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Energy Coalition Spotlight: New Year, New Vision By Janet Miranda

Image of Energy Coalition Chair Joyce Haller Levy

The Energy Coalition is the largest energy-centered organization on campus, connecting students with key energy leaders and organizing energy events. Each academic year the EC welcomes a new board of students, and this year is no different. The board, made up of 12 students, is ready to hit the ground running with fresh ideas and a vision of building on the foundation laid by previous boards.

“I had a chance to talk to previous members of the board, who let me know about the scope of the EC, including their roles and activities. From that moment I was sure that it was a really great opportunity,” said Joyce Haller Levy, a senior finance and economics major and the new chair.

Haller Levy is the EC’s fourth chair and the first female to take on the role. She was encouraged to apply for the board after she attended the annual Energy Banquet, which is hosted by the EC. Haller Levy says she was surprised to be offered the position of chair but is ready to take on the role.

“They mentioned the opportunities and challenges of (serving as) the chair, and how my previous leadership experience would prove helpful,” said Haller Levy.

Haller Levy honed her leadership experience in the Finance Association, a student organization in the C.T. Bauer College of Business, where she was an officer. She says that experience will prove helpful at the helm of the EC, a multidisciplinary organization with over 8,000 members.

In fact, she has jumped into her new role, holding weekly meetings to prepare for the upcoming semester and gear up for the Energy Career Fair, which will be Sept 4.

Haller Levy said she will use her leadership skills to strive for excellence, although she is careful to make an important distinction. Excellence isn’t about perfection in every decision, she said; instead she wants to focus on helping the board members grow as leaders.

“My vision is definitely striving for excellence. I would like to focus on quality above quantity and on creating a positive environment,” she said.

Haller Levy stressed the importance of working for students in ways that can be helpful to their future careers. The EC helps students better understand the energy industry and opens the door for opportunities in the industry to all UH students. The board plays a role in promoting that awareness.

“We need to continue building on the foundation that we have and continue to move forward,” Haller Levy said. “That involves executing a successful career fair and reaching out to the students to make them aware of the opportunities right here on campus.”