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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1662 14 C78/, no. []
1662? William Langdon an infant by William Colford his guardian v. Robert Alford and John Alford C79/197, no. [2]
1662 (Bill) Hilary Term 14 Henry Bart v. Thomas Hobs; and Richard Vole C78/859, no. 1 [3]
1662 9 Jan 13 Edward Rolt of the City of Westminster v John Robinson, since Sir John Robinson Purchase money for messuage called "Tower Place" in Woolwich, Kent C78/699, no. 10 [4]
1662 15 Jan 13 Sarah Yates, widow v. Thomas Bate and Simon Driver C78/2027, no. 1 [5]
1662 19 Jan 13 Dennis Laplove administrator of Elizabeth his late wife v John Sorrell and Dorothy his wife; Dorothy Lane, widow, & relict of Baxter Bohun; and Edmund Bohun Legacies payable from personal estate of Lionel Lane, father of the complts late wife. C78/704, no. 11 [6]
1662 20 Jan 13 Thomas Levingston, esq & Anne his wife v. Thomas Crompton, gent C78/1013, no. 18 [7]
1662 24 Jan 13 Henry Lucas of London v Sir Herbert Whitfield Bonds re purchase of manor of Burmarsh, Kent C78/648, no. 18 [8]
1662 25 Jan 13 Warwick, Lord Mohun, Baron of Ockhampton; John Cambell, brother & heir of James Cambell decd who was eldest son & heir of James Cambell also decd, an infant by Theophilia Cambell his mother v William Strod Agreement re partition of manor of Glaston and Edgerley [Glastonbury and Edgarley], Somerset. C78/664, no. 8 [9]
1662 27 Jan 13 Dorothy Grantham, spinster; Vincent Grantham; Francis Grantham; Elizabeth Grantham; Hugh Grantham; and John Grantham, that is to say, said Dorothy Grantham for herself and the said Vincent, Francis, Elizabeth, Hugh, and John brothers and sisters of said Dorothy Grantham, all of them being infants, by said Dorothy Grantham their guardian v. Thomas Grantham, esq; the same Dorothy Grantham the mother; Sir Martin Lister, knight; Anthony Gibbon; Philip Stoakes; and Edward Ward C78/1129, no. 6 [10]
1662 29 Jan 13 Leonard Smelt & Anne his wife one of the daughters of John Wastell; and Susanna Wastell, spinster, another of the daughters of the said John Wastell v Thomas Norton. Legacies payable by will of John Robinson from lands in Boulton upon Swale [Bolton-on-Swale] and tithes of Hackforth, North Yorks. C78/597, no. 8 [11]
1662 14 William Churchill of Muston, Dorset and Grace his wife v Sir John Croke; Thomas Grove; Francis Ashley Debts due to estate of Sir John Meller on mortgage of manor of Dibden, Hants. C78/602, no. 1 [12]
1662 31 Jan 14 Edward Done v Robert Eyton Payment of dowry. C78/990, no. 4 [13]
1662 4 Feb 14 William Webb, John Webb & Daniel Webb of Strowd, Gloucs, clothiers, sons of Samuel Webb late of Strowd decd v Daniel Cliffold; John Webb; Samuel Hatton; Thomas Warner; Samuel Webb; Alice Webb, widow Portions payable from trust of lands in Stroud and Netherby Pyatt, Gloucs C78/628, no. 7 [14]
1662 4 Feb 14 Robert Whitlocke; and Thomas Jordan; and Benjamin Whitchcott, doctor in divinity, provost of King's College, Cambridge, Cambs v. Mary Turner, widow; and Henry Berry alias Bury C78/1258, no. 12 [15]
1662 14 John, Earl of Mulgrave by Sir John Bennett and Lady Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Mulgrave mother of the said Earl v Sir John Munson the elder Testamentary trust by will of Edmund, Earl of Mulgrave of the manor of West Butterwick and Flixborough, Lincs and manors of Mulgrave and Seaton, Yorks C78/648, no. 20 [16]
1662 5 Feb 14 John Bell and Joane Bell by Sir Thomas Dickenson of the City of York & brother of Sarah Bell their mother decd v William Barwicke; Christopher Richardson; Henry Lumley; Phineas Bell; and Jane Barker Legacies and portions, payable by will of Richard Bell, from lands and tithes in Rockliffe, Humburton, Milby Muncknunton and Rufforth, Yorks. C78/608, no. 7 [17]
1662 5 Feb 14 John Keeble and Mary his wife, formerly the wife of Thomas Gynes decd v Thomas Gynes Possession of lands in Little Waltham, Essex C78/668, no. 13 [18]
1662 6 Feb 14 Thomas Dodson by Francis Bucke v Robert Brandling. Mortgage of messuage in Leathley, Yorks. C78/608, no. 6 [19]
1662 6 Feb 14 Richard Brent of Larke Stoake, Gloucs; Gyles Brent of Peace, Westmorland in Virginia; George Brent of Defford, Worcs; Thomas Cassey of Wightfield, Gloucs and Jane his wife; Anne Brent of Gubberhill, Gloucs, spinster; William Brent of Grayes Inn, Middx; Edward Brent of Staple Inn, London; Katherine Brent; Margaret Brent; and Elynor Brent of Larke Stoake, spinsters, surviving sons & daughters of Richard Brent late of Larke Stoke and Elizabeth his wife, sister unto Foulke Reed late of Walton Cardiffe, Gloucs v Richard Verney Annuities and legacies payable by will of Foulke Reed from lands in Bartestree, Heref and Cardiffe, Gloucs. C78/747, no. 2 [20]
1662 7 Feb 14 Elizabeth Penkherst, widow v Sir Thomas Dike; Henry Sandford; William Dike the younger & Elizabeth his wife; John Dickens; George Dickens; Reynold Morgan Jointure interest in the manor of Buxted, Sussex. C78/643, no. 4 [21]
1662 8 Feb 14 John Lugg and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Atfeild v James Atfeild; John Roake; Richard Roake the younger; Henry Edwards and Rice Justice Title to mortgaged messuage "Kinges Armes" in Bagshott in Windlesham, Surrey, formerly the property of the complt Elizabeth's great grandfather James Atfeild C78/556, no. 7 [22]
1662 8 Feb 14 George Flexmere of London v Dame Ursula Skeffington since decd; Charles Agar; Thomas Brome Bonds re debts of Sir John Skeffington C78/593, no. 2 [23]
1662 8 Feb 14 George Meggott citizen & pewterer of London v Mary Brissenden, widow; Edmund Cloake; Samuel Clearke (sic); and John Cloake Mortgage, rent-charge and incumbrances on messuage called Deane Court in Elmestead, Kent. C78/643, no. 3 [24]
1662 10 Feb 14 Thomas Taylor, merchant v Richard Moore, merchant Accounts re trade in flax between London & Kingsberge in Prussia C78/597, no. 14 [25]
1662 10 Feb 14 Francis Booth of Castle Camp..., Cambs and Faith his wife youngest daughter of John Baker late of Biglowe, Cambs, clerk v Thomas Pickering; James Girse & Anne his wife; Blaze Pratt & Anne his wife; Anthony Bettenham & Elizabeth his wife; Dorothy Baker; Theophilus Tyrell; Richard Davy Portions payable from manor of Gifford and Stancey, Essex, by will of John Baker C78/643, no. 1 [26]
1662 11 Feb 14 Richard Bradshawe v Robert Keynes; Thomas Waite & Jane his wife; William Perkins & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Whitby, widow; John Morton; Thomas Willoughby; Sir Thomas Hartopp; Jarvas Piggott; Alexander Eakins; Francis Blith Debts of Robert Keynes payable from sale of trust lands of the manor of Stanford, Notts. C78/593, no. 3 [27]
1662 11 Feb 14 Henry Futter citizen & goldsmith of London; William Humble (since Sir William Humble); Jerome Smith; Thomas Jowles; William Thomas; George Salter; John Knight; Joseph Scottow; Thomas Batson; Richard Davison; John Cullen; John Lawrence; Thomas Canham; Edward Bovere; John Freeman; Symon Delby; Edward Falkner; John Crispe; William Essington; John Hancock; John Meeres; Robert Thorowgood, John Janson; John Lloyd; Thomas Smith; Thomas Fossen; John Fox; John Jekell; Simon Wilson; Abraham Browne; Lawrence Granger; Jeremy Purland; Robert Fuller; Benjamin Oldfield; John Bird; Susan Witherley; Mary Fountaine; Elizabeth Constable; John Wheeler; and Henry Thompson the major part of the creditors of the said Henry Futter v Edward Wright; Anthony Penniston; John Smith the younger; Daniel Waldoe; John Page; [blank] Bolton; [blank] Clotherbuck; Thomas Anguish; Edward Ward; William Pease; Thomas Powell; James Lannce; Richard Shute; Moses Goodyeare; Thomas Carter; John Nicholas; Hugh Sowden; Thomas Potter; John Cooke; Ellis Concliffe; James Butler; Francis Greenopp; Thomas Frampton; John Lordale; Nicholas Vavaker; William Wildey; Nathaniel Scottow; Thomas Allett; William Peck; and Richard Hurlock creditors also of the complt Henry Futter; and George Cotton; William Webb; John Hill; Hugh Norton; and Thomas Mill Debts, includes list of debt due to each individual party C78/630, no. 12 [28]
1662 12 Feb 14 Anne Leaver of London, spinster, one of the daughters of John Leaver late of London decd and Joice his wife now the wife of John Mascall of London, merchant, by Edmond Clerke citizen & clothworker of London, her uncle v James Leaver Legacy payable from personal estate of John Leaver. C78/561, no. 6 [29]
1662 12 Feb 14 Unton Crooke and Anne his wife, Richard Crooke, Edward Austin, Thomas Weekes, Mathew Langley, Marke Bolt, William Findall, William Glasse & Bridgett his wife; John Speede; John Enslowe, William Sadler, William Busse, John Hall, Nicholas Hall, George Dewe, Richard Bolt and [blank] his wife, William Peirson and Anne his wife, John Bolt, John Ferryman, Edward Crosse, Thomas Viccars, John Wolley, Thomas Baker, Michael Wright and Jane his wife, John Ryland and his wife, Richard Paine, John Cox and [blank] his wife, Richard Brookes, Owen Walker, Luke Whiteaves, William Dewe, Daniel Fogg and his wife, John Cannon, [blank] Gardner, [blank] Curtenie, widow & [blank] Curtenie her son, Isaac Silverside, William Finsh, John Reade, clerk, William Godfrey, John Smith, [blank] Crafford, widow, John Parne, Thomas Parne, Elizabeth Smyth, widow, and [blank] Smyth yeoman landholdres and terretanants in the townships and parish of Marston in the Lordship or manor of Heddington, Oxon v Broome Whorwood Enclosure of the commons and wastes of the manor of Heddington, Oxfordshire, with due regard for the fitness of the place and land for pasture farming rather than arable. Restoration of the land in 1646 leading to enclosure in 1655. Agreement confirmed. C78/586, no. 1 [30]
1662 12 Feb 14 Lawrence Blomley v Vyvion Barnes Lease of messuages in St. Martyns Lane, London C78/638, no. 1 [31]
1662 12 Feb 14 Mary Studley, administratrix of John Studley; Thomas Betton, administrator of Thomas Betton; and another (sic) v. Richard Sherrer; and Sarah Weston, administratrix of Simon Weston C78/998, no. 11 [32]
1662 15 Feb 14 Thomas Shelley, son, heir & administrator of Thomas Shelley, doctor in divinity v Thomas Norman Surrender in trust of copyhold lands in Tuddenham and Bansted in Tuddenham, Suffolk C78/627, no. 2 [33]
1662 18 Feb 14 Sir George Bingham of Castle Barr in Mayo, Ireland v Richard Edwards; John Carpenter; George Edwards Trust of personal estate of Anne Pargiter or Bingham. C78/597, no. 11 [34]
1662 18 Feb 14 John Martyn esq v. John Smith gentleman C78/2041, no. 11 [35]
1662 20 Feb 14 Martyn Hardrett v. Magdelen Devaux; Theodore Devaux; John Colladon, doctor of phisick; and Henry Devaux C78/998, no. 9 [36]
1662 20 Feb 14 Elizabeth Jennings; Mary Jennings; and Anne Jennings, infants by Bridget Trevillyan; John Ferrer; and Androes Overton, their guardians v. Jonathan Pitt, esq; Elizabeth his wife; Marmaduke Powell; Richard Tevillian; and Thomas Jennings, an infant by said Elizabeth Pitt his mother and guardian C78/1260, no. 20 [37]
1662 21 Feb 14 Sir John Huband, baronet; Thomas Broughton, esq, son and heir apparent of Sir Bryan Broughton, knight and baronet; John Huband, esq, son and heir apparent of said Sir John Huband & Rhoda his wife, one of the daughters of said Thomas Broughton; and John Huband, an infant; and Rhoda and Mary Huband, son and daughters of said John and Rhoda his wife, infants, by said John Huband their father v. John Smith; William Gulston; and Peter Broughton, esqs C78/1278, no. 1 [38]
1662 24 Feb 14 Katherine Squier of London, widow, relict of Thomas Squier v John Ireton Legacy payable from personal estate of Thomas Squier C78/597, no. 16 [39]
1662 24 Feb 14 Richard Williams v. John Payne; Thomas Jones; and Margaret, late wife of Thomas Pugh C78/998, no. 4 [40]
1662 25 Feb 14 Richard Poole of Newenton, Wilts v Samuel Rich, clerk; John Rich; Anne Rich, widow; Edward Rich; Sir John How; Rubyn Fletcher; William Jefferies; Edeth Teale; Lewis Bradley; Giles Dowle; Henry Heitley executor of Robert Henley decd Extents and statutes on the manors of Rendcombe, North Cerney and Woodmancott or Woodmacott [Woodmancote], Gloucs C78/672, no. 6 [41]
1662 26 Feb 14 Alexander Dyer, Constance Ayleworth, widow v Henry Pye and others(not named). Reference to an earlier case heard in 1660, and the decree thereof C78/586, no. 3 [42]
1662 27 Feb 14 William Barwick, Christopher Richardson & Henry Lumley executors of John Bell who was executor of Richard Bell, merchant; John Bell & Joane Bell infant children of the said Richard Bell; James Strangewayes, William Claxton and Rowland Stewart creditors of the said Richard Bell v Thomas Dickenson of the City of York, alderman; Peter Calvert; William Knapton; Quinton Clay; Lawrence Carbutt; William Cooke; William Carr; Robert Barker; Thomas Saunderson; Thomas Lowther; William Savage; Isabell Camplishon, widow; Guy Foster; Robert Silverside; Guy Hard; Henry Hard; William Lockwood; Thomas Baines; Richard Earle; Anne Marshall, widow; Anne Young, widow; Robert Burnett; Elizabeth Gowland, widow Legacies and debts payable from rectory & tithes of Rufforth, City of York, and lands in Nun Monkton, Roecliffe, Humburton and Milby in parish of Aldbrough [Aldborough in Boroughbridge], North Yorks. C78/597, no. 15 [43]
1662 27 Feb 14 Thomas Hassell; Peter Jurin & Anne his wife, one of the daughters of Randall Pickering v. James Clarke, doctor in phisicke; and Michael Warren C78/998, no. 5 [44]
1662 28 Feb 14 Elizabeth Rockley relict of Robert Rockley v Francis Rockley; John Rockley; Hugh Everard Payments due from trust of lands in Worsbrough and Stainbrough, Yorks C78/630, no. 13 [45]
1662 (bill) Easter Term 14 John Templer, gent, administrator with the will annexed of Thomas Templer, esq, his father v. Robert White; Thomas White; Frances Burnell; Nicholas Burnell her son; Thomas Baker & Margaret his wife; and Thomas Thorne C78/1271, no. 21 [46]
1662 1 March 14 James Hanham of Holwell, Somerset v Thomas Gallop the elder and Thomas Gallop the Younger Manors of Chickerill, Dorset, Gotehill, Hollwell, Backshawe and Butterwick. Also the Church of Hollwell. Disputed leases and other dealings with Hanham C78/586, no. 2 [47]
1662 3 March 14 Bryan Baynes v Roger Jackson. Return of deeds (used as security) of property in Wennington, Lancs C78/630, no. 6 [48]
1662 3 March 14 Mathew Holworthy of London, merchant v. Erasmus Cave; and Robert Peckett C78/998, no. 10 [49]
1662 5 March 14 Lionel Wake of the City of Antwerpe in the Dutchy of Brabant, merchant v William Calley (since Sir William Calley); Sir Lewis Kirke; Dame Elizabeth his wife; Mary Haynes; Milicent Perkins Bills of exchange drawn up in Brabant. C78/690, no. 12 [50]
1662 5 March 14 Robert Finn, esq v. John, bishop of Exeter; Robert Mason, doctor of the laws; Gerrard Russell, esq; Henry Walthew & Rebecca his wife C78/1258, no. 13 [51]
1662 7 March 14 George Platt & Elizabeth his wife sole daughter and heir of Mathias Smith v William Wymonsold; Judith Carter and others (not named) Redemption of mortgaged copyhold lands in Wimbleden and Putney, Surrey C78/593, no. 4 [52]
1662 25 March William Rowse of the Inner Temple, London v Francis Gregg of Clements Inn, Middx Mortgage of prebend of Wigginton in Staffs and Warwicks. C78/702, no. 1 [53]
1662 7 April 14 Michael Palmer & James Te.... executors of Elizabeth Toppesfield widow, relict & administrarix of William Toppesfield decd v William Catesby & Katherine his wife; William Alsoppe; Thomas Fleetewoode and Susan his wife; George Parker Accounts re administration of will and estate of Richard Alsoppe. C78/593, no. 1 [54]
1662 7 April 14 Henry Shales & Elizabeth his wife v. Sir John Wolstenholme; Sir John Jacob; William Thornton, gent; Sir John Gore, knight; John Penrice; Christopher Turnor; George Griffith; John Fountaine, Serjeant at Law; Richard Woodward the elder; Richard Woodward the younger; William Meggs; and Daniel Collwell C78/1013, no. 21 [55]
1662 14 April 14 Thomas Levington of the Inner Temple, London and Anne his wife v Thomas Crompton and others (not named) (crossed through and case noted "vacat" in margin). Trust of personal estate of Sir Peter Vaulore and rectory of Weston, Somerset C78/561, no. 10 [56]
1662 17 April 14 James Scotson and Thomas Scotson brothers of John Scotson decd; Elizabeth, Isabell, Margaret and John Scotson infants & children of the said James Scotson; Margaret, Isabel & James Scotson infants & children of the said Thomas Scotson v Richard Bryan and Elizabeth his wife the relict & executrix of the said John Scotson decd; Thomas Mewse; John Bowers Testamentary settlement of three messuages in Bermondsey and houses in Southwarke, Surrey, by will of John Scotson. C78/561, no. 7 [57]
1662 18 April 14 John Harvy and Alice his wife v John Hopkins and Richard Ba...hurst Forfeited mortgage of lands in Newport, Isle of Wight, Hants. C78/1209, no. 20 [58]
1662 21 April 14 Robert Rockall the elder of Hambleden, Bucksv Joan Rockall, widow; Robert Gray; Henry Boler; Adryan Floyd Title to mortgaged lands in Hambleden, Bucks. C78/1220, no. 13 [59]
1662 21 April 14 William Culliford and Christian his wife the only daughter and heir of Alexander Keele who was brother and heir to Amos Keele clarke v. William Pittard; Amos Pittard; Thomas Pittard; and Humphrey Keele C79/185, no. [60]
1662 23 April 14 John Watkins and Anne his wife v Walter Maurice; William Woodward; Walter James; Edward Nicholas; Phillipp Nicholas Trust and mortgage of messuage and lands in Lantillio, Grosseney and Lanvetherine, Mon by the complts father Thomas Watkin Powell C78/652, no. 4 [61]
1662 24 April 14 John Marley and William Butterwake v John Kilvington; James Kilvington; Thomas Kilvington; William Gamble; Francis Dunning; John Dunning; Thomas Morrell; Richard Ibelson; John Hogg Debts of John Hogg payable from trust sale of lands in South Kilvington, (no county given)[Yorks]. C78/610, no. 1 [62]
1662 25 April 14 Thomas, Lord Brudnell, Earl of Cardigan; Robert Brudenell son & heir apparent of the said Lord Brudenell; Thomas Goodbarne; William Brand; William Clarke; John Mathew v Sir William Thorold; Anthony Thorold; Robert Allington Bill (Hilary 1659) reciting agreement (no date) to exchange and enclose plots in the common fields, and Agreement (13 Nov. 6 Chas. I) to seek confirmation of the enclosure, and alleging refusal by defendants to perfect assurances. Marston, Lincolnshire C78/624, no. 16 [63]
1662 25 April 14 John Hanson, gent; Sir Anthony Bateman, knight, alderman of London; and Stephen Thorneley, citizen of London v. Francis, lord Seymore; Sir Orlando Bridgman, knight and baronet, CJCP; and William Booth, esq C78/1013, no. 20 [64]
1662 26 April 14 Thomas Gamlyn and John Baynton v Robert Banister; Jasper Banister; Thomas King; Nathaniel Lawes; Thomas Banister Trust marriage settlement of a house in Meere, Wilts. C78/602, no. 4 [65]
1662 28 April 14 Walter Nicholas of Newport, Mon.; Giles Jones; Roger Edwards; Edmund Durban; William Durban; John Morgan v Herbert Springett. Custody of children of Bartholomew Springett and administration of their estate in St. Woolloes, Sutton and St. Brides, Mon C78/648, no. 19 [66]
1662 28 April 14 William Wilkinson als Webster v Abraham Gretton and George Waller Eviction from mortgaged premises in Sabridgworth, Herts. C78/690, no. 9 [67]
1662 28 April 14 Edward Wood of London v Rt. hon Edward, Lord Loftus; Isabell Boynton, widow; Katharine Boynton; Isabell Boynton Purchase of lands of the Castle of Midleham and Richmond, Yorks. C78/750, no. 15 [68]
1662 29 April 14 Michael Ould of Bridgnorth, Salop v Robert Haddon; Richard Littlehales; Rowland Habberley Portions payable by will of Richard Old (the complts father) from trust of lands in Brashley, Salop C78/652, no. 10 [69]
1662 30 April 14 Mary Trendle, widow, executrix of Joell Trendle her husband decd v Francis Pleasannce; Elizabeth Fabian; Peter Fabian; Christopher Hill; John Antell & others (not named) Sale of mortgaged lands in St. Lawrence of Ilkeshall, Suffolk. C78/561, no. 9 [70]
1662 30 April 14 Thomas Tibbatts v Katherine Hurst the elder and Katherine Hurst the younger Debts of Barnabas Hurst, payable from trust of the "Woolstack Inn", Redburne, Herts C78/628, no. 3 [71]
1662 1 May 14 Elizeus Shelley v Nicholas Mason; Arthur Bold; Richard Aylwin; Nicholas Dunne; Thomas Moorey; John Cooper; Henry Mathews Possession of copyhold lands in the manor of Wordleham, Hants C78/597, no. 9 [72]
1662 6 May 14 Richard Tresteane v Robert Venables Trust settlement of lands in Trenezen, Veryan, Cornwall C78/690, no. 10 [73]
1662 6 May 14 Thomas Moore; John Moore; Charles Moore; and Robert Moore, infants by Charles Moore their father and guardian; and the said Charles Moore for himself v. John Moore; George Moore; John Wild & Joane his wife C78/869, no. 1 [74]
1662 7 May 14 Samuel Tarlton of London haberdasher v Edward Hallam citizen and brewer of London Release of bonds re debts of John Tarltonof London, haberdasher, the complts eldest brother C78/652, no. 7 [75]
1662 7 May 14 Thomas Symonds of Whitelady Aston, Worcs and Anne his wife as well on the behalf of themselves as of John Freeman son of the said Anne by Robert Freeman decd her late husband v Kemmett Freeman son & heir of John Freeman the elder decd and Isabell Roberts executrix of John Roberts her late husband decd Lease of messuage and 47 acres of lands in Bushley, Worcs C78/652, no. 12 [76]
1662 9 May 14 William Woodcock v William Moore; Richard Boyse; Elizabeth his wife; John Lawzell and Anne his wife; John Wright Interests in mortgaged messuage in parish of St. James, Colchester, Essex C78/668, no. 14 [77]
1662 9 May 14 Andrew Grubham v. Christopher Sandford the elder and Christopher Sandford the younger C79/185, no. [78]
1662 12 May 14 Hastings Cooke v Sir Thomas Gainsford; John Hone; John Pickering; William Bacon; Edward Gerard Bonds re ownership of shop in Lombard Street, London and a diamond ring C78/561, no. 8 [79]
1662 12 May 14 Thomas Humfreys of Bistroe, Flint and Mary his wife; Robert Evans of Argoed v Robert Lloyd Mortgage of lands in Mould, Flints C78/648, no. 13 [80]
1662 15 May 14 Thomas Norton of London, executor of Thomas Bownest, esq v. Thomas Bownest; and Mathew Hanscombe C78/998, no. 7 [81]
1662 21 May 14 The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford v. Sir William Wheeler, then knight now knight and baronet C78/1014, no. 16 [82]
1662 28 May 14 Thomas Taylor, merchant v Richard Moore, merchant Accounts of factorship re overseas trade. C78/597, no. 10 [83]
1662 31 May 14 William Mann and Mary his wife relict of Francis Cornish her late husband decd v Henry Linckebecke; Jacob Linckebecke; Peter Linckebecke Portion payable from personal estate of Cornelius Linckebecke. C78/608, no. 8 [84]
1662 2 June 14 Richard Crossing late mayor of the City of Exeter; Christopher Lethbridg; Malachy Pyne; John Cooke; John Atwill late bailiffs or stewards of the said City on behalf of the poor of the said city704/6 names, v George Speke Bequests given by will of William Wynard to build almshouse with chapel and maintain it and pay stipend to chaplain from lands in Exeter, Toppisham Crediton, Sydmouth and Widecombe, Devon C78/704, no. 6 [85]
1662 2 June 14 John Locke v Agnes Andrewes; Richard Gravett; John Gravett; John Hubbert Mortgage of messuage in North Privett, Alverstoke. C78/738, no. 9 [86]
1662 3 June 14 Lancelots Hardie then late before of Evershott, Dorset v Honor Tucker, widow and John Hardie, clerk Possession of copyhold lands in Fridington, Dorset. C78/655, no. 11 [87]
1662 3 June 14 William Thornbury and Richard Marshall of London v Robert Page Mortgage of lands in Wembley, Harrow on the Hill, Middx. C78/714, no. 11 [88]
1662 4 June 14 Mary Newport, widow, late relict of John Newport decd; John Newport, Edward Newport, Thomas Newport & William Newport sons of the said Mary Newport; John Peacocke & Mary his wife; Francis Downes & Bridgett his wife; John Scruggs & Frances his wife daughters of the said Mary Newport v Christopher Allanson an infant, son & heir of Edmond Allanson decd. Payments and legacies due from manor of Owborne or Howhall, Finchingfield, Essex C78/970, no. 2 [89]
1662 6 June 14 Maurice Thompson and Thomas Stubbing v Mary Francklyn Estate of William Francklyn, land at Sandon, Hertfordshire. Loan for the purchase of land C78/583, no. 18 [90]
1662 6 June 14 Robert Harbyn and Thomas Turnor executors of Thomas Gould, citizen & stationer of London decd; Rebecca Gould, relict of the said Thomas Gould; Thomas Andrewe Charles Mary Gould since decd & Anne Gould infants the children of the said Thomas & Rebecca v John Parker; Edmond Booth & Mary his wife Possession and trust of lands in Conduit Field, Isleworth and Thistleworth Syon,


C78/624, no. 13 [91]
1662 6 June 14 John Jolly administrator of Blase Gosling decd v Edmond Gosling and Sir Thomas Pettus Legacies due from trust settlement of lands in Caster and elsewhere in Norfolk and Suffolk. C78/714, no. 6 [92]
1662 6 June 14 Francis Meynell of London, goldsmith & Roger Jackson of London v Button Wingate; Elizabeth Wingate, widow; Charles Nodes; George Nodes; Robert Yarway; Richard Dawson; William Foster; Mathias Taylor; Henry Chester; Thomas Yarway Mortgage of tenements and lands in Wootton, Beds C78/628, no. 4 [93]
1662 6 June 14 John, lord Berkeley v. Edward Berkeley esq; Henry Whittaker; John Davis & Jane his wife C79/185, no. [94]
1662 7 June 14 Henry Hyde, lord Cornbury; Sir Ralph Verney of Middle Claydon, Bucks, knight and baronet; Sir Allen Apsley of Feltwell, Norf, knight; Thomas Yates, doctor in divinity; and John Carey of Ditchley, Oxon, gent v. Thomas Coppin; Thomas Gunter; Thomas Baxter; and William Baxter C78/1243, no. 6 [95]
1662 9 June 14 Stephen Stiffe, citizen & grocer of London, 3rd son of Thomas Stiffe late of Bramley, Hants decd v Thomas Stiffe the son; Elianor Stiffe; Edward Stiffe; Henry Alexander; William Hall; Henry Read Mortgage of messuages, lands, and water mills in Bramley, Hants C78/652, no. 14 [96]
1662 10 June 14 Sir Samuel Jones, lord of the manor of Courtenhall, Northants; John Ch...; Richard Clerke; William Clerke; William Whitmell tenants of lands in the said manor v Francis Goodyer, clerk Bill (Hilary 1661), alleging tithes to be impoverished as a result of articles of agreement (35 years earlier) to enclose part of common field, giving other lands in exchange for glebe, and seeking ratification of a second agreement (1 May 1662) offering a lump sum in lieu of tithes. Courtenhall, Northants. C78/630, no. 22 [97]
1662 11 June 14 Ann Woodcock, widow v William Gratwick; Francis Woodcock; William Hartrich and Mary his wife Widow's share in estate of lands in Pevensey, Seaford, Balsdeane, Binsted, Tortington, East Preston, West Angmeringham, Pepering, Barfam, Helfam, Arking, Sutton and Jevington, Sussex. C78/556, no. 6 [98]
1662 11 June 14 Patrick Napper v Laurence Lowe. Debts and bonds. Complt being His Majesties barber. Letter from His Majesty providing relief to certain merchants whose goods were endangered by disaffected persons in Russia & Turkey. Complt now decd & revivor by Christopher Napper his son C78/704, no. 7 [99]
1662 11 June 14 Clement Jermy and Custans Jermy v John Jermy Legacies due from testamentary trust settlement of lands in Marlingford, Norfolk C78/716, no. 9 [100]
1662 11 June 14 Edward Chester of Crockenhatch, Herts and Judith his wife the sole daughter and heir of Edward Wright late of the City of Westminster decd, infant by Richard Bourne v Sir Thomas Dacres; Richard Chaworth; John Goldwell; Nathaniel Tench Testamentary settlement of messuages and lands in Westminster, Middx by will of Edward Wright C78/1209, no. 18B [101]
1662 11 June 14 George Kindleton of Great Linford, Bucks, clerk and rector of Great Linford and the poor people of Staffords Hospital in Shendly; Thomas Stafford of Tettenhoe, Bucks, esq patron and visiter of the hospital; and Richard Worrell of Great Linford, gentleman v. Sir Richard Napier knight; John Rowghead; and John Kent C79/34, no. [102]
1662 11 June 14 William Abbott of Essex, woollen draper v. John Keame, executor of Richard Keame, executor of Thomas Abbott C78/1129, no. 5 [103]
1662 11 June 14 Edward Wood v. Thomas Stowe; John Tye & Sarah his wife; Richard Tye; John Day; William Day; and Francis Walker C78/1258, no. 14 [104]
1662 12 June 14 Dame Katherine Vanlore, widow & relict of Sir Peter Vanlore decd v Francis Williamson the elder; Francis Williamson the younger and Robert Williamson, infants, sons of the said Francis Williamson the elder Trust of certain tenements in the manor of Tylehurst, Berks C78/652, no. 11 [105]
1662 13 June 14 William Rider, now Sir William Rider, knight v. John Marsham, esq, now Sir John Marsham, knight and Ferdinando Marsham, executors of Thomas Marsham of London, esq C78/998, no. 6 [106]
1662 14 June 14 Creshold Draper an infant by John Goldwell v Thomas Cresheld Guardianship of complainant and management of his estate in Oxon, Worcs and Wales. Complt son of William Draper decd & Mary, daughter of Richard Cresheld C78/561, no. 5 [107]
1662 14 June 14 Joseph Briscoe and Anne his wife; Margaret Smith an infant by Emery Hill; which said Anne & Margaret were daughters and coheirs of William Smith decd; Emery Hill, Bryan Barnaby & William Watts executors of the said William Smith v Richard Hankinson and Mary his wife. Mortgage of an Inn in Maidenhead, Berks. C78/1220, no. 12 [108]
1662 14 June 14 Sir Francis Finch, esq v. Mary Perkins; Sir John Curson; and Roger Allestree C78/998, no. 13 [109]
1662 16 June 14 Thomas Fownes v Henry Thornehill; Bethia Abbott; Robert Abbott; Sir Robert Abdey; John Morris Mortgage of part of Abbotts Hall, Essex and lands in West Langdon, Walmer and Alkenham, Kent. C78/714, no. 4 [110]
1662 16 June 14 Henry Crohnensterne, Baron of Cronenburgh, Sweden v John de la Cam. Debts. C78/1209, no. 19 [111]
1662 17 June 14 Anne Legawe an infant by Richard Veale v Arthur Legawe; John Tiacke; William Schodall Marriage settlement of lands in Trerasco, Ludgvan, Cornwall C78/690, no. 8 [112]
1662 17 June 14 Thomas Evered v Robert Robins Testamentary settlement by will of John Robins of lands in Trottenhoe or Eyton, Beds. C78/698, no. 3 [113]
1662 17 June 14 Thomas Phillips and Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Wakelin and Susan his wife; Scarning Phillipps v John Smalbrooke since decd; John Barney since decd; Edward Ascot since revived against Ezekias Smalbrooke son & heir of the said John Smalbrooke Title and trust of manor of Temple Wolvey, Warwicks C78/704, no. 9 [114]
1662 17 June 14 Elianor Cheever of Quemerford in the parish of Calne, Wilts, widow late the wife of Seacole Cheever esq deceased; and Henry Cheever son and heir of the said Seacole Cheever; and Mary Cheever infants by said Elianor Cheever their mother and guardian v. Mary Norborne widow; James Ash; and William Duckett esqs C79/34, no. [115]
1662 18 June 14 Thomas Barnes v William Turbervile the elder & Mary his wife; William Turbervile the younger Debts. Fraudulent dealings in purchase of the goods of John Brewer C78/652, no. 13 [116]
1662 18 June 14 Leonard Ward & Joane his wife; Anthony Oldfield & Elizabeth his wife administrators of Richard Brigham, coachmaker decd v Sir Bevis Thelwall Bonds and debts in connection with manufacture of coaches. C78/714, no. 5 [117]
1662 18 June 14 John Rawlins, citizen and imbroaderer of London v. John Cozens; Thomas Foster; Oliver Orlibeare; Richard Holden; Adam Haughton; John Read; John Parker; Thomas Leach the elder;John Thomas; and William Leach, sons of said Thomas; and William Leach C78/998, no. 12 [118]
1662 23 June 14 Richard Osborne and Elizabeth his wife v Henry Hatton; Elizabeth his wife; John Lannder Testamentary trust by will of John Hazard (late of Mortlake, Surrey, the complt Elizabeth's uncle) of parsonage house and lands in Carshalton, Surrey C78/704, no. 5 [119]
1662 25 June 14 John Fisher; John Milner; John Simpson; Christopher [?Parat?]; Christopher Steele; John Robinson; Thomas Bourgh; John Watson; Elizabeth Towlson; Mary Paytson; William Peirson; Edward Winder; John Borranskell; Janet Bourgh; Robert Twentyman; John Swinburne; Christopher Swinburne tenants of Redmaine, Cumberland v Henry Curwen Ratification of agreement regulating customs and fines for customary tenants of Redmaine, in parish of Isell, Cumberland. C78/597, no. 13 [120]
1662 25 June 14 Abraham Hebbart & Katherine his wife; Grisseld Ballard v Thomas, Lord Windsor; George, Viscount Castleton; Sir William Hickman; Willoughby Godfrey; William Godfrey Rents due from rectory of Upton and Kixby [Kexby in Upton par.], Lincs C78/630, no. 9 [121]
1662 25 June 14 Timothy Todd and Elizabeth his wife v Anthony Cater; Anthony Gibbon; Anthony Tourney; Richard Bradshaw & Anne his wife Portions payable from trust of lands in Kirton in Lindsey, Lincs. C78/631, no. 16 [122]
1662 25 June 14 Sarah Sawyer, widow and Edmund Sawer as well for themselves as on behalf of John Mackernes an infant v Robert Guy and Moses Hodges, clerk Financial trust re education and maintenace of John Mackeynes. C78/738, no. 14 [123]
1662 25 June 14 William Cary of Screington [?Scredington], Lincs, yeoman; George Younge of St Ives, Hunts, yeoman; Robert Bayley of St Ives, cordwainer; and Thomas Henson of Ellington, Hunts, yeoman C79/34, no. [124]
1662 25 June 14 John Heward v. Thomas Hemington & Elizabeth his wife; Ann Milward; Margaret Milward; Elizabeth Milward; and Christian Milward infants by the said Thomas Hemington their guardian C79/34, no. [125]
1662 26 June 14 Margaret Baker v. Robert Baynham, esq, executor of Elizabeth Morgan, widow, deceased, executrix of Robert Morgan her husband; and Richard Wroughton, gent, administrator of Sir Richard Baker, knight C78/859, no. 19 [126]
1662 27 June 14 Dame Margaret Griffith, widow v Francis Boynton Marriage scheme between the complainant and Sir Henry Griffith. Provision of a marriage portion C78/583, no. 16 [127]
1662 27 June 14 Robert Henly; Anne Henly; Sarah Henly; and Elizabeth Henly infants & younger children of John Henly decd by Henry Henley and Roger Hill their uncles; and John Henly eldest son of the said John Henly decd; and the said Henry Henly & Roger Hill on behalf of Anne the relict of John Henly now the wife of the deft v Edward Buclor Legacies payable by will of John Henley from profits of manor of Chardstock and Sinderford. Dorset. C78/655, no. 12 [128]
1662 27 June 14 Joane Freeman of London, widow v Robert Bucke and John Bucke Mortgage of four messuages in St. Buttolphs, Bishopgate, London C78/664, no. 5 [129]
1662 27 June 14 William Hodges v Charles Andrewes and Anne Becke, widow Redemption of mortgage of ground in Covent Garden, Middx. C78/714, no. 8 [130]
1662 27 June 14 John Gayer; Jonathan Sparke; and Shilston Calmady, esqs v. John Gayer C78/1232, no. 5 [131]
1662 27 June 14 Lawrence Chambers of London, merchant v. John Freeman; William Fletcher; John Goodine; and William Mason C78/1257, no. 18 [132]
1662 30 June 14 Edward Mansell & Anne his wife; Thomas Lloyd & Elizabeth his wife; William Foster & Helena his wife v Richard, Lord Gorges and others (not named). Title to manor of Ashley, Wilts C78/561, no. 4 [133]
1662 2 July 14 Thomas Doughty surviving executor of John Doughty decd by bill of revivor v Anthony Tuckney and Simeon Ashe, clerk, executors of Francis Ashe decd. Refs original bill exhibited by John Doughty against Francis Ashe. Debts in connection with manufacture of soap and potash. C78/720, no. 12 [134]
1662 3 July 14 Barbara Ireland widow & relict of William Ireland decd and William Ireland son & heir of the said William Ireland decd, an infant v Thomas Lee; Thomas Eure; John Sharpe Profits of trust of the manors of Wragby, Folby, Staintingley or Santingley, Crofton and West Hardwick, Yorks. C78/631, no. 15 [135]
1662 3 July 14 Christopher, Lord Hatton; Christopher Hatton son & heir apparent of the said Lord Hatton; William Gore of Marden, Surrey; John Travell; William Briggs the elder; William Briggs the younger v Thomas Cannon, clerk; Hugh Yeamons; William Hawgood Bill (14 May 14 Chas.II) alleging dispute over land allotted in lieu of glebe after agreement (no date) to have general-enclosure of the commons of Church and Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire C78/662, no. 4 [136]
1662 3 July 14 John Bargrave of Patrixborne, Kent v Sir Arthur Slingsby; Sir Thomas Peyton; Isaac Bargrave; Robert Bargrave; Jane Bargrave Legacies payable from sale of lands in Bridge and Patrixborne, Kent C78/745, no. 6 [137]
1662 3 July 14 Richard Steevens administrator of Anne Chomley widow v Cuthbert Stringer; Henry Kettle; Thomas Griffin Payment of legacies from estate of Thomas Holland C78/745, no. 15 [138]
1662 4 July 14 John Williams by Sir John Williams v Sir Thomas Beamont Guardianship of John Williams - purchase of the rectories and parsonages of Llanpavern, Tregaron, Llangilby, and other properties C78/583, no. 21 [139]
1662 4 July 14 John, Lord Marquesse of Winchester v Henry Englefield. Title to lands in Englefield, Tilehurst, The Marsh, Oston, Roberts Sulhamstead, Abbotts Sulhamstead, and Banister, Berks. C78/704, no. 4 [140]
1662 4 July 14 John Harris of Burnham Westgate, Norfolk v Sir William Palmer Debts C78/716, no. 8 [141]
1662 5 July 14 Thomas Greaves of Dunsty [Dunsby near Bourn], Lincs, clerk; and Edward Greaves of London, doctor in phisick v. Nicholas Greaves re. estate of John Greaves, Prof. of Astronomy at Oxford University. C78/998, no. 8 [142]
1662 7 July 14 Mark Cottle v Thomas Lea; William Bryan & Judith his wife; Joane Torado; Jane Torado; John Field Dispute over several properties in London C78/581, no. 17 [143]
1662 7 July 14 John Wentworth v William Aldburgh; Dame Mary Mallory, widow; Phillippena Bradley, widow; Nathaniel Luckyn; Dorothy Holden Purchase of manor of Aldburgh, Yorks C78/630, no. 18 [144]
1662 7 July 14 Mary Nelson, spinster, administratrix of Thomas Nelson her late father decd v Thomas Carrocke Debts and profits due from lands, specified and named in detail, location not stated. C78/970, no. 7 [145]
1662 7 July 14 Nicholas Dingley and Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Robert Kettle decd and Francis Kettle and Henry Kettle two of the sons of the said Robert Kettle decd v. John Blincoe Will of James Blith of London, Skinner. C78/1412, no. 5 [146]
1662 16 July 14 Gyles Hutton of the city of Norwich, haberdasher & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Thirkle of North Walsham, Norfolk, taylor & Rose his wife daughters & heires of John Barker of the said city, weaver v William Barnaham; William Newman; Richard Mott; William Butteris; John Barnham otherwise Barnaham Alleged trust of lands in parish of St. Margaret, North Walsham, Norfolk. C78/561, no. 2 [147]
1662 17 July 14 Humphrey Grinsell v Henry Browne and Charles Grinsell Legacies due from mortgaged tenements near Charing Crosse, and Paddington, Middx C78/714, no. 3 [148]
1662 21 July 14 Marcellus Whittingham v Gifford Bale; Thomas Hall; Thomas Hatch; Ralph Cranwell Alleged mortgage (for security of debts) of lands in Wavingdon or Wandon, Bucks C78/556, no. 3 [149]
1662 22 July 14 John Chapplin of London gentleman v. John, lord Cobham; Leonard Roads; George Bamfield; and Thomas Cooke C79/18, no. [150]
1662 24 July 14 John Doncaster v William Johnson; Robert Whatton; Arthur Tory Lease and mortgage of lands in Colsterworth and North Witham, Lincs. C78/624, no. 15 [151]
1662 (bill) Michaelmas Term Robert Abell v. James Supple and others (sic) C79/53, no. [152]
1662 (bill) Michaelmas Term 14 Sir Geoffrey Palmer, knight and baronet, Attorney General; and William Thornton v. Henry Shales & Elizabeth his wife, executors of Nicholas Wright, who was heir and administrator of Thomas Wright and also administrators de bonis non of Thomas Wright; George Thompson; Mary Milner; Josias Hewett; Francis Robinson; Robert Lambert; Isabell Ford; Isabell Gossipp; and Nicholas Almond C78/1014, no. 1 [153]
1662 3 Oct 14 John Salisbury, gent v. Edward Hale & Elianor his wife C78/1257, no. 17 [154]
1662 13 Oct 14 Charles Richardson v John Nicoll; Sarah his wife; Bostock Tolley Factorship of Robert Richardson of Newcastle, and subsequently the complt, for the selling of soap at Newcastle [?upon Tyne?]. C78/714, no. 12 [155]
1662 15 Oct 14 Henry Spiller v James Herbert and Jane his wife Performance of a marriage treaty and settlement of lands in Kingsey and Hadnam or Haddenham, Oxon and Bucks C78/622, no. 2 [156]
1662 16 Oct 14 Thomas, Lord Viscount Baltinglasse and the Lady Anne, Viscountess Baltinglasse his wife; Roger le Strange of Covent Garden v Clement Trockmorton; John Rowse; William Colemore; Edmund Temple Trust of site of late Priory of Lusfield in Northants, Bucks and Oxon and manors of Thorneboroughe, Bucks and Dodford, Northants. C78/652, no. 6 [157]
1662 17 Oct 14 William Iver & Frances his wife; Nicholas Hill & Elizabeth his wife; Sarah Turner, relict of Jonas Turner; John Bolman & Mary his wife, daughters of Sarah Willinger the daughter of Anne Hodges v. Samuel Taylor, executor of William Taylor; and Robert Chipp, executors of said Anne Hodges C78/1258, no. 11 [158]
1662 23 Oct 14 John Ellerker v Arthur Noell; Elizabeth Tomlyn; Gyles Tomlyn Portions and jointure payable from Heyholme Grange and lands in Bransburton and Leaven, Yorks. C78/597, no. 6 [159]
1662 23 Oct 14 Thomas Bostock of London, scrivener v John Hayes Accounts of financial trusts. C78/652, no. 5 [160]
1662 24 Oct 14 Richard Conquest v John Stone; John Farnewoah; Edward Story; Abraham Fothergill; Christopher Lowe Calculation of mortgage payments on manor of Houghton Conquest, Beds C78/597, no. 4 [161]
1662 24 Oct 14 Edward Hudson of Melton Mowbray, Leics and Henry Trigge of Melton v George Lord Barkeley; John Mitton; James Gibbs; John Thrinntton; Thomas Wilcox; Roger Waite; Edward Needham Lease of fair, market rights and manor of Melton Mowbray, Leics. C78/850, no. 10 [162]
1662 24 Oct 14 Judith Coppinger, widow, executrix of Richard Jackman & administratrix of Jane Jackman v. William Crane; John Crane; Ralph Hawtrey; John Hawtrey; Richard Jones and Mary Jones an infant by Richard Jones her father Legacy due from the will of Sir Richard Crane C78/1412, no. 9 [163]
1662 24 Oct 14 Sir George Vaine, knight, lord of the manor of Long Newton, Durham; and William Hobman, gent, a freeholder of certain lands within the said manor v. John Oliver; Robert Thorpe; Thomas Fewler; Ralph Collinge; John Fewler; Edward Robinson; Robert Newham; and John Armestronge C78/902, no. 5 [164]
1662 25 Oct 14 Thomas Vivian and Anne his wife relict and administrator of William Blathwaite v William, Lord Sandys; George Coney; Robert Clayton; John Abdye; Robert Abdye; William Meggs; John Bernard; Robert Holmes; Richard Atkins Debts payable from sale of Rookley Farm in the manor of Tymsbury & Rookley, Hants C78/624, no. 9 [165]
1662 25 Oct 14 Master and fellows (not individually named) of University College, Oxford v Symon Bennett and Ralph Ratcliff since decd Trust of lands in forest of Whittlewood, Northants, given by Sir Symon Bennett to establish new fellowships and scholarships and extend buildings of the college C78/672, no. 8 [166]
1662 25 Oct 14 Mary Attwood of Leomister [Leominster], Herefs, widow, administratrix of Edward Attwood her late husband; Edward Attwood her son, an infant v George Atwood; George Hicks; Thomas Batch; Rowland Taylor; Richard Showell; John Price Title to eight messuages in Newdicks Court and Frier St., Worcester C78/673, no. 13 [167]
1662 28 Oct 14 Sir David Cunningham; Robert Grymes; & George Almery trustees for & on behalf of Lea Wadson wife of Edward Swan, and also for & on behalf of Rachell Wadson the relict of John Robinson & also trustees for the children of the said Lea & Rachell, they the said Lea & Rachell being the children & surviving heirs & executors of Robert Wadson, merchant decd; & also John Empson; John Bayly; John Lovell; & Richard Tayler, tenants of Stickney Grange, Lincs v Edward Harrison; Lancelot Harrison; Richard Porter; Martha Porter, widow, since the wife of John Bedingfield and others (not named) Profits and interests in assignment in trust of a lease of Stickney Grange, Lincs C78/714, no. 9 [168]
1662 28 Oct 14 Mary Hanford, spinster, one of the daughters of Francis Hanford decd & Elizabeth his then wife since the wife of Ayliffe White v Walter Hanford; Ayliffe White & Elizabeth his wife Portion payable from manors of Wollashall and Nafford, Worcs C78/714, no. 10 [169]
1662 29 Oct 14 Abraham Nelson v Thomas Nelson & William Nelson Defts avoidance of the settlement of debts which had previously been unpaid due to the complt being unable to procure a discharge from the Commissioners for Sequestration C78/630, no. 21 [170]
1662 29 Oct 14 William Smythson v William Satterthwayte & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Ibson and Mary Ibson Delivery of deeds re messuages and lands in Heslington, Yorks. C78/631, no. 14 [171]
1662 29 Oct 14 James Selsby v. Prudence Butler, widow, late wife and executrix of James Butler; and Nicholas Vanacker; and James Butler, an infant C78/998, no. 15 [172]
1662 3 Nov 14 Nicholas France; Francis Slake; Nicholas Foddle; John Morrison; William Bowes; Richard White; Richard Wallasse; George White; William Adcock; Gawin Allason; George Smithson; Thomas Dodgson; John Bawcon; William Dodgson; Robert Dodgson; John Sibson; Thomas Thursby; Thomas Fearon customary tenants of manor of Tallentire, Cumberland v Launcelott Fletcher and Henry Fletcher Agreement re fines, boons and customs for customary tenants of Tallentire, Cumberland C78/597, no. 5 [173]
1662 3 Nov 14 Goddard Titchurst and Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Banister; John Banister; Mary Banister and James Banister the younger v. John Busbridge and Joane his wife executrix of John Giles, clerke decd Legacy due from the will of John Giles. C78/1412, no. 7 [174]
1662 4 Nov 14 Edmund Harrison; Christopher Shawe brother & heir of William Shawe, son & heir of Christopher Shawe decd; and Edward Berry Godfrey v Dame Katherine Owfield daughter of William Smith Rents from extended lands in Chepsted, West ham, Maistham and Galtarn, Surrey C78/556, no. 1 [175]
1662 4 Nov 14 Degory Walter v. Rose Colscott; William Dennis; and Thomas Marshall C78/1013, no. 19 [176]
1662 5 Nov 14 Thomas Palmer of Harting, Sussex; Edmund Shallett of Exton, Hants; James Shallett of Harting; Thomas Pritchard of Petworth, Sussex, innholder v Elizabeth Pritchard, widow and Daniel Pritchard her son, an infant Portions payable by will of Daniel Pritchard from profits of sale of lands in East Harting, Sussex C78/1209, no. 13 [177]
1662 6 Nov 14 Richard Spencer; Sir Brockett Spencer; Sir Henry Newton; Edward Spencer v William Gee and Sir Thomas Parker Marriage treaty of manor of Thornegumball, Yorks C78/690, no. 7 [178]
1662 8 Nov 14 William Farrer v John Farrer. Bonds for performance of covenants re conveyance of manor of Warton, Lancs. C78/610, no. 6 [179]
1662 10 Nov 14 Anne Angell relict of James Angell decd v John Acrodd; Maurice Gething & Anne his wife Estate of James Angell - a dwelling house at Enfield and other property worth £12,000 C78/583, no. 20 [180]
1662 11 Nov 14 John Sackford v George Walsh. Possession and rents due from thirteen tenements in St. Martin le Grand, London C78/607, no. 7 [181]
1662 13 Nov 14 John Littlebury; Alice Littlebury, Mary Littlebury & Bridget Littlebury daughters of the said John Littlebury, being all infants v Alice Vigorons, widow and Nicholas Wall Debts and legacies payable by will of Robert Vigorons from lands and tenements in Langham, Essex C78/652, no. 17 [182]
1662 14 Nov 14 Sir Edward Atkins & Dame Frances his wife; Sir George Wentworth; Joseph Naylor; John Lake & Judith his wife; Jeremy Rossendall & Grace his wife; Robert Benson; Thomas Benson; Abraham Haigh & Susan his wife; John Naylor & Margaret his wife; Phillip Lilley & Elizabeth his wife, then plts now defts v Leonard Scurre; William Frear; John Hopkins and others (not named), then defts now plts Title to, and annuity from lands in the manor of Beeston, (no county given). C78/609, no. 4 [183]
1662 14 Nov 14 Robert Harbyn and Thomas Turnor executors of Thomas Gould, citizen & stationer of London decd; Rebecca Gould, relict of the said Thomas Gould; Thomas, Andrew, Charles, Mary Gould since decd & Anne Gould, infants, the children of the said Thomas & Rebecca v John Parker; Edmund Booth & Mary his wife Possession and trust of lands in Conduit Field, Isleworth and Thistleworth Syon, Middx C78/624, no. 12 [184]
1662 14 Nov 14 Samuel Smaithwaite and Mary his wife, eldest daughter & coheir of Robert Widdrington decd v Sir William Widdrington; Anne Widdrington; Ralph Pudsey & Elizabeth his wife (2nd wife of said Robert Widdrington); John Richardson; Thomas Hall Title to lease of an unspecified colliery in Northumberland. Marriage settlement of Robert Widdrington & Ursula daughter of David Engleby and the disinheritance of the complt Mary. The complt Samuel having since died, bill of revivor presented by the complt Mary & her second husband William (or Robert) Halliman against Elizabeth Pudsey, widow (her husband Ralph being then decd), Anne Widdrington (now Anne Brandling, wife of Charles Brandling. C78/664, no. 7 [185]
1662 14 Nov 14 Thomas Rosse v. John Clement the elder; John Clement the younger; Thomas Clement & Mary his wife; John Wynnard otherwise England; John Charmbury; and Mary Clement and Anne Clement, daughters of said Thomas Clement & Mary his wife C78/1014, no. 15 [186]
1662 15 Nov 14 John Wentworth v. William Osbasdon and Ann his wife; Thomas Grantham and Frances his wife; and John Thornehill and Everile his wife C78/1299, no. 5 [187]
1662 16 Nov 14 Thomas Robinson v Edward Cooke Blocking of windows in a messuage in Christchurch parish, London C78/739, no. 18 [188]
1662 17 Nov 14 Francis Johnson and fellows of University College, Oxford v Anthony Foxcrofte and John Radcliffe Maintenance of 2 fellows at University College, Oxford from trust of lands in Heptenstall, Ovenden and Bradshawe, Yorks C78/547, no. 10 [189]
1662 17 Nov 14 Richard Pry v John Pry & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Barnard otherwise Denbawde; John Grove; John Legatt otherwise Aish Lease of messuage and land in Aishburton, North Tawton and Martock, Devon C78/655, no. 10 [190]
1662 18 Nov 14 Richard Webb, merchant v George Gorst; Anne Gorst, widow; William Kidd Testamentary disposition of lands in Lincolns Inn Field, Middx C78/630, no. 20 [191]
1662 19 Nov 14 Edward Jones; John Gayford; William Crabb; Peter Selcock; Robert Rundell; John Bylie; Henry Whichurch; Peter Crabb; Christopher Hickman; Symon Crabb; Thomas Ducy; William Crabb; John Phillipps; John Parsons; William Snell; Christopher Stanshall; Edward Singer; Mathew Borne; Richard Lyde; Richard Jones of Southwick; Joane Phillipps; Margery Crabb v Edward Trenchard & Henry Trenchard Keeping of court of manors of Cutteridge and Overscourt, Wilts by guardian of lunatic lord of these manors C78/607, no. 4 [192]
1662 19 Nov 14 Nathaniel Hobart, now Sir Nathaniel Hobart v Elizabeth Fish, widow Debts and bonds. C78/628, no. 2 [193]
1662 19 Nov 14 Thomas Hillersden, an infant, eldest son & heir of Thomas Hillersden late of Elvestoe, Beds by Elizabeth Huxley of Edmonton, Middx, widow, his grandmother v John Huxley; Sir William Becher & Dame Elizabeth his wife Testamentary settlement of manors of Hockliffe, Beds, Caxton, Hunts and Oven, Bucks C78/673, no. 14 [194]
1662 20 Nov 14 John Miller of Covent Garden, Middx, taylor v Alexander Thayne; William Wheeler & his wife; Josias Longe & his wife; Thomas Davy & his wife; John Carpenter Mortgage of messuage in St Martins in the Fields, Middx. C78/1220, no. 9 [195]
1662 21 Nov 14 James Banister the elder of Eastbourne, Sussex v. John Busbridge and Joane his wife executrix of John Giles, clerke decd Legacy due from the will of John Giles. C78/1412, no. 8 [196]
1662 21 Nov 14 William Barker, gent, one of the cursitors of Chancery & Francis his wife, late wife of James Davy, esq v. Sir Edward Hales, baronet AND v. William Marriott; and John Nuttier C78/1014, no. 14 [197]
1662 22 Nov 14 Robert Constable of London v Josyas Prickett; Robert Prickett; George Prickett Debts of Sir Thomas Metham payable from trust of the parsonages of Saltmarsh and Metham, Yorks. C78/1209, no. 12 [198]
1662 22 Nov 14 Phillip Atkey of ___, Devon, gent v. John Wichalse; and William Venner C78/1232, no. 3 [199]
1662 24 Nov 14 Richard Taverner; Joane Taverner, Edward Taverner & Mathew Taverner children of the said Richard Taverner v Thomas Cockaine; John Barnewell; Lawrence Tristram AND against Peter Taverner, Thomas Taverner, John Taverner, Henry Taverner, Granado Taverner, Jermia Taverner & Robert Taverner children of the said Richard Taverner Education and maintenance portions payable from trust of the manor and rectory of Hexton, Herts C78/657, no. 7 [200]
1662 24 Nov 14 Sir George Savile of Thornhill, Yorks; Anthony Lord; Ashley Cooper of St Giles Wimburne, Dorset one of HM Privy Counsel; William Coventry of London secretary to the Duke of York; John Trevor; Sir Francis Goodricke of Lincolnes, Middx v Edward Pemberton; Thomas Bynnell; Richard Ball Conveyance of part of the manor of Rockardine [Wrockwardine], Salop, including mines of coal and ironstone C78/673, no. 10 [201]
1662 24 Nov 14 John Whetham v Hisby Palmer and Anne his wife; Nathaniel Atwell & Elizabeth his wife; Stephen Bonner & Joan his wife; James Safford; Rachell Beckett; Andrew Gregory Title to lands in Taunton, Somerset. C78/710, no. 2B [202]
1662 24 Nov 14 Alice Peard widow v. Frances Day widow C78/2041, no. 12 [203]
1662 24 Nov 14 William Radley, esq; Thomas Willoughby, gent; Thurston Bradley; Robert Foster; George Shaw; and Richard Brownlowe, Governors of the Free Grammar School of Kivington, Lancs v. John Richmond; and John Teward C78/1258, no. 8 [204]
1662 26 Nov 14 William Honywood of London v Sir Andrew RicardWilliam Williams; Margaret Garway Debts of William Garway payable from trust of the manor of Barhayes or Berrowe, Somerset C78/624, no. 4 [205]
1662 26 Nov 14 Phillip Woodhouse; Jacob Astley & the Lady Blanch his wife v William Burleigh Mortgage of unspecified copyhold lands. C78/657, no. 6 [206]
1662 26 Nov 14 Thomas Merry and Ralph Skipwith decd v Henry Kendall the elder; Frances his wife; Henry Kendall the younger; Elizabeth his wife; James Abney; Gabriel Armestrong Abney Portions and debts from trust of the manors of Twycrosse and Norton, near Twycrosse, Leics. C78/739, no. 9 [207]
1662 27 Nov 14 Thomas Playter, knight; Rebeccah Wallis, an infant, by said Sir Thomas her guardian; Mary Wallis; Constance Wallis; Sarah Wallis; William Wallis; Thomas Wallis; and Anne Wallis, all infants, by said Sir Thomas Playter their guardian v. John Duncombe, esq; and Mary Withins C78/1258, no. 7 [208]
1662 27 Nov 14 Charles, lord Gerrard, baron of Brandon, son and heir of Penelope, one of the sisters and heirs of Sir Edward Fitton, baronet v. William Fitton; Alexander Fitton; Phillip, lord Wharton; Sir John Trevor, knight; Sir Thomas Trevor, Knight of the Bath and knight and baronet; Edmond Barricke; and Edward Fitton C78/1258, no. 9 [209]
1662 28 Nov 14 Mary Newport, widow, relict of John Newport decd; John Newport, Edward Newport, Thomas Newport & William Newport sons of the said Mary Newport; John Peacocke & Mary his wife; Francis Downes & Bridgett his wife; John Scroggs & Frances his wife, daughters of the said Mary Newport v Christopher Allanson an infant, son & heir of Edmond Allanson decd. Payments and legacies due from manor of Owborne or Howhall, Finchingfield, Essex C78/970, no. 3 [210]
1662 4 Dec 14 Fardinando Gorges and Mary his wife v Thomas Archdale Payment of legacies due from Richard Archdale the complt Mary's grandfather C78/690, no. 6 [211]
1662 4 Dec 14 Sir Thomas Grobham Howe, knight; and Thomas Craddock v. Francis Finch, esq; and John Wood C78/1257, no. 15 [212]
1662 5 Dec 14 William Bullocke and Sarah his wife lately called Sarah Gill, spinster v Clifton Rhodes Debts and bonds of Sir Frances Rhodes payable from his personal estate and lands in Sturton, Notts C78/655, no. 9 [213]
1662 7 Dec 14 Thomas Colmer son & heir apparent of John Colmer decd, youngest son of Thomas Colmer decd, grandfather of the said Thomas Colmer v Edward Butler & Anne his wife; John Henley Testamentary disposition of Colmer Farm, Dorset. C78/630, no. 3 [214]
1662 9 Dec 14 Marmaduke Holtby of Scackleton, Yorks v Thomas Reynolds Trust of the manor of Scackleton and lands in Hovingham, Yorks C78/624, no. 10 [215]
1662 9 Dec 14 Beatrice Richardson by Thomas Herbert of St Martins in the Field, Middx, plaisterer v John Martyn and Gilbert Ridley Profits from testamentary trust settlement of two messuages in Puddle Wharfe, parish of St. Andrews Wardrobe, London and personal estate of Ellen Tennant C78/672, no. 10 [216]
1662 9 Dec 14 Henry Hele and Richard Hele administrators of Nicholas Hele decd v Dame Rebecca Gardiner; Rebecca Child; William Child; Edward Perry; Thomas Allen; Sidenham Lukins; Oliver Witington Bonds for debts payable from manor of Cuddesdon, Oxon C78/704, no. 3 [217]
1662 10 Dec 14 William Clotworthy of London, haberdasher sole administrator of Robert Gray sometime of London, mercer v Simon Middleton, citizen & goldsmith of London Legacy payable from personal estate of Robert Gray C78/624, no. 5 [218]
1662 11 Dec 14 Ambrose Hampson; Katherine Hampson; Margaret Hampson; George Hampson v Robert Hampson and John Loder Debts. C78/547, no. 6 [219]
1662 13 Dec 14 Henry Robinson of London, merchant, executor of Lawrence Greene of London, merchant v. Richard Chambers C78/1277, no. 9 [220]
1662 15 Dec 14 John Rumbold by John Woolfe & Mary his wife & Nicholas Woolfe v William Rumbold & Nicholas Honor. Legacy payable from messuage in Weston, Herts. C78/1209, no. 11 [221]
1662 15 Dec 14 Evan Lloyd Piers of Penporthell, Denb, gent, administrator of Rees ap William Morris of Pennynasset, Denb, gent and also nephew and heir of said Rees v. Henry Wynne, gent C78/1257, no. 16 [222]