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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1692 4 C78/, no. []
1692 (bill) Hilary Term Richard Luxford merchant v. Lewis Westcombe esq & the lady Coplestone his wife and Dothelda Savage spinster C79/41, no. [2]
1692 12 Jan 3 Sir William Hickes, John Foulkes executor of John Foulkes, William Pokins, Sir Richard Onslow executor of Sir Arthur Onslow decd, William Freeman, Martin May executor of Elizabeth Bateman decd, Ann Walter, Dame Dorothy Beversham widow & administratrix of Sir William Beversham decd, Sir Thomas Millington, Francis Woodhall, Joseph Thirrold, Samuel Shleman apothecary, Mary Rose widow and John Boate on behalf of themselves and others creditors of Sir George Crooke late of Waterstocke, Oxford decd v Sir Henry Ashurst Debts payable from manor of Waterstock, Oxford. C78/918, no. 3 [3]
1692 19 Jan 3 Anthony Floyer of Charmouth, Dorset and James Gold of Dorchester executors of John Gould the elder then late of Upway, Dorset decd v. John Harrington Mortgage of manor of Putten als Putton and Checkerell als West Cherkerell, Dorset by the deft to the said testator John Gould decd. C78/1414, no. 31 [4]
1692 20 Jan 3 Leonard Bates, an infant of about 4 years, by Thomas Bates his father and guardian; and Nicholas Bendy v. John Pennyman, gent C78/1004, no. 2 [5]
1692 23 Jan 3 Benjamin Cropley, a lunatic, by John Nickoll and Thomas Nickoll v Ralph Hartly Possession of mortgaged messuages on north side of Swanne Alley or Trinity Alley, St. Sepulchre without Newgate, London. C78/918, no. 2 [6]
1692 25 Jan 3 Alexander Lutterell v Mary Lutterell widow of Francis Lutterell decd, Mary Lutterell and Francis Lutterell infants by the said Mary their mother, Tregonwell Lutterell an infant by Samuel Pitt, Lucy Lutterell widow, Nathaniel Palmer and Ann Siderfin. Profits from trust settlement of castle and manor of Dunstar, Somerset. C78/940, no. 1 [7]
1692 25 Jan 3 William Metcalfe of London, merchant v. Daniel Mitchell C78/2041, no. 5 [8]
1692 25 Jan 4 James Higges of Clifton, Warw, yeoman; Richard Sedgwick, clerk; Robert Hewett, jr; Jonas Whiteham, clerk; John Barner, clerk; Sarah Sanderson, widow; and Elizabeth Peake, widow v. Sarah Sanderson, widow; John Sanderson; Mary Sanderson; Francis Sanderson; Richard Knightley; Jeremiah Withers & his wife; and John Stephens, gent C78/1134, no. 5 [9]
1692 26 Jan 3 Nathaniel Janes & Johannah his wife, only daughter of Thomas Wilson & Johannah his wife v. Henry Whatton, clerk & Mary his wife, late wife of Thomas Wilson; John Wilson & Mary his wife; and William Wilson; and others (sic) C78/957, no. 4 [10]
1692 26 Jan 3 Christopher Venman, gent v. John Cart C78/1072, no. 8 [11]
1692 28 Jan 3 Katharine, countess dowager of Gainsborough, relict of Wriothesly Baptist, earl of Gainsborough v. Baptist, earl of Gainsborough, an infant, by his guardian; and the Honorable John Noel, esq C78/945, no. 2 [12]
1692 1 Feb 3 Thomas Hartopp of London, merchant v. Richard Duke, executor of James Kelke; Sir Thomas Griffith, knight; Richard Holt; and Bryan Rogers C78/1713, no. 2 [13]
1692 4 Feb 3 Thomas Hobbs, surgeon v. Dame Marina Phelipps; and Elizabeth Phelipps C78/782, no. 6 [14]
1692 5 Feb 3 Alexander Rigby and Thomas Hearne v John Scott and Richard Bryan Agreement for the making of 5 bells for the church of Lavendon, Bucks, the defts being churchwardens of that parish, and the complt Rigby being a bell founder. C78/1365, no. 3 [15]
1692 5 Feb 3 Sir Thomas Earle v. William Stocker; Gyles Merricke; Erasmus Dole and Charles Stubbs Loans from the complt to the deft Stocker, a merchant of the City of Bristol, to finance trading voyages. Part share in the vessell 'Saint Martin' and share in a cargo in the 'Eleanor' of Bristol to Bilboa used as security. Dispute over a moiety of the ship 'Happy Returne' C78/1445, no. 7 [16]
1692 5 Feb 3 Mary Fisher, an infant under the age of 14, sole daughter and heir of Edward Fisher of London, merchant, & Ellen his wife, by said Ellen Fisher her mother and guardian v. Samuel Blackerby, esq; and Francis March, merchant C78/1722, no. 7 [17]
1692 5 Feb 3 Penelope Jesson and Anne Jesson, infants, by Sir William Villiers, baronet v. William Jesson; and Richard Lyster C78/1566, no. 1 [18]
1692 8 Feb 3 Andrew Barker, esq, & Elizabeth his wife v. Robert Maudey C78/763, no. 1 [19]
1692 8 Feb 3 Richard Ireland v. John Houghton; and Corbett Houghton C78/793, no. 3 [20]
1692 9 Feb 3 The Assistants, Chaplains; and Poor People of the Hospital of the Holy Trinity in Newark near the borough of Leicester of the Foundation of James I v. William Barrow, gent C78/1610, no. 7 [21]
1692 9 Feb 3 Mary Duncombe; and Olive Duncombe, daughters and coheirs of Henry Duncombe, esq, and grandchildren by the father's side and heirs at law of Roger Duncomb, esq, and infants, by John Child, gent, their grandfather by the mother's side v. George Duncombe, esq; Sir Richard Onslow, baronet; and Denzell Onslow, esq C78/793, no. 6 [22]
1692 10 Feb 3 Richard Buckby of the Inner Temple son and heir of William Buckby v. Mary Buckby and Richard Ranisford Will of William Buckby with legacies of £400 to each of six sons payable at their respective ages of 23 and £400 to each of two daughters payable at their respective age of 23 or the day of marriage, whichever should happen first, with provision in the event of the death of a child before payment. RCP C78/1300, no. 4 [23]
1692 11 Feb 3 John Keigwin v Humfry Nicoll Manor of Trelill, Cornwall, lease of lands called Tupton als Upton in the parish of St Kew, Cornwall for 3 lives by Humfrey Nicoll the defts grandfather. C78/1369, no. 23 [24]
1689 12 Feb 3 William Basill esq v. Dame Anne viscountess of Dunganon; Sir Hans Hamilton; William Shawe; james Hamilton; and John Reynold C78/1917, no. 9 [25]
1692 12 Feb 3 Elizabeth Legatt, widow v. John Cooper, gent; Richard Thompson; and John Hall C78/1079, no. 6 [26]
1692 14 Feb 4 Nathaniel Maplebeck & Mary his wife; and Anne Sayle, spinster, said Mary and Anne being the daughters of John Sayle of Campsall, Yorks v. Susan Sayle; and John Sayle C78/977, no. 5 [27]
1692 15 Feb 4 Thomas Albery v. William Heyward C78/1640, no. 5 [28]
1692 15 Feb 4 Elizabeth Anderton, widow; Charles Wratten; Thomas Wratten; and John Wratten, sons of said Elizabeth Anderton and infants by said Elizabeth their mother v. John Ryley C78/1630, no. 6 [29]
1692 15 Feb 4 Elizabeth Newland, widow, mother and administratrix of John Newland the younger, of London, gent v. Christopher Lowman; John Bennett & Anna his wife C78/945, no. [30]
1692 17 Feb 4 William Johnston doctor in physick v. Eleanor Weal widow; William Weal; William Traver; and William Turton gentleman C79/37, no. [31]
1692 18 Feb 4 Robert Burdett and Magdalen his wife, Mary Aston, Henry Towers, William Hubbard, John Dey, Edmond Ivory clerke and Elizabeth his wife, Susan Tuffis singlewoman, John Goddard, George Dearsley, John Robinson, Francis Leader, Thomas Scott, Henry Dixon, Samuel Aldie the elder, William Gibson, Robert Mason and Mary his wife, Stephen Shorten, Peregrine Hansard, John Woodward, Katherine Hubbard widow v Nicholas Saunderson and Elizabeth his wife, Wrey Saunderson their son, Nicholas Spencer clerke, Henry Ward, Gregory Woodruffe, John Ward, John Worten, Elianor Dey widow, Jane Dey the younger singlewoman, Robert Lamson, Mary Sheering, Sarah Sheering, Elizabeth Emerson, Mary Emerson, Ellen Emerson, Richard Edwards, Samuel Aldye the younger and Ursula his wife, and Mary Smith Estate of Sir John Wray decd. Manor of Woodhall and messuages in Hillgay, Norfolk. C78/1371, no. 12 [32]
1692 19 Feb 4 Margaret French, widow and relict of William French v. Robert French; and Isabel French C78/782, no. 4 [33]
1692 20 Feb 4 Richard Butler, gent; Thomas Strangwayes, esq; Thomas Watters; John Markham; Constance Jessopp, doctor of divinity; Richard Butler the younger; and Elizabeth Benson, widow, administratrix of William Benson v. Thomas Llander the elder; Thomas Llander the younger; Francis Stanley; Francis Clayton; Phillipp Perkins; and William Haughton C78/1004, no. 1 [34]
1692 22 Feb 4 Mary Owen the elder, widow, the relict and executrix of George Owen, sr, doctor in divinity her late husband; William Owen; John Owen; Charles Owen; Mary Owen the younger; and Elizabeth Owen infants, five of the younger children of the said Doctor Owen, by said Mary Owen their mother v. George Owen, gent C78/1550, no. 4 [35]
1692 22 Feb 4 James Trumble v. Samuel Bissell & Frances his wife; Eliabeth Axtell; and Martha Axtell C78/1233, no. 5 [36]
1692 23 Feb 4 Elizabeth Bennington v Edward Bennington and John Bennington Dispute over a marriage settlement and the provision of a jointure. Land in Moulton and Weston, Lincs. C78/825, no. 2 [37]
1692 23 Feb 4 John Mascall, gentleman executor of William Hogben v. Gregory Odiarne; Stephen Odiarne; John Boswell; and Robert Yates; Charles Odiarne; and Gregory Odiarne the sons of said Stephen Odiarne C78/2041, no. 4 [38]
1692 23 Feb 4 Samuel Holmes of Tamworth, Warw, gent, son and heir of Samuel Holmes of London and grandson and heir of Ralph Holmes, citizen and clothworker of London v. Edward Buckley; and John Salter C78/1072, no. 1 [39]
1692 24 Feb 4 Edward Atwood, Anne Halford widow, William Halford, Edward Halford an infant, Mary Halford spinster, Joseph Eaton and Elizabeth his wife and Josiah Eaton an infant, legatees of William Atwood decd v William Warr and Sarah his wife, and Smart Goodenough executors of William Atwood decd, Elizabeth Wollaston, John Cholmeley and John Cave executors of William Wollaston decd, John Wilkins and Rebecca his wife and the Governors and Company of Mercahnts Trading to the East Indies Will of William Atwood of Hackney, Middx C78/1349, no. 2 [40]
1692 24 Feb 4 Anthony Penhay, gent; Elizabeth Parnell, widow and relict of Roger Parnell, gent; Nicholas Bastard, gent; John Scoble; and Edmund Shepheard of ___, Devon v. Roger Hurrell the elder, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Hurrell; Roger Hurrell of Hendham; Thomas Pyne; Richard Bynmore; Martha Hurrell; and Dorothy Hurrell the daughters of said Roger Hurrell the elder; and also Roger Hurrell; and Sampson Hurrell, grandsons of said Roger Hurrell the elder C78/826, no. 5 [41]
1692 25 Feb 4 Sir Marke Milbanke of Halnabye [in Croft par.], Yorks, baronet, grandson and heir at law of Dorothy Milbancke of Newcastle upon Tyne, widow, and executor of said Dorothy Milbancke v. Henry Wetwang; and Mary Wetwang Mortgage by Joshua Wetwange, the deft Henry's father & the deft Mary's husband, of 6 messuages etc in Dunston, tenements and 1/4 tenement in Newton by the Sea, both Northumberland C78/787, no. 3 [42]
1692 25 Feb 4 Thomas Dowbledew; William Holmes; Francis Vayles; and Elizabeth Algure, widow v. John Frary; and Thomas Betts, executors of Richard Warner; and Elizabeth Warner, then the widow and relict of said Richard Warner and now the wife of said John Frary; and John Warner, son and heir of said Richard Warner C78/802, no. 5 [43]
1692 27 Feb 4 Richard Rous v. Margaret Mawdit C78/2012, no. 12 [44]
1692 1 March 4 Susan Alcock spinster v. John Sparhawke C79/121, no. [45]
1692 1 March 4 Robert Baker and Elizabeth Baker son and daughter of John Baker citizen and haberdasher of London lately deceased by Robert Grew their grandfather v. William Strode; Robert Hull; and Mathew Baker C78/2038, no. 10 [46]
1692 2 March 4 Lawrence, earl of Rochester knight of the Garter and Henry, lord Hyde son and heir apparent of said earl by said earl his father v. John, lord archbishop of Canterbury; and John, earl of Bath; the lady Jane Leveson Gower; Sir John Leveson Gower infant by said lady Jane his mother and guardian; Sir Edward Wyndham baronet; Dame Katherine his wife; Jane Leveson Gower; Sir Cyrill Wythe knight; Bernard Greenvile esq; Dennis Greenvill clerk; and John Charleton esq C78/2038, no. 1 [47]
1692 16 March 4 Robert Garrett clerk; John Guest gentleman & Elleanor his wife v. Sampson Bredy gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; and Joshua Richardson clerk; and Thomas Cornwell C78/2060, no. 11 [48]
1692 5 April 4 John Holgate; and Joyce Duke, jr v. Jane Duke, widow; and John Duke C78/1640, no. 14 [49]
1692 7 April 4 Thomas Ewens of Bristol, mariner, son and heir of Robert Ewens v. Alice Stone, widow, relict and administratrix of Peter Stone; Davenport Stone; Ambrose Redhouse; Alice Weadon; Thomas Sharpe; William Phillipps; Arthur Porter; John Wilkinson; and Andrew Jennings; and William Stone, afterwards added C78/937, no. -- [50]
1692 9 April 4 Sir Richard Stephens, knight v. Richard Wollaston, esq C78/1559, no. 1 [51]
1692 15 April 4 James Newton of Clerkenwell Green in the parish of Clerkenwell, Middx v. John Ballett of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex C78/1903, no. 2 [52]
1692 18 April 4 James Price, an infant, by Mary Lucy his aunt and guardian v. Gervase Price C78/763, no. 3 [53]
1692 20 April 4 William Boysey of Dartmouth, Devon, merchant, Mayor of the Borough and Corporation of Dartmouth, alias Clifton, Dartmouth, Harnesse, and the Bailiffs and Commonalty of the same borough and corporation v. John Whitrow, esq; and others (sic) C78/1624, no. 5 [54]
1692 20 April 4 George Alder; John Skelly; and Thomas Moffet v. John Hindmarsh, esq; and Sir John Heron Payment by the complt Alder to George Potts, outgoing tenant of Heple[Hepple] Demeasne, Northumberland for his 'way goeinge cropp' (ie crop in the ground), which was to be paid to the Duke & Duchess of Somerset for the debts of Potts. Action by Hindmarsh against Alder for other debts due from Potts C78/964, no. 3 [55]
1692 21 April 4 Thomas Ellerker gentleman v. James Friend C78/2060, no. 13 [56]
1692 25 April 4 Sir John Leveson Gower of Trentham, Staffs, baronet a minor of about 17 years by lady Jane Leveson Gower his mother and guardian; John, lord archbishop of Canterbury; and the said lady Jane Leveson Gower which lord archbishop, lady Jane, and John Charlton were appointed by Sir William Leveson Gower baronet late father of said Sir John to be guardians of said Sir John by said William's will v. Sir Cyrill Wythe; Thomas Frankland; John Charlton; and Isaac Ewer C78/2038, no. 2 [57]
1692 25 April 4 John Burton of New College, Oxford, gent; Frances Halford; Charles Halford, esq, one of the younger sons of Sir William Halford of Wellham, Leics, knight; Walter Cary, esq & Annabella his wife, one of the daughters of said Sir William Halford; Elizabeth Halford, another of the daughters of said Sir William Halford; and Mary Halford; Katherine Halford; and Agnes Halford, three other daughters of said Sir William Halford, infants, by said Charles Halford their brother v. Sir William Halford, knight, eldest son and heir of said Sir Willliam Halford; and the Lady Frances his wife, one fo the daughters of James, earl of Salisbury; James Halford, esq, eldest son and heir apparent of said Sir William Halford and the said Lady Frances his wife; John Tillottson then doctor in divinity and Dean of St Pauls and now archbishop of Canterbury; John Mapletoft, doctor in divinity; John Fisher, gent; The Honorable Robert Cecill, esq; Sir William Forrester, knight; John Verney; Thomas Atkins; and Henry Falford, esqs; Dame Elizabeth Halford alias Burton, the widow and relict of said Sir William Halford; Sir Richard Atkins, baronet; Jeremy Palmer, esq; Thomas Kearsley, esq; Sir Beamont, Dupe, baronet; Sir James Etheridge, knight; William Harrison; John Dowley; Robert Perkins; and William Parker C78/1138, no. 1 [58]
1692 26 April 4 Elizabeth Wintle, widow; and Richard Wintle, an infant, his son, by said Elizabeth his mother and guardian v. John Worfield; Thomas Twitty & Mary his wife; Thomas Walker; ___ Farr; George Oswald; Elizabeth Dowdeswell; Bazill Fielding & Mary his wife C78/969, no. 5 [59]
1692 27 April 4 Francis, Lord Brudenell and William Rowley v Thomas, Lord Morley and Mounteagle and Samuel Howard Debts payable from profits of sale of the manor of Farleton, Lancs. C78/919, no. 4 [60]
1692 27 April 4 Henry Fox and Frances his wife late called the Honorable Frances Lane daughter of George Lord Viscount Lanesborough and grandaughter of Frances late Countess Dowager of Dorset v Henry Powle and Mary Lewis Payments due from trust settlement of manor of Awkeridge, or Alkeridge or Okeridge, Heref C78/940, no. 2 [61]
1692 27 April 4 Charles Boyle, esq, one of the grandsons of Frances, late countess dowager of Dorset, by Mary, countess of Orrery his mother v. The Right Honorable Henry Powle, esq, Master of the Rolls; and Mary Brett, widow and executrix of Charles Brett of Westminster, esq C78/1072, no. 5 [62]
1692 28 April 4 Sir Benjamin Bathurst, knight v. Gilbert Dolben, & Anne his wife; John Dolben, & Elizabeth his wife; John Alicocke, & Elizabeth his wife; Benjamin Alicocke; Syers Alicocke; John Alicocke; Walter Alicocke; William Tate; and Francis Cooke C78/782, no. 2 [63]
1692 28 April 4 Mary Street, widow, the relict and executrix of Henry Street her late husband v. Margaret Street, widow, the relict and administratrix of Woodhall Street her late husband; and Timothy Box; and Thomas Box, the said Mary having been first intermarried to John Connant, doctor of laws and at this and the said Mary's suit and the bill and the proceedings thereupon being duly revived and between the said Margaret Street complainant and said Mary Street, widow; John Westburgh Wise; and Richard Downes C78/1125, no. 7 [64]
1692 29 April 4 Cornelius Staylor alias Steeler, only son of Cornelius Staylor alias Steeler and of Katherine his wife, both since deceased, his late father and mother, being an infant of about 12 years, by William Thompson v.Thomas Gavell, gent C78/1249, no. 5 [65]
1692 2 May 4 Joseph Brock v. Francis Cutler, & Sarah his wife; and others (sic) C78/1629, no. 5 [66]
1692 2 May 4 Leonard Welstead of Abington, Northt, clerk; Nicholas Chamberlaine of Bedworth, Warw, clerk; and Thomas Franckes of Quinnborough, Leics, gent, for themselves and other creditors of Richard Salisbury of Newton Burgaland in the parish of Swepston, Leics, gent v. William Salisbury, son and heir of said Richard Salisbury; William Salisbury the elder, the father of said Richard Salisbury; and William Salisbury the younger brother of the said Richard Salisbury C78/1133, no. 1 [67]
1692 4 May 4 Thomas (?) Neeve citizen and fishmonger of London v. The Mayor and Court of Aldermen of the city of London; Leonard Robinson esq; Elizabeth Ladds widow; Thomas ____; John Ladds; ____ Ladds; Mary Ladds; and Elizabeth Ladds (?) C79/163, no. [68]
1692 4 May 4 Robert Ashton of the Middle Temple, esq, & Sarahhis wife, daughter of the defendant by Sarah his second wife lately deceased who was one of the daughters and coheirs of Doctor Peter Salmon and Joan his wife v. Thomas Williamson, esq; and others (sic) C78/1555, no. 3 [69]
1692 4 May 4 John Tolson, gent v. Thomas Tolson, gent, & Mary his wife; Edward Bearcroft, gent; and Peter Pury, clerk C78/1519, no. 10 [70]
1692 4 May 4 James Vareilles; and John Vareilles, the two eldest sons of James Vareilles and nephews of Henry Vareilles then deceased, minors by said James Vareilles their father and guardian, which James Vareilles the father was brother unto the said Henry Vareilles v. Lovise Bauchampe alias Vareilles C78/763, no. 2 [71]
1692 4 May 4 William Abby v. John Hill, the committee of Thomas Hill a lunatic; the said Thomas Hill by his committee; and William Browne, administrator of Daniel Hill C78/778, no. 5 [72]
1692 6 May 4 Thomas Walsh of London doctor in phisick v Edward Walsh sr esq C78/1903, no. 4 [73]
1692 6 May 4 Anne Wenman; Martha Wenman; and Deborah Wenman, daughters of Richard Wenman the younger, & Martha his wife, by Giles Bagg, their guardian v. Richard Wenman the elder C78/1630, no. 5 [74]
1692 9 May 4 Deborah Webb widow and executrix of John Webb decd v. Edward Marling; Mortgage by the deft of property in Owlpen & Cowley, Gloucs. C78/1452, no. 9 [75]
1692 12 May 4 Charles, duke of St Albans v. Lawrence, earl of Rochester; Henry lord Sidney and v. Robert Sawyer knight and Sir Francis Child knight C79/155, no. [76]
1692 13 May 4 Elizabeth Clerke, executrix of Phillipp Warwick, esq, late son of Sir Phillipp Warwick, knight and one of the daughters of Henry Clerke, esq and of Isabella his wife, sister of said Sir Phillipp Warwick and aunt of the said Phillip Warwick v. Mathew Johnson; and John Tench, esqs, executors of Sir Phillip Warwick; and The Lady Joyce Turner; and the said Isabella Clerke, widow, sisters and coheirs of said Sir Phillipp Warwick and aunts and heirs of the said Phillip Warwick; and Sir John Nicholas Knight C78/802, no. 4 [77]
1692 13 May 4 John Barney, gent v. The Honorable Elizabeth Hervey, widow and executrix of John Hervey, esq; and Dame Elizabeth Jervey, widow C78/826, no. 4 [78]
1692 13 May 4 William Hickes, gent v. Bernard Smyth; William Harvey; and Francis Hobart C78/941, no. 6 [79]
1692 14 May 4 Charles Clinton and Robert Clinton, Thomas Douce, Fernando Clinton, Lionel Midford v John, Lord Lawarr, Sir William Cowper Estate of Dorothy Huddleston, dispute over marriage portion and a jointure on her marriage to Fernando Clinton. Issues of the manor of Hazeley, Oxfordshire, and the manor of Milium, Cumberland, also of the manor of Hunderthwaite, Yorkshire. C78/825, no. 5 [80]
1692 14 May 4 Gilbert Cowper v. John Fenton & Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Bernard; and Edward Atkinson C79/93, no. [81]
1692 14 May 4 The Right Honorable Henry Powle, esq, Master of the Rolls v. William Winter, esq; George Skipp; Ann Skinner, widow; John Surman; John Thorne & Anne his wife; Mary Trist, widow; John Phillipps; Benjamin Pritchard, clerk; William Bissell; Richard Drew; Stephen Skynner; John Moreton; and Anthony Vobe C78/1072, no. 7 [82]
1692 14 May 4 Richard Fownes; and Edward Seymore, esq v. John Fotherlye; Edward Procter; and Henry Guy, esq C78/1116, no. 1 [83]
1692 16 May 4 Bridget Dade, an infant, by Bridget Dade her mother v. William Acton; Nathaniel Acton; Thomas Dade; John Dade; and Francis Dade C78/1630, no. 3 [84]
1692 19 May 4 John Hawkesbie, citizen and embroiderer of London v. James Bird; John Siday; and others C78/1640, no. 4 [85]
1692 27 May 4 Jane Dunch, an infant, buy The Honorable Goodwynne Wharton, esq v. Wharton Dunch; Thomas Wharton, esq; Sir Thomas Seyliard, & Dame Margaret his wife C78/782, no. 3 [86]
1692 1 June 4 Nicholas Gorray v. Oliver Ustick administrator of Jacob Ustick his brother, executor of Charles Ustick and administrator de bonis non of the said Charles Ustick; and Richard Ustick Account from dealings in silk with Charles Ustick, an Indian Gown man. C78/1445, no. 5 [87]
1692 1 June 4 Richard Kirly v. John Grove C78/782, no. 1 [88]
1692 3 June 4 Gregory Alford, esq v. Richard Hart, gent C78/1794, no. 6 [89]
1692 3 June 4 William Doughty, gent, son and heir of Thomas Doughty of Martley, Worcs, gent v. George Porter, gent, cousin and heir of Edward Thomas, esq; Mawrice Clewer; and William Edwards C78/964, no. 2 [90]
1692 3 June 4 William Strode of St Mary, Islington, Middx, gent & Christian his wife; Thomas Fellowes of Islington, brewer, for himself and Company Richard Langton, distiller; John Horton of Kentish Town, Middx, yeoman, creditors of Andrew Bunion of Islington, yeoman v. Robert Weely & Margaret his wife, executrix of Andrew Bunion; Edmond Woodhouse & Mary his wife the heir at law to said Andrew Bunion; Andrew Woodhouse; and Bunion Woodhouse, infants, sons of said Edmond and Mary Woodhouse C78/1072, no. 2 [91]
1692 5 June 4 Mary Wilson, widow and relict of James Wilson, gent v. William Wilson, bankrupt, son and heir of said James Wilson; George Piggott, esq; Gervase Stainrodd; and John Byrom, gent, three of the commissioners named in a commission of bankrupt issued out against said William Wilson; and Roger Thropp, & Alice his wife, executrix of Thomas Smith, who was surviving executor of Thomas Smith, the complainant's late father C78/793, no. 8 [92]
1692 6 June 4 William Kendall, esq; Robert Oxwick; and Edward West v. Thomas Wheeler; and Tobias Staines C78/1638, no. 5 [93]
1692 6 June 4 Ann Crew Offley the widow, relict, and administratrix of John Crew Offley, esq, assignee of Thomas Offley the son; and Edmund Challenor, assignee of Thomas Offley the father; William Denton, doctor in physick; Ginnardine Good, assignee of Margaret and Mary Miller; and Christopher Deighton, assignee of Sir Richard Willis v. Drewe Deane of the Inner Temple, London, esq C78/1629, no. 2 [94]
1692 6 June 4 Thomas Asheton, esq; Richard Asheton, gent; Lucy Asheton; Katherine Asheton; Mary Asheton; and Elizabeth Asheton, sons and daughters of Thomas Asheton, all infants, by William Davenporte the elder, esq; Richard Garsden; and William Cookeson, gent, their guardians; and William Davenporte the younger, esq; and the said Richard Garsden, executors of Frances Asheton, one other of the daughters of the said Thomas Asheton v. Thomas Lathom, esq, administrator of Lucy his late wife, thentofore the widow and relict of said Thomas Asheton, esq and the complainants' the infants late mother; Roger Rogers, gent & Dorothy his wife, daughter of said Mr Lathom; Jeoffery Stockley; Mary Lathom; and Ralph Lowndes, clerk C78/1192, no. 1 [95]
1692 10 June 4 Micaiah Perry; and Thomas Lane of London, merchant v. John Goddard of London, merchant & Rebecca his wife C78/1059, no. 4 [96]
1692 13 June 4 John Hill an infant by Robert Lay v. William Brewer gentleman C78/1895, no. 9 [97]
1692 13 June 2 Elizabeth Tickner, spinster, an infant, by Thomas Peyto v. John Tickner, & Sarah his wife C78/794, no. 2 [98]
1692 15 June 4 William Lord North and Grey Baron of Kirkling and Rolleston an infant by Roger North v Francis Russell and the Lady Katherine North and Grey his wife Estate of the complts late father Charles Lord North and Grey decd. Includes inventory. C78/1349, no. 1 [99]
1692 15 June 4 Theodore Fletcher; John Parran; and Mary Jackman, creditors of Theophilus Tilden v. Arthur Stone; and others (sic) C78/781, no. 6 [100]
1692 17 June 4 Charles Pyndar, esq, executor of Sir Peter Pyndar, baronet; Elizabeth Nicoll, widow; John Ravenscroft, gent; Charles Guildford, gent; Robert Chappell, gent; Mary Martyn, widow; Katherine Dee, widow; Lancelot Lee; Dame Elizabeth Lowther, widow; and George Gilbourne, gent, creditors of John Reddith, gent v. William Warne C78/, no. 3 [101]
1692 18 June 4 William George v William George and John Webbill The manor and rectory of Breedon, Worcestershire, the property of Edward George of Wyre Piddle, Worcestershire, and of Barbados. Disputed rents and issues C78/775, no. 6 [102]
1692 20 June 4 Edward Croft of Bristol merchant v. Andrew Wardlow & Lydia his wife and Nicholas Roope C79/128, no. [103]
1692 21 June 4 Thomas Hobbs v Dame Margaret Phellypps and Elizabeth Phellypps Money lent to Sir James Phellypps: mortgage of several manors, provision in his will for the settlement of his debts C78/775, no. 5 [104]
1692 21 June 4 Thomas Fletcher of Northwich, Worcs, yeoman v. Richard Davies; Elizabeth Cowley, widow; and Edmond Cowley C78/768, no. 6 [105]
1692 21 June 4 Anne Wright, widow and executrix of George Wright, administrator of Martha Oughton; and Thomas and Henry Oughton, brothers and sister of said Martha and brother of Adolphus Oughton, esq, who was eldest son, heir, and administrator of Adolphus Oughton, esq, grandfather of the defendant Adolphus Oughton, an infant v. Sir Thomas Samwell, baronet; and Thomas Caldecott, esq, executors of said Adolphus the father in trust for the said Adolphus the infant; and the said Adolphus the infant C78/937, no. 1 [106]
1692 21 June 4 Henry Trigena; Elizabeth Trigena; Mary Trigena; and Braines Trigena, infants, by John Tuder their guardian v. James Braine; John Braine; and Benjamin Braine C78/1072, no. 4 [107]
1692 21 June 4 Thomas Soper; and John Soper, infants, sons of Thomas Soper, citizen and draper of London, by Thomas Fryer, their father, surviving overseers of his last will and their guardian v. Mannasses Launder & Alice his wife C78/1136, no. 4 [108]
1692 21 June 4 John, Lord Poulett, Baron of Heaton St George in Somerset, an infant by John Pigott v. Francis Poulett; Sir John Smith; Dame Anne Smith; Sir John Sydenham; and Sir Thomas Putt; and Edward Strode C78/1295, no. 1 [109]
1692 22 June 4 Thomas Kitchin and Anne Kitchin infants and children of Thomas Kitchin of Munden Magna [Great Munden], Herts & Anne his wife who was the daughter of Richard English late citizen and merchant taylor of London by Joseph Weston of London v. Sir Charles Cesar knight; Thomas Kitchin & Anne his wife; John Thurrett & Elizabeth his wife C78/1903, no. 5 [110]
1692 22 June 4 William Burrough, one of the sworn clerks in the office of Littleton Powell, esq, one of the six clerks of Chancery & Elizabeth his wife v. Nicholas Drury, esq & Catharine his wife; Amy Burrough, widow; Richard Phillipps the elder; Richard Phillips the younger; Elizabeth Philips; Amy Phillips; Amy Baxter, widow; Thomas Witherden & Bridget his wife; and Susan Burrough, spinster C78/1125, no. 9 [111]
1692 23 June 4 Edward Parker v. Anthony Parker, & Hester his wife; Edward Rogers; and Humphry Burroughs C78/1722, no. 6 [112]
1692 25 June 4 Elizabeth Bezelar an infant about 8 years of age only daughter of Cornelio van Bezelar and Sarah his late wife decd who was one of the daughters of Joyce Weld decd by the said Cornelio van Bezelar her father v William Weld, John Weld and John Fox and Mary his wife Will of Joyce Weld. Messuages in the parish of Saint Andrew Holbourne, rents payable by the Mercers & Ironmongers Companies, rents payable out of houses in Bridge Row and Saint Ollaves Hartstreet and a yearly sum payable out of the Exchequer by virtue of Sir Robert Viners assignmnt. C78/1326, no. 9 [113]
1692 25 June 4 Elizabeth Brett; and Margaret Brett, daughters and heirs of Richard Brett, esq, infants by Elizabeth, countess dowager of Northumberland v. Elizabeth Klee; and Samuel Somerford, esq C78/1550, no. 5 [114]
1692 26 June 4 Edmond Norden, gent v. Peter Gelsthorpe the father; and Peter Gelsthorpe the son C78/777, no. 4 [115]
1692 27 June 4 Lawrence Buck v. James Booth and Samuel Jewett & Elizabeth his wife C78/2060, no. 15 [116]
1692 27 June 4 William Ettricke, esq & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Crane Ettricke, an infant, by said William Ettricke her guardian v. Edward Goate; Thomas Oldfield; and Nicholas Collins, gent C78/941, no. 5 [117]
1692 28 June 4 Loftus Brightwell, esq v. Phillip Frowde, esq C78/1559, no. 5 [118]
1692 29 June 4 Isaac Harper gentleman v. Caleb Trenchfield & Martha his wife; Thomas Ellis & Mary his wife; and Nicholas Hooke esq C78/1939, no. 8 [119]
1692 29 June 4 Thomas Lomax of Bovingdon, Herts, esq v. Joshua Lomax esq his brother and others (sic) C78/1903, no. 3 [120]
1692 29 June 4 John Gifford, esq; James Bussacott; James Peacock; Phillipp Fannell; and William Broad v. Francis Bassett, esq; and William Hore C78/1630, no. 12 [121]
1692 29 June 4 John Young, merchant v. Stephen Rich C78/1108, no. 4 [122]
1692 30 June 4 Sir Nathaniel Curzon, son heir & executor of Sir John Curzon decd v. John Parry Mortgage of property in the County of Denbigh to the complts father. C78/1445, no. 6 [123]
1692 30 June 4 Edward Haweis, gent, & Anne his wife, the surviving daughter of William Gregor the elder and also the surviving sister; William Gregor the younger deceased v. Francis Gregor the elder; Henry Gregor; John Foote; Samuel Ennys; Samuel Thomas; Thomas Gregor; and Francis Gregor the younger C78/1794, no. 12 [124]
1692 1 July 4 Sir Gilbert Clerke knight; John Hasley an infant; Henry Reeve gentleman v. Benjamin Clerke gentleman; Sir John Francklin knight; Thomas Halsey esq; Stephen Holland gentleman & Lucretia his wife; William Gleys doctor of laws; William Belcher gentleman; an Thomas Henshaw esq C79/99, no. [125]
1692 1 July 4 James Hamilton, esq & Anne his wife v. Henry, earl of Peterborough; Charles, earl of Monmouth; Arthur, earl of Torrington; and Andrew Newport, esq C78/941, no. 9 [126]
1692 1 July 4 Henry Pinnell, gent v. Mathew Smith; Joseph Langton; Toby Richmond; Sir Richard Hart & Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/969, no. 1 [127]
1692 2 July 4 Richard Radcliffe, Lawrence Slater and Mary his wife, Thomas Charlesworth and Abigail his wife, which said Richard, Mary & Abigail were three of the children of James Radcliffe decd by Abigail his first wife, and James Radcliffe, John Radcliffe and Joshua Radcliffe three other sons of the said James Radcliffe decd by the said Abigail, infants, and Lawrence Slater administrator of the said Abigail Radcliffe late wife of James Radcliffe, and daughter of Abigail late wife of Michael Waynehouse v Anne Waynehouse widow, John Radcliffe the elder and John Radcliffe the younger Payments due to the children of Abigail Radcliffe from her father Michael Waynehouse or his heirs. C78/1369, no. 17 [128]
1692 4 July 4 John Stanyon, gent; William Morris, gent; John Lewis; and John Adams, gent v. Robert Cage, esq C78/1605, no. 7 [129]
1692 5 July 4 Durban, Elizabeth, and Mary Carter children of George Carter and Penelope his wife both decd infants by Edward Carter their uncle, Durban, John and William Westbrooke children of John Westbrooke and Sarah his wife infants, Thomas Somers and Elizabeth his wife (which said Penelope Carter, Sarah Westbrooke and Elizabeth Somers were the only children of Anthony Durban decd v Valentine Basillea Durban Estate of George Carter: lands at Brill and Ackley [Akeley], Buckinghamshire C78/775, no. 7 [130]
1692 5 July 4 Susanna Cox Cox (sic), an infant by Anne Bach her grandmother v. Thomas Cox; John Tompkins; Thomas Bach; and Elizabeth Cox, widow Marriage settlement of John Cox late of the Berrow, Worcs decd and Elizabeth Bach, of whom the complt was only child and heir. Messuage called Somners in Berrow. C78/1451, no. 7 [131]
1692 5 July 4 Thomas Chadwick of the Inner Temple, London, gent, & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of John Smalbone of East Bockhampton, Berks, gent; John Clifton of London, gent, & Frances his wife, one of the daughters of said John Smalbone; and Charles Smalbone, one of the sons of said John Smalbone v. William Browne of Shefford, Berks, gent; George Scudamore of Treworgan in the parish of Langarren [LLangarron], Herefs, gent C78/1782, no. 9 [132]
1692 5 July 4 Elizabeth Jacques, widow, relict, and administratrix of George Jaques, clerk, her late husband; and Elizabeth Jacques; and Mary Jacques, daughters and heirs of said George Jacques, infants, by their guardian; and Elizabeth Badgent, widow v. Richard Conway alias Edge; Edward Bigland, Serjeant at Law; Thomas Charlton, esq; John Strey; William Taylor; and James Holland C78/1019, no. 1 [133]
1692 5 July 4 Henry Cromwell, esq & Hannah his wife v. Sir John Eyles, knight; John Smith; Henry Kiffin; and Robert Liddell C78/1108, no. 2 [134]
1692 6 July 4 William Sanderson, churchwarden of Pilston, Northt; Edward Caldwell, clerk, rector of Pilston; Jeoffrey Palmer, esq; John Carpenter; Thomas Wotton; John Chambers; and Elizabeth Day for themselves and for other inhabitants of Pilston v. Anna Tresham, widow; Simon Norwich, esq; Joseph Bentham, doctor in divinity; and Edward Smith C78/1026, no. 4 [135]
1692 7 July 4 Richard Osgood doctor in divinity; Jane and Elizabeth Willoughby spinsters; Walter Coles; and Alice Sanger, widow creditors of Luke eekes, gentleman v. Gilbert Glysson; George Knipes; Elizabeth Weeks; Reginald Weekes; and Luke Weekes infants C78/1939, no. 7 [136]
1692 11 July 4 Thomas Ridge, eldest son of Richard Ridge of Portsmouth, Hants, gent, deceased; and Richard Ridge; John Ridge; George Ridge; Bille Ridge; Mary, Martha, and Katherine Ridge, sons and daughters of said Richard Ridge being infants, by said Thomas Ridge v. Jane Ridge; Sir Stephen Fox, knight; and William Cooper C78/941, no. 8 [137]
1692 16 July 4 William Thackeray and Edward Vire v. Thomas, lord marquis of Carmarthen, lord President of their Majesties' Council; and Edward Coke, esq, an infant C78/1714, no. 12 [138]
1692 16 July 4 William Thackeray; and Edward Vize v. Thomas, lord marquis of Carmarthen, Lord President of their Majesties Council; and Edward Coke, esq, an infant C78/1713, no. 18 [139]
1692 23 July 4 Edward Collingwood, Robert Mitford and John Rogers v John Errington, Thomas Stanley, Patricius Widdrington, William Rowley, [blank] Robinson, Katherine Dent and Anne Ford Leases of part of the manor of Byker, Northumberland including coalmines and quarries C78/919, no. 3 [140]
1692 24 July 4 James, earl of Abingdon; and Mountagu Venables, commonly called Mountague, lord Norreyes, of Rycott, Oxon, son and heir apparent of said James, earl of Abingdon and Anne the wife of said Mountague Venables sole daughter and heir of Peter Venables, esq, late baron of Kinderton, Ches, both infants by said earl of Abingdon v. Robert, lord Farrers, baron of Chartley; Katherine Venables; Sir Thomas Wilbraham, baronet; Sir Jeoffrey Shackerley, knight; Thomas Cholmondeley, esq C78/1033, no. 3 [141]
1692 12 Aug 4 William Francklyn; Sarah Hobbs; ___ Graydon, & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Griffith, widow; John Vanderspryett,& Anne his wife; Anne Bessee; George Yard; and John Hoskyns, all creditors of Sir John Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Corn, baronet for themselves and divers other persons creditors also of John Coryton v. Sir James Tillie, knight, & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Christopher Batt, & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Corytonb C78/826, no. 3 [142]
1692 (bill) Michaelmas Term 4 George Burbidge of Grantham, Lincs v. Thomas Hatfield sr and Thomas Hatfield jr; George Hatfield; and Edward Hatfield C78/2071, no. [143]
1692 13 Sept 4 Francis Hunt of London merchant v Robert Pugh, Mary Hunt the elder and Mary Hunt the younger. Mortgage of lands in Willersley and Cardsley, Heref C78/760, no. 3 [144]
1692 13 Oct 4 Henry Westray v. John Tolson & Jane his wife C79/37, no. [145]
1692 19 Oct 4 William Bigg, brickmaker v Sir Samuel Husband Agreement to make 1.5 million bricks for the building of a house at Shalford, Essex C78/1309, no. 9 [146]
1692 25 Oct 4 John Haskins; Joseph Haskins Stiles (only son of the said John Haskins); John Worgan, citizen & packer of London and Mary his wife (one of the daughters of the said John Haskins); Giles Stampe and Lydia his wife (one other of the daughters of the said John Haskins): Elias Clarke; Robert Keate and Aaron Jones v Sir John Eyles and William Kiffin Trust settlement of thirteen thousand pounds from the estate of Robert Styles late brother of the complt John Haskins, and uncle of the complts Mary & Lydia, who died without issue in Amsterdam.. C78/1391, no. 1 [147]
1692 25 Oct 4 Lyonell Walden the younger of Huntingdon, Hunts, esq; and Sir Lyonell Walden, father of the said Lyonell, of Huntingdon, knight v. Ricahrd Master of London, woollen draper;Adam Bellamy of London, merchant; Anthony Tyther of North Hall, Middx, gent; John Angier of the Temple, London, esq; Robert Master of London, merchant; and Thomas Purcell of London, taylor C78/1072, no. 9 [148]
1692 26 Oct 4 Richard Chevall, citizen and draper of London v John Taylor of Hackney, Middx, merchant, Lewis Hughes and John Pearce Payments for preparing ship called Lyon for voyage to Jamaica. C78/1309, no. 1 [149]
1692 26 October 4 William Bower of London, scrivener v. Nathaniel Bromley, son and executor of Katherine Bromley, relict of Thomas Bromley; and Katherine Newton, who was struck out by order of court C78/1004, no. 3 [150]
1692 28 Oct 4 John Cobbald administrator of Sir George Walker knight and baronet v. William, earl of Craven and Henry Glover esq C78/1907, no. 15 [151]
1692 28 Oct 4 Henry Wade; John Allwood; George Hubbard; and John Ridgeley v. Phillipp Vaughan; and Edward Capell C78/778, no. 3 [152]
1692 28 Oct 4 Sir John Barlow, baronet, the grandchild and heir at law of John Barlowe, esq v. Mary Mathews; Barnard Howard, esq & Dame Katherine his wife C78/1169, no. 2 [153]
1692 28 Oct 4 Edward Rudge esq v. Thomas Harding alias Harden; Jane Harding alias Harden; William Harding alias Harden; John Harding alias Harden; and Richard Harding alias Harden C78/1192, no. 2 [154]
1692 31 Oct 4 Dorothy Colchester spinster v. Dame Mary Maynard the widow and relict of Sir John Maynard late one of the lords commissioners for the custody of the Great Seal of England and since intermarried with the Right Honorable Henry, earl of Suffolk AND v. Maynard Colchester esq and the Right Honorable Thomas, earl of Stamford & Mary his wife C79/37, no. [155]
1692 3 Nov 4 John Stone v. Thomas Smith, esq; and others (sic) C78/778, no. 1 [156]
1692 4 Nov 4 Triamore and Richard Sparkes, infants, by Thomas Osborne, esq, their guardian v. John Smith; Elizabeth Berisford; John Worrell; William Smarte; Mary Earle; John Snow; Thomas Dymocke; Henry Attwood; Bartholomew Hooper; Michael Olive; and Caleb Moore C78/787, no. 2 [157]
1692 8 Nov 4 Samuel Keck of St Clement Danes, Middx, gent v. Robert Mordant, esq; and Sir John Mordant, baronet C78/768, no. 4 [158]
1692 9 Nov 4 Anne Sherman of Mitcham, Surrey widow, executrix of Bezaliel Sherman, merchant her late husband v Edmond Sherman, merchant Accounts outstanding between the decd, who lived and traded in Aleppo, Turkey, and his brother the deft who was employed as his factor in London C78/1309, no. 2 [159]
1692 12 Nov 4 John Webb of the Hill; Anne Warner; John Bond & Ursula his wife v. Anne Webb, widow; Anne Webb, spinster; Edward Madox; and George Wycks C78/2011, no. 2 [160]
1692 14 Nov 4 John Penry v. John Prosser; and Richard Prosser C78/768, no. 5 [161]
1692 15 Nov 4 James Hendy; William Hendy; and Samuel Hendy, infants by Thomas Whatley their guardian v. Elizabeth Hancocke, widow, administratrix of Edward Hancocke C78/769, no. 5 [162]
1692 16 Nov 4 Richard Thompson, clerk v. Phillipp Cooper & Anne his wife; and Elizabeth Smith C78/1079, no. 8 [163]
1692 16 Nov 4 Elizabeth Creamer, widow v. Dame Elizabeth Gipps, widow; and Richard Gipps, esq C78/1125, no. 6 [164]
1692 19 Nov 4 Sarah Verdon, widow and executrix of Samuel Verdon, gent v. Edward Branch & Elizabeth his wife, sister of Robert Kett, gent, and daughter of George Kett & Elizabeth his wife, who was afterwards the wife of Thomas Fletcher, gent C78/1026, no. 1 [165]
1692 21 Nov 4 William Norris, gent v. The Governors of the Free Grammar School of our late sovereign lady Queen Elizabeth in Hartlebury, Worcs; Francis Pierce, clerk, chief schoolmaster; and John Hancox, under schoolmaster C78/1728, no. 5 [166]
1692 22 Nov 4 Thomas Humphreyes v. Samuel Eyre Complts business dealings with George Chebley in Ireland. Payments due to the complt, supposed to have been paid by the deft, Chebley's cousin. Goat skins. C78/1445, no. 8 [167]
1692 22 Nov 4 Thomas Humphreys v. Samuel Eyre C78/1581, no. 9 [168]
1692 24 Nov 4 William Earle v. Thomas Joyner; Andrew Wotton; and Joane Hide C78/969, no. 4 [169]
1692 26 Nov 4 Sir William Hickes, baronet; John Foulkes, executor of John Foulkes; William ___, yeoman; Sir Richard Onslow, baronet, executor of Sir Arthur Onslow baronet; William Freeman, esq; Martin May, executor of Elizabeth B___; ___ Watter; Dame Dorothy Beversham, widow, relict, and administratrix of Sir William Beverham, knight; Sir Thomas Millington, knight, doctor of phisick; Francis Woodhall, gent; Joseph Thirrold, yeoman; Samuel Stileman, apothecary; Mary Rose; and John Boate, gent, for themselves and other creditors of Sir George Crooke of Waterstocke, Oxon, knight, deceased v. Sir Henry Ashurst, baronet C78/777, no. 7 [170]
1692 29 Nov 4 William Boteler, esq; and William Farrer, esq v. Richard Terrell, gent C78/778, no. 2 [171]
1692 3 Dec 4 Samuel Clarke, Thomas Williamson son & heir of Thomas Williamson decd, James Williamson, Mary Williamson and Miles Williamson v John Baker and others (not named) Loan secured against lease of 5 messuages at Railes Head in Isleworth als Thisleworth, Middx C78/1309, no. 4 [172]
1692 3 Dec 4 Frances Cartwright, widow v. Charles Dymoke, esq C78/1125, no. 3 [173]
1692 3 Dec 4 Frances Cartwright, widow v. Charles Dymoke, esq C78/1125, no. 8 [174]
1692 8 Dec 4 John Nicholson, gent, one of the sworn clerks under Littleton Powell, esq, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery v. Francis Burgh C78/1198, no. 10 [175]
1692 11 Dec. 4 Daniel Prideaux v John Davy Commercial dealings and debts: of goods. Payments to boatmen for the landing of Goods at the Barton of Weare [?Devon?] C78/825, no. 4 [176]
1692 13 Dec 4 Alice Aston, widow, executrix of Thomas Aston, jr, her late husband v. Thomas Baker, & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Lyndon; and Richard Elymer C78/1714, no. 10 [177]
1692 13 Dec 4 Charity Lee, widow, relict, and executrix of Thomas Lee, esq v. Frances Padnor, widow and heir of one Thomas Butler and since intermarried with one Thomas Budden AND v. Edmond Butler the younger (sic: senior?); Edmond Butler the younger, executor of Richard Butler; and Magdalen Ash, widow C78/793, no. 4 [178]
1692 14 Dec 4 Thomas Elstead of Sandwich, Kent, gent; James Saunders of Buckland, Kent, yeoman; Anne Henman of Marston, Kent, widow; Charles Poole of Bapchild, Kent, gent; Edward Turner of Lynstead, Kent, husbandman; and Peter Theobalds of Sittingbourne, Kent, gent, creditors of Henry Eve of Lynstead, doctor in divinity v. Dorothy Eve, widow and relict of Henry Eve, son and heir of said Doctor Henry Eve; and Henry Eve; James and Charles Eve, her children, by said Henry Eve the son C78/1071, no. 3 [179]
1692 17 Dec 4 William Buckland & Elizabeth his wife, formerly the wife of Allen Weaver, since deceased; Allen Weaver; and Elizabeth Weaver, son and daughter of said Allen Weaver, deceased, by said Elizabeth, their guardian and mother v. Simon Weaver C78/1136, no. 3 [180]