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The energy industry is broadly categorized into exploration and production of oil and gas (upstream), the transportation and refining of oil or processing of gas (midstream), petrochemicals (downstream) and electricity generation (from multiple energy sources including renewables, nuclear, and fossil sources), transmission, distribution and storage including end uses in various industries, residential and in buildings. Several issues cross-cut the energy sector and these include data sciences and cybersecurity, efficiency, sustainability, human factors, policy, management, and regulation. The University of Houston has significant strengths in these areas and these are highlighted in the research pages.

All of these markets and segments are challenged by the dual demand to grow energy and provide reliable, affordable supply AND to affect the transition to a low carbon future state. The CCME is founded on the principle that the energy market will play a pivotal role in achieving this.


Oil & Gas is segmented into three areas: Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. The upstream energy sector involves exploration and production of oil and gas, including underwater or underground crude oil, natural gas fields and drilling wells in both conventional and unconventional geologies. Midstream refers to transportation and storage of Oil &Gas via pipelines and tankage, shipping and rail and associated logistics of distribution, while Downstream is the process of refining and distribution of fuels, chemical feed stocks and fuel to power electricity production.

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Feedstock and Fuels options for hydrocarbon conversions. Process technologies that convert the feed stocks and the associated engineering and process intensification designs. Finished products from the base commodity chemicals to the over 1MM finished chemicals in the market today.


Generation of electricity from coal, gas, oil, renewables and geothermal sources. Transmission of electricity and the supply gird at high voltage. Distribution to end users and system dynamics of supply, reliability, cost to serve to industrial, commercial and retail markets.

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Our faculty will have world class capabilities in their SME areas for transformative research that will contribute to necessary solutions. Only by organizing and catalyzing the cross-disciplinary collaborations will the result be greater than the sum of the individuals. The project teams will organize around marketplace challenges and will be driven by a seed grant process that not only encourages multi-purposed teams and projects, but in fact requires it to be so. Our CCME will be aligned in teams for outcomes and not in functional research areas providing a unique and most effective approach to results.