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Megan Wood and Nebolisa Ebbunike: Subsea Engineering Graduate Program

Farhad Tahir: Energy Finance

Farhad Tahir

Student Spotlight: Farhad Tahir

Farhad Tahir is a junior majoring in Accounting and Finance and minoring in Energy & Sustainability. He is currently a Projects Finance intern at Siemens in their Wind Services group. Farhad is a member of Beta Alpha Psi, a professional organization for students pursuing Accounting, Finance or MIS degrees. He is also a member of World Affairs Council Houston.

Why did you pick the University of Houston as your college of choice?

“I always wanted to be in Houston; the University of Houston runs in my family. My dad came here from Pakistan when he was eighteen years old for Electrical Engineering and went on to get his MBA from UH. I just see UH as a place where you get to learn more about how the city changes and how to adapt to it.”

Why did you choose E&S as your minor?

“I have always been fascinated with energy. When I heard about what is taught in the Introduction to Energy & Sustainability class, I thought it would be a good mix to have with my major. I took the class and enrolled in the minor because it adds another aspect to my academic experience by mixing fundamental and technical energy studies.”

Are there any instructors who have contributed to your academic success?

“Dr. Joe Pratt provides a simplistic and pragmatic view on energy. This semester I’m doing research under Dr. Pratt on the transition of the United States’ energy mix to a more sustainable future using natural gas. I’m researching how natural gas is the most viable “bridge field” to get to a more desirable and sustainable future. Currently, renewables are not at a point where they can support our entire economy.”

Tell me about the research you’re conducting.

“I’m doing research on the natural gas transition for our energy mix here in the United States and how natural gas would essentially be a good bridge field for our more sustainable future later on. Right now, renewables are not at a point where they can take over our entire economy and support it. We need to use natural gas to give time for renewables to develop and grow properly.”

Farhad expects to graduate in May 2016 and hopes to make an impact in the energy future by learning as much as he can about energy companies and the industry.