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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1641 17 C78/, no. []
1641 8 Jan 16 Isaia Delatree of London, merchant; William Crosse; James Libeart; Giles Vandeputt; Anna Ganney, widow; James Waggoner; Maria de Coster, widow; John Babington; Jacob Francken; John Aurelius; Peter Soen; Rombont Jacobson & Jane his wife; Richard Porter; Tobias Vanhulste; James Samyn; William Cloughe & Sarah his wife; Sampson Smarte, Mark Smarte & Susan Smart by the said Sarah their mother; William Kynte; Anna Lucye, widow; Jacobina Van Ackeren, widow; Mary Hacke; Tobias, Rachel & Catelina Hacke; Mark Courado Van Reylingham; Frederick Van Berick; Harman Beekeman; Jaques Burett; John Burett; Isaac Becke; Daniel Burett v John Becke. The debts of the late Abraham Becke, merchant of London, deceased. C78/374, no. 8 [2]
1641 25 Jan 16 John Barnard v John Bullivant, clerk. Bill (23 June 1640) alleging attempts by new incumbent to reject allottments made in lieu of glebe after agreement (36 years since) to enclose 280 acres of barren waste and exchange glebe lands for more profitable lands. Abington, Northants. C78/397, no. 7 [3]
1641 29 Jan 16 Roger Castle, lord of the manor of Horningtoft, Norfolk and Talmach Castle his son & heir apparent v Edmond Borome; Thomas Skynner; William Skynner; Henry Willis; William Senckler; Christopher Cullen; Robert Burton; George Breame; Henry Hib...; Thomas Reeve; Robert Reeve; William Oldman; Edward Barnsdall & his wife; Richard Warner; Richard Skynner; Thomas Cooper; Christopher Crowe; Richard Wilson; John Gaye; Edmond Slaytor; Michael Bowman; Thomas Batch; John Johnson; Thomas Wilson; Edward Brograne & Anne his wife; Anne Wilson; William Durrant; Michael Burton; John Burton; John Rawling; Johan Skynner; William Lunne; Stephen Kell; William Smyth; Hannaby Borome; William Burton; Edmond Ridgwell; Mary Noble; Henry Durrant; Roger Burton; Miles Calvey; William Rust; William Dunham; Michael Old..; Roger Burton and others (not named), tenants of the manor of Horningtoft Agreement re fines for customary tenants of the manor of Horningtoft, Norfolk C78/656, no. 2 [4]
1641 30 Jan 16 Sir Thomas Wilsford; Robert Austen; Valentine Austen v Richard Dancy. Possession of lease of manor of Addisham, Kent. C78/479, no. 22 [5]
1641 1 Feb 16 Oliver Clobery executor of William Clobery late of London, merchant v Sir Nicholas Crispe; Samuel Crispe; Humfrey Slaney; George Fletcher; John Bollow; James Acton; Robert Bateman, chamberlain of the City of London; Raph Latham, common sergeant of the said City; William Cloberye, Elizabeth Cloberye, Oliver Cloberye, Nicholas Clobery, John Cloberye & James Clobery, infants, children of the said William Clobery decd & orphans of the said City of London Investment shares due from Guinea Company to heirs of William Clobery. C78/463, no. 5A [6]
1641 1 Feb 16 Thomas Burbridge and Mary his wife, William Drayton and Susan his wife, Richard Amps and Dyones his wife, Mabell Carowe now the wife of William Creede and John Carewe v John Shelbery Marriage agreement at marriage of deft and Mabel Carowe late wife of John Carowe decd and mother to the complts Mary, Susan, Dyones, Mabell and John. C78/1323, no. 9 [7]
1641 l Feb 16 Robert Hughes, citizen & linen draper of London; William Pitchford, citizen of London; Thomas Porter of the town of Northampton, clerk; John Fisher of Northampton; Edward Collis of Northampton, mercer; Devereux Farmor of Bugbrooke, Northants; Nathaniel Cotton of Adston, Northants, clerk; Richard Shugborowe of Shugborowe, Warks; Susan Collis of Northampton, spinster; all being creditors of William Collis late of the said town of Northampton, mercer v Elizabeth Collis the executrix and Elizabeth Collis, Mary Collis, Sarah Collis & Jane Collis daughters of the said William Collis, infants Debts of William Collis, payable from messuages and tenements in Northampton. C78/606, no. 20 [8]
1641 4 Feb 16 William Poole, clerk v Thomas Rich; Samuel Rich, clerk; John Howe. Dispute over the rectory of North Cerney, Gloucestershire. C78/507, no. 8 [9]
1641 5 Feb 16 Edward Fenn of London; Thomas Hussey, citizen & grocer of London; George Warde and Richard Warde, citizens & merchant taylors of London; Benett Warde of London, widow; Thomas Rivett of Amersham, Bucks; John Fenn of Fulford, Surrey; Nicholas Rivett of Branndeston, Suffolk; Robert Thompson, citizen & clothworker of London v John Cotton; Edmond Trench of London, merchant; Nicholas Trench, clerk; Edmond Trench, doctor of phisicke; Thomas Thompson Debts of Thomas Thompson, late citizen & salter of London, payable from sale of lands at Baythorne, Badbrooke, Essex C78/606, no. 21 [10]
1641 5 Feb 16 John Earneley of Whetham, Wilts v Sir Thomas Mildmay; Thomas Mildmay, Charles Mildmay & Thomas(sic) Mildmay three of the sons of the said Sir Thomas Mildmay; Sir John Lamb; Robert Drewe; John Duckett Annuities and portions from trust of lands in Highworth and Whetham, Wilts. C78/649, no. 15 [11]
1641 6 Feb 16 Sir George Dalston of Dalston, Cumberland & William Dalston his son & heir apparent, and son & heir of Dame Katherine Dalston decd late wife of the said Sir George & one of the coheirs of Dorothy, Lady Wharton decd v William Mollyns & Bridgett his wife and others (not named) The manors of Lowdham and Gunthorpe, Nottinghamshire. Also dispute over the manor of Sherfield, Hampshire, and other properties. C78/388, no. 3 [12]
1641 8 Feb 16 Thomas Mun of London, merchant v Robert Napper; Andrew Napper; Edward Thorneborugh and others (not named) Marriage settlement of prebend lands held by Salisbury Cathedral C78/489, no. 18 [13]
1641 9 Feb 16 George Pudsey of Langley, Warks v Michaell Pudsey; Jane his wife; George Pudsey & Richard Pudssey sons of the said Michael; William Pudsey; Mary Pudsey, widow; Thomas Newsam; James Chesterman Fraudulent conveyance of lands in Langley and Wishawe, Warks and Ellesfield, Oxon, to defeat covenants and trusts. C78/480, no. 14 [14]
1641 18 Feb 16 William Lewis and others (named) v William Yeomans Accounts of factorship in overseas trade C78/606, no. 22 [15]
1641 18 Feb 16 John Allen als Belpit v Jeremias Babbidge and Matthew Allen and cross bill Jeremias Babbidge v Matthew Allen, John Allen and Phillip Holditch Lands in Wike Regis, Dorset. Security for debts of Richard Allen father of the complt John Allen. C78/1323, no. 10 [16]
1641 20 Feb 16 .... Roope an infant by Ambrose Roope of Little Da..mouth, Devon v John Somaster. Estate of George Roope, a ship called the "George" of Dartmouth. C78/385, no. 1 [17]
1641 20 Feb 16 Francis Munday of Markeaton, Derbs v Richard Smyth and John Bullocke Possession of messuage and farm in Quarne or Quarndon, Derbys, subject to trust settlement. C78/573, no. 11 [18]
1641 27 Feb 16 John Willson of Glousborne, Yorks v George Tempest; Robert Tempest; Edmond Fleetwood Debts payable from lands in Kildwick Sutton Conanley [Sutton in Cononley] and Skipton, North Yorks. C78/573, no. 10 [19]
1641 10 March 16 Henry, Earl of Holland; Chancellor, master & scholars of the University of Cambridge; John Cooke; Francis Swift; Michael Mallet v William Vyner AND John Cooke; Francis Swift; Michael Mallet & William Vyner v Henry, Earl of Holland; Master & Scholars of the University; Robert Brooke; William Grevyle; Sir Fulke Grevile Concerning the establishing of a history lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and the annual stipend of Lord Brooke C78/471, no. 17 [20]
1641 19 March 16 George Beare v Hugh Boscawen; John Trefusis; Richard Penrose; Robert Kempe Bonds for debts of Robert Kempe, payable from farm of Trewinick, Cornwall C78/576, no. 2 [21]
1641 23 March circa 16 John Wightwicke of the Inner Temple, London; Thomas Wightwick his son & heir v Edward Owen; Margery Trist; Christopher Davenport executor of Christopher Davenport decd; John Barker; Abell Butler the executor of Richard Butler decd Disputed sale by Edward Owen to John Wightwicke the elder of a tenement at Pindley, City of Coventry., called the "Seven Stars". Also other properties. C78/372, no. 12 [22]
1641 15 May 17 John Pember bachelor in divinity v John Davies and Anne his wife, Francis Litt, Edward Broughton, Thomas Davyes and Elizabeth Creswell widow Sale of copyhold in manor of Huntingdon, Herefs called Tutthill by deft John Davies. C78/1323, no. 13 [23]
1641 17 May 17 Frances Waterhouse; John Johnson; Augustine Futter; Robert Cooker; Randall Wilbraham; John Pennell; John Raynford, creditors of John Denne late of Dover, Kent, mercer who died of the plague v James Denne the elder; James Denn the younger; Richard Hilton; Thomas Hilton; William Marsh; Richard Gower; John Comodell; Joane Walker Debts payable from personal estate of John Denne. C78/480, no. 5 [24]
1641 17 May 17 Richard Batteson, master of the Free School of Robert Holgate sometime Archbishop of York in Hunsworth, Yorks v Thomas Forster; Isabell Shawe; Robert Shawe; [blank], Lord Lumley Leases of lands at Sandwich, Yorks, belonging to the Free School of Robert Holgate in Hunsworth, Yorks C78/617, no. 2 [25]
1641 20 May 17 Bayneham Vaughan of Ruerdeane, Gloucs v Thomas Roper; John Broughton Lease of manor, rectory and tithes of Clyrowe, Radnorshire. C78/576, no. 3 [26]
1641 20 May 17 Elizabeth Vaughan one of the children of John Vaughan decd v Thomas Roper and John Broughton Trust of lands (and portion) in Clowerwell, Gloucs C78/576, no. 4 [27]
1641 22 May 17 Paul Pindar of London; Mathew Pindar of Grays Inn, Middx; William Tombes of London v Susan Faldoe, widow and Thomas Faldoe Rentcharges from trust of lands in North Mymes, Herts. Edmond Faldoe. C78/392, no. 4 [28]
1641 24 May 17 Edmond Boylson of Brewedley, Worcs; John Cole of Belbroughton, Worcs v John Hill; Ursula Hill, widow; David Jones Title to lands in Alton or Alvington in Rocke, Worcs C78/573, no. 8 [29]
1641 24 May 17 Matthew Ireland v Dame Elizabeth Ireland Debts C78/619, no. 2 [30]
1641 25 May 17 Robert Hollis & Elizabeth his wife as well for themselves as on the part of Joane [?Pettitt?] infant daughter of the complt Elizabeth and of Robert Pettitt her former husband decd v William Parker and William Abbott Testamentary settlement of leases of land in Wapping and Westminster, Middx C78/606, no. 19 [31]
1641 25 May 17 Robert Wolrich and Peter Malbone, executors of Lady Anne Walter, widow, executrix of Sir John Walter decd who was executor of Lady Anne Bromley late wife of John, late Lord Bishop of Worcester v Thomas Comber, master of Holy Trinity College Cambridge; Ambrose Akerode; Peter Ashton; Thomas Addams; Francis Kinaston; Samuel Sackvile; Cheyney Row and the master, fellows and scholars of the said College. Maintenance of scholarships in the college, established by Anne Bromley from income of lands and tithes in Skydby and Beverly, Yorks. C78/660, no. 3 [32]
1641 27 May 17 Mathew Cracherode; Robert Warren; Bryan Smyth, clerk; John Revell; Margaret Barrett; Thomas Barrett; Thomas Griggs; John Death; Robert Wadside; John Martyn; John Crispe; Edward French; Joseph Syday; William Rand; Ambrose Brewster; John Cranfield; Elizabeth Hamond; Daniel King; Francis Goddard v Governors of Free Grammar School of King Edward the Sixth in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk; John Godbould; Henry Goldsmyth; Thomas Fletcher; Jasper Sharpe; Richard Peede; Robert Browne; John Woodward; Thomas Chaplyne; Henry Walker; Henry Chapman; Anthony Addams; Richard Gippes; Edward Lelam; Anthony Smyth; William Castleton; William Coleman, the present governors of the said school School funds raised from manor of Collingham Hall, Cavendishe, Glenford, Chelympton or Chelmondston and Shotly, Suffolk. C78/392, no. 3 [33]
1641 29 May 17 William Helliar, clerk, Archdeacon of Barnestaple v William Peterson, Dean of the Cathedral Church of St Peter in Exeter; William Cotton, clerk, channter of the said church; Robert Hall, clerk, treasurer of the said church; Edward Cotton, clerk, archdeacon of Tottnes; Hugh Cholmeley, sub-dean of the said church; William Hutchinson & Edward Kellott, canons residentaries of the said church and others (not named) Repayment of loan contribution from the chapter of Exeter Cathedral to the baron of Dona, Ambassador from Bohemia, and alleged lease of manor of Brunscombe, (No county given). C78/463, no. 3 [34]
1641 17 Bill Mich. 15 Chas. John Halsey of London, merchant & Anna his wife late the wife & executrix of John Duffield late of London, merchant decd v James Abrathatt; Samuel Duffield; Bassett Foster; John Kettle Trust settlement of messuage and lands in Marke Lane, Alhollowe Barking, London. C78/446, no. 1 [35]
1641 Trinity term (bill) 17 Robert Freeman v. Sir Robert ........ his wife; Thomas ?Duke? Mortgage of tenement in manor of Bissing Kemps als Bissinge Kemps Dallings C78/1925, no. 13 [36]
1641 1 June 17 Anthony Rooper of Eltham, Kent; Lettice Barnaby of Greenwich, Kent, widow v Sir Harbottle Grimston. Dispute over properties of Thomas Lord Burgh - Starborough Castle and several manors in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. C78/373, no. 1 [37]
1641 1 June 17 Thomas Tipping of Whitefield, Oxon v William Tipping. Title, under marriage settlement, to lordship of Draycott, Oxon and lands in Grendon, Underwood, and Knightley, Bucks. C78/459, no. 6 [38]
1641 4 June 17 Thomas Nevinson and Mary Nevinson, infants by John Smith of the Middle Temple v Sir James Oxenden; Edward Boys; Thomas Friend; Sir Thomas Bludder; Henry Bludder; William Argent & Dame Mary Nevinson his wife; Thomas Bennett & Martha his wife; Roger Nevinson Jointure, portions and other interests in the mannor of Eastry, (No County given). C78/446, no. 2 [39]
1641 7 June 17 Robert, Lord Daliell and Sir Thomas Pope v Sir Arthur Gorges & Dame Elizabeth his wife. Marriage settlement, trust and jointure interest in estate of manor of Pawton Trefosse and Ive, and advowsons of churches and chapels of Brincke and Ireven, and Paddock, Cornwall. C78/459, no. 7 [40]
1641 7 June 17 John Martin & Mary his wife v John Brockett; Dorothy his wife; William Brockett; Thomas Michell Profits of sale from lands in Codicote, Herts. C78/489, no. 15 [41]
1641 9 June 17 Robert Smyth of Hampton parish, Middx v Master & wardens of Company of Girdlers, London; Edward Taylor. Testamentary settlement of "Wallintree" inn, Southwark, Surrey, by will of Cuthbert Beeston C78/489, no. 17 [42]
1641 13 June 17 (Illegible, torn) v Marke Cottle Debts. C78/619, no. 1 [43]
1641 17 June 17 George Southcott son & heir apparent of Sir G..rge Southcott v The said Sir George Southcott the complts father Settlement of estate of lands in Buckland, Edginswell, Wolsworth and parsonage of Stokeingham and Sherford, Devon, and manor of Penport, Cornwall C78/574, no. 3 [44]
1641 25 June 17 Francis Stevenson v Robert Turner the elder, Robert Turner the younger; Maximilian Waterhouse Possession of mortgaged messuage and lands in Hundoe, Derbys. C78/510, no. 14 [45]
1641 1 July 17 Thomas Collins v Richard Lacy & Phillip his wife. Anthony Brewning and Edward Wyborne. Dispute over the manor of New Fishborne, Sussex. C78/381, no. 8 [46]
1641 2 July 17 John Robinson v Samuel Collins Maintenance and portion payable by will of John Robinson from unspecified estate C78/617, no. 3 [47]
1641 2 July 17 William Nicholls v Stephen Skipwith; John Garraway; Robert Gawderin Lease and trust of tenement near Southall Woodside in Chipping Barnett, Herts. C78/510, no. 12 [48]
1641 3 July 17 John Clarke v Endymion Porter; George Kirke and Richard Clarke. Dispute over payments for the lease of some coal pits, slate pits and stone pits at Stapleton, Mangotfield, Barton Woods and other places in Gloucestershire and Somerset. C78/388, no. 1 [49]
1641 3 July 17 Richard Gouldsmyth v Henry Graye. Lease of 3 closes in the lordship of Morfe, Enfield, Staffs. C78/480, no. 9 [50]
1641 6 July 17 Thomas Jenyns; John Latch and Humphrey Bradborne v Stephen Hyggins Mortgage of the lease from the Master and Chaplains of the Hospital of the Savoy of a messuage etc by the hospital gate C78/1323, no. 8 [51]
1641 8 July 17 Thomas Milward of Horborne, Staffs, husbandman v Charles Stanley; Richard Luccocke; John Parkes Title to messuage and lands called Weymores, (no county given). C78/480, no. 8 [52]
1641 9 July 17 William Harbert son & heir of Richard Harbert the younger decd; Barbara Harbert, widow v Thomas Benyon and others (not named). Mortgage of tenement in Diffrin Mybod and lands in Glascoed and Pennyearth, Montgomeryshire C78/480, no. 6 [53]
1641 9 July 17 Elizabeth Harward of Odiham, Hants, spinster v William Harward; Andrew Harward; Walter Harward Portion payable from lands in Windlesham and Odyham, Surrey, by will of Walter Harward. C78/489, no. 14 [54]
1641 9 July 17 Thomas Caine & William Caine of Holbeton, Devon; John Treby of Holbeton & Mary his wife (the said Thomas, William & Mary being the children of John Caine of Holbeton decd) v John Caine and Edward Penhaie Portions payable from trust of capital messuage of Battisborough, no county given C78/552, no. 13 [55]
1641 10 July 17 Thomas Combey of [blank], Worcs v William Cooke and William Mason. Manor of Whitborne, Worcs, and dispute over complainants’ debts. C78/372, no. 11 [56]
1641 10 July 17 Anne Bourman & Charity Bourman, infants by William Smith v Thomas Peirse. Estate of Simon Porter, the complts uncle, bequest to the complts C78/381, no. 9 [57]
1641 10 July 17 Robert Littlebury of London v Nathaniel Bacon Payments issuing from watermill in Stratford, Suffolk C78/392, no. 3 [58]
1641 10 July 17 Richard Marche, keeper of His Majesty's stores within the Tower of London, Wollage & Chatham v John Dwarris. Debts and bonds C78/480, no. 10 [59]
1641 10 July 17 Dame Anne Moulson, widow v Thomas Edwards Assurance of conveyance of lands and tenements in Broxton, Cheshire. C78/617, no. 4 [60]
1641 13 July 17 Nicholas Leach v Richard Dene; Roger Dene his son; John Webbe; Robert Cockeram Sale and trust of manors of Whitebeare and Venne in Milton Damerell and Newton St Petrocke, Devon C78/476, no. 3 [61]
1641 15 July 17 Richard Thornehill of Glantigh, Kent v Sir George Chudleigh and Gregory Cole Marriage settlement of rents of manor of Oresby [Owersby], Lincs. C78/573, no. 4 [62]
1641 16 July 17 William Rothwell, Richard Rothwell & Stephen Rothwell, infants by George Nevill v George Stowe Trust settlement of manor of Carleton in Moreland [Carlton-le-Moorland], Lincs C78/510, no. 11 [63]
1641 17 July 17 Robert Maggaridge of Taunton, Somerset, clothier, mayor of the said town, as well for himself & the corporation and other the inhabitants there as chiefly and principally for and on the behalf of several poor people already placed & to be placed in a certain almshouse lately erected & built in the said town by one Robert Gray late of the City of London decd v Mary Gray and Katherine Gray her daughter, an infant; The Company of Merchant Taylors of London. Dispute over payment of a bequest by Robert Gray of an almshouse at Taunton, and means for its support. Details of the progress of the building. C78/385, no. 2 [64]
1641 17 July 17 Alice Caldwall, widow, late wife & executrix of Daniel Caldwall her late husband decd v William Caldwall brother to the said Daniel & co-executor with him to the personal estate of Lawrence Caldwall their father decd Trust surrender of lands in manor of Batrichsey, Wansworth, Surrey, and legacies payable from that trust by will of Lawrence Caldwell. C78/446, no. 4 [65]
1641 17 July 17 Thomas Tymberlake of London; Timothy belier of Titchfield, Hants, clerk & Sarah his wife, the said Thomas & Sarah being two of the children of Henry Tymberlake late of Chillinge in the parish of Titchfield decd v Sir William Belfoure; Sir Henry Compton and others (not named) Possession of tenements and wharfs on Tower Ditch, London. C78/617, no. 5 [66]
1641 19 July 17 William Young, late mayor of the town of Wotton Underedge, Gloucs; Albane Saunders; Henry Fenn; Thomas Berton; Richard Griffin four of the brethren & inhabitants of Wotton for inhabitants of Wotton Underedge, Gloucs v Rt hon Edward, Lord Newburgh; Lady Katherine his wife; The wardens & commonalty of the mystery of Mercers of London Charitable legacies from will of Hugh Perry, given to mayor of Gloucester to make loans to clothiers in Gloucs C78/446, no. 3 [67]
1641 19 July 17 Henry Harvey of Winchcombe, Gloucs v Francis Thorne of Sudely, Gloucs. Proposed marriage of Harvey to Elizabeth Thorne. Disputed portion. C78/372, no. 6 [68]
1641 19 July 17 Anne Gibson and Margery Gibson, daughters of Thomas Gibson late of Great Barre, Staffs decd v John Gibson, son & heir of the said Thomas Gibson & executor of Margery Gibson also decd late wife of the said Thomas Gibson & mother of the said complts. Legacies payable by will of Thomas Gibson from lands in Greate Barre, Staffs. C78/480, no. 11 [69]
1641 19 July 17 Thomas Wheeler of Tottnam High Crosse, Middx & Anne his wife daughter of Sir Nicholas Gilborne late of Charing, Kent decd v Edward Tayler Testamentary trust settlement of tenement in Charing, Kent, by will of Sir Nicholas Gilborne C78/573, no. 7 [70]
1641 19 Jul 17 Sir John Strangwayes of Melbury Sampford, Dorset, Sir Thomas Trenchard of Woolventon, Charminster, Dorset and John Browne of Frampton, Dorset v William Pawlet Rental of messuage, farm, rectory and parsonage in Portesham, Dorset in trust for the curate of Portesham by Sir John Pawlet of the City of Winton decd. C78/1323, no. 12 [71]
1641 20 July 17 Sir John Underhill v Rt. Hon. Alice, Viscountess St Albans; Sir Richard Younge; Sir William Soame; Sir William Waller; Stephen Soame; Thomas Styles; Thomas Meantys; Robert Cunningsby; Thomas Cunningsby; Sir Edward Underhill; Thomas Parsons Trust of manors of Gorhambury, Westwicke and Praye, Herts. C78/573, no. 9 [72]
1641 21 July 17 Challoner Chute v William Dalby, clerk Lease of 105 acres in Hoxey Carre [Haxey Carr], Lincs C78/606, no. 17 [73]
1641 21 July 17 Sir Nathaniel Brent v Michael Molyns. Mortgage of lands in Clapcott and Rush, Berks C78/1205, no. 4 [74]
1641 27 July 17 Henry Murrey one of the grooms of His Majesty's bedchamber & Anne his wife one of the daughters of the late Paul, Lord Viscount ..... decd v Henry Derham & .... his wife; Margaret Kirby the elder, widow; Margaret Kirby ...... her daughters Title to manor of Cripplesham, Norfolk. C78/606, no. 16 [75]
1641 29 July 17 Roger Hill of Taunton v Henry, Lord Cary; Margaret Cary, widow ........; William Lewing Debts payable from trust settlement of lands in Curry Mallett, Somerset. C78/606, no. 18 [76]
1641 31 July 17 Sir John Rous of Rous Lench, Worcs v Dame Hester Temple, widow; Sir Peter Temple; Miles Temple; Thomas Tirrell; Henry Roes; William Hart Estate of Sir Thomas Temple, bonds for debt owed by Dame Hester. C78/372, no. 10 [77]
1641 3 Aug 17 Barbara Black, widow, then late wife of Patrick Black of St Martins in the Field, Middx decd v James, Earl of Carlisle; Sir James Hay; Archibold Hay; Richard Hurst Debts owed to estate of Patrick Black. C78/573, no. 6 [78]
1641 5 Aug 17 Josias Tully and James Acton of London v Isaack Tully; George Duncombe; John Machell & Elizabeth his wife Debts on security of houses in Fleet Street, London C78/489, no. 16 [79]
1641 11 Aug 17 Marmaduke Prickett; Edward Cooke; George Cooke; Edward Smith; John Dewsbury; Richard Arthur; John Cooke; Robert Saunderson; Thomas Haiton; Thomas Sanderson; William Atkinson; Dionise his wife; Richard Gaile; Walter Hall & Jane his wife; Francis Gibson; Thomas Cooke; John Stephenson; Henry Yate; John Appleton; Rowland Heaton; Lawrence Waterworth; Robert Talbott; John Bebb; Edward Tympon; Marmaduke Nelson; George Tymperon; William Serieant; John Ward & Katherine his wife; John Blanchard & Rowland Watson of Allerthorpe, Yorks; Robert Appleton; Elizabeth his wife; Martyn Smith of Barnby; Anne Taylor of Wetwong; Jane Clarke & Elizabeth Clarke, infants by Thomas Smith of Barnby & William Clake of Spaldington; Walter Wood of Thornton; George Smith the elder; George Smith the younger; William Talbott; Raph Smith & Elizabeth his wife of Waplington; Thomas Scarborough & Alice his wife of Pocklington; Henry Sanderson; Prudence Hayton v Thomas Miers; Walter Thackwray; Thomas Thackwray Bill 16 May 1641 seeking performance of agreement (22 June 16 Chas. I) to divide and enclose the three common fields of Allerthorpe, Yorkshire. C78/444, no. 12 [80]
1641 23 Aug 17 John Phillips v John Ingleby. Lease of tenement in Swanesby, rectory of Rudthorpe and lands in Pelts, Yorks. C78/619, no. 4 [81]
1641 27 Oct 17 Dame Grissell Points widow of Sir John Points decd and sometime wife of Gregory Price decd v Thomas Price and John Price Estate of Gregory Price decd, and marriage settlement. Manor of Dormington Froome Prior and diverse other manors and lands in Herefs, Salop & Brecon C78/1328, no. 9 [82]
1641 30 Oct 17 Mary Langworth the daughter of John Langworth & of Mary his wife who was the daughter of Thomas Challoner v Thomas Challoner. Estate & will of Thomas Challoner, deceased, the complts uncle. C78/372, no. 7 [83]
1641 30 Oct 17 Henry Cholmley of Barley, Yorks v Richard Egerton and others (not named). Debts payable from manor of Alerston, Yorks. C78/479, no. 21 [84]
1641 30 Oct 17 Robert Hegenson; Valentine Higgenson; Richard Nash of New Windsor, brewer; Isabell Mendham of Cambridge, spinster; Richard Mendham of Cambridge, hosier & Savay his wife; Thomas Mantell; Mary Davenport of London, spinster; Katherine Davenport of London, spinster; Thomas White; Isabell White, spinster; Anne White, spinster; Susan Bellowed; William White & Katherine his wife; Isabell Higgenson, spinster v Luke Nightingale; John Hersey; Anne Baker; Giles Baker Possession of messuage "The Sun" or "The Star" inn in East Cheap, London and messuage in Wokingham, Wilts C78/573, no. 5 [85]
1641 30 Oct 17 John Nelson clerk and Edward Nelson an infant by said John Nelson his guardian v. William Marshall; Rebecca his wife; and Bridget Rowe Messuages etc in Hampstall Ridware & elsewhere in the county of Staffs which were the inheritance of Roger Aldrich decd, grandfather of the complts C78/2036, no. 26 [86]
1641 2 Nov 17 Alice Sheppheard, widow, late wife & executrix of Nicholas Shepheard late citizen & tallow chandler of London decd v William Hancock; Thomas Reason; John Brooke Alleged mortgage of houses in Chicklane, Holborn, Middx. C78/459, no. 5 [87]
1641 6 Nov 17 Thomas Fowell & Margaret his wife v Burton Goodwin; William Toples; Robert Toples; Thomas Cooper; Richard Briscoe Title to messuage 'Greyhound' inn in Uttoxeter, Staffs C78/480, no. 4 [88]
1641 8 Nov 17 John Burton son of Richard Burton v Nathaniel Axtell & Margaret his wife Mortgage of four messuages at Cowcrosse without Smithfield Barrs, Middx C78/459, no. 2 [89]
1641 11 Nov 17 Custos and College of Vicars choral of Exeter Cathedral v Richard Rowe Annuity from rectory of Tinknell, Somerset. C78/463, no. 4 [90]
1641 11 Nov 17 John Clopton and Thomas ?Clopton? v John Woodford; Richard Kitchin; Bartholomew .............. and others (not named). Debts and bonds. C78/489, no. 24 [91]
1641 12 Nov 17 Stephen Stocke the son of John Stocke of Stebunheath, Middx v Robert Petty. Purchase of lands in Stepney, or Stebenheath, Middx C78/489, no. 23 [92]
1641 15 Nov 17 William Baron of Exeter v Robert Burgoine and William Milford Possession of tenements in the borough of Seale in South Tanton, Devon C78/459, no. 4 [93]
1641 15 Nov 17 George Hunt & Frances his wife the sole daughter of Edmond Sadler & Frances his wife decd v William Hunt; Thomas Hunt; Edmond Anguish; Lyonell Pitts Marriage treaty of lands in Foulsham cum Byntree, Themilthorpe, Whitwell, Hackford and Thorpe near Reipham, Norfolk C78/660, no. 2 [94]
1641 15 Nov 17 William White v. Henry Grove and Margery Grove Reversion of lands in the fields of Wolverhampton, Staffs late in the possession of Ann Grove C78/2036, no. 25 [95]
1641 16 Nov 17 George Walker of Lincoln v Robert Hure & Jane his wife ....... and others (not named) Bonds C78/619, no. 6 [96]
1641 18 Nov 17 William Abell, alderman of the City of London; William Leechland; Edward Darling; Ralph Moore; Robert Shawe, citizens & vintners of London v Rowland Wilson; Thomas Hutchinson; William Bowyer; William Dickins; Michael Gardiner; Francis Ashwell; Ralph King; Jacob Bonnamy; William Couradus; John Gregory; William Hancocke; Thomas Symcott; John Wilcock; Thomas Dudley; Mark Hilseley; Henry Saunders; Thomas Darling; George Stanley; Ralph Hutchinson; Henry Crone; Mathew Terry; Edward Terry; Joseph Rogers; Richard Meeres; Thomas Cox; Thomas Gough; Christopher Mercalfe; Robert Lee and others (not named) Agreement between company of vintners and French and Spanish wine merchants and lease of wine licences C78/459, no. 4 [97]
1641 21 Nov 17 Thomas Somervile; Mary his wife; Edward Somervile & Judith his wife v Edward Lawrence; Susan his wife; John Kighly; Phillip Parsons Estate of James Tomkins, properties at Nupton, Herefordshire. C78/372, no. 4 [98]
1641 23 Nov 17 Sir Phillip Tirwhitt son & heir of Sir Edward Tirwhitt decd v Cuthbert Bayldon and John Dodd and others (not named). Manors of Irford [priory in Stainton le Vale] and Southrey, Lincolnshire. Also of North Scarle or Eagle Scarle [Eagle next North Scarle], Lincs. C78/388, no. 2 [99]
1641 23 Nov 17 Thomas Stollard of Southwarke, Surrey, grocer & Mary his wife one of the daughters of Robert Barlowe late of the parish of St Mary Magdelen near Old Fishstreete, London, citizen & waxchandler decd v Edward and Elizabeth Godbidd & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Giffin Legacies, rent charge and debts, payable by will of Robert Barlowe from tenement called "Kings Head" in Old Change, London C78/619, no. 5 [100]
1641 25 Nov 17 Humphrey Cosh; John Cosh; Richard Drewe; John Soper and Thomasine Kingewell all of Chudley, Devon v John Davy; Edmond Davy; William Northcott; Rachel Davie, widow; John Cole; John Gresse The estate of Robert Davy, land at Cannon Teigne, Devonshire. Land in the parish of Chudleigh C78/584, no. 2 [101]
1641 29 Nov 17 William Cooke v John Cooke and others (named). Trust settlement of messuage in Barstwick, Yorks. C78/619, no. 7 [102]
1641 1 Dec 17 John Law of Ashton, Northants v Thomas Lawe; Mary his wife; Thomas Flint; John Davenport Possession of mansion in Ashton, Oundle, Northants. C78/606, no. 13 [103]
1641 1 Dec 17 Alexander Harris v George Houghton, Susan his wife and Richard Beedle Lease of piece of ground called Cobbs Barne Close between East Smithfield & Rosemary Lane, London for the making of Saltpetre. C78/1328, no. 8 [104]
1641 7 Dec 17 Sir Edward Powell v Arthur Duck, Sir Peter Vanlore, Thomas Crompton and others (not named) Sir Peter Vanlore decd. Mortgage of manor of Weston, Somerset C78/1327, no. 7 [105]
1641 11 Dec 17 Anthony St. Leger of Ulcombe, Kent v Richard Norward. Ratification of agreement re trust settlement of manor and advowson of Ulcombe, Kent. C78/510, no. 15 [106]
1641 16 Dec 17 Dean and Chapter of Christ Church Oxford v Sir Christopher Yelverton Title to 27 acres in Easton Mawditt, Northants C78/606, no. 15 [107]
1641 17 Dec 17 Thomas Knyvett of Ashwelthorpe, Norfolk; Nathaniel Knyvett of Crostwate, Norfolk; Barnaby Reymes of London, merchant v Abraham Vernatti. Mortgage of lands in Eastfenn [East Fen], Moulton, Holbeach and Whapload [Whaplode Drove], Lincs. C78/459, no. 1 [108]
1641 20 Dec 17 Mary, Viscountess Carlingford the widow & relict of Barnham, Viscount Carlingford decd v Sir Robert Anstrother & Dame Mary his wife; Robert Anstrother & Phillip Anstruther, infants Payments in lieu of jointure from manors of Upton, Little Drayton, Bothomsall, Elksey and Moreton, Yorks. C78/573, no. 2 [109]