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Case Book BL Harl 2143 f.7v.

A High Sheriffe for retorning a Contrarie man for a Kt of the Parlyament that was not Chosen contrary to his oath & for executing his office without oath. Brouker Sheriffe of Wiltshire upon an Information against him att Mr Attutrneys suite. Convicted for that Contrarie to his oath truely to exercise his office & to retorne and serve her majesties writte to the uttermost of his Cunnunge did nevertheless upon a writt to him directed for Chuseinge of knights of the Parlyament retorned Sir John Thinn for one of the knights in steade of Sir George Penruddock Chosen by the Countrie at the hearinge of the Cause the deft to excuse his perjurie alledges hee was not sworne the which the Court the more misliked tot ake on him the office withour beeing sworne & Comitted him to the Fleete And Law: Inde that should have given him his oath was for his offence Comitted.

Anno 1 Eliz fo. 61 et 64.

Case Book BL Harl 2143 f.7v.

Brouker above written for makeing a false retorne and excerciseing the office without oath fyned at 200 li and a yeares imprisonment.