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The Mission

The Mission of the Center for Carbon Management in Energy is to identify and develop conversion carbon management strategies applicable during the production and distribution of energy resources and products. These carbon management strategies include, but are not limited to, carbon capture and utilization during energy production and distribution as well as negative emissions technologies.

To achieve this goal, the Center will:

  • Identify, sponsor, and fund fundamental and applied research on technologies to help capture or offset carbon emissions during the production, development, distribution, and use of energy resources, as well as negative emissions technologies.
  • Undertake and participate in academic research on the economic, political, and legal policies and tools needed to appropriately promote and govern the development and deployment of carbon management technologies in energy development and production as well as negative emissions technologies.
  • Provide programs and resources to transparently convey the results of this research to the energy industry, the academic community, and the general public.
  • Train the next generation of students and graduates to work in this field through the creation of innovative and effective academic programs and coursework.


Charles McConnell - Energy Center Officer
Charles McConnell

Energy Center Officer

Charles McConnell is the Energy Center Officer of the Center for Carbon Management and Energy Sustainability at the University of Houston. Prior to joining UH Energy, McConnell was the Executive Director of the Energy and Environment Initiative at Rice University. McConnell served as the Assistant Secretary of Energy in the US Department of Energy from 2011-13 and was responsible for the Office of Fossil Energy’s strategic policy leadership, budgets, project management, and research and development of the department's coal, oil and gas, and advanced technologies programs, as well as for the operations and management of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the National Energy Technologies Laboratories.

McConnell also previously served as Vice President of Carbon Management at Battelle Energy Technology in Columbus, Ohio and with Praxair, Inc. serving in a variety of operations, sales and global business and technology roles including hydrogen, gasification and energy as the Global VP of Energy and Hydrogen.

McConnell is currently a board member of the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) Foundation in North Dakota, is a member of the National Coal Council, has served on the Society of Petroleum Engineers and National Petroleum Council subcommittees, and has held a number of board positions including chairmanships of the Gasification & Syngas Technologies Council and the Clean Carbon Technology Foundation of Texas. McConnell holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University (1977) and an MBA in finance from Cleveland State University (1984).