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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1650 C78/, no. []
1650 or later Sarah? Stroude widow of Robert Stroude v. Thomas Ireton & Dorothy his wife .... & administratrix of John Bayliffe decd; John Bayliffe C79/3, no. [2]
1650 or later Dame Elizabeth Hansby widow late wife of Sir Ralph Hansby late of Tickhill Castle, Yorks, knight v. William Sanderson and Robert Moreton esqs C78/1925, no. 12 [3]
1650?? Humfrey Wingfeild of Brantham, Suff & Elizabeth his wife sole daughter and heir of John Battisford gentleman the younger who was eldest son of John Battisford the elder late of Chesterton, Cambs, esq by Elizabeth his wife late daughter of of William Thurstone late of Colchester, Essex, grocer v. Robert Valence of London, gentleman; John Rogers; Daniel Jelley; and George Cawrey C79/197, no. [4]
1650? No decree date (Bill Mich. 1649) Sir Henry Carewe; Roger Gifford; Peter Laud v Sir John Trelawney; Jonathan Trelawney; Ambrose Manaton Case re lands in Tiverton, Devon. (This roll is incomplete and the details of the case are not recorded). C78/404, no. 1 [5]
1650 Elizabeth, countess dowager of Bolingbroke, administratrix of Oliver, earl of Bolingbroke v. Sir John Awbrey, knight; Sir Richard Basset, knight; and others C78/1013, no 5 [6]
1650 Thomas Saunders esq v. Charles Mellins; Henry Mellins; Richard Davies & Elizabeth his wife C79/193, no. [7]
1650 11 Jan Hugh Crosby; William Bentley; Thomas Fairchilde; Richard Allen; Ralph Whittinger; Richard Massy; William Hankison v Christopher Harney, clerk. The chapel of ease at the town of Whittley, Cheshire. Provision of a preacher and his maintenance C78/582, no. 13 [8]
1650 17 Jan Francis Littleton of St Andrew Holborne, Middx sole executor of Edward Littleton late of Cranford, Middx his brother decd v Richard Toby; Richard Boone; Edward Hopkinson; George Bently; Richard Furner; Manrite Take; John Bedwell; William Smyth; James Kirton; Thomas Wright Debts and bonds payable from personal estate of Edward Littleton C78/488, no. 13 [9]
1650 24 Jan Thomas Beake and Robert Beake v Robert Evering; Edward Boyes Debts on security of rent-charge from manor of Evering and lands in Alkham, Kent. C78/549, no. 23 [10]
1650 25 Jan Henry Robinson of Cransley, Nothants son & heir of Sir Henry Robinson late of Cransley decd v Dame Martha Robinson, widow Trust settlement of manor of Cransley, Northants. C78/1150, no. 41 [11]
1650 26 Jan John Auger of Thamestreete in the City of Lo..., Sho... v Mary Crowle; ....... Crowl.. Re-assurance of mortgaged copyhold lands in Wiscowe, Yorks. C78/619, no. 13 [12]
1650 29 Jan Robert Cookery and Richard Stick v John White. Payments due from trust settlement of copyhold tenements of the manor of Colridge, Devon. C78/404, no. 12 [13]
1650 31 Jan Symon Nicholas & Bennett his wife, executrix of John Taylor decd; Bennett Taylor an infant v Thomas Saunders Legacies payable from unspecified lands in Kent. C78/464, no. 4 [14]
1650 31 Jan Elizabeth Guttery of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, widow late wife & executrix of Archibald Guttery late of London decd, and also thentofore late wife and administratrix of Francis Stourton decd & one of the daughters of Henry Norton decd & sister to Walter Norton of Sibsey, Lincs v Sir George Heneage. Loans and debts; the will and estate of Archibald Guttery C78/499, no. 10 [15]
1650 5 Feb William Price; and Rees Price v. Hugh Peake; and Robert Pennant C78/1257, no. 22 [16]
1650 7 Feb Phillip Harbert of Skipwith, Yorks v Christopher Leedall; James Leedall; Bryan Winder; William Winder; John Winder; Rowland Harbert Lease of lands in Skipwith, Yorks, as security for debts. C78/619, no. 11 [17]
1650 9 Feb. John Cockson of Crawe, Yorks & Maudlin his wife one of the daughters of William Windle decd; Abigail Windle & William Windle two other children of the said William v John Windle; Christopher Windle; Richard Barrowe; Thomas Hewson The will of William Windle. Lands in Earby, Yorks C78/536, no. 10 [18]
1649 9 Feb Thomas Smith of West Kynett & Roger Lavington of Charlton, Wilts as trustees for Frideswoed Stratton wife of Edward Stratton of Nash Howse, Wilts v The said Edward Stratton and Edward Goddard Trust of lands in Brinkworth, Wilts C78/649, no. 3 [19]
1650 9 Feb Francis Marshall v. Edward Saunders; and Thomas Hall C78/1013, no. 3 [20]
1650 11 Feb Elizabeth Cornishe v George Cornish executor of Joane Lutley, widow decd. Legacy payable from personal estate of Johane Lutley, aunt of the complt C78/404, no. 5 [21]
1650 11 Feb Mary Newton, widow, for and on behalf of herself & Sarah Newman & Joane Newman her daughters v Joane Newton, widow; Isaac Allen Account of financial trusts. Thomas Newman late of Lyndfield, Sussex late husband of the complt Mary & father of the said Sarah & Johan C78/568, no. 12 [22]
1650 12 Feb John Norton, clerk; Daniel Norton & Francis Norton son & daughter of Daniel Norton decd & Isabell his wife, afterwards the wife of William Kynman likewise decd, infants by the said John Norton their uncle v James Popplewell and Richard Kynman son & heir of William Kynman decd Portions and debts payable from personal estate of Danyell Norton C78/404, no. 14 [23]
1650 16 Feb Charles Browne & Elizabeth his wife the relict & executrix of Henry Barnardiston decd v William Geary; Robert Barnardiston; George Barnardiston Trust settlement of lands in Northill or Norrill, Beds C78/517, no. 1 [24]
1650 19 Feb Hellena Phillips v Edward Phillips; Christopher Dorrington and others (not named) Estate of Sir Robert Phillips of Mountague, Somerset. Provision for his daughters, dispute over will. C78/507, no. 4 [25]
1650 19 Feb Humfry Newton esq v. Lawrence Maydwell esq; Thomas Rowse gentleman & Elizabeth his wife C78/2020, no. 14 [26]
1650 21 Feb Sir John Wittewronge v Sir Richard Prise; Lewis Evans; Morgan Evans; Arthur Weaver Possession of, and encumbrances on messuage and lands in Aberbachan, Montgomeryshire. C78/478, no. 25 [27]
1650 23 Feb Heneage, Earl of Winchelsea v John Finch brother of the said Earl; Heneage Finch; Francis Finch; John Finch; Francis Finch the said Earl's uncle; Sir Roger Twisden; Sir William Strickland; Sir Norton Knatchbull; Sir William Waller; Thomas Walker Trusts of estates of the late Earl consisting of the manors of Icklesham, Netherfield and Ittington, Sussex and Eastwell, Willington or Willingdon, Potbury, Otterpley, Uckinge, Ulley Shottingden, Bramston, Boughton Aluph, Wye and Moorehouse,


C78/649, no. 6 [28]
1650 27 Feb John Edwards of ..andon, Herts for self and as guardian for Mathew Edwards his brother, Bridgit Edwards his sister, ..... Edwards another sister v Thomas Morrison; Christopher Vernon; John Edwards a younger son & executor of George Edwards, grandfather to the complts Annuities payable by will of George Edwards from manor of Gannocke, Herts. C78/480, no. 3 [29]
1650 28 Feb Giles Tooker of Maydmyton, Wilts, and William Doble of the Inner Temple v Sir Henry Rosewell of Ford in the parish of Thornecombe, Devon. Debts re redemption of mortgaged mansion and demesnes of Ford, in Thornecombe parish, Devon C78/486, no. 17 [30]
1650 1 March The Mayor and Bailiffs of the City of Oxford v. Robert Thomas and John King C78/2020, no. 16 [31]
1650 2 March Sir Richard Weston, knight of the Bath; Nicholas Townley esq, son and heir of Francis Townley deceased v. Andrew Wall, esq C78/2020, no. 13 [32]
1650 23 March Isaack Jones and Samuel Jones v Thomas Kynaston; John Spencer; William Medlicott Debts and bonds in connection with West India Company. C78/464, no. 5 [33]
1650 14 April William Morris of St Margaret, New Fish St, London, baker v Roger Morris Possession of profits of lease of tenements in Queene Camell in Camell, Essex. C78/527, no. 18 [34]
1650 30 April John Holled v Theophilous, Earl of Lincoln. Office of receiver of the rents of the castle and manor of Tatshall [Tattershall] in Lindsey, Lincs. C78/616, no. 6 [35]
1650 2 May William Salkeld v Susan Davison administratrix of Thomas Davison Debts and financial transactions between Thomas Davison and the complainant, for the benefit of the complts late father John Salkeld C78/557, no. 16 [36]
1650 3 May Thomas Jackler & Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Goodricke and John Goodricke, clerk. Estate of William Goose of Tuddingham, lands and property at Tuddingham and other places in Norfolk. C78/390, no. 8 [37]
1650 4 May Sir Anthony Cage v Rose Hale, widow and Rowland Hale. Mortgage of messuage near the church of Crowdon or Croydon, Cambs C78/658, no. 18 [38]
1650 8 May Edward Hodges and William Hodges his son v William Freke. Possession of four closes called Drapars Eastham, (No county given). C78/464, no. 16 [39]
1650 10 May John Cromwell of ....., Hunts & Abigale his wife sole daughter & heir of Sir Henry Cleere decd v Dame Jane Denny, widow, now the wife of Sir William C....; Thomas Berney & Dorothy his wife; John Awcocke and others (named). Possession of manors of Ormsby, Pedhams, Castons, Burgh or Burrough, Vaux, Salhamhall, Scrotby, Buckeham Ferry, and Hassingham, Norfolk C78/699, no. 12 [40]
1650 11 May John Tapsan executor of William Tapsan v Humfrey Thomas. Bonds re fish trade with Newfoundland and Portugal. C78/404, no. 4 [41]
1650 14 May George Younge & Thomasine his wife v John Puddicombe; Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Mortymore; Thomasine Leech Title to trust lands in Samford and Crediton, Devon. C78/404, no. 6 [42]
1650 14 May Thomas Anderson and Nicholas Gatensbye of Kingston upon Hull, mariners v Governor and company of merchant adventurers for discovery of new trades commonly called the Muscovia or Greenland Company and v Richard Bateman, Nathaniel Wright, Roger Drayton, Nathanial Wright, Francis Flyer, Charles Snelling and the rest of said company. Restoration of confiscated whale-fins and sea morse/horse teeth C78/464, no. 3 [43]
1650 14 May William Cowell v John Harford. Debts in connection with factorship for cloth merchant. C78/464, no. 15 [44]
1650 14 May Robert Freeman v. ___ Finding aid has: Robert Freeman v Robert Kempe; Timothy Weld & his wife C78/1925, no. 13 [45]
1650 16 May James Tucker of the City of Exeter, merchant v Elizabeth Tucker, widow, the relict & executrix of James Tucker decd the complts late father. Factors accounts of merchant goods of James Tucker the elder. C78/404, no. 3 [46]
1650 16 May Mary Farwell, spinster, administratrix of Margaret Farwell her late sister decd v Thomas Farwell executor of James Farwell decd and Melia Farwell, widow, administratrix of John Farwell her late husband decd Legacies from will of James Farwell C78/649 no. 10 [47]
1650 16 May Melior Farwell, widow, administratrix of John Farwell her late husband decd v Mary Farwell, spinster, executrix of Alexander Farwell decd Debts and bonds due to Alexander Farwell from one Emerson of Barnett near London, and case brought against Emerson by the complts late husband on behalf of Alexander Farwell C78/649, no. 11 [48]
1650 17 May Thomas Flynt & Katherine his wife late wife & executrix of Henry Trimingham; Robert Trimingham; Ann Trymingham; Jonathan Lanes & Mary his wife v Leonard Wray; Thomas Fitzwilliams; Robert Fairborne Portions payable from trust of lands in Fishlake, Yorks. C78/634, no. 6 [49]
1650 18 May Richard Marlett v John, Earl of Thannett & his Countess; William Smith & Dorothy his wife; William Andrewes Bonds re timber rights in manor of Allington, Sussex. C78/568, no.9 [50]
1650 18 May Nicholas and George Rothwell of ...., Surrey and George Rothwell his son & heir apparent v Judith Ducke; Edmund Ducke; Ann Ducke; David Stephens; James Ducke; [blank] Ducke junior Possession of rectory and tithes and lands in Upton, Bucks. C78/610, no. 12 [51]
1650 18 May William Dennys of Stevington, Beds son & heir apparent of William Dennys late of Stevington decd v William White & Mary his wife Title to copyhold lands in Stevington, Beds C78/1150, no. 38 [52]
1650 20 May Richard Spencer; Anthony ....; Toby Richman; Henry Partridge v Anne Webb now the wife of William Dorter; Richard Workeman; Thomas Webb of Malmesbury, Wilts; Thomas Webb of Wootton, Wilts; Thomas Lewen; William Dainton; Thomas Dixe Debts of Edward Webb payable from lands in Myntie, Wilts. C78/649, no. 7 [53]
1650 21 May Thomas Edgar v Robert Clench. Debt owed to the late Susan Penninge one of the daughters of Anthony Penninge: Salt marsh at Kirton & Falkinham, Suffolk as security. C78/389, no. 3 [54]
1650 21 May Robert Bacon; Thomas Frisby & Alice his wife, administrators of Elizabeth Siddowne v Sir Wolston Dixie; Wolston Dixie his son; Young Dixie; John Farmer; Francis Bolton Bill (Mich. 1648) alleging depopulation and refusal to honor leases following agreement (18 years earlier) that there should be a general enclosure of the manor of Bosworth, Leicestershire, and lordship of Carlton and that tenants should surrender their leases and take out new ones. C78/570, no. 3 [55]
1650 21 May Robert Bacon; Thomas Frisby & Alice his wife administrators of Elizabeth Siddowne v Sir Wolstan Dixie; Wolstan Dixie his son; Young Dixie; John Farmer; Francis Bolton Scheme for the enclosure of the manor of Bosworth and the Lordships of Carlton and Cotton, Leicestershire: agreement for the partition of the enclosed lands and the settlement of copyhold tenure C78/582, no. 12 [56]
1650 21 May William Davies of ?Lingon?, ?Herefs? v Hugh Price; Griffith Price; Thomas ap Richard Debts and mortgage of messuage in Lambiter, Radnorshire C78/638, no. 19 [57]
1650 22 May John Edward v John Seaman, clerk; Richard Cole; Richard Phillipps Bonds and debts. John Gaye long since decd, the father of the complts now wife. C78/404, no. 16 [58]
1650 22 May Stephen Devis v Thomas Hallyday and Jeffery Hallyday Mortgage of messuage and customary lands in Kirby Stephen, Westmorland. C78/568, no. 10 [59]
1650 25 May Elizabeth, Countess dowager of Exeter relict of William, Earl of Exeter decd v Sir Gervase Clifton; Sir Thomas Hatton; Sir Thomas Fanshawe; Nathaniel Hobart; Henry Chester; Daniel Browne; John Latch; Thomas Jenyns; Katherine Sand, widow; Mark Bradley; Thomas Wynn; Peter Ward; Mark Cottle and others (not named) Agreements and trusts re drainage of Deeping Fenn, Pinchbeck, Spalding fens, South Fen, Thurlby Fen, Bourne South Fen and Croyland Fen, Lincs C78/568, no. 11 [60]
1650 25 May Abigail Hille, relict and executrix of William Hille of Teddington, Middx, esq v. Nathaniel Stephens, esq C78/869, no. 8 [61]
1650 30 May Christopher Horne executor of Thomas Dennys, clerk v Charnell Petty, Peter Thornberry and others (not named) The rectory and vicarage of Stokelyne alias Stocckeley/Stoklile (county not stated, but Archdeaconry of Oxon). Dispute over tithes. C78/557, no. 15 [62]
1650 31 May Sir James Harrington of Ridlington, Rutland and John Stafford of Huncoate, Leics v Francis Wortley Legacies and dower payable by will of Sir William Fawnt late of Fanston, Leics. C78/1150, no. 40 [63]
1650 1 June Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Peterburgh relict of John, late Earl of Peterburgh decd v Rt. Hon. William, Lord Monnson, Viscount Castlemayne & Dame Francis his wife; Henry, Earl of Peterburgh; Henry, Earl of Arundell; Oliver St Johns; Edward Alston; John Alston; Joseph Alston; Sir Thomas Alston; Edward Alston; Thomas Blomfield Dispute over the manor of Grafton als Grafton Underwoods, Norhants. C78/499, no. 9 [64]
1650 9 June Barbara Speere, widow v Thomas Castilian; Francis Astrey; Richard Speere; Francis Speere; Anthony Speere; Margaret Speere; Barbara Speere; Mary Speere Marriage settlement and trust of moiety of Grange of Holcombe, (no county given). C78/649, no. 8 [65]
1650 15 June Vincent French als Leare of Stanswood, Hants v Henry Lord and Thomas Lord. Trust surrender of copyhold lands in Foowley, Hants, to pay debts. C78/460, no. 10 [66]
1650 18 June Christopher Lister; Martin Lister; Mathew Lister; Michael Lister; Edmond Lister sons of Sir William Lister late of Thorneton decd; Christopher & Anne Lister children of William Lister late of Thorneton, Yorks decd, son & heir apparent of the said Sir William Lister, by John Lambert; Gabriel Wilkinson; John Mitchaell; Thomas Whitacre; John Wilcocke; John Windle; Richard Stawe; William Grandory; William Craven; Richard Watson executors of John Watson decd; Joseph Higson; Thomas Higson; William Craven; Lawrence Oxward; William Peacocke administrators of John Higson late decd v Sir Martin Lister; Christopher Hartley; Richard Barrowe; William Lister; Dame Mary Lister; John Bright & Katherine his wife Maintenance, annuities and debts payable by will of Sir William Lister from lands in Thorneton, Meddope or Medhope, and Swindon in Craven, Yorks. C78/619, no. 9 [67]
1650 19 June Sampson Coyney esq v. Anne Rawlins widow C79/2036, no. 21(b) [68]
1650 21 June Edward Buller son & heir of Alexander Buller & Sarah his wife decd the daughter of Leonard James also decd v Peter George & Mary his wife Estate of the late Leonard James: property at Rockland, Little Ellingham and elsewhere in Norfolk. C78/389, no. 2 [69]
1650 21 June Alice Birkhead, widow, the relict of Peter Birkhead/Birkett decd; James ?Cooke?; Thomas ..owson v Thomas Prickett; Agnes his wife; Mary Birkhead; George ...head; Anthony ....; James .... Bonds re administration of will of William Birkett, father of the complts late husband, and of the defts Agnes Prickett, Mary Birkhead & George Birkhead C78/606, no. 8 [70]
1650 21 June Robert King doctor of the civil law & Frances his wife late the wife of Thomas Spicer gentleman deceased v. John Robson; Robert Nuttinge & Alice his wife C78/2020, no. 16 [71]
1650, newly enrolled in 1671 27 June Scudamore Pitt & Dame Katherine his wife late wife of Sir Thomas Bromley v Henry Bromley; Sir Richard Lee; Joseph Walsh Trust of manor of Wick or Wick Episcopi, Worcs. C78/697, no. 5 [72]
1650 28 June Anthony Brooke and John Marsh of Burstall[Birstall], Yorks v Richard Brooke Encroachment on house and possessions at Burstall, Yorks C78/488, no. 7A [73]
1650 2 July James Martyn v Charles Cockayne, Lord Cockayne Viscount Cullen in Ireland; John Corderoy; Sir Thomas Pelham; James Sheffield & Jane his wife; William Cockayne Trust of lands in Bercot, Berks. C78/399, no. 16 [74]
1650 2 July Sir Edward Leech; Sir Richard Wynne; John Alford; Henry English v Robert Earl of Leicester. Dispute over the marriage of Lady Dorothy Sidney to the late Lord Spencer. C78/507, no. 1 [75]
1650 2 July Mary Mullins relict of William Mullins the younger of Sheffild Court in Sheffeild, Hants decd; William Mullins & Ursula Mullins infants children of the said William & Mary v George Pitts and Humphrey Glascock Portions payable from trust of manors and farms in Woodlands, Knowleton, Malperton, Winterborne, Kingston Winterborne, Minsterton, Blacksworth, West Morden, East Morden, Longton, Kingston Lacy, Laughton, Heiringe, Hernigston and Withinge, Dorset. C78/633, no. 6 [76]
1650 3 July Alice Head late wife and relict of John Head late of Bramlett, Sussex gentleman and administratrix of said John Head v. Henry Bellinghame esq executor of John Head and Richard Head and William Head his brother. C79/181, no. [77]
1650 5 July Godfrey Maydwell of Clements Inn, Middx v Justinian Pagitt and William Godfrey Trust settlement of moiety of manors of Fulnettby [Fulnetby] or Fonabye [Fonaby] and Halethrope [Hasthorpe in Willoughby par.], Lincs C78/712, no. 21 [78]
1650 5 July Godfry Maydwell of Clements Inn, Middx v [Justinian] Pagett and William Godfrey Godfrey Maydwell v Justinian Pagitt and another (named). Trust settlement of moiety of manors Fulnettby [Fulnetby] or Fonabye [Fonaby] and Halethrope [Hasthorpe in Willoughby par.], Lincs C78/712, no. 28 [79]
1650 6 July Thomas Stokes of Lanceston, Cornwall, chapman v James Slade and Robert West Accounts and bills of Exchange C78/405, no. 2 [80]
1650 6 July Henry Peirce & Mary his wife one of the daughters of Richard Banckes decd v Walter Rhetoricke; Toby Lisle; Henry Thynne; Eustace Craddocke; Robert Forcett; Robert Bancks and also the said Robert Bancks v Arthur Bancks; the said Henry Peirce & Mary his wife Debts of Richard Bancks C78/582, no. 11 [81]
1650 11 July John Freeman & Mary his wife the relict of Thomas Wendover late citizen & girdler of London decd v Robert Loadman and Edward Breath Widow's share of a third of the estate of Thomas Wendover C78/464, no. 2 [82]
1650 11 July Edward Moseley v Sir Edward Moseley Payment of an annuity from unspecified lands in Staffs, Leics, Lincs. C78/570, no. 6 [83]
1650 12 July Mathew Carleton of Lincolns Inn, Middx v Timothy Browne, widow & administratrix of William Browne decd & now the wife of William Denington Rents due from lands in South Street, Barking, Surrey. C78/1150, no. 39 [84]
1650 16 July Christofer Guise of Marsden, Gloucs & Rachel his wife one of the daughters of Lucas Cursellis late of London, merchant v Rachael, Lady Cambell, widow; Sir Thomas Abdy; James Cambell Portions from tenements in Yorks, Lincs and Notts, by will of Lucas Cursellis C78/488, no. 6 [85]
1650 16 July Sir George Pratt of Coleshill, Berks son & heir of Sir Henry Pratt v Dame Mary Pratt, widow; Elizabeth Pratt; Francis Phillipps; Edwin Beale; Walter Webb; Hamond Claxton Possession of manor of Maylesworth and lands in Minchinhampton, Gloucs C78/488, no. 16 [86]
1650 17 July Mary Hawkins, spinster, executrix of Dame Anne Bayldon her grandmother the late wife of Sir Francis Bayldon decd & daughter of Edward Hawkins by Dorothy the daughter of the said Dame Anne Bayldon v John Colbie or Colby Arrears of portions from lands in Wensdale, Yorks. C78/568, no. 8 [87]
1650 17 July John Ernele of Whetham, Wilts v Robert Williams Administration of estate of Lewis Thomas consisting of personal estate and leases of lands in Glamorgan C78/649, no. 12 [88]
1650 19 July William Holloway v William Grove; William Albord; William Cooper; John Cooper Bonds, debts, extents and mortgage of lands in Swallowfield, Wilts. C78/633, no. 5 [89]
1650 22 July Sir Walter Wrottesley knight and baronet v. Edward William clerk; Mary his wife; Alexander Wightwicke esq; and John Birch gentleman C78/2036, no. 22 [90]
1650 13 Aug Anne Handford widow of Sir Thomas Handford knight late alderman of the city of London v. John Eldrington; _______ ; Richard Cleyburne C79/3, no. [91]
1650 20 Aug Sir George Garrett, late Alderman of London, decd, and Thomas Garrett and Humphrey Garrett, executors of his last w & t v Richard Shorditch, Robt Shoreditch his son & heir, Edmond Say, William Say, John Briscoe, John Briscoe draper, Richard Shorditch the younger and Elizabeth his wife daughter of the said Richard the elder & Mary another of his daughters Mortgage of lands in Ikenham and Hillingdon, Middx. C78/1317, no. 9 [92]
1650 26 Sept Dorothy Selby [?daughter?] of Sir William Selby and Dame Ellen his wife one of the [daughters] of Sir Fardinando Fairfax, late Lord Fairfax of Cameron; Elizabeth Craven an infant, child of Sir William Craven and Elizabeth his wife another of the daughters of the said Sir Fardinando Fairfax; Thomas Hutton, Richard Hutton, Mathew Hutton, Charles Hutton and Dorothie Hutton, infants, children of Dorothy Hutton, widow, another of the daughters of the said Lord Fairfax v Sir Thomas Widdrington; Henry Arthington; Thomas [?...?]; Frances Widdrington, Katherin Widdrington, Thomas Widdrington, Mary Widdrington and Ursula Widdrington, children of the said Thomas Widdrington; Dorothie Arthington and Mary Arthington children of the said Henry Arthington. Legacies payable by will of Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax from the manors of Otley and Rippon, Yorks. C78/619, no. 10 [93]
1650 15 Oct Edward Smith of Greate Haseley, Oxon and Charles Taylor of ?Tring?, Herts, blacksmith for poor of Greate Haseley, Oxon v Roger Stiles & his wife; James Benning; Thomas Stiles; Alice Hall Trust of lands in Ricott, Herts and Haseley, Oxon C78/578, no. 4 [94]
1650 18 Oct George Bennett infant of 15 years by Elizabeth Bennett his mother and guardian v Robert White; Thomas Conney; Daniel Conney The estate of Edward Bennett, land in the parish of Saint Mary le Strand. C78/536, no. 8 [95]
1650 23 Oct Christopher Lawson of Boston, New England & Elizabeth his wife v Henry James and William James. Legacy payable from personal estate of Thomas James late of Filton, Gloucs. C78/552, no. 11 [96]
1650 24 Oct Thomas Steward of Stontney, Isle of Ely, Cambs v Humphrey Steward Concerning the manors of Stontney, Thorney, Coveney, and other lands in the Isle of Ely C78/499, no. 8 [97]
1650 28 Oct Sir Henry Frederick Thynn v Sir James Thynne and Henry Gold Marriage settlement of lands in Kemesford, Gloucs and Hammington, Wilts. C78/399, no. 18 [98]
1650 28 Oct Sir Henry Frederick Thynn v James Thynn and Henry Gould Interests in a testamentary settlement of the manors of Kemelford, Gloucs, Buckland and Langton Highworth, Wilts, Cause Castle, Gloucs and lands in Salop C78/735, no. 4 [99]
1650 29 Oct Julyan Andrew, widow, wife & relict of Thomas Munday of Royalton, Cornwall decd; Francis Munday one of the sons; Grace Munday, Emlyn Munday & Julyan Munday three of the daughters of the said Thomas Munday v Anthony Munday Legacies payable from lands in Royalton or Realton and Retearch, Cornwall, by will of Thomas Munday C78/405, no. 1 [100]
1650 29 Oct Nicholas Osborne second son of John Osborne late before of the City of London, merchant decd v Dorothy Osborne, widow Legacies payable from personal estate of John Osborne. C78/552, no. 12 [101]
1650 30 Oct John Fowler of London, merchant v William Ramsden. Title to lands in Farrtowne, Haddersfield and Newsome in Almonbury, Yorks. C78/619, no. 12 [102]
1650 31 Oct John Turnpenny v William Ballock and Josias Stacy Cancellation of bonds re payment for wine C78/709, no. 11 [103]
1650 5 Nov Sir Arthur Ingram, son, heir & executor of Sir Arthur Ingram his late father decd v John Bayles, executor of Peter Bayles decd. Bonds and debts. C78/398, no. 21 [104]
1650 6 Nov George Anton of London v Elizabeth Rivett, widow and William Rivett. Mortgage of manor of Bildston or Bilston, Suffolk and manor of Great Gaddesden, Herts. C78/474, no. 4 [105]
1650 6 Nov Michael Sparke of the City of London, stationer on behalf of Elizabeth Austen, a lunatic, sister & heir of Nicholas Petty decd v William Canning; Richard Canning; John Keyte; William Orchard Maintenance payments due from lands in Ilmington, Warwicks C78/1150, no. 36 [106]
1650 8 Nov Thomas Crompton v John Andrewes; Edward Andrewes his son; William Andrewes; John Andrewes Debts payable from trust of manor of Foxwood, Surrey and part of manor of Much Fawley, Heref C78/568, no. 7 [107]
1650 9 Nov John Harwood v James Beare and Robert Gubbs Mortgage of messuage in Yealimpton, Devon. C78/468, no. 7 [108]
1650 12 Nov. Thomas Phelps of Chepstow, Gloucs, ship carpenter v William Lawrence; Anne Lawrence; Mary Lawrence; Elizabeth Lawrence Possession of manor of Oldiswell, Gloucs C78/675, no. 15 [109]
1650 15 Nov Amphillis Musters, widow, executrix of John Musters late of Deptford, Kent her late husband decd v Sir William Smyth and John Clarke Mortgage and trust of rectory of St Juste in Penwith and lands in Crantocke and St Collumbe, Cornwall. C78/488, no. 11 [110]
1650 16 Nov Bartholomew Searle of Colliton, Devon v Edward Clarke and Nicholas Hooper Title to messuage called Brokeland farm in Musbury, Devon C78/486, no. 16 [111]
1650 20 Nov Richard Harding of Minster, Kent aged around 14 by Samuell Carden, George Harding of Shorne, Kent of the age around 17 by William Webb v Henry Seagar The execution of the will of the late Richard Harding. C78/499, no. 5 [112]
1650 20 Nov John Knowles eldest son & heir of Thomas Knowles of Norfolk decd; Thomas Knowles & Phillip Knowles two other of the sons of the said Thomas Knowles decd, and Hanna Knowles & Rebecca Knowles, daughters of the said Thomas Knowles decd, infants by Thomas Crane and Richard Kett their kinsmen v Margaret Knowles; Peter Hasbert Testamentary settlement of lands in Netherhall or Churchgate Streete and Northcroft in Aylesham, and Blickling, Norfolk. C78/510, no. 4 [113]
1650 23 Nov Dame Margaret Hungerford, widow, late wife of Sir Edward Hungerford late of Cosham, Wilts decd v Thomas Austen Dispute over land at Newington Green, Islington, Middlesex. C78/499, no. 7 [114]
1650 25 Nov John Llyde als Joyner, administrator of Richard Llyde als Joyner his brother decd v Sir Thomas Gardiner and Edward Llyde als Joyner Title to manor of Cuddesdon, Devon. C78/578, no. 3 [115]
1650 27 Nov John Hedges v Hugh Whistler and Toby Eatwell Reimbursement of expenses incurred in purchase of manor of Ham, (no county given). C78/632, no. 9 [116]
1650 (process) 28 Nov Conisby Watts one of the sons of Edward Watts late of the Middle Temple, London, esq; Jane Watts and Martha Watts two of the daughters of said Edward Watts esq v. William Burton and William Drewe C78/1921, no. 24 [117]
1650 19 Dec James Cambell of Woodford, Essex v William Gifford & Dorothy his wife; Francis Walsteed; Charles Stepkin; Anthony Fortescue; William Wyse and others (not named) Lease of "cherry garden" in Bloomsbury, London and aquavitae shop in High Holbom, London C78/488, no. 15 [118]
1650 21 Dec Thomas Phipps & Mary his wife the relict of Edward Leighton decd v James Littleton and Thomas Streete Trust of lands in Worcs. C78/399, no. 15 [119]
1650 21 Dec Stephen Moorehouse als Morris v Charles Goodhand Profits of trust of manor of Kelton, Cumberland C78/552, no. 10 [120]
1650 24 Dec Henry Robinson v Mathew de Boyle Lease on a property in the parish of Saint Peters Mancrofte, Norwich. C78/390, no. 4 [121]