father; who was reisduary legatee of said Ralph Egerton; Sir William Husler; John Farside, gent, purchasers of the estate of said Ralph Egerton; Sir James Symeon; Humphrey Perry; and Anthony Hunter, since deceased C78/1244, no. 3 [106]
1706 6 July 5 John Pedley, esq, administrator of Frances Pedley, gent, his late wife v. Anne Bernard, widow, executrix of Robert Bernard, baronet; John Bernard, baronet; Anne Bernard; and Mary Bernard, children of said Robert Bernard, baronet, infants by the said Lady Anne their guardian; Walter St John, baronet; Francis St John, esq; Richard bentley, doctor of divinity & Johanna his wife; Lucy Bernard; Francis Masham, baronet; John Mason; George Mirrett; Anne Lane, widow; and Thomas Browne, esq C78/1246, no. 6 [107]
1706 8 July 5 Nathaniel Herne, esq; and Thomas Herne, two of the sons of Sir Nathaniel Herne, knight v. William Lisle, esq; John Cottle; Bazill Herne, esq, & Susanna his wife; Judith Herne, an infant, by said Bazill her guardian; William Herne; Charles Herne; Joseph Herne; John Banks; Thomas Frederick, esq; Dame Elizabeth Herne; Frederick Herne, esq; Sir William Hodges; and Henry Featherstone, esq C78/1644, no. 4 [108]
1706 9 July 5 John Hope and Amy his wife, and John Bosse son of the said Amy v John Mole, John Carter, Weekley Eakins, and Mary and Elizabeth Kettleby, and Thomas Eakins Thomas Bosse of Berton, Bucks. Mortgage, in 1637, of estate in parishes of Bearton [Bierton], Aylesbury and Wendover, Bucks C78/1334, no. 2 [109]
1706 9 July 5 William Dickinson and Mary Dicinson an infant daughter and heir of Edmund Dickinson by said William Dickinson her grandfather v. Anne Justice daughter and heir of John Justice and William Sacheverell, esq C78/2007, no. 7 [110]
1706 9 July 5 Dionis Shales the younger v. Dionis Shales the elder; Robert Keymer; Abraham Young C78/1632, no. 11 [111]
1706 9 July 5 John, lord Colepeper, baron of Thoresway v. Margaret, lady Colepeper; Thomas, lord Fairfax, & Katherine his wife; Susanna illis alias Weldon alias Laycocke; John Peashall, esq, & Charlott his wife C78/1515, no. 3 [112]
1706 10 July 5 Mary Izard, widow, since deceased; and Elizabeth Izard, widow, daughters of George Pryor, esq, only surviving sisters and heirs at law of Charles Pryor, esq, who was only son of said George Pryor and also administrices of Charles Pryor v. William Betteresse the younger, son and heir of Lucy Betteresse, late wife of William Betteres the elder AND also v. said William Betteresse the elder C78/1143, no. 1 [113]
1706 12 July 5 William Battishill; Gilbert Davy; Thomas Tothill; and Anne Bolithoe (the widow and executrix of William Bolithoe decd) as well on behalf of themselves as others the creditors of Humphrey Walrond for debt contracted before the 29th of September 1698 v. Henry Walrond of Bradfield; Thomas Saffin; Edmund Cudmore; the said Humphrey Walrond; Thomas Walrond and Elizabeth Walrond his son and daughter Debts of Humphrey Walrond. Trust under act of Parliament to allow him to sell some of his estate in Tiverton to provide for his children and pay off his debts contracted before 29 Sept 1698. C78/1457, no. 4 [114]
1706 17 July 5 Timothy Cason & Elizabeth his wife (daughter and heir of Thomas Brend esq and neice and heir of Francis Brend esq and right heir of Sir Mathew Brend father of said Thomas Brend) v. Thomas Werge esq and Richard Perry C79/175, no. [115]
1706 17 July 5 Sir Lacon William Child knight one of the masters of Chancery v. Thomas Morgan baronet; James Morgan esq; Delarider Morgan; Hester Annaretta Morgan; Pricilla Morgan; John Tyler dean of Hereford; Thomas Childe esq; Thomas Jobber esq; and Sir Edward Northey knight then Attorney General C79/26, no. [116]
1706 17 July 5 James Pashley v. John Beck & Margaret his wife; Thomas Parsons; Sarah Pashley; and Margaret Pashley C78/2043, no. 3 [117]
1706 14 Oct 5 Robert, earl of Lindsey, Lord Great Chamberlain of England v. Elizabeth, countess dowager of Lindsey, relict and executrix of Robert, earl of Lindsey C78/1252, no. 3 [118]
1706 18 Oct 5 William lord Cheney; Sir Walter Clarges baronet and Peter Berwicke doctor in physicke the onley surviving executors of Christopher late Duke of Albemarle v. William, earl of Yarmouth C79/186, no. [119]
1706 24 Oct 5 Christian Thomas widow of William Thomas decd, being the only daughter of John Freeman decd by Sarah his 3rd wife also decd v Elizabeth Freeman, Sir John Morden and John Trigg Marriage agreement between the Complts parents. C78/1351, no. 4 [120]
1706 25 Oct 5 Robert Gayer; James Gayer; Elizabeth Gayer; Edward Gayer; and Anne Gayer, sons and daughters of Robert Gayer, esq, who is son and heir of Sir Robert Gayer; and Henry Gayer, youngest son of said Sir Robert Gayer; Thomas Gayer; and William Gayer his second and third sons, by Dame Mary his first wife; and James Gayer; and Edward Gayer his sons, by Lady Christian Gayer, his widow and relict v. William Lloyd, doctor in divinity; The Honorable Robert North, esq; and James Smith, esq, executors and trustees of said Sir Robert Gayer's will; and the said Robert Gayer, esq, son and heir of the said Sir Robert Gayer C78/1246, no. 3 [121]
1706 28 Oct 5 Knightley Chettwood doctor in divinity v. John Deann and Richard Lee gentlemen C78/2044, no. 10 [122]
1706 4 Nov 5 Jane Platt, widow v. William Bayly; William Thompson; Richard Drayton; Richard Goddard; Thomas Tooker; and Frances Carolina Farmer; and John Farmer; Susan Duncombe; Charles Dubois; and Anne Dubois C78/1644, no. 7 [123]
1706 6 Nov 5 Charles Allestry clerk v. Booth Allestry esq; Abraham Crompton gentleman; and Charles Jennens esq C78/1917 no. 2 [124]
1706 6 Nov 5 Charles Allestree, clerk v. Booth Allestree, esq; Abraham Crompton, gent; and Charles Hennens, esq C78/1584, no. 1 [125]
1706 7 Nov 5 Sir Richard Grosvenor of Eaton, Ches, baronet; Thomas Grosvenor; and Robert Grosvenor infants by Francis Cholmondley of Wale Royal, Ches v. Sir Richard Middleton, baronet C78/1998, no. 4 [126]
1706 13 Nov 5 Thomas Arrowsmith, clerk v. Tasburgh Rowse, gent C78/1621, no. 9 [127]
1706 15 Nov 5 Thomas Harwell jr and John Harwell, sons of Thomas Harwell sr & Anna his wife, and Elizabeth Harwell infant daughter of Thomas Harwell sr & Anna his wife v. Thomas Harwell , Thomas Clarke & Elizabeth his wife, Alice Wyett, Mary Wyett, Henry Bedell, and Thomas Morrice Rights under the wills of Thomasin Morris. RCP C78/1300, no. 1 [128]
1706 15 Nov 5 Lettice Dinn, widow and administratrix of Francis dinn, esq, her husband; Margaret Dinn, widow and administratrix of Henry Dinn, eldest son and heir of said Francis Dinn, esq, and one of the sisters of Thomas Morrison, esq v. Mary Snell, widow; Thomas Wilhamson, & Katherine his wife; and Elizabeth Smith afterwards married to the Honorable Maurice Thompson, esq C78/1774, no. 1 [129]
1706 16 Nov 5 Daniel Colwall, esq, administrator with the will annexed of John Colwall, esq and also administrator of Lucy Colwall, wife of said John Colwall with her will annexed v. William Longueville, esq; and Richard Spour C78/1153, no. 4 [130]
1706 18 Nov 5 John Harris, John Morgan and Dame Frances Travell wife of Sir Thomas Travell v Sir Thomas Travell Complt Frances' rights to her estate of inheritance upon marital separation. C78/1353, no. 4 [131]
1706 18 Nov 5 Thomas Marlay eldest son & heir of Anthony Marlay v. Nicholas Shires gentleman & Jane his wife late Jane Hedworth; Sir Ralph Carr knight; Lionell Vane esq; and others (sic) Lease of 1/12 part of the collieries in the parish of Ryton & Kiofeild, Co Durham, commonly called Stella Grand Lea,from Dame Jane Marlay, the complts grandmother to the deft Jane Shires (formerly Jane Hedworth, spinster) C78/2048, no. 5 [132]
1706 20 Nov 5 Edward Jones clerk on of the canons of Windsor & Katherine his wife widow and relict of Robert Waith gentleman v. Gregory Westcomb & Elizabeth his wife; William Weeket; Waith Weeket; John Fulham & Anne his wife; and Asron Jones C79/40, no. [133]
1706 22 Nov 5 Katherine Thompson, widow, relict of William Thompson of Putthalls, Essex, esq; and William Thompson; and Katherine Thompson, infants, by said Katherine Thompson, their mother v. William Baron; and Edward Staunton C78/1501, no. 9 [134]
1706 25 Nov 5 Thomas Brompton gentleman v. William Atkys gentleman and Anchorett Symonds widow C78/2045, no. 20 [135]
1706 25 Nov 5 Thomas Bowdler of London v. Mary Smith, widow; John Horbold; Phillip Grime; Drury Smith; Phillip Smith; and Mary Smith C78/1031, no. 1 [136]
1706 26 Nov 5 Samuel Whitebread, gent v. Thomas Whitebred the son; and Thomas Whitebred, an infant, by Mary Whitebred his mother and guardian C78/1621, no. 8 [137]
1706 28 Nov 5 Phillip Levermore, merchant v. Benedicta Standerwick, widow, administratrix of John Standerwick, merchant her late husband C78/1785, no. 5 [138]
1706 29 Nov 5 Edward Clarke an infant, youngest son of Sir James Clark late of East Moulsey [East Molesey ], Surrey decd v James Clarke, Dame Anne Clarke widow, Joseph Clark, Nicholas Clark & Lydia his wife Will of Sir James Clarke. Complts claim to early payment of his legacy in order to take up employment with the East India Company. C78/1351, no. 3 [139]
1706 2 Dec 5 Walter Stuart of London, merchant, & Hannah his wife, granddaughter and devisee of Hannah Spurway, late wife of Humphry Spurway, late citizen and brewer of London v. Joshua Lock; John Blount; Nathaniel Poole; Sansome Goodall; Abigail Goodall; Jane Goodall, children of Richard Goodall; Joseph Boone; Mary Boone; and Jacob Marsome C78/1720, no. 1 [140]
1706 4 Dec 5 John Day v. John Sowgate; John Fosdicke; and Robert Muskett C78/1611, no. 6 [141]
1706 9 Dec 5 James Oades v Robert Hyde Re-mortgage of messuage & close in East Knoyle and Bishop Knoyle[, Wilts C78/1308, no. 1 [142]
1706 9 Dec 5 Susannah Purdue widow and administratrix of John Purdue decd v Benjamin Aytoffe, Sir Owen Buckingham, Randolph Kupe, Henry Phill and John Preston Estate & debts of John Purdue. Refs bill of 1699 John Scudamore & Martha his wife v the current complt & Elizabeth her daughter C78/1353, no. 5 [143]
1706 9 Dec 5 the lady Mainwaring late the wife of Sir John Mainwaring baronet and executrix of Roger Whitley v. Thomas Whitley, esq, & Mary his wife; Letitia Whitley, widow; Elizabeth Whitley; Charlott Mainwaring; and Elizabeth Mainwaring C78/1998, no. 3 [144]
1706 11 Dec 5 Christopher Danby v. Sir John Read; Margaret Danby, widow; Francis Howes; John Danby; Francis Danby; Katherine Best als Blades; John Rushworth; Phillip Lawson; and Ralph Errington Will of Sir Thomas Danby the complts late father. C78/1440, no. 1 [145]
1706 20 Dec 5 John Mackley an infant (under 21 but above 20 years) by William Mackley; and Joyce Clynch, widow v. Edmund Trinder; John Mills; John Stephens; Robert Arch; Francis Cox; Anthony Edwards; Sibil Mills; Winifrid Mills; Mary Mills; Susannah Davis; Sarah Clinch; Jane Mackley; Elizabeth Mackley; and John Mackley C78/2000, no. 1 [146]
1706 21 Dec. 5 David Arskin, Earl Buchan in Scotland and Lady Francis his wife, the daughter of Henry Fairfax by Anne his wife, The Lady Katherine Anne Arskin and The Lady Frances Arskin children of the said Earl and Countess v Thomas Brown, Richard Aldworth, Thomas Barker, John Duckett, Robert Baylis, George Littleton and Elizabeth his wife, Richard Neville, Paul Jodrell, Edward Brown, William Dobyns and Edward Temson. Mortgage of lands, rents and tithes of Bridlington, Yorks. Hurst, Berks and Marlow, Bucks C78/1040, no. 1 [147]
1706 21 Dec 5 John Boseley, gent v. Robert Daniel, gent C78/1621, no. 10 [148]
1706 23 Dec 5 Mary Wiseman; and Arabella Wiseman, surviving executrices of Sir Edmund Wiseman their late father and also administraces of Sarah Wiseman their sister, who together with the said Mary and Arabella were joint executrices of their said father v. Edmund Wiseman, esq, their brother; Henry Strudwicke, & Elizabeth his wife; John Wright; and Thomas Wisdome C78/1721, no. 3 [149]
1706 23 Dec 5 Mary Blomfield, widow and relict of Ezekiell Blomfield of Norwich grocer v. John Durrant; and John Hunton C78/1720, no. 2 [150]