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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1563 23 Jan 5 Lucian Symes of Rockford, Hants. v. Hugh Hancocke and Edward Forder, both of Hampreston, Dorset. Four tenements with appurtenances in Ringwood, Ellingham, Burley, Lyndhurst and Romsey, Hants. C78/23, no. 5 [2]
1563 4 Feb 5 Edward Lane v. Sir John Fermor and John Adams. Customary land held for 3 lives of the manor of Halstock, Dors. C78/21, no. 25 [3]
1563 8 Feb 5 Jacomyn Gent v. William Morgan. Customary holding of a messuage and 20 acres of land of manor of Goldclyff in Nash, Monm, claimed by both parties. C78/26, no. 3 [4]
1563 9 Feb 5 Robert Lee and wife Margaret v. George Streightley. Lease of the manor of Wheatfield, Oxon. Dismission. C78/22, no. 28 [5]
1563 10 Feb 5 William Jenns alias William Ap Jenner Ap Gruff Ap John v. John Ap Jenner Ap Gruff. Messuage and lands called Comorthyn in Festiniog, Merion. Plaintiff claims he is a poor apprentice in London. C78/24, no. 28 [6]
1563 11 Feb 5 Thomas Cooke, one of the younger sons of John Cooke late of Otery St Mary, Devon decd v. William Cooke, elder brother of the complt, George Stowforde. Lease of messuage and land in Ottery St. Mary, Devon allegedly made by plaintiff's father John Cooke of Ottery St. Mary, esq. to plaintiff. C78/21, no. 27 [7]
1563 11 Feb 7 Thomas Manser v. William Bustarde. Messuage and 3 acres of land in Coningsby, Lincs. C78/23, no. 7 [8]
1563 12 Feb 5 John Dade v. John Brame. Debts claimed by plaintiff from defendant's brother Robert Brame, dec. C78/21, no. 29 [9]
1563 12 Feb 5 Edward Page, gent and wife Elizabeth, widow of Andrew Barnarde, gent v. Thomas Kinge. Certain lands and tenements in Upton, South Warnborough and Elvatham, Hants, estate of Andrew Barnarde, dec. Dismission. C78/23, no. 6 [10]
1563 12 Feb 5 John Byllyng, clerk, rector of Barford, Wilts v. Thomas Wright (now dec.) and Fremond Iryshe and wife Margaret, widow of Wright. Possession of glebe lands and tithes of Barford rectory, Wilts. Dismission. C78/23, no. 8 [11]
1563 12 Feb 5 Ralph Ewrie alias Evers, esq. v. Thomas Vaux. Office of bailiff of Darlington and farm of Bishop of Durham's tolls in Darlington. C78/26, no. 4 [12]
1563 12 Feb 5 James Crosseley of London, clothworker v. William Chishull, esq. and John Shuckesborowe. Legacy in will of John Danyell of Woodham Ferrers, Essex of 40 marks to his daughter Grace, late wife of plaintiff. Dismission. C78/27, no. 5 [13]
1563 12 Feb 5 Lewis Lawrence v. Thomas Warde. Lease of two watermills in Staines, Midd, by plaintiff: dilapidations. C78/27, no. 13 [14]
1563 17 Feb 5 William Creme, yeoman v. Richard Beane. Customary holding in the manor of Hartlebury, Worcs, in Torton, Worcs. Description of customs of manor of Hartlebury. Question whether a form of customary grant creates an estate of inheritance. C78/24, no. 26 [15]
1563 28 April 5 William Lane of Cottesbrook, Northants, esq. v. John Wyrley. Charges or manor or lordship of Hardwick, Leics. C78/23, no. 9 [16]
1563 1 May 5 Robert Grosse of Muckleford, Dors. v. Nicholas Megges and wife Jane. Several messuages with land and common of pasture for 4 plough beasts, 6 cattle and 240 sheep in Muckleford, Dors. See C78/22/38. C78/23, no. 14 [17]
1563 1 May 5 Thomas Patsall, gent. v. William Pascall, gent. Two messuages, 330 acres of land and 40s rent in South Hanningfield, West Hanningfield, Ramsden and Stock, Essex, claimed through an entail. Dismission. Robert Plommer decd, great grandfather to the complt C78/27, no. 1 [18]
1563 3 May 5 Robert Grey of Kenilworth, Warw. gent. v. Richard Taverner, esq. and Roger Taverner, gent. Purchase of 54 messuages in Kenilworth from defendants. C78/20, no. 31A [19]
1563 4 May 5 Thomas Lynnett of Barking, Essex, and wife Anne v. Margaret Maddey alias Madewe and Anne Maddey. Estate of Thomas Maddey alias Madewe, dec. of a mansion house and 170 acres of land in Astbury, Ches. Plaintiff was daughter of Maddey by a marriage that was later annulled in ecclesiastical court. Dismission. C78/22, no. 26 [20]
1563 4 May 5 Robert Stallynge v. John Stowell, esq. and Robert Keywer. Lease of 100 acres of pasture called Buncombe in Broomfield, Som. Dismission. C78/23, no. 16 [21]
1563 6 May 5 Robert Wolley of Marston, Oxon. and wife Alice v. Thomas Hore. A copyhold estate of one messuage and 31 acres of land in manor of Headington, Oxon, in right of plaintiff's wife. Lord of the manor is Christopher Browne, esq., son of Sir John Brown. C78/23, no. 11 [22]
1563 6 May 5 Ralph Greneacre of Sawley, Yorks, esq. and wife Jane, daughter of John Allen of Rayleigh, Essex, esq. v. Arthur Harris. A messuage and several parcels of land in Leigh and Hadleigh, Essex, in right of Jane Allen, wife of plaintiff. Dismission. C78/27, no. 10 [23]
1563 7 May 5 William Allen, son of Ralph Allen, Alderman of London v. Robert Pyper, and Trinity College, Cambridge. Lands late of Thomas Allen, clerk, in Wittersham and Wrotham, Kent, left to the college in his will. C78/26, no. 1 [24]
1563 7 May 5 William Hopkyns v. Edward Morgan and William Nash. Lease of several parcels of land in Hanbury, Worcs., property of bishopric of Winchester. C78/27, no. 3 [25]
1563 7 May 5 George Shypsyde and wife Alice, natural sister of Nicholas Ridley late bishop of London v. Thomas Sherle, William Mountjoy and William Stone. Lease of Redmarley Park and a watermill in Redmarley D'Abitot, Worcs, made by Bishop Ridley of London, which lease was voided by Bishop Edmund Bonner temp. Mary. Previously heard in Court of Requests. "Recites the decree by Crown Commissioners of Feb. 1550 on appeal against deprivation” by Bishop Bonner (Latin). C78/27, no. 17 [26]
1563 8 May 5 Edward Walleys of Cambridge v. Robert Jervayes, late Mayor of Lynn, Norf. Attempt by Mayor of Lynn to extract a toll from plaintiff for his ship's use of Lynn harbour in 2 Eliz., contrary to a Star Chamber award of 27 Hen. VIII and the composition , between the two towns of 4 May, 5 Edward VI. C78/26, no. 6 [27]
1563 9 May 5 William Staunton of Launton, Oxon. v. William Shepperde. Bargain and sale of a term of years in a house in Launton, Oxon. and stock and chattels with it. Both parties claim fraud. C78/23, no. 10 [28]
1563 10 May 5 John Hawes of Grays Inn, Midd. v. Edward Slegge. Office of clerk of the Crown and clerk of the assizes within Isle of Ely, Cambs, in gift of the bishop of Ely. C78/26, no. 5 [29]
1563 10 May 5 Nicholas Henshawe v. Thomas Copland and Jane his wife, cousin & next heir to Agnes Copland decd, late wife of Thomas Copland of Stratford at Bowe, Middx, baker, daughter & heir of John Henshawe late of Startford at Bow decd, that is to say son of Lawrence Henshewe, brother of the said John Henshawe, father of the said Agnes & son & heir of Hugh Henshawe late of Stratford at Bowe decd. A tenement and 4 acres of land at Stratford le Bow, Midd, all part of a customary holding in manor of Stepney, Midd. Dismission. C78/28, no. 2 [30]
1563 11 May 5 Thomas Benton and his father John Benton, esq. v. Thomas Pygott. Manors of Caversfield, Bucks [Oxon] and Bucknell, Oxon, and contested wills of John Langston, dec. Case sent to the Bucks, assizes, and plaintiff seeks execution in Chancery. C78/22, no. 21 [31]
1563 11 May 5 Thomas Greygose v. Dame Cicely Delves, widow and John Delves, esq. Possession of a messuage and a large number of small parcels of land in lordships of Hunsterton and Hatherton, Ches. C78/23, no. 13 [32]
1563 11 May 5 Edward Lytleton, gent, one of Queen's Sergeant at Arms v. William More and Robert Gowre. Manor of Abbot's Salford in Abbot's Salford, Bidford, and Burton, Warw, originally held by Thomas Lytleton, dec. Dismission. C78/23, no. 17 [33]
1563 11 May 5 Ralph Joyner of Coventry, draper v. James Rilston alias Riddelston of Manchester. Debts owed to plaintiff by Robert Rawlinson of Manchester, draper, dec. and lease of lands in Manchester. Defendant has married Rawlinson's daughter. Dismission. C78/28, no. 6 [34]
1563 12 May 5 James Taverner and Thomas Taverner, executors of Anne Johnson, widow, late wife of John Johnson decd and before that wife & sole executrix of John Taverner decd v. John Wolvye, clerk. Conveyance of lands in Brisley, Bittering, Wissingset and Horningtoft and elsewhere in Norf. C78/20, no. 31B [35]
1563 13 May 5 Henry Newton of Nottingham and wife Anne v. Joan Newall, widow, James Newall, William Newall, Richard Michell Customary holding of two messuages with appurtenances in Heptonstall, Yorks, part of manor of Halifax. Dismission. C78/23, no. 15 [36]
1563 13 May 5 William Jaye of Selston, Notts v. Richard Thorpe, William Stanley and John Roper. Manors of Harmston and South Rauceby, Lincs, with 16 messuages, a windmill and a fulling mill and 1,700 acres of land, estate of Robert Jaye, dec. Dismission. C78/28, no. 3 [37]
1563 15 May 5 Gilbert Wheler of Great Rollright, Oxon, gent v. Sir Thomas Pakington. Plaintiff claims Pakington is obstructing his passage for carrying wood from Westwood Wood, Worcs. Dismission. C78/22, no. 25 [38]
1563 15 May 5 Mary Lynynge, widow of John of Tarnock, Som. and John Lynynge the younger v. Sir John Newton and his sons John and Sampson Newton. Lease, for 3 lives, of a messuage and 26 acres of land in Tarnock, and a close of pasture of 80 acres in Northover called Forgesham, in manor of Badgworth, Som. C78/23, no. 12 [39]
1563 15 May 5 William Scott, son of William Scott of Silkstone, Yorks, dec. v. Ellen Scott, widow, second wife of William Scott, dec. A messuage and lands in Penistone, Yorks, part of estate of William Scott, dec, which defendant claims was enfeoffed to her as a jointure. Dismission. C78/27, no. 12 [40]
1563 15 May 5 John Shepard of Milton alias Middleton, Dors v. Edith Shepard, widow. Copyhold grant of two watermills and appurtenances, parcel of the manor of Milton alias Middleton, Dors. Defendant is plaintiff's mother-in-law. C78/27, no. 16 [41]
1563 15 May 5 Robert Grymble and George Drane v. Richard and John Wyethe and John Marten. Conveyance of an estate in Helmingham, Suff. C78/33, no. 25 [42]
1563 16 May 5 Beatrix Thompson, widow of Thomas Thompson of London, merchant taylor v. Alice Kever, widow of Philip, merchant of Cadiz and London and Edmund Mathewe. Disputed debts arising from business of Philip Kever, dec. in Cadiz, whose executor in Spain was Thomas Thompson. Kever’s widow had secured attachment of Thompson's goods in London because she believed Thompson had defrauded her as Kever's beneficiary. C78/28, no. 1 [43]
1563 17 May 5 Bartholomew Rombylowe, executor of Reynold Fyson v. William Fyson. Detention of goods and chattels of Reynold Fyson, dec. by defendant, including leases of manor of Stonehall in Moulton, Suff. and certain lands in Kennett, Cambs. C78/26, no. 7 [44]
1563 17 May 5 Thomas Sterne v. Thomas Morgan. Arrears of rent of and possession of a part of the moiety of estate of Simon Fytz the younger, dec., including lands in Aspley and Birchmore, Beds. C78/28, no. 4 [45]
1563 17 May 5 William Chaunte and wife Anne, Richard Sevier and wife Isabel, Robert Pickebate and wife Joan, Alice and Agnes Reynoldes v. George Talbott. Alleged debt of £210 and eleven ounces of silver owed to female plaintiffs as daughters of John Reynoldes, dec. Defendant is married to sixth and eldest daughter. Dismission. C78/33, no. 28 [46]
1563 18 May 5 Abraham Kirkbye, by William Horne v. Thomas Katherynes and wife Mary, and William Goodwyne and wife Margery. Lands and tenements in Nottingham, Notts, once of William Kirkbye, dec. C78/33, no. 29 [47]
1563 22 May 5 John Olyff and wife Susan v. James Spender & Elizabeth his wife and William Bonner & Alice his wife. A customary holding of manor of Southchurch in Leigh, Essex. And parcel of 'freeland’ called Denhamwith in Leigh also. Dismission. C78/27, no. 6 [48]
1563 24 May 5 William [Herbert], earl of Pembroke v. Griffith Ap Owen and Henry Morgan. Tenement called Treferowe in Glam, claimed by plaintiff as part of his lordship of Webbley, Glam, but as part of lordship of Landimor, Glam., by defendant. C78/27, no. 4 [49]
1563 24 May 5 George Palmes, clerk v. John Goodyear, merchant and wife Elizabeth. Debts owing to plaintiff, while he was collector of rents from parsonages and churches granted by statute to Cardinal Reginald Pole, in Yorks, by his servant Nicholas Townend, dec. whose widow married Goodyear. Previously heard by the Council of the North. C78/27, no. 15 [50]
1563 24 May 5 John Godfrey; William Amys; John Hales; Thomas Gybbes; Richard Thompson; Humphrey Bagshawe; Hatley [blank]; Thomas Hales; John Godfrey the younger; Thomas Atkyns, inhabitants of Haslingfield, Cambs. v. Margaret Smyth, widow. A messuage and lands in Haslingfield, dedicated to repair of church and parochial charities. C78/28, no. 5 [51]
1563 24 May 5 John Everton and wife Jane, widow of John Starkey v. John Marshe and wife Joan. Leases of a messuage and several farms in parish of St. Mary Matfellon alias Whitechapel, Midd. (including 'Marriotts Farm' and the parish field) held by John Starkey, dec. and Starkey’s chattels, claimed by his widow. C78/28, no. 7 [52]
1563 [?] June 5 William Dayman, John Thomas and John Byrche v. William Frankelyn. Plaintiffs, copyholders of defendant's manors of Culwell alias, Colwell and Sutton Lucy, Devon, have been distrained against for payment of a annual rent owed by the lord of the manors to John Wood, gent, [partly illegible and damaged]. C78/23, no. 21 [53]
1563 12 June 5 James Heath, of London, mercer and wife Elizabeth v. Henry Wheler, gent. Lands in Tytherington, Wilts, once the property of John Page, esq, claimed in right of plaintiff's wife. Defendant claims property was purchased from Crown temp. Edw. VI. Dismission. C78/27, no. 14 [54]
1563 14 June 5 Thomas Pannell, clerk, late parson of All Saints, Honey Lane, London v. Richard Foulkes or Fowlkes. Right of parsonage of All Saints in an annuity of 6 marks p.a., from two tenements in Milk Street, one called The Horn. C78/27, no. 11 [55]
1563 14 June 5 Edward Banestre of Atherstone, Warw, mercer v. Agnes Banestre, widow and Richard Edwardes, clerk. Chattels and plate of Elizabeth Clayton, widow of Tamhorn, Staffs, dec, natural mother of plaintiff. Dismission. C78/28, no. 9 [56]
1563 18 June 5 Robert Chetwyn v. Robert Barnfeild of Newport, Salop. Several mortgages on the manor of Aston, Salop, and arrangements of plaintiff to repay his loans. C78/22, no. 23 [57]
1563 18 June 5 Peter Wentworth, esq. v. Henry Baker, yeoman. Lease of Grapnell Marsh, Eymarsh and Garden's Marsh in Peckham [?Paglesham] and 'Wateringe' in the Isle of Wallasea, Essex, made by plaintiff's father Sir Nicholas to defendant. C78/27, no. 7 [58]
1563 19 June 5 Richard Peerson of Mixbury, Oxon v. Dame Elizabeth Wellesborne and Nicholas Ethell alias Laurence. Lease of 3 messuages and certain lands in Mixbury, Oxon, late owned by Osney abbey, and game rights in the lands. C78/22, no. 24 [59]
1563 21 June 5 John Wyndesor/Wynsour, brother & heir to Andrew Wyndesor late of St Stephens nigh St Albans, Herts decd v. Robert Benyson. Copyhold lands of plaintiff's brother, Andrew Wyndesor in St. Michael Rural, Herts, held of the manor of Kingsbury. C78/22, no. 20 [60]
1563 21 June 5 Jenkin Conway v. Henry Gregorie. Leases, chattels and 5 messuages and certain lands of Henry Ap Thomas Ap William, dec., in Diserth, Flints, and administration of his estate. Both parties had letters of administration, one from archbishop, the other from bishop of St. Asaph. C78/28, no. 8 [61]
1563 22 June 5 Thomas Wyggyns of Chalgrove, Oxon. v. Robert Grenyng. Copyhold lands of the manor of Chalgrove, Oxon. Dismission. C78/22, no. 27 [62]
1563 28 June 5 James Smyth v. John Warre, gent. and wife Mary, widow of William Smyth and others (not named). Estate of John Smyth of Hazlegrove, Som. Including lease of Hazlegrove farm; a farm called Pulpytts in Babcary, Som; farm called Weston and Searane in Queen Camel and rectory of Queen Camel, Som; 3rd part of Marston Magna, Som; and a tenement in Weston Bamfylde, Som. C78/23, no. 18 [63]
1563 28 June 5 John Heye v. John Wise. Forty acres of land in Alternon, Corn. C78/23, no. 20 [64]
1563 29 June 5 Edmund Payne v. Henry Cuttynge. Messuage called Moots with garden and 6 acres of land in Combs, Suff. C78/23, no. 19 [65]
1563 29 June 5 Richard Kippinge and Thomas Kippinge, sons of Thomas Kippinge late of Brenchley, Kent, dec. v. Robert Kippinge. Lands in Brenchley once of Robert Kippinge, dec. Defendant claims a partition as under custom of gavelkind. Dismission. C78/33, no. 26 [66]
1563 30 June 5 William Williams of London, gent v. John Stevens of Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos. and Sir Edmund Rowse. Recovery of debts owed plaintiff, contracted while he was a merchant and the Assay Master of the Mint in Ireland, during Edw VI's reign. He was not repaid because he fled the realm for religion in 1553-54. C78/27, no. 2 [67]
1563 30 June 5 Jasper Pounte v. George Broughton. A messuage, 2 watermills, and 300 acres of land in Washford, Bilbrook and Cleeve, Som. Dismission with order that the issue be tried at common law at the Som. assizes. C78/28, no. 13 [68]