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Regulators from Leading Oil Production Nations Gathered for Annual Conference in Houston

05/04/2017 | By Claire Andersen

In effort to promote collaboration with hydrocarbon regulators, the UH Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (EENR) Center has created various opportunities for industry players and universities to contribute to the expansion of regulatory practices.                

Last fall, EENR hosted the first ‘Inter-American Regulators Dialogue,’ a conference drawing delegations from oil producing countries in the Americas. Participants included Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States, which together are responsible for nearly 15 percent of global oil production. The conference also featured Jacqueline Weaver, A.A. White professor of law at the UH Law Center, as the keynote speaker delivering a talk covering the ‘Role of the Regulator’ in the oil and gas industry.

“The University of Houston offers a platform where industry players and universities can contribute to the development of the regulatory practices in the 21st Century,” said Julian Cardenas, research professor at the EENR Center and program coordinator.

Cardenas hopes that in the future the conference will include regulators and universities from several other countries in order to grow the conversation and promote collaboration.

EENR also invited Magda Chambriard, former president of the Brazilian Petroleum Agency, and Yvonne Fabara, former secretary of hydrocarbons of Ecuador, to join EENR as energy visiting scholars. During their time with EENR, Chambriard and Fabara will develop research on regulatory issues and industry practices.

Besides these activities, EENR has also organized short lectures each semester in Houston and abroad related to the hydrocarbons industry. The first talk featured Keisuke Sadamori from the International Energy Agency, who gave a lecture on international energy markets. Other lectures include a presentation on Colombian offshore projects by Vice President and Contract Manager of the Colombian National Petroleum Agency, Alexandra Lozano and Pedro Rojas at the University of Externado in Colombia.