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Environmental Cougar Organization

Recycling Competition


Project Overview

This is a 2-Phase Initiative Sponsored by the Coca Cola and Presented by UH Energy, the Environmental Cougar Organization, and the UH Energy Coalition. We have worked closely to bring a plastic bottle recycling initiative to the UH campus! With no shortage of resume boosters and prizes to win, we think you or your organization would be a perfect fit to participate.

If you are an organization wanting to implement a bottle drive bin in your name, please visit the 'How to Get Involved' section and fill out the form provided. If you are an individual or organization wanting to submit a recycling plan, please visit the 'How to Get Involved' section and fill out the form provided. We are eager to see who wins, so good luck!


Dr. Ramanan Krishnamoorti - Chief Energy Officer

Dr. Ramanan Krishnamoorti

Johanna Verghese

Johanna Verghese

Dr. Suryanarayanan (Radha) Radhakrishnan

Dr. Suryanarayanan Radhakrishnan

Executive Board Chair for the UH Energy Coalition, UH Alum

Abhaya Chopra

Phase 1: Bottle Drive (Completed)


We designed a bottle drive with the sponsorship of ArcaContinental Coca Cola to see how many bottles we could recycle on our college campus. Our goal was to get student organizations of all kinds involved with this bottle drive to reach as much of the student body as possible.

Therefore, we hosted a bottle recycling competition with recycling bins placed in Student Center South, each bin assigned to a different student organization. Public interactivity was an important part of this project, so the recycling bins had two entry points to cast a 'vote’ using the disposed plastic bottles.

Entry points had voting choices chosen by the student organizations to engage students and encourage them to donate bottles to their bins. Student organizations received prize money for the amount of bottles collected and their rank in the competition.


1st Place

Lady Cougars

1st place winner of the competition

2nd Place

Effective Altruism

2nd place winner of the competition

3rd Place

Environmental Cougar Organization

3rd place winner of the competition

Phase 2: Environmental Art Exhibit


Calling all creatives! We are hosting an art exhibit to bring awareness to environmental issues through visual mediums. This exhibit will be shown in October 2022, but we are only accepting applications for submissions from August 22 - Sept 10, so fill out the form under the ‘How To Get Involved’ section below ASAP to make sure you are approved in time!

We will be choosing one scholarship winner through a popular vote from the public viewers of the exhibit in the amount of $1,000, and three scholarship winners chosen by our panel of judges in the amount of $1,000 for 1st and 2nd place, and $500 for 3rd place. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference while sharing your passion with the public!


Students will submit:

  • 1 work of visual art which speaks to an environmental issue they are passionate about.
  • This work must incorporate a recycled material in some way or form.
  • This work must be accompanied by a 1 pg. (max) rationale outlining:
    • The issue they chose.
    • How they conveyed it.
    • How they incorporated the recycled material.

Specified limitations for the works are on the form. We would love to see what you come up with, just fill out the form to get started!


Top 3 pick (Judge panel)

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


Popular vote (Public poll)

1st place



1. Submit 1st Application

Click HERE to submit your idea ( Open on August 22nd).

2. Submit 2nd Application

Once your 1st application is approved, we will send you a 2nd application. (Failure to complete this step results in a disqualification.)

3. Awaiting final Approval

Once you've submitted your 2nd application, our team will review, approve and send out a final confirmation.

4. Create your Art

Once approved, start creating your artwork.

5. Exibition

The exibition will take place at the Student Center South in the Legacy Lounge between October 9 - 14.

6. Judge Panel

Three judges will appraise the artworks and determine the winner of the competition. This will take place on October 14.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram: @e.c.o.recyclingcompetition

Johanna Verghese (Co-Director):

The application will be available on August 22nd. Once the applications are approved, we will send out a second form to approved artists to clarify the submission. The second form will need to be completed by September 24th (May change)

The steps are provided in the "How to get Involved" section above. But to recap:

  1. Submit 1st Application
  2. Submit 2nd Application
  3. Wait for Approval
  4. Create your Art
  5. Exibition
  6. Judge Panel

The exibition will take place at Legacy Lounge between October 9th to 14th.

The Legacy Lounge is at the Student Center at the main campus.