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As one of the most diverse colleges in the nation, the University of Houston is committed to increasing access to and success in higher education to underrepresented, disadvantaged, and underserved students of all ages. Below, you'll find an overview of the workshops, presentations, and activities we offer. You’ll also find various resources, including a guide for prospective first-generation college students and multilingual admissions brochures.

What We Do


We empower students by educating them about the benefits of a college degree.


We connect students to valuable resources and programs that promote and inspire growth.


We support our University's and community's intiative to become a more inclusive and prospering environment.

Hands-On Learning

We are dedicated to helping students navigate the college-going process, including career and college exploration, applying to college, and the financial aid process. We offer various activites, workshops, and activities that will educate students about the benefits of higher education.

  • Presentations

    Paving the Road to College

    Presentation times vary based on academic grade level | Approx. 15-45 minutes

    Students will learn general information about college. Presentation also details information about post-secondary options, importance of earning a post-secondary degree, and the steps to and why it is important to start thinking about life after high school.

    College Fit

    10th – 11th Grade | Approx. 30-45 minutes

    Students will learn the importance and how to choose a college based on their academic, social, and financial needs.

  • Activities

    *Please note, unless stated otherwise, the materials needed for each activity must be provided by the requesting organization/party.

    Academic Level Activity Objective Time Needed Materials*

    K-3rd Grade

    Choose Your Future! Students will illustrate future career aspirations and characteristics on miniature version of themselves. 30 min Crayons, Markers, Etc.

    K-3rd Grade

    Flat Stanley Project The project consists of one session, broken into three parts. Students will discuss what is college, future career aspirations, write a response letter to a UH student, and create miniature flat versions of themselves to be “mailed” to the University of Houston. The project is based on the storybook of Flat Stanley, a boy who gets flattened by his bulletin board while he’s sleeping and uses his new dimensions to his advantage by going on many adventures. 90 min minimum Crayons, Markers, Etc.
    4th – 6th Grade My Fantasy College Students will brainstorm and create their fantasy colleges. Activity focuses on college research and college fit. 45 min- 1 hr Paper or Poster Board, Crayons, Markers, Etc. Optional: Computer Lab
    7th – 9th Grade Educating Myself Benefits the World! Students will research and learn how higher education and/or their future career will benefit themselves, their family, and society. 30 min Writing Utensil
    Optional: Computer Lab
    10 – 12th Grade (Mixed HS Audience) Kahoot

    Web-based interactive game where students will be quizzed about their college knowledge. Game allows everyone to see responses, anonymously, and is a great way to have open discussions about higher education.

    30 min

    Computer, Projector, Screen. Students will need a mobile device, computer, and/or tablet to participate
    5th – 12th Grade Bingo–Beginner
    Students will use listening and short term memory skills to match terms and definitions. 30 min Materials provided by a UH representative


First-Generation (first-gen) college students are the first members of their immediate family to attend college in the United States. Many first-generation college students experience unique strengths and challenges in the pursuit of a college education. We're here to help guide future first-gen coogs with their journey to college. Check out our Planning for College pamphlet for advice on how to prepare for college from ninth grade to senior year.

Official SAT Practice

Having a high SAT score can increase chances of getting into college, qualify you for college honors programs, and open up more scholarship opportunities.

Prepare for the SAT by taking advantage of free offical SAT Practice with your Khan Academy and College Board accounts. Students will get personalized practice recommendations based on your results from the new SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT™10, and PSAT™8/9.  All you have to do is follow these steps:


Go to

Create an account on Khan Academy, or sign into your existing account.


Link Your Accounts

When prompted, agree to link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts.


Send Your Scores

Log in to your College Board account, and hit Send to get a personalized practice plan.

Contact Us

Want to talk to someone from the Access and Outreach team about the University of Houston? Have a question about scheduling a presentation with your class? Reach out to the Access and Outreach team today!


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The University of Houston offers various resources to its students to maximize their college experience. Check out a few helpful offices and organizations below:


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