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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1639 15 C78/, no. []
1639 3 Jan 14 Hester Mason late wife of Robert Mason decd late ...der of the City of London v Charles Jones; John Foyle; John Br...s Dower rights in Cannon Court Farm Ithill, Hants C78/620, no. 2 [2]
1639 8 Jan 14 Woolley Leigh of Thorpe, Surrey & Francis Leigh of Thorpe then in his minority by Bridgett Mynterne, widow, two of the sons of Sir Francis Leigh of Addington, Surrey & grandchildren of William Mynterne late of Thorpe v The said Sir Francis Leigh Settlement of manor of Addington and lands in Croydon, Farley, Chelsham and Catteram, Surrey C78/659, no. 1 [3]
1639 14 Jan 14 Samuel Hoarde, rector of Morton, Essex; Robert Bourne; John Watkin; William Poole; Henry Shippey; William Bowtell; John Jennings; George Burrell v Jeffery Lee; John Kinge; George King; Thomas Pepey; Thomas Glascocke; Nicholas Pricklove; Thomas King; Joane Glascoke Dispute over a property called the Churchlands at Morton, Essex. Use of the land for the support of the church. C78/374, no. 3 [4]
1639 15 Jan 14 Mary Marriott, widow, late wife & executrix of Anthony Marriott her husband decd v John Cooke. Leases of lands in Ashton and Pury, Northants, used as security for bond. C78/397, no. 15 [5]
1639 21 Jan 14 Robert Gudg v Sir Richard Lucy; Dame Elizabeth his wife; Francis Lucye; John Munday; Thomas Cannon; John Cannon; Jasper (sic) Repairs to manor house and parsonage by terms of lease of manor of Husborne Fawknors and rectory of St. Marye Bourice, Hants. C78/401, no. 4 [6]
1639 24 Jan 14 Raph Eve of [blank], Essex v Barnard Peacocke Purchase of hop harvest in Chipping Onger, Essex C78/392, no. 8 [7]
1639 25 Jan 14 William Taylor, citizen & haberdasher of London; Richard Boothby of Cannon Hall, Essex; Raph Hawtry, citizen & merchant taylor of London, executors of Mathew Bedle; Edward Bowes of St Martin in the Fields, Middx, taylor v William Carne and Myles Button Debts of Sir Thomas Button late of Lawreney, Pembs, payable from profits of sale of lands in Mussill, Weecke, Murles, Severshill, Ramscastle, Redbarth, Ludsoppe, Tenby, Nangle and Sandyhaven, Pembs. C78/459, no. 11 [8]
1639 26 Jan 14 Peter Apsley v Thomas Sheppard Inheritance from George Earl of Totnes of the reversion of two messuages in High Holborne, St Gyles in the field, Middx C78/1323, no. 5 [9]
1639 28 Jan 14 John Woodward, gent, one of the clerks of Richard Colchester, esq, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery v. Sir Simon Harcourt, knight; Vere Harcourte, clerk; Sir Henry Martyn, knight; Samuel Warcopp; William Bosewell; William Bishop & Jane his wife; George Mouldon; Ursula Pencott; Hercules Bunce; Robert Brushe; Thomas Francklyn; Richard Fisher; William Euston; Ferdinando Drewett; James Waltie; Edward Shirte; John Redborye; Walter Townesend; William Fisher; Jane Peddle; John Parme; William Hopkins; James Barfoote; William Pencott; John Smarte; Ellias Wynne; Thomas Smarte; Elizabeth Smyth; Hugh Wise; John Walter; John Foster; Robert Foster; Edward Ewen; Henry Badcocke; John Euston; Edward Buckingham; Thomas Bowyer; Robert Harte; John Butler; Robert Hovenden; Henry Smyth; Thomas Price; Edward Richars; Richard Parme the younger; Thomas Wood; Elizabeth Streete; Margerie Haseley; John Wood; Thomas Flexney the elder; Henry Hodges; Edward Rudstone; Thomas Smyth; Henry Bonner alias Pitts; Richard Parme the elder; Thomas Flexney the younger; Agnes Drewitt; Dorothie Stephenson; and Richard Lovers Rent charge from the manor of Stanton Harcourt, Oxon C78/1199, no. 2 [10]
1639 29 Jan 14 George Garret, citizen & draper of London v Robert, Earl of Somerset Payment for black funeral clothes C78/414, no. 7 [11]
1639 29 Jan 14 Edmond Nicholson of the City of Westminster, Middx v Humfrey Wharton; Thomas Wharton; George Withers Interference with the complts rights to work a lead mine at Bellyhope near Stanhope, Co Durham C78/604, no. 5 [12]
1639 29 Jan 14 Sir Robert Coke ________ C78/1925, no. 15 [13]
1639 29 Jan 14 William, viscount Say and Seale; and Richard Knightley of Preston, Northt, esq v. Sir Simon Harecourte, knight; Dame Anne Harecourte his wife; William, lord Pagett; Sir Thomas Rowe, knight; William Cockayne; Vere Harecourte; Phillip Astley; Abraham Wotton; Edward Kellett; Richard Fraunces; John Scriven; Dorothie Chapman; Simon Alkyne; John Bill; and William Chapman Manors of Ellenhall als Elenhale als Elynhall als Elnall & Ronton, Staffs. C78/1199, no. 3 [14]
1639 30 Jan 14 James Felix of Hadley, Essex & Mary Stoakes of the same parish, spinster, grandchildren & heirs of Henry Sayer sometimes of the parish of Lee, Essex & Margaret his wife decd that is to say the said James Felix son & heir of Anthony Felix & Jane his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of the said Henry & Margaret and the said Mary Stoakes daughter & heir of Thomas Stoakes & Mary his wife one other of the daughters & coheirs of the said Henry & Margaret v Elizabeth Barnes, widow; Humphrey Kitchin Titles to messuage and lands in Hadley, Essex. C78/401, no. 7 [15]
1639 31 Jan 14 Bartholomew Baldwyn of Weston Turvile, Bucks v Sir Richard Farmer; Benedict Hall; Richard Pawley Surrender of copyhold lands in Broughton Holland or Broughton Staveley. (County not given). C78/368, no. 13 [16]
1639 1 Feb 14 Gilbert Hoddy v John Somaster. Mortgage by rent-charge of farm called Neathway, Dittisham, (no County given). C78/384, no. 15 [17]
1639 1 Feb 14 Sir Henry Sedley son & heir of Sir John Sedley his late father, an infant by Dame Elizabeth Sedley his mother v Richard Sedley and William Sedley his son Rent charges and annuities from lands in Aylesford, Kent and Biggeswell, Herts. C78/429, no. 5 [18]
1639 4 Feb 14 William, lord Maynard v. The Lady Elizabeth Richardson, widow; John Vaughan & Anne his wife; Edmond Chapman; and Susan Sloughe, widow; and others (sic) Nine messuages etc in Greenewich, Kent used as security for a loan to the defts Vaughan & Chapman C78/1199, no. 1 [19]
1639 5 Feb 14 Gilbert Nevill & Dame Anne his wife, late wife of Sir Marmaduke Darell decd & formerly the wife of John Clapham decd v Elizabeth, Lady Darell, widow, late the wife of Sir Sampson Darell decd son & heir of the said Sir Marmaduke; Marmaduke Darell brother of Sir Sampson Dispute over the manors of Fullner and Misunden C78/497, no. 1 [20]
1639 6 Feb 14 Richard Shacke of Bayford in the parish of Stoke Trister, Somerset & Christian his wife v John Walsh & Johan his wife & Amye Walshe their daughter. Manor of Milborne Saint Andrew, Dorset. Sale by Queen Elizabeth of land to one Penny, a gentleman (and great grandfather of the complt Christian), who conveyed to John Huntley grandfather of the complt Christian. Dispute over titles. C78/425, no. 11 [21]
1639 7 Feb 14 Robert Robsart; Arthur Robsart; John Shirley & Katherine his wife; Anthony Burridge & Gedith his wife v William Turton; Robert Smallbrooke; Robert Cooper; Dorothy his wife and others (not named) Legacies payable from profits of sale of part of manor of Oldbury, Salop, by will of Arthur Robsart C78/401, no. 6 [22]
1639 7 Feb 15 Sir Phillipp Tirwhitt of St...d, Lincs v Anne Tirwhitt, widow, administratrix of Robert Tirwhitt. Debts of Robert Tirwhitt and Sir Edward Tirwhitt, payable from lands in Apley, Lincs C78/611, no. 18 [23]
1639 7 Feb 14 Sir Phillip Tirwhitt of Stainfield, Lincs v Ann Tirwhitt, widow, administratrix of Robert Tirwhitt decd Bonds C78/620, no. 1 [24]
1639 8 Feb 14 Isaack Scott v William Goddard; George Bland; Henry Griggeson; Thomas Lewen Trust settlement of manors of Ashover and Babington, Derbys. Sir Thomas Reresby late of Triburgh, Yorks C78/574, no. 4 [25]
1639 9 Feb 14 Richard Berry v Nicholas Burlace & Katherine his wife. Maintenance, portions and debts payable from trust of lands called Combmartyn and manor of Berynarber/Berrienarber, Devon. C78/446, no. 15 [26]
1639 11 Feb 14 John Claxton of Greate Levermore, Suffolk v Thomas Tawyer and Alice Tofield, widow Bonds C78/392, no. 9 [27]
1639 11 Feb 14 Thomas Hele of Plympton St Mary, Devon v John Maynard; John Hele; Ellys Stert Trust settlement of lands in Fardell, Donaton, Buxton Regny, Cosslute, Hallwell, Clift St. Lawrence, manor of Clift Gerrard and rectory of Worlington Bovye Males, Devon C78/401, no. 5 [28]
1639 11 Feb 14 Dame Elizabeth Coote, widow, late wife & sole executrix of Sir Nicholas Coote late of Barking, Essex decd v Katherine Bing, widow, late wife of Henry Bing; Henry Bing son & heir of the said Henry Bing; William Bing Annuity from unspecified lands in Kent C78/429, no. 2 [29]
1639 12 Feb 14 Sir Robert Pye; Richard Lane; Thomas Fotherley v Sir Robert Devill & Dame Elizabeth Devill his wife; Sir John Hewett; Thomas Hampson Waste of timber in manors of Rickmansworth and Pinchfield, Herts C78/487, no. 5 [30]
1639 14 Feb 14 Dean and Canons of Kings Free Chapel of St George, Windsor Castle v William Isaacke the elder & William Isaacke the younger Possession of tithes from Ottery St Mary, Devon. C78/448, no. 9 [31]
1639 16 Feb 14 Phillip Holman v Richard Watt; Mary his wife; Margaret Watt; John Rye; Thomas Darbishire; William Woodward; Thomas Kirton; Edmond Dunch; Thomas Harbert; Anthony Danvers; Robert Uvers; John Stanton Mortgage of messuages & lands in Culworth, Northants C78/414, no. 10 [32]
1639 18 Feb 15 Robert Taylor v Thomas Taylor; Mary his wife; John Weekes Possession of messuages and tenements in Were Gifford, Devon. C78/448, no. 10 [33]
1639 19 Feb 14 Robert Cleeves administrator of Sir Clement Scudamore decd v William Rolfe. Financial trusts set up by will of Sir Clement Scudamore, father of the intestate. C78/371, no. 1 [34]
1639 19 Feb 14 Peter Daniells & Sarah his wife v Thomas Wilcox; Peter Daniells. Estate of Richard Wilcox, the complt Sarah's father, and execution of his will. City of London. C78/387, no. 4 [35]
1639 20 Feb 14 Humphrey Davenport son & heir of Humphrey Davenport v Owen Brett executor of Alice Owen decd. Legacy and bequest of gold and silverware, by will of Alice Owen. C78/429, no. 3 [36]
1639 20 Feb 14 Thomas, Lord Bishop of Durham v Rt. hon. Francis, Earl of Bedford and Richard Brigham Disturbance of watercourse and contamination of drains of Durham house, Strand, London, by erection of building in Covent Garden. C78/429, no. 7 [37]
1639 23 Feb 14 Sir Anthony Withall, Sir Anthony Thomas, John Worsopp v William Hale. Dispute over money. C78/375, no. 1 [38]
1639 4 March 14 Henry Firmage of the City of Norwich, executor of Nicholas Firmage late of London, merchant decd v Robert Bateman and others (not named). Debts owed to estate of Nicholas Firmage. C78/368, no. 12 [39]
1639 4 March 15 Thomas Langhorne, Serjeant Skinner to His Majesty v Sir Arnold Herbert & Dame Susan his wife and Thomas Baldwyn. Estate of Peter Bland, skinner of London. The apprenticeship of Langhorne, and marriage to Joan Bland. Also dispute over the office of Serjeant Skinner of London. C78/375, no. 3 [40]
1639 11 March 14 Richard Denington son & heir of Richard Denington decd in his own right and as executor of Frances Denington one of the daughters of the said Richard Denington decd; Henry Benington & Griffith Denington two other of the sons of the said Richard the father; John Dillingham & Agnes his wife one of the daughters of the said Richard; Elizabeth Gregory, widow, one other of the daughters of the said Richard Denington decd v John Gregory. Estate of Richard Denington: messuages and tenements at Wallingford, Berkshire. C78/369, no. 5 [41]
1639 20 March 14 Sir Robert Mansell; Sarah Southwell, Elizabeth Southwell, Frances Southwell & Penelope Southwell daughters of Sir Thomas Southwell, infants v The said Sir Thomas Southwell Portions payable from sale of manor of Woodrising, Norfolk. C78/620, no. 7 [42]
1639 23 March 14 George Gopsell, citizen & vintner of London v Adrian May; Richard May, Mary May, Elizabeth May & Ann May children of Hugh May decd, infants by the said Adrian May; and against Francis Billingsley an infant by Henry Billingsley; and against Francis Pratt Lease of lands in Southwark, Surrey. C78/620, no. 4 [43]
Circa 15 Chas. I Sir Henry Ludlowe of Mayden Bradley, Wilts; Edward Mannyng of the City of London; Edmond Ludlowe, brother of the said Sir Henry; Henry Kelsie of Grays Inn, Middx v Ellenor Hughes, widow, late wife & relict of Thomas Hughes decd; Henry Hughes an infant, son of the said Thomas Hughes; Jane Hughes; Thomas Cooke; Martin Carricke; Richard Mannyng; Gabriel Ludlowe; Samwell Gooken; Richard Ward; Thomas Cory; Nicholas Cholmeley; Edward Maddison; Lawrence Whitaker; John Pinsent; Thomas, Lord Brudenell; Thomas Howles; Thomas Husey; Clement Spilman; Edward Godding; Thomas Thompson; Thomas Ashton; John Rea; Simon Fyncham; Robert Kelway; Francis Molon; Henry Philpott; Edward Fen; Richard Bond; [blank] Yardley; [blank] Melhuish; Henry Chamberleyne; Susan Wheeler; Jone Cutler; [blank] Raven; [blank] Marshall; Sir Robert Bannister; Margaret Daniell; Paul Carrell; Sir Petro Anthony Bourdin; Julian Fonntanay; Brian Blomley; Richard Graston; Thomas Hampson; Nicholas Nicolls; Sampson Shelton; John Boteler; Jerome Gregorie; George Bragg; Sir John Lawrence; Thomas Way; William Trevouse; Henry Farrington; Roger How; John Crooke; Richard Low; Sir Stephen Scott; George Savage; Robert Hughes; Mary Ingram; Barnard Ingram; Sir George Hastings; Jerome Wright; Richard Blower; Edward Thomas; William Andrewes; John Johnson; William Beeston; Samuel Barnard; Henry Tubb; [blank] Camill; [blank] Poultney; John Topp; Henry Farrer; [blank] Watson; [blank] Oliver; [blank] Melish; [blank] Ball; [blank] Pulley; Sir Dudley North; [blank] Witherell; Nicholas Searle; [blank] Leake; Katherine Anderson; Anne Fleetwood; William [blank]; John Harvey; Dame Lanley; [blank] Hughes; Mary Manning; [blank] Greene; Jefferies; Thomas Nelson; Grace Mason; John Bragge; Henry Thornburgh; [blank] Goodyere; Mathew Foster; Shawe; Edward Kenyson; [blank] Horneblowe; [blank] Davys; [blank] Webbe; [blank] Leachland; [blank] Baker; [blank] Hamond; [blank] Bludder; James Oliver; Mandevill; George Smithson; Robert Brough; [blank] Bellamy; George Twistleton; George Hughes; The said Thomas Hughes his brewer; The said Hughes his farrier; [blank] his apothecary The conveyance of Callies Castle, Little Hadham and Much Hadham, Hertfordshire by Thomas Hughes to Edward Manning. Also Cootes Farm, the Forest of Chute, Hampshire. C78/425, no. 1 [44]
1639 15 Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford v Christofer Yelverton Bill Oct. 1639 This case is largely illegible, but concerns lands in Northants. C78/604, no. 1 [45]
1639 6 April 15 John Blakeston administrator of Robert Blakeston decd v Jane Howson and John Parsons Marriage settlement of parsonage house of Sedgfield and prebend of Finchlowe, Durham. Marriage of Robert Blakeston, son of Marmaduke Blakeston & Elizabeth Howson daughter of John, late Lord Bishop of Durham C78/708, no. 9 [46]
1639 27 April 15 Adam Crowther of the City of Worcester, weaver v John Best. Crowther a weaver of Worcester: dispute over meadows in the parishes of Knighton and Begildy, Radnor. C78/481, no. 8 [47]
1639 30 April 15 Sir John Bancks, Attorney General, for parishioners of Newton, Cumberland v Barnaby, Lord Bishop of Carlisle and Sir Thomas Carleton Appointment of curate to serve rectory of Newton, Cumberland. C78/479, no. 35 [48]
1639 2 May 15 Andrew Everard, parson of Kirkby Underdale, Yorks v Sir John Bourchier; Charles Cockayne; William Bosvile Bill (Mich. 1635) alleging that part of glebe lands of rectory of Kirkby Underdale, Yorkshire, lay in the lordship of Grimston or Hanging Grimston and had been lost by the enclosure (no date) of the manor. C78/479, no. 34 [49]
1639 2 May 15 David Denne the younger of Littleborne, Kent v Michael Denne Annuity from lands in Littleborne, Kent C78/511, no. 8 [50]
1639 3 May 15 William Turton of [blank], Gloucs v Magdalen Stannford, administratrix of Robert Stannford of Temple Lawgherne, Worcs, widow. Dispute over the manors of Oldberry, Langely and Wallexall, Shropshire, and the debts of Robert Stannford. C78/481, no. 7 [51]
1639 4 May 15 Sir John St John knight and baronet v. Christopher Richmond alias Webb; William Richmond alias Webb of Lyddiard Millicent; William Richmond alias Webb of London; and Giles Richmond alias Webb Sale of lands called Clintons Wood near the Forest of Bradon in Lyddiard Millisent, Bradon & Shawe, Wilts C78/1920, no. 10 [52]
1639 6 May 15 Richard Poole of Worteley, Glouc, clothier v. Margaret Bydle widow and John Cox Tithes of the Rectory of Wotton Underedge, Gloucs C78/1920, no. 9 [53]
1639 7 May 15 William Fairfax v Phillip Eden & John Crofts of Lincolns Inn, Middx Debt of Lady Abigail Waterhouse, settlement from the issues of the rectory of Lythe, Yorks C78/506, no. 4 [54]
1639 7 May 15 Elizabeth Clerke, widow; Henry Clerke; Samuel Clerke; Richard Clerke; Hanslapp Clerke v Henry Clerke; Samuel Clerke; Walter Hanslapp Annuities in lieu of dower rights in trust of lands in Willoughby and Wollescote, Warwicks and Onlye, Northants C78/642, no. 3 [55]
1639 9 May 15 William Deane of Titcombe, Wilts & Frances his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of Thomas Vachell decd v Henry Bury and George Hunt Interests in messuages and lands in Havant and Westhay, Hayling Island, Hants. Stephen Vachell decd, elder brother to the said Thomas Vachell C78/368, no. 1 [56]
1639 9 May 15 Thomas Drewe of the City of Exeter; Gilbert Drake of Exmouth, Devon v John Cobery Marriage settlement of rectory of Ipplepen, Devon. C78/401, no. 3 [57]
1639 10 May 15 William Hovell v. Herbert Ward, gent; Roger Mausner, gent; Miles A....; Robert Cromer & his wife; Thomas Atkinson & his wife; Cobb Hovell; William Hovell; Hugh Hovell & Alice his wife and also the said Thomas Atkinson & his wife v William Hovell; Edmond Hamond; Miles Armiger; Roger Manser; Herbert Ward Marriage settlement: William Hovell & Alice the .... of Jeoffrie Cool. Manor of Shea..., Suffolk. C78/1167, no. 1 [58]
1639 11 May 15 Philliberte Cogan v Rt hon John, Lord Pawlett and others (named). NOTE: this item does not tally with the reference given, and therefore until the correct reference is located, it is not possible to provide a link to the images. Bill (Mich 1635) alleging agreement (no date) to enclose three fields of the rectory of Chard, Somerset, and subsequent enclosure (40 years past), now threatened by defendant claiming common rights in these enclosures. C78/384, no. 8 []
1639 11 May 15 David Cooke & Christian his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of Henry Alder decd v Arthur Mowse; Edward Mowse; James Wallinger; Phillip Stone Mortgage of manor & rectory of Broughton Ponges, Oxon C78/414, no. 9 [59]
1639 11 May 15 William Emott v John Pyott; Robert Pyott; Robert Pretty Debts of Sir John Keneday. C78/574, no. 1 [60]
1639 13 May 15 James Pickering of Grayes Inn Lane, Middx v James Davenport; Alexander Walthall; John Wood. Bond between Pickering and the late Humphrey Davenport to William Fox. C78/369, no. 3 [61]
1639 13 May 15 Henry Pratt esq citizen and alderman of London v. Peter Grislinge; Edward Redford; Elizabeth Whetton; Francis Rivers; William Rivers; George Wickes; Thomas Greene; John Whitacre; and John Coxe Customs of the manor of Colcell, Berks C78/1925, no. 17 [62]
1639 14 May 15 Sir Thomas Lake; Richard Gerie; Valatine Wawton; Edmund Bagshawe; Thomas Templer; William Jetherell, inhabitants or landholders within the parish of Greate Stoughton, Hunts v John Gaule, clerk. Regulation of customs and tithes payable to rectory of Greate Stoughton, Hunts. C78/368, no. 10 [63]
1639 14 May 15 Robert Forrest of Gray ....., Middx v Sir Robert Bevill; William Bevill decd; Sir Walter Devereux; George Ly...; Edward Leeds; Robert Forrest. Dispute concerning the manor of Morbrone, Huntingdonshire. C78/381, no. 19 [64]
1639 14 May 15 Sir Francis Howard; Sir John Smyth; Sir William Mounson v John Cockborne & Priscilla his wife; Jasper Barnaby & Anne his wife; John Booth & Anne his wife Rentcharge payable from lands in Crofte [Croft], Lincs. C78/443, no. 12 [65]
1639 14 May 15 John Holme of Kinderton, Cheshire v Rowland Wilde; Richard Hill; Edmond Skynner Scholar's place in Christ Church College, Oxford, held by one not qualified, against the proper nominee. C78/626, no. 10 [66]
1639 14 May 15 Dorothy Bracebridge of Coleshill, Warks, widow, late wife of Edward Bracebridge decd; Rowland Bracebridge son & heir of the said Edward v Humfrey Bracebridge and Thomas Hill Dower interest in annual rent from manor of Kinsbury, Warks. C78/626, no. 13 [67]
1639 16 May 15 Thomasine Wright, widow, late wife & executrix of John Wright decd for self and children Margery, Mary & Thomasine Wright, infants v Bernard Wright and Edward Wright. Annuity from and possession of lands in Plymptree, Devon. C78/448, no. 7 [68]
1639 16 May 15 Edmond Kingston of Wishanger, Glouc, gentleman & Anne his wife late wife of Anthonie Partridge for themselves and as guardians of for and on behalf of William Partridge and Oliver Partridge younger sons of said Anthonie Partridge and of her the said Alice being an infant; John Morthen of Ledbury, Heref, gentleman & Mary his wife; William Handes and Edward Williams alias Rogers both of Side, Glouc, husbandmen v. Ann Hide widow; Anthonie Partridge; and William Partridge sons of John Partridge esq; Thomas Hoare; John Hoare; Richard Bearde; John Randoll; Anthony Maisey; and ____ Crumpe Manors of Side & Leckhampton, Gloucs C78/1925, no. 18 [69]
1639 17 May 15 C78/1920, no. 8 [70]
1639 18 May 15 Henry Pratt v Sara Childe, widow and Benjamin Childe an infant by the said Sarah his mother. Mortgage of two watermills in Doddlington, Northants. C78/397, no. 13 [71]
1639 18 May 15 Walter St Hill executor of Edward St Hill v William Peterson, Dean of the cathedral church of St Peter, Exeter; William Cotton, clerk; Lawrence Burnell; Robert Hall, clerk; William Hutcheson; William Hellyar, clerk; Edward Cotton, clerk; Hugh Cholmeley, clerk; Edward Kellett, all cannons of the said church £200 owed to estate of Edward St Hill. C78/448, no. 8 [72]
1639 18 May 15 John Chippingdale v Raph Ewer; William Saltmarsh Mortgage and re-conveyance of Great Parke and other lands in Highington [Heighington], Lincs C78/626, no. 12 [73]
1639 18 May 15 Avery Richbell and George Richbell v James Ireland administrator of John Ireland Delivery of paid up bonds for cancellation. C78/660, no. 17 [74]
1639 20 May 15 William Wheeler & Jane his wife; Sir Edward Wardour; Edward Wardour his son v Edward Pitt; Richard Moore; Elizabeth Wheeler, widow; John Cooke; Simon Trenchfield Trust settlement and lease of messuage in St. Buttolphs without Bishopgate, London and lands in Stebenheath, Middx C78/604, no. 9 [75]
1639 21 May 15 Henry Woodward; Anne his wife; Isabell Jones mother of the said Anne v Edmond Bercroft; John Lacie; Thomas Bercroft. Dispute over property at Inkborrowe, Worcestershire. C78/372, no. 16 [76]
1639 21 May 15 Francis Ewre son, heir & administrator of Edward Ewre late of Bucknell, Oxon lately decd; William Jones trustee & assignee of the said Edward Ewre by his will for paying his debts & raising portions for his children out of the manor of Oddington v Thomas Tawyer; Richard Power; Sir John Lenthall. Estate of the late Richard Power of Bletcheington, Oxfordshire. The manors of Oddington, Powers, and Adderbury, Oxfordshire. Disputed leases. C78/375, no. 2 [77]
1639 21 May 15 William Hele and others (named) v William Colmer. Payment of debts of Abraham Colmer from his lands in Plymouth, Devon. C78/384, no. 1 []
1639 21 May 15 Thomas Suter of Funtington, Sussex; John Pratter & Cicelie his wife v Thomas Langrish; Maryan Langrishe; Barbara Langrishe; Elizabeth Langrishe; Agnes Langrishe Possession of, and interests in, Stampshawe farm, Isle of Portsey, Hants. C78/443, no. 13 [78]
1639 24 May 15 John Child; George Chester; Henry Sweeting, citizens & pewterers of London on behalf of themselves and diverse others lessees & adventurers thentofore in the Tynne Farme hereafter mentioned v Valentyne Markham. Accounts in connection with pre-emption of tin for manufacture of pewter. C78/368, no. 9 [79]
1639 24 May 15 John Garland of Marwood, Devon v John Ley & Ruth his wife; George Warren & Alice his wife; Bartholomew Harris Inheritance of mortgaged lands in Eastdowne, Devon. C78/511, no. 9 [80]
1639 25 May 15 Thomas Vivian and others (not named) v Thomas Tresangher and John Garland Title to manor of Trelowith Goviley, Vean Fentogoacke, Cornwall. C78/511, no. 11 [81]
1639 25 May 15 John Holmes, citizen & cordwainer of London who was uncle & next heir of Nicholas Holmes late of the Inner Temple, London decd v Samuel North; Elizabeth his wife; Francis Kerby; John Axton; John Nottingham Mortgage of messuage in Bishopsgate Street, London C78/604, no. 2 [82]
1639 27 May 15 John, Earl of Clare; Joyce, Countess of Totnes; William, Lord Gave..; Henry Bulstrode; Gabriel Barker; Silvanus Taylor; George Gibbes; Thomas Fisher; John Fishborne; William Barnes and others (not named) v Sir Robert Payne and William Drurie Sale of messuages in Drury Lane and manor of Chalfont St. Peters, Bucks C78/414, no. 8 [83]
1639 27 May 15 Richard Hart & Diana his wife daughter of Alexander Levingston & niece unto Sir Gervas Scroope of Cockerington, Lincs and Adrian Scroope of Cobham, Kent his brother v Sir Gervas Scroope; Adrian Scroope; Alexander Levingston; Thomas Levingston Detention of promised marriage portion. C78/446, no. 13 [84]
1639 27 May 15 Thomas Smith of Corsham, Wilts & Isabella his wife v Rawleigh Sanderson; Thomas Wighton; Thomas Northey Patent for the ballasting of ships in the River Thames and employment of engines to raise or gather gravel and sand from the river C78/604, no. 3 [85]
1639 27 May 15 John Bodle v Charles Empson; Francis Empson; Alexander Harrison Payments of legacies, portions and penal bonds from personal estate, including brewing vessels. C78/660, no. 18 [86]
1639 29 May 15 Owen Brett the executor of Robert Tanfield decd who was executor of Sir Henry Robinson decd v James Davenport Portion payable from estate of Sir Henry Robinson. C78/429, no. 9 [87]
1639 29 May 15 John Bradshawe of Grays Inn, Middx v James Davenport, Alexander Walthall; John Wood Debts of Humphrey Davenport: indemnities and bonds to various creditors. Manors of Hewcott, Brace Meale & Oakes, Burton, Hencott in Shropshire C78/369, no. 4 [88]
1639 29 May 15 Sir Richard Skeffington; John Newdigate; Richard Brandreth; Simon Rugelye v Edward Littleton & Mary his wife. Profits of manor of Hawesyard, Staffs. C78/480, no. 7 [89]
1639 29 May 15 William Osborne; Edward Wilson; William Hodges, clerks the vicars of Bampton, Oxon v Dean and Chapter of St. Peters Cathedral, Exeter; Thomas Southby and against Sir Edward Yates owner of Haddon Parva within the parish of Bampton; Title to tithes of rectory of Bampton, Oxon, due from manor of Little Haddon. C78/511, no. 10 [90]
1639? No decree date (Bill Mich. 1638) 15? John Harris v George Smith. Fraudulent sale of lands and woods in Stoke Clansland or Clymeland, Cornwall. C78/384, no. 6 [91]
1639 29 May 15 Anthony Russell v Richard Wolfe and others (named). Annuity payable from lands in Luscombe and Harberton, Devon. C78/384, no. 5 []
1639 29 May 15 George Cole; George Swinhowe; Edmund Weaver; Adam Jol..; John Harrison; John Rothwell; Emanuel Exall; Nicholas Bourne; Robert Mead; John Beale; Edward Brewster; Miles Flesher; John Wright; Robert Younge; William Crawley; George Miller; John Grismond; John Haviland; George Latham, citizens & stationers of London for themselves and other stationers of the City of London, copartners & joint traders in the buying & selling of divers books, commonly called the Lattin Stocke v Jane Lucas, widow, the relict & executrix of Martin Lucas decd, formerly the relict & executrix of John Bill decd & now the wife of Sir Thomas Bludder Debt for imported Latin books ordered by John Bill C78/414, no. 14 [92]
1639 29 May 15 Sir Lewes Tresham v Elizabeth Delafonntayne, widow. Bonds securing debts of Sir John Wentworth. C78/511, no. 7 [93]
1639 31 May 15 Walter Blunt; Francis Blunt; John Wylde; Cicelie Brace; John Winford; John Hanbury; John Haselock; John Nashe; Roger Lowe; Edward Roane; William Danby; Anne Cornewall; Elizabeth Comberforde; Humphrey Grove v John Hanbury; John Smithe; Thomas Pury; Simon Englishe; John Heyward Debts of William Glasbrooke, a bankrupt. C78/414, no. 13 [94]
1639 31 May 15 Owen Brett v Francis Downes; James Davenport; Alexander Walthall; John Wood Inheritance of lands in Salop. C78/429, no. 1 [95]
1639 10 June 15 Daniel Penington of London, merchant v Nathanicl Titterell (and crossbills) Accounts re trade between London and Flanders. C78/558, no. 2 [96]
1639 13 June 15 Thomas Lord v Sarah Childe, widow and Benjamin Childe an infant by the said Sarah his mother. Mortgage of lands and kiln at Bitswell, Leics C78/397, no. 12 [97]
1639 14 June 15 Henry Dyer of London, joiner v Edward Chute and others (not named). Mortgage of messuage and lands in Appledore, Kent. C78/479, no. 33 [98]
1639 15 June 15 John Trowt of the City of Exeter, merchant v John Hayne; John Garrett; John Trigges; William Dawkins Trust settlement and lease of five tucking mills and one edge mill outside walls of Exeter, Devon. C78/401, no. 2 [99]
1639 15 June 15 Sir Richard Hubert; Dame Dorothy his wife & Anne Kinge 2 of the daughters of John Kinge, late Lord Bishop of London v Frauncis Butler Financial trusts C78/709, no. 9 [100]
1639 17 June 15 Thomas Brewster v Torrett Jocelyn Marriage settlement of lands in Little Port, Isle of Ely, Cambs C78/392, no. 8 [101]
1639 18 June 15 Joseph Hawes of London, merchant v Richard Millar; Thomas Burnell; Richard Woodward; Thomas Willett; Thomas Riche; Thomas Marsham, merchants of London Debts re trading voyage to Virginia. C78/379, no. 5 [102]
1639 20 June 15 Miles Codd & Elizabeth his wife; John Warner & Helen his wife, administrators of William Burt late citizen & merchant of London decd and late brother to Elizabeth & Ellen v Governor & company merchants trading to the East Indies; Sir Maurice Abbott, governor; Richard Bateman, treasurer Salary and allowances for factorship, due to estate of William Burt C78/414, no. 2 [103]
1639 20 June 15 Thomas Joyce, clerk v Sir Peter Osborne; William Buckby, clerk; Henry Osborne, one of the feoffees hereafter mentioned Possession of new vicarage, lands and tithes in Hawnes, Beds. C78/511, no. 6 [104]
1639 20 June 15 John Arscott of Amerie, Devon v Robert Jason the elder since decd; Robert Jason the younger his son Mortgage of manor of Amery, Devon. C78/708, no. 3 [105]
1639 21 June 15 Thomas Dodd executor of Thomas Ventris decd v HUmbstone March; Ellen Cray, widow; Walter Parker & Ellen his wife and also cross bill Walter Parker & Ellen his wife v Thomas Dodd Jointure from rectory of Wittlesford Cambs C78/552, no. 14 [106]
1639 21 June 15 Thomas Preswicke of London, grocer & Elizabeth his wife and executrix of Thomas Sympson decd and one of the daughters of Richard Dynes late citizen & brewer of London decd v Robert Atkinson Administration of estate of Richard Dynes, consisting of brewhouse in Whitecrosse Street, and lease of houses in Long Lane, London. For extracted background see:C 33/174; C 33/176; C 33/178; C 33/180 & C 21/P31/12 C78/574, no. 2 [107]
1639 22 June 15 Humphrey Hyde of Northcott, Berks & Margaret his wife the sole daughter of Richard Brabrooke & Christian his wife v Francis Keate; Hugh Keate and William Keate. The rectory of Southstock, Oxfordshire, lands at Caversham, Checkenden, Goring, Oxfordshire. Conveyances from the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford to William Palmer. C78/369, no. 6 [108]
1639 22 June 15 Dorothy the relict & administratrix of Fardinando Ashby her late husband decd v Elizabeth, Lady Beamond executrix of Sir Thomas Beamond her late husband decd. Debts due to estate of Fardinando Ashby C78/414, no. 6 [109]
1639 25 June 15 Raph Bapthorpe/Babthorpe v William Brand; Robert Pickering; John Lodge; George Lodge; Jeane Browne; Christopher Brearey; Robert Marshall; Raph Lodge Annuity payable from manor of Barleby, Yorks. C78/368, no. 11 [110]
1639 25 June 15 Coxe Raymane v Rt. hon Richard, Lord Viscount Lumley and Richard Gunter Trust settlement of tenement, water-mill and lands in Apledram and East Wittering, Sussex. C78/379, no. 7 [111]
1639 25 June 15 Sir William Thorold v Sir Anthony Thorold; Sir William Widdrington & Dame Mary his wife Trust settlement of lands in Marston, Hougham and Sosten [Syston], Haverholme, Grantham, Waddingham, Cranwell, Blankney, Scrawby [Scawby], Braceby, Kirkeby Greene [Kirkby Green] and Martin, Lincs. C78/397, no. 14 [112]
1639 25 June 15 Bridget Greene, widow v Robert Ramsden & John Ramsden his son. Mortgage of 2 closes in Hemsworth, Yorks. C78/414, no. 3 [113]
1639 26 June 15 John Baron & Anne his wife v Sir Simon Leach. Dispute over the Office of Under Sheriff of Devonshire. C78/382, no. 1 [114]
1639 26 June 15 Amy Long of Rood Ashton, Wilts, widow, the relict of Gifford Long decd and Edward Long of Alton, Wilts, eldest son & heir & also executor of the said Gifford v Maurice Carrent of Toomer, Dorset Marriage treaty of manor of Woodyates, Dorset C78/473, no. 19 [115]
1639 27 June 15 Master and warden and brethren and sisters of Guild of Blessed Mary the Virgin of the mystery of the Drapers of London v Sir John Ranye. Possession of lands in Gracechurch Street, London. C78/379, no. 8 [116]
1639 27 June 15 James Ragge & Alice his wife v Mary Wannell now the wife of John Field; Agnes Cottle; Anne White Bonds, debts and financial trusts. C78/379, no. 9 [117]
1639 27 June 15 John Yeo v Mary Vaughan. Assignation of trust of tithes of parish of Hatherley, Devon. C78/448, no. 3 [118]
1639 27 June 15 John, Earl of Thanett Island v Rt hon Robert, Earl of Somerset; William, Lord Craven; Sir Edward Hales; Lawrence Whittaker; William Rolfe; John Milward; Peter Malbone; William Gifton; Dorothy Aysener; Richard Gurney; Henry Jackson; Thomas Puckle; John Puckle; Thomas Luxford; Henry Plomer & his wife; Moses Tryon; Henry Kinge, Dean of Rochester; Sir Richard Brooke; Sir Thomas Peniston; Sir Mathew Carowe & Dame Frances his wife; Dame Elianor Egiock, widow; Sir Thomas Metham; William Courteene; James Pyford; John Huxley; John Williams; William Gardiner; William Baker; Anne Hassard; Dame Dromond; Thomas Warwick; John Blakeston; Thomas Squire; John Fownes; Thomas Fownes; Edward Seagar; Gregory Boys; Robert Dewhurst; Goddard Gravenor; Mabel Wellington; Richard Kent; Audrey his wife; Sir Christopher Nevill; Sir Thomas Parker; Mabel Allington; Richard Ashworth; John Alfrye; Dame [blank] Panton, widow; William Taylor; David Walter; Robert Wolrich; Anne Nevill; Thomas Coteele; Nicholas Cholmeley; Ambrose Vincent; John Freeke; Sir Robert Pye; Sir Fulke Grevill; Richard Lindsey; Sir Henry Compton; John Bateman; Margaret Amherst, widow Debts payable from sale of trust lands in manor of Brighthelmestone, Lewes and lands in Southover, Allington and Framfield, Sussex. C78/479, no. 36 [119]
1639 27 June 15 Thomas Huchinson v Richard Mason the elder; Dyones his wife; Richard Mason the younger; Richard Chesheire Title to lands in Norwood and Heston, Middx. C78/660, no. 6 [120]
1639 28 June 15 Gabriel Jackman of Billington, Beds & Elizabeth his wife and Martha & Elizabeth their two daughters v Justinian Pagett and Thomas Pagett Financial trusts, invested in lands in St. Martins, London. C78/511, no. 2 [121]
1639 29 June 15 Sir John Monnson & Dame Ursula his wife v Edward Oxenbridge; Sir Henry Wallopp; Robert Wallopp; William Smith; Robert Oxenbridge; Thomas Peacke; Francis Palmes; Walter Marshall; John Harris; John Palmer; John Colston; Richard Fuller; John Campion; Isaac Lane; Henry Foyle; Robert Harwood; James Colston Rent charge issuing from farm of Weeke in Hursborne Priors, Hants C78/708, no. 2 [122]
1639 July 15 Thomas Isaacke son of Thomas Isaacke & Susan his wife v Thomas Isaacke, the father Annuity as jointure from lands in Pollestowe and Heavytree, Devon. C78/558, no. 5 [123]
1639 1 July 15 Jeremy Brattle v William Blackamore. Portion payable from lands in Sandherst and Wittersham, No county given. C78/479, no. 32 [124]
1639 1 July 15 Titus Westby of the City of London, woollen draper v Amy Bradshawe the widow & relict of Peter Bradshawe decd since the wife of Francis Munday Redemption of a lease of house in Paul's churchyard, London C78/558, no. 3 [125]
1639 2 July 15 Marmaduke Bellamy v Alexander Cussen. Mortgage of messuage, kilnhouse and yard in East Redford, Notts. C78/365, no. 1 [126]
1639 2 July 15 Alexander Meriam from above Henley & Alice his wife v Thomas Churchill; Christopher Whitrowe; Richard Clappe; Giles Pringe; Cornelius Bussell; Robert Stockden; Michael Wills; George Churchill; Robert Searle; Richard Balhatchett; Charles Churchill; Henry Austen; Thomas Churchill; Edmund Roste; John Williams; Christopher Collins; John Hayman; Richard Broadmead; Willmott Pinsent; John Batt Marriage settlement of copyhold lands in manor of Ottery St. Mary, Devon. C78/384, no. 16 [127]
1639 2 July 15 Thomas Hacon v Robert Sheppard. Bonds and debts of Owen Sheppard the defts father. C78/552, no. 15 [128]
1639 3 July 15 Thomas Danett of St Andrew in Holborne, Middx v Deane and Chapter of Hereford Cathedral and against John Richardson; John Best; Mathew White; Mathew Bust; John Phillipps; Peter Danncey; Richard Rees. Possession of manor and tithes of Bosburie, Heref C78/368, no. 8 [129]
1639 3 July 15 The President and the Scholars of Corpus Christi, Oxford and the Governors of the Free Grammar School of Brewton, Somerset v Simon Sloper the elder; Simon Sloper the younger; Henry Ludlowe; Phillip Andrewe; Jane Ludlowe Dispute over the manor and woods of Farnax, Wiltshire. Sales of wood and terms of leases. C78/369, no. 7 [130]
1639 3 July 15 Thomas Hardinge, rector of Soulderne, Oxon v John Weedon; Richard Gough; Thomas Smith; John Dodwell; Thomas Dodwell; John Browne als Clarke; Robert Bignell; John Kinge; William Hale; Benedict Clifford; Mathew Wise; Robert Hodges; George Southam; John Dodwell senr; Fardinando Gough; Richard Bignell; Thomas Hickarke; Anthony Buckingham Attempt to reverse a decree of 10 Jas. I, or to seek relief from it. Dispute over the payment of tithes on the manor of Soulderne by the freeholders. Decree included the exchange of parcels of land among the tenants. C78/369, no. 8 [131]
1639 3 July 15 Richard Wright, parson of Atherston, Warks v Thomas Hurdis; Thomas Reeve and Joas Godschalke. Dispute over the rectory and parsonage of Atherston, Warwickshire; depopulation of the township by John Turner. Intermixing of the glebe lands. C78/372, no. 15 [132]
1639 3 July 15 Frances, Countess Dowager of Exeter v Rt. hon. William, Earl of Exeter; Sir Thomas Hatton; Clement Thompson; Thomas Curtis; Jeremy Cole; William Wilney .....; Robert C..... and others (not named) Jointure interests in Deeping Fen, Goggesland [Goggisland in Crowland par.] and Spalding Fen, Lincs, allocated by Commission of Sewers, for drainage C78/604, no. 4 [133]
1639 4 July 15 Henry Walrond & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Terlinge, clerk & Anne his wife; Margaret Morgan; Rebecca Morgan; Jane Morgan; Mary Morgan an infant (which said Elizabeth, Anne, Margaret, Rebecca, Jane & Mary were the daughters of Henry Morgan decd v Edmond Kenn; Anthony Isaacke; Henry Morgan Portions payable by will of Henry Morgan from lands in Broadwinsor, Dorset. C78/448, no. 4 [134]
1639 6 July 15 Ann Savile, widow, sister & heir of John, last Lord darcy decd v Sir Conyers Darcy; Conyers Darcy son & heir apparent of the said Sir Conyers Darcy; John Carvile Payment of annuities from lands in Rothwell Hay, and Roundhay, Yorks. John, late Lord Darcy, grandfather to the said Last Lord Darcy and of the complt Ann. C78/620, no. 3 [135]
1639 9 July 15 Francis Allen; John Bell; John Allen; Thomas Gelson; John Priestley; William Harwood; Robert Browne; George Harwood the elder; John Pratt; George Harwood the younger; John Miller; Robert Bell; Simeon Thompson; Thomas Gibson; [blank] Bell, widow; Francis Ruxton; Elizabeth Pratt, widow; William Goodsey; Robert Bancks; William Allen; William Patman; [blank] Barwyn, widow; John Newbolt, inhabitants of Swinderby, Lincs. v Sir Henry Disney; John Disney; William Disney; Molineux Disney; Thomas Disney; Guy Disney; Daniel Disney Bill (Hilary 9 Chas. I) alleging defendants' refusal to perform Articles of agreement (23 March 1629) by which tenants were to yield one ninth of their lands in return for conversion of copyhold tenements into freehold, and the lordship was to be surveyed and enclosed. C78/377, no. 2 [136]
1639 9 July 15 Edward Skeete of Ewell, Surrey v Roger Feilder Title to 22 acres of pasture and wood in Thames Ditton, Surrey C78/443, no. 12 [137]
1639 9 July 15 Richard Power/Poure v Sir John Lenthall; Sir Thomas Coghill; James Chesterman; Thomas Egerley Debts payable from profits of sale of manors of Powers and Adderbury in Bletchington, Oxford. C78/511, no. 5 [138]
1639 10 July 15 William Hall of Adderbury, Oxon for himself and Anthony Hall of Banburie, Oxon, mercer on behalf of Margaret Hall, Anne Hall & Abigail Hall infants & daughters of the said Anthony Hall; Richard Hall of Banbury, Oxon, upholsterer on behalf of William Hall, Valence Hall & Richard Hall infants & sons of Richard Hall; The said William, Anthony & Richard Hall being brothers & near kinsmen of Samuel Hall late of Barford St Michael, Oxon decd v Anne Hall, widow and George Blount. Rectory and parsonage of Dadington, Oxfordshire. The property of Saint Georges Chapel, Windsor. C78/381, no. 18 [139]
1639 10 July 15 Thomas Eyre since decd v Michael Portington Payment of annuity issuing from lands in Portington, Yorks C78/446, no. 14 [140]
1639 10 July 15 Thomas Carewe; John Carewe; George Carewe v John Bryan, clerk and John Williams executors of Sir John Carewe decd Investigation of estate of Sir John Carewe and settlement of manors of Crocombe and Clotworthy, Somerset, Camerton, Cove, Eastwoodley and Westwoodley, Devon. C78/448, no. 6 [141]
1639 11 July 15 Giles Pearse of Bradninch, Devon, butcher, & Johane his wife v John Salter; John Moore; Petronell Watson, widow Payment of portion from personal estate of Henry Warren late of Bradninch, grandfather of the complt Johane. C78/448, no. 5 [142]
1639 16 July 15 Frances Collier of St Bartholomew near Smithfield, London, widow v Nicholas Burnell. Possession of messuage in King Street, Westminster. C78/365, no. 2 [143]
1639 16 July 15 William Sandell v Robert Shaa the elder; Ann his wife; Robert Shaa the younger Cancellation of bonds and mortgage of messuage in Batheaston (no county given). C78/649, no. 18 [144]
1639 18 July 15 Thomas Marston of Kington, Herefs, clothmaker v Marie Marston, widow; Thomas Birde; George Astone; Richard Baldwyn Jointure from messuage in Cheeping St Coventry, Warwicks, formerly the estate of John Marstone late of the City of Coventry decd the second son of Raphe Marstone decd the complts grandfather C78/379, no. 6 [145]
1639 22 August 15 Josias Clarkeson; Edward Dichefeild; John Highlord; Humphrey Clarke; Francis Mosse trustees of the City of London v Alice Vigorous, widow; Nicholas Wall; William Bentley; Libens Dumbleby; Joseph Courteman; George Maye; Henry Atkinson; Nathaniel Gobye; John Kinge; George Howe Manor of Langham, Essex: Langham Farm, issues for the benefit of the Mayor and Commonalty of the City of London. C78/375, no. 7 [146]
1639 29 August 15 David Edwards and John Cotton of London, drapers v Nathan Davis; Thomas Edwards; John Edwards; John Vaughan & Blanch his wife Mortgage of lands in Oswestry, Salop. C78/660, no. 15 [147]
1639 10 Oct 15 Henry Haggerston of Fenwicke in the County Palatine of Durham, administrator of William Haggerston & John Haggeston decd sons of the said Henry Haggerston; Barbara Haggerston wife of the said Henry & one of the daughters of Thomas ?Swyno? late of Ellingham decd; Margaret, Dorothy, Henry, Francis & Thomas Haggerston children of the said complt Henry Haggerston by the said Barbara his wife v Sir Robert Jackson; John Wilkin and others (not named) Legacies and debts payable by will of Thomas Swynoe from the manor of Ellingham and lands in Goswicke, Howtell, Crookehouses, Shotton, Burton, Holy Island and Yardly, Durham and Northumberland C78/617, no. 10 [148]
1639 10 Oct 15 John Stone of Middx, gentleman & Marie his wife v. William Huntley gentleman & Sara his wife; and Jeffery Owen Leases of houses in Westminster. John Doning decd father of the complt Marie & son of Thomas Doning C78/1925, no. 5 [149]
1639 10 Oct 15 Giles Davis of Chipping Sodbury, Glouc, yeoman & Margaret his wife v. Richard Talboys gentleman, Agnes Bridges widow; Alice Bridges; William Sandford & Susan his wife; and John Francombe Messuage & lands in Shipton Moygne, Gloucs & promise by Robert Bridges decd, the father of the complt Maragaret, that she would have it for her life after his death C78/1920, no. 12 [150]
1639 12 Oct 15 Sir George Whitmore one of the aldermen of the City of London v Robert, Earl of Monmouth; Sir Harbottle Grimstone; Sir John Millicente; John Freeman & Susan his wife; John Cowle Sale of manor of Roydon Hall, Essex. C78/379, no. 3 [151]
1639 14 Oct 15 Cadwallader Coker v Edward Ewer since decd & Margaret his wife; Francis Ewre & Jane his wife; Sir Thomas Savage and George Shiers. Manor of Baynton, Oxfordshire. Sale of land and the manor house. C78/381, no. 16 [152]
1639 14 Oct 15 William Southcott v George Southcott NOTE: this item does not tally with the reference given, and therefore until the correct reference is located, it is not possible to provide a link to the images. Mortgage of reversion interest in rectory of Withcombe, Devon. C78/384, no. 6 []
1639 14 Oct 15 Sir Nicholas Halfe & Dame Grace his wife v William Coriton; Ezechiell Grosse and others (not named) Dispute over settlement upon the marriage of Grace, daughter of Sir John Arundell, and Sir Nicholas C78/499, no. 14 [153]
1639 14 Oct 15 Susan Holland, widow v Richard Bagnall and Richard Hall Dispute over the parsonage of North Morton, Berkshire, estate of the late Brian Gunter C78/506, no. 1 [154]
1639 14 Oct 15 Miles Hobart of Jutwood, Norfolk v John Goslyn. Possession of copyhold lands in the manors of Hethersett and Hethersett Hacons, Norfolk C78/603, no. 4 [155]
1639 16 Oct 15 Sir Nicholas Hals since decd and Dame Grace his wife v William Coriton; Ezechiel Grosse and others (not named). Jointure from dissolved chantry of St. Michael the Archangel in St. Michael Peckerill, and manor of Fentongollan or Ventongolleth, Cornwall. C78/401, no. 1 [156]
1639 17 Oct 15 Elizabeth Marbury, widow, the relict of Thomas Marbury late of Warden, Beds decd; Edward Marbury; Mollineux Awdley & Magdalen his wife; John Coward & Anne his wife; William Moth & Mary his wife; Francis Marbury, which said Edward, Magdalen, Anne, Mary & Francis are children of the said Elizabeth by the said Thomas her late husband v John Syers executor of Robert Tanfield decd. Debts of Thomas Marbury and portions payable from lands in Warden Grange, Beds. C78/443, no. 6A [157]
1639 18 Oct 15 Samuell Holborough & Mary his wife late the wife of Richard Poulter the elder decd v Richard Poulter the younger; William Penn; Possession of copyhold lands in Chadsley Corbett, Worcs. C78/479, no. 29 [158]
1639 19 Oct 15 Joyce Pountney, widow & Anne Pountney her daughter, an infant v Thomas Pountney; Thomas Borraston. Settlement of the marriage of Richard Pountney, deceased, and Joyce. Disputed property at Higley, Shropshire. C78/372, no. 17 [159]
1639 19 Oct 15 John Garbett the elder of Shrewsbury, Shropshire; Elianor Wolrich of Dudmaston, Snropshire, spinster v Thomas Higgens and Elizabeth Higgens, widow Redemption of lands and messuages in Shrewsbury, Salop. C78/626, no. 11 [160]
1639 21 Oct 15 Thomas Weekes and Richard Bosden v Mary Winchcombe, widow; John Winchcombe; Benedict Winchcombe; Alexander Cusand; Jerome Pays; Robert Smeaton; Michael Payne; Richard Gyles Estate of John Winchcombe: manor of Farmbrough. C78/381, no. 15 [161]
1639 21 Oct 15 Sir Thomas White v Sir George Wrottesly; Raph Jackson; Richard Payne; Mary Beaver; Barnard Greenaway; Shadrach Johnson Possession of tenements and rents from tenements in Mynster street and Culverstreet, New Sarum Wilts, in lieu of unpaid debts. C78/443, no. 9 [162]
1639 21 Oct 15 Edward Keightley v Sir George Whitmore and Thomas Farnell Estate of Thomas Keightley, manor of Grayes Thorock, Essex, let to Thomas Farnell. C78/506, no. 2 [163]
1639 22 Oct 15 Sir Thomas Posthumus Hoby v William Chapman, John Chapman. Manor of Hacknes, Yorkshire, and the Rectory of the Church. C78/387, no. 2 [164]
1639 22 Oct 15 Nicholas Gilberd v Paule Speccott; Sir John Speccott; Francis Fortescue; Ambrose Manaton Marriage settlement of farm of Bouringsleigh in West Alvington, Devon. C78/443, no. 8 [165]
1639 24 Oct 15 Thomas Lullam younger brother and heir of Robert Lullam v John Mascall; Elianor his wife; William Chatfield & Jane his wife and others (not named) Title to copyhold lands in manor of Ditchening Garden, Sussex. C78/479, no. 30 [166]
1639 24 Oct 15 John Ethell the younger v Sir Robert Vernon; John Skrimshere; Henry Hockenhull; Gerard Skrimshere Possession of tenements in Heigh Offley, Staffs. C78/626, no. 9 [167]
1639 25 Oct 15 Thomas Philpott v Phillip Rogers. Bonds for debt and conveyance of a messuage at Vowchurch, Herefordshire. C78/481, no. 5 [168]
1639 26 Oct 15 Anne Porter, widow, mother & administratrix of William Porter decd v Richard Carelesse; Thomas Pemberton and others (not named) Debts due to estate of William Porter for sale of unspecified lands C78/626, no. 5 [169]
1639 26 Oct 15 Phillip Aaron v William Skynner & Marie his wife; Charles Booth Mortgage of messuage called "White Horse" and lands in Shiffnall or Idsall, Salop. C78/626, no. 8 [170]
1639 29 Oct 15 Warden and scholars of Merton College, Oxford; George Shiers; William Abbott v Robert Symons the younger; George Symons; Robert Taylor Possession of lease of manor of Hensington, Oxon. C78/1205, no. 6 [171]
1639 30 Oct 14 Henry Chauncey of Yardley and John Chauncey of Stevenage, Herts, gentlemen v. Sir William Cobb knight; Phillippe Parris; Richard Ballard; and Wymond Bradburne Trust settlement of manor called Lights in the parish of Yardley and messuage & lands in Bromley near unto Bromley Common, Kent. George Brewster of St Saviours Southwarke, Surrey. C79/18, no. [172]
1639 31 Oct 15 Barnaby, Lord Bishop of Carlisle and Robert Mudge v Jasper Tolchard. Leases of tenement in Deane Pryor, Devon C78/558, no. 7 [173]
1639 4 Nov 15 Christopher Bligh of Lanceston, Cornwall v Elizabeth Bligh, widow and others (not named). Title to lands and tenements in the parishes of St Gennys, Leskerd, Saint Cleere, Jacobstowe, and Alternon, Cornwall C78/573, no. 13 [174]
1639 4 Nov 15 Walter Morgan of Quenington, Glouc, yeoman son and heir of the body of Edmond Morgan yeoman begotten by the Edmond of the body of Margaret late his wife mother of the complainant Walter Morgan and one of the daughters of John Sadler yeoman v. Thomas Morse of Bushton, Wilts, gentleman & Anne his wife, the said Margaret Morgan widow; Thomas Sadler grandchild of the said John Sadler and father of Anne wife of the said Thomas Morse; John Elborowe; and William Messenger Marriage of Edmund Morgan & Margaret his wife. Settlement of meadow in King's Marsh, Cricklade, Wilts, common of pasture in Cricklade & Forest of Bradon and a messuage in Pirton C78/1920, no. 14 [175]
1639 6 Nov 15 Bartholomew Berrie and William Knightsmith v Sir Phillipp Tirwhitt Bonds and debts on security of lands in Stanfield or Apleye (no county given). C78/397, no. 8 [176]
1639 6 Nov 15 William Boughey v Richard Parker the elder & Richard Parker the younger Performance of agreement re coalworks in Bignall and Awdley, Staffs and re scouring of gutters to convey water from the works. C78/626, no. 16 [177]
1639 7 Nov 15 Robert White of Bowe als Nymett Tracy, Devon v John Colton of the City of Exeter, merchant; George Allen, clerk; Nicholas Gale of Bowe, Devon Mortgage of lands in Bowe or Nymett Tracey, Devon. C78/448, no. 1 [178]
1639 9 Nov 15 Raph Snagge of Kempston, Beds; William Cobcott of the same & Ellen his wife v Martyn Fountayne Rentention of copyhold lands in Kempston, Beds, after expiry of lease, and distinction of those copyhold lands from intermingled freehold lands. C78/443, no. 7 [179]
1639 11 Nov 15 John Kniveton; John Twigg; Humphrey Pegg and others (not named) v William [Greaves] the elder, clerk; William Greaves the younger; Richard Hall the elder; Richard Hall the younger; John Terry the elder; John Terry the younger; James Prince Payment of tithes due to the ancient church of Osmaston, then annexed to church of Brelsford, Derbyshire. C78/660, no. 14 [180]
1639 12 Nov 15 Henry Searles the son & heir of John Searles v Elizabeth Goodall, widow; Richard Goodall. Estate of John Searles, a brewhouse at Great Yarmouth. Disputed mortgage. C78/390, no. 1 [181]
1639 12 Nov 15 George Bedbury v Francis Swanton; Margaret Fitzjames, widow, administratrix of Thomas Fitzjames her late husband decd. Bond of George Bedbury with Thomas Fitzjames to Robert Mason. C78/425, no. 5 [182]
1639 12 Nov 15 Sir Robert Crayford brother & executor of Sir William Crayford decd v William Duncombe; Francis Goston & Dame Anne Crayford his wife Value of jointure. C78/469, no. 1 [183]
1639 13 Nov 15 Robert Kenwricke, clerk, vicar of Burton Dercett als Burton Dassett als Great Dersett, Warks v Hester, Lady Temple, widow; Sir Peter Temple; Mary, Lady Wootton, widow; William Petre; William Tooley; Thomas Harris Dispute over the tithes of Burton Dassett or Dercett and the glebe lands of the vicarage of the township. Burton Dassett alias Buxton, Nurthend, Knightcote, Hardwick and Radway. C78/381, no. 17 [184]
1639 13 Nov 15 Thomasine Radge v William Squire. Jointure from trust settlement of farm of Fayreby or Vereby in Nynehead, Devon. C78/384, no. 4 []
1639 13 Nov 15 George Dudcott alias Heskins son and heir of John Dudcott alias Heskins of Welford, Berks, yeoman v. William Reade; William Smith, gentleman; and Edward Nulls gentleman Mortgage of messuage in Shalborne, Berks C78/1920, no. 13 [185]
1639 14 Nov 15 The Master & fellows of the College of the Great Hall, Oxford (University College) v Sir George Croke; Sir Arthur Ingram; Francis Finch; Simon Bennett; Thomas Hampson; Thomas Croke; Raphe Radcliffe; Mathew Hopkins and others (not named) The estate of Simon Bennett. Woodlands called 'Ambrose Coppice' 'Delfe Coppice' 'Shortwood Coppice' and other properties. The Lodge of Hanley, Hanley Park, Northamptonshire. Bequest to the students of University College. Disputed use of woodlands. C78/369, no. 16 [186]
1639 15 Nov 15 Edward Young, Vicar of the Vicarage of Hart, Co. Durham v Richard, Lord Viscount Lumley, Richard Porrett son of Robert Porrett decd and others (not named). Tithes due from parishioners of Hartlepoole to vicar of Hart, in order to pay stipend to curate at Hartlepool Chapel, Durham. Formerly part of the endowment of the Priory of Gisbrough, Yorks. C78/617, no. 9 [187]
1639 16 Nov Richard Foley of Sturbridge, Worcs v Sir Edward Petoe; Roger Fowke and cross bill Accounts re delivery of iron C78/626, no. 7B [188]
1639 18 Nov 15 James Davenport executor of Anne Robinson one of the daughters of Sir Henry Robinson v Dame Martha Robinson the relict of the said Sir Henry Robinson and Robert Tanfield his executor. Restoration of borrowed jewelry to estate of Anne Robinson. C78/443, no. 10 [189]
1639 20 Nov 15 Richard Davy of Winterstowe, Wilts an infant by John Nicholas & Richard Goodridge v Henry Alford & Bridget ye wife; Edward Chard and Robert Fawcett Property in the parish of Hurley, Berkshire. Division of a third part of the land. C78/425, no. 3 [190]
1639 21 Nov 15 Alice Sweete, widow v George Blackall and Henry Edes Debts in connection with French wine trade. C78/448, no. 2 [191]
1639 21 Nov 15 John Danyell of Corsham, Wilts, yeoman & Elizabeth his wife late wife of Thomas Hulbert and John Hulbert an infant son and next heir to said Thomas Hulbert by the said Elizabeth his mother and guardian v. Richard Kington; Thomas Adlam; and Walter Jones Messuage and yardland in Corsham used as security for loan C78/1920, no. 17 [192]
1639 22 Nov 15 Chaloner Chute of the Middle Temple, London v John Hill; Peter Hendra; Richard Elliott Purchase of lands called Abbott's Hendra or Hender, part of the manor of Treglaston, Cornwall. C78/603, no. 3 [193]
1639 25 Nov 15 Samuel Ballard v. George Sittwell and Elionor Rolstone, widow Debts re redemption of mortgage of manor of Nether Woodhall and Wombewell, Yorks. C78/379, no. 4 [194]
1639 25 Nov 15 Richard Facey of Bradworthy, Devon for and on behalf of himself & the parishioners of Bradworthy v William Lang, clerk. Dispute over the village tithes of Bradworthy. C78/381, no. 14 [195]
1639 25 Nov 15 Sir John Hall for self and as trustee for Mary White an infant and Andrew Mundy v John Lorymer; Roger Lorymer; John Ellyott; William Browne Portion from trust settlement of a farm in Warmford, Hants. C78/511, no. 4 [196]
1639 25 Nov 15 William Browne; Anne his wife; Joane Browne; Anne Browne v Michael Lowe; Simon Hill; Richard Newbold; Margaret Lowe, widow; Robert Salte; John Baylie & Joane his wife Title to messuage and lands in Catchmore in parish of Hales Owen, Salop C78/626, no. 4 [197]
1639 2 Dec 15 Julyan Napper, widow, late the wife & administratrix of John Napper late of Tintenhall, Somerset; , Edith & Julyan Napper her daughters & heirs of the said John, infants by Henry Stephens their grandfather, Alexander Towse; Tristian Towse; Henry Greenewood v Thomas Napper; Samuel Napper; John Lye Estate of Thomas Napper, rectory of Tintenhall, Somerset and other properties. C78/507, no. 10 [198]
1639 2 Dec 15 Richard Cracroft of Cottenham, Cambs v Sir Thomas Bendishe; Richard Pepis; John Pepis; Marie Pepis the relict & executrix of Robert Pepis Payments due from pastureland in Wisbich St. Maries Isle of Ely, Cambs C78/392, no. 7 [199]
1639 2 Dec 15 Alice Jenman v Anthony Pote and John Clement Close called Ershdeane and a parcel of coppice, part of land called Eyland otherwise Besthanger in Elsted, Sussex claimed to be held by lease from John Jenman, grandfather of the complt C78/1323, no. 3 [200]
1639 4 Dec 15 Sir Richard Lydall; Francis Lydall; Thomas Lydall; Henry Lydall; Andrew Lydall; William Lydall v William Harbart; William Carreck; John Kempsall; William Wilde Rent charges from lease of rectory of Yeatlie, Hants. C78/463, no. 7 [201]
1639 9 Dec 15 William Ward of London & Humble Ward his son & heir apparent v Dud Dudley als Thomlinson Marriage settlement and trust of manor of Dudley, Dudley Castle, borough of Dudley Forren and Furnace of Dudley, manor of Rowley, coalmines in Knollhill in Pensent chase, manor of Winford Regis, Staffs and lands in Northfield, Tanssall and Cradely, Worcs. C78/443, no. 7 [202]
1639 10 Dec 15 Josias Clarkeson, contractor for the manor of Langham, Essex; Edward Ditchfield; John Highlord; Humphrey Clarke; Francis Mosse, trustees for the City of London v Alice Vigorons, widow; Nicholas Wall; Joseph Courteman; Henry Atkinson; Nathaniel Gobye; Johan Kinge and others the tenants of the manor of Langham (not named). Dispute over the issues of the manor of Langham C78/375, no. 8 [203]
1639 12 Dec 15 George Bedford v James Rivers; Simon Stone; Edward Blaker; Roger Coby Reimbursement of bail money payable from profits of sale of unspecified lands. C78/479, no. 31 [204]
1639 13 Dec 15 Charles, Lord Lambert Baron of Covan in Ireland, son & heir of Sir Oliver Lambert decd, late Lord Lambert Baron of Covan v Anthony Bourchier & Jane his wife. Title to rectory and advowson of Sherley or Milbrooke and Sherley, Hants. C78/443, no. 5 [205]
1639 13 Dec 15 Edward, Lord Mountague [Montagu], Baron of Boughton, Northants v Thomas Harrington; Alexander Tracy Mortgage of lands in manor of Witham, Lincs C78/660, no. 13 [206]
1639 20 Dec 15 Ulstone Hutchins v Nicholas and Elizabeth Abbott Profits from copyhold tenement in Penquitt, Devon. C78/384, no. 2 []